Family vacation to paradise

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It was early on Sunday morning and the family was scheduled to leave later that morning for a vacation trip to a paradise island for two weeks. Everything was planned from where we were staying to what we would wear while there. The travel agency website recommended minimal clothing as it was always warm and sunny and the surf was always up. We all packed light with only thin shirts, shorts, bathing suits, and flip flops. I have to admit, we didn’t get much sleep the night before anticipating the trip and all the fun we would experience.

I rolled out of bed and walked through the house knocking on our daughter’s bedroom doors to make sure she was up. Our daughter Leslie walk out of her bedroom and enter the bathroom not realizing I was standing right behind her. My daughter is a younger version of my wife. From her blonde hair to her heart shaped butt, they look like twins. I paused to watch her cute ass wiggle as her sleep shirt was very short and her thong disappeared between her ass cheeks. Leslie had turned 18 last month and was elected as cheerleader captain of the varsity squad and this trip was one of her senior graduation presents.

As she pushed the bathroom door shut, it hung on a bathroom run. In her half asleep state, she didn’t notice the partially opened door when she raised her shirt over her head as she stripped to take a shower. I had walked closer to the door and peaked inside the bathroom to see Leslie drop her shirt in the hamper. She turned to the mirror and I was treated to a pair of tits that were identical to my wife’s. Leslie’s pink areolas accented her small nipples which were standing at attention much like my cock. I paused long enough to make a great mental picture and then made my way to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. I should make it clear that our family is not modest at all.

Gina came into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. She was only wearing a thong and when I first saw her, I thought it was Leslie. I went wide eyed for a moment then realized it was Gina. Gina’s areolas are bigger and her nipples stick out farther than Leslie’s. “What is wrong David?” Gina said as she caught the look on my face. “You’ve seen my tits before, hell, everyone in this house has seen them” she said as she took her cup and walked back to the bedroom. Gina is not a morning person at all.

I puttered around the kitchen until Leslie came in to get a cup of coffee. She is very much a morning person like me so she walked in with her usual “morning dad” as she wrapped her arms around me for my morning hug. I am a pretty big man standing six foot two inches and Leslie is only five foot four inches so when we hug, her head is somewhere around my chest and her tits are right in my stomach. I am only wearing a pair of boxers and Leslie is wrapped in a long thin towel with her hair hanging wet down her back. Due to my already morning wood, I felt it poking Leslie right in her stomach as she held tight to me. I could feel her nipples as they poked through the semi-wet towel.

Backing away enough to look down at my tent, Leslie said “looks like you are excited to get going.” She giggled and looked up at me and bit her lower lip. I didn’t know what to say so I popped her on her ass and let her go. I didn’t factor in that she was wrapped around me still and her towel had ridden up her body some so my hand came in contact with her bare ass. She let out a squeal when I popped her as if she enjoyed it.

I moved away and reached for a cup to give her. When I turned around, she had opened her towel to “re-adjust” due it coming lose from our hug. I was treated to an entire frontal nude of my daughter which caused my erection to jump. Her nipples were hard from the swat and her pussy was freshly shaved bare.

“Thanks” I said as I half attempted to look away.

“Daddy, it’s not like you don’t know what I look like. I mean, I have been told that I am an exact twin to mom and you have surely seen her naked?” Leslie questioned as she stood without rewrapping her towel and reached for the cup of coffee.

“Yeah, I have seen mom and yes, you could pass for her twin” I commented as I looked her body up and down.

Leslie looked up at me and smiled her wickedest smile turned and strutted out of the kitchen without her towel on her at all and coffee in hand. I shook my head, grabbed my coffee and headed to the bedroom to get dressed. As I entered the bedroom, Gina was coming out of the bathroom with only a towel on her head. I paused at the bedroom door and just watched as this towelheaded goddess strutted across the bedroom to her dresser. My erection was in overdrive as my wife bent over to open her dresser for some clothes to put on. Her selection was a very small thong, a pair of shorts and a small tee shirt that clung to her body.

“Are you going to stand there and stare or go get ready?” Gina said as she looked at me in the mirror of her dresser. I jumped as her words brought me back to reality so I walked with coffee in hand to take a shower.

After pounding one off in the shower, I quickly dried off and went into the bedroom to dress. I was just about to open a drawer on my dresser when I heard “nice ass daddy.” I didn’t pay much attention to who was in my bedroom when I walked in but apparently Leslie had come in to talk to her mom while I was in the shower.

“Thanks” was all I could get out as I was trying to decide my next move. With my semi hard cock, should I walk backwards to the bathroom hiding my cock or just turn around and let her see all of me. I reached in the drawer and pulled out a pair of shorts and turned around as if nothing was wrong to put them on. My cock had gone down some from its fully erect state in the shower and I figured, it was my bedroom, Leslie is eighteen and an adult, why not turn around?

“Impressive daddy!” Leslie said as she stared at my now erect cock. I am not hung to the floor but I do have a pretty large cock, both in length and girth. I am probably eight and a half inches long and probably two inches in width. Gina looked up from what Leslie was talking about to see me in full naked glory and gave me those “are you kidding me” eyes. I continued to put my shorts on like nothing had happened. “Don’t you wear underwear daddy?” Leslie asked looking up at my face.

“No, it is very constricting and makes my balls sweat.” I said as I stuffed my cock into my shorts. I looked at the clock by the bed and realized we were going to cut it short getting through the airport. “Yikes, we have to get a move this party and get going” I said as I grabbed a shirt from the closet and threw it on. Thank goodness that we had all put our luggage at the door last night. We grabbed our stuff on the way out the front door, threw it in the truck and headed to the airport.

The flight was non eventful and as we touched down on our new home for the next two weeks, Leslie reached over and hugged my arm. She had on her bikini top with a thin shirt over it so my arm settled between her tits. I didn’t complain as I took my free hand and reached around to the back of her head, kissing her forehead. Gina was in the window seat and she was staring out the window and missed the whole daddy daughter moment.

We reached our bungalow shortly after landing and settled in fairly quick. There were no doors inside the house at all which gave better air flow through the entire house. This also gave easy access to view into any room while walking through the house, including the bathroom. After a few minutes, we gathered back in the living room and talked about what we were going to do for the remainder of the day. It was midafternoon and we didn’t want to waste any time enjoying this vacation. Gina said that she only wanted to layout and get some sun and Leslie agreed that she wanted to lay out as well. I agreed to make margaritas in the kitchen then join my beautiful girls on the deck.

I went into the kitchen that was separated by a bar and started making margaritas. The girls began to strip out of their clothes in the living room and I got a front row seat. As they stripped, it became very obvious to me how much these two resembled each other. They were the same height, build except Leslie’s tits were a bit smaller than Gina’s. I also noticed that both girls had bare pussies which made my cock immediately stand firm against my shorts. Their pussies were very smooth and their outer lips covered over their inner lips just right. I had to stop making the margaritas and enjoy the view before me.

Once their clothes were in a pile on the floor, Gina and Leslie walked out to the private deck and set up their sunning spots. Gina told Leslie to lay down and she would rub tanning lotion on her back. When Leslie had laid down, Gina picked up the bottle and lay a bead of lotion from her neck to her butt crack. She lay the bottle down then raised a leg over Leslie to straddle her at mid-thigh. From my vantage point, I could see Gina’s pussy was opened by her spread legs as she settled just below Leslie’s ass. Leslie moaned slightly as Gina began to rub the lotion into her back. I noticed Gina let her fingers graze the sides of Leslie’s tits as she rubbed the lotion into her sides.

Once finished with her upper back, Gina scooted just beyond Leslie’s feet and poured two more beads of lotion on the backs of her legs starting at the top of her ass. I took this moment to strip out of my clothes in order to give my cock some relief. Gina worked Leslie’s ass slower than she had her back and I noticed she let her index fingers disappear into Leslie’s ass crack. Leslie responded as she slightly lifted her ass off the lounger to meet Gina’s fingers. They were oblivious to my watching as Gina paused her finger at Leslie’s bud momentarily and Leslie moved her ass around as if to meet the finger. Gina’s nipples were hard as rocks as she moved her finger in and out of Leslie’s bud. After a few pumps, Gina rubbed down Leslie’s legs to ensure the rest of the lotion was applied. I couldn’t help but pause the margarita mixing and start stroking my cock slowly.

Gina stood and told Leslie to roll over and she would do her front. Leslie didn’t hesitate as she rolled over and I noticed she spread her legs a little as she settled back on the lounger. Gina, once again, straddled Leslie except this time, she settled so that her pussy was in direct contact with Leslie’s pussy. I did notice that just before Gina settled down, her pussy was glistening in the sun and her nipples were erect. She was wet and loving this time with her only daughter. Leslie was also enjoying this attention as her nipples were also standing at attention.

Gina poured beads of lotion from Leslie’s shoulder down across her tits to her navel. She sat the bottle down and began rubbing the lotion into Leslie’s shoulders and chest. She took great care when she caressed Leslie’s rock hard nipples. Leslie winced as her nipples were tweaked by Gina and a soft moan came from her semi open mouth. Leslie’s eyes were closed as she raised her chest to meet the massage being given to her tits. Gina slowly began to rock her pussy against Leslie’s pussy causing her nipples to stand out even more. Gina had her eyes open and looked up at me as I stepped out on the deck. She noticed my cock standing straight out and just smiled at me while continuing to rock her pussy into Leslie.

I sat two drinks on the table beside the lounger that Leslie was being rubbed down on and moved to the lounger next to them. Gina paused long enough to lean over and take a drink from her glass. Leslie noticed the lack of attention and opened her eyes to see her mom’s tits hanging close to her head. She leaned up and lightly licked Gina’s left nipple causing Gina to start. “Oh baby, that felt great” Gina said as she sat back down on Leslie’s wet mound.

“Hey, do I get one of those margaritas” Leslie asked as if being left out.

“Look, there is one for you too sweetie” Gina said as she leaned back over Leslie and retrieved the second margarita and handed it to her. Leslie took a sip and moaned a sound of approval as she drank more. She handed the glass back to Gina who put it back on the table then finished rubbing the lotion into Leslie’s stomach.

Gina moved further down Leslie’s legs so she could apply more lotion lower on her body. “Oops, look like I made a small wet spot on your mound, I need to clean that up before I apply lotion” Gina said. Before Leslie could react, Gina leaned down and began licking the wetness that she left on Leslie’s mound. Leslie raised up as the excitement began building and reached down and took her mom’s head in her hands as if she was guiding her to the right spot. Gina licked slowly from slit to navel making sure she got every drop of her wetness. On the last pass, Gina lowered her tongue over Leslie’s lips and licked upwards ever so slowly causing Leslie to open her mouth and let out a soft gasp.

I sat there watching in amazement as I steadily stroked my cock. This was obviously not the first time these two have done this licking session. I felt my orgasm building inside so I paused so I would not cum too soon. As Leslie settled down some, she looked over to where I was at and smiled saying “daddy, did I do that to you?”

“No baby, this entire scene did that to me” I told her. I noticed a drop of pre-cum had formed at the opening of my cock so I took the time to rub it down the shaft of my cock as Leslie watched.

“That is so fucking hot to watch daddy” Leslie said as Gina turned to see what was going on.

“Damn hon” Gina said as I wiped the pre-cum on my cock shaft. “I wish I had seen that earlier, I would have cleaned you up too.”

“There is more where that came from” I told her as I took a drink of my margarita.

“So what does that liquid taste like mom?” Leslie asked.

Taking her margarita glass in hand, Gina said “it’s a bit salty, like this margarita” then she took a big sip.

“Mmmhmm, that sounds yummy” Leslie exclaimed “I love the taste of margaritas. Can I taste his wetness later?”

“We will have to see about that later but maybe” Gina told her as she drank the last of her margarita. “Please tell me you made enough for a second drink?”

“Absolutely” I told them. “Who all wants another one?”

“We do” they both declared.

“I want mine extra salty, if you know what I mean daddy” Leslie giggled. I looked at her and she was biting her lip and staring at my cock that had formed another drip of pre-cum on it. She licked her lips with her tongue so I thought I would give her a treat.

“Let me see your finger” as I held out my hand. Without question, she held her hand out and I took her finger and wiped the pre-cum on it. She took it to her mouth and sniffed it then put her finger in her mouth.

“Yes, that salty flavor is what I want in my margarita daddy” Leslie said with a big smile on her face.

“You are too much Les” Gina said as she giggled, still sitting on Leslie.

I took all the glasses back to the kitchen and poured everyone another drink. I was going to add my sauce to their glasses so I set them on the counter and took my cock in my hand. I started stroking it as it was already hard as steel. With all that has happened so far today, it didn’t take long for me to blow my load in the first glass. After a few ropes shot out, I moved over to the other glass and sent a few ropes of my cum in it. As I recovered, Leslie walked into the kitchen “can I have the last drop?”

In my state of mind I said “sure” to which she dropped to her knees and I turned to face her. She took my shaft in her hand and quickly enveloped my cock head in her mouth and sucked it for all it was worth. I grabbed the countertop in reaction to the suction taking place. I was surprised at the masterful way that my daughter was sucking the last few drops of cum from my cock. I was totally enjoying this as my wife walked into the kitchen.

“Did you add some to my drink and hers or is she being greedy?” she asked with hands on her hips and a smile on her face.

“Both” I said. Each of you have some and she is just cleaning up the leftovers.

As Leslie finished and gave my cock head one last kiss, she said “I love the taste of my daddy.” Then she stood and reached for her margarita.

“He does have a great taste” Gina agreed. “When he first starts cumming he can shoot a rope about three feet. Let me tell you, when that is in your mouth or in your pussy, it is very strong to take.” I could not believe my wife was telling our daughter this, other things I could see but this was very personal.

“Mmmhmmm, sounds like something I would like to experience” Leslie said as she took a drink of her margarita. “Damn that is so good and salty, thanks daddy!”

“Where is mine” Gina asked as she looked around the counter. I handed it to her and she took a quick drink. “Yes it is and I love it.”

“I am missing out here” I said as I looked at each of them. “Both of you have tasted me but I have not tasted both of you.” There was a short silence then Leslie spoke.

“You are right, you have no idea what I taste like” and she sat her drink down and hopped up on the counter. “Does this work?” as she spread her legs and put her ankles on the edge of the counter.

“It’s a start” I said as I grabbed her waist and pulled her ass to the edge of the counter. Once I had her on the edge of the counter, I leaned over and licked my tongue from the lower end of her slit to the very top just below her mound. She rolled her head back and let out a moan. I moved back down and licked deeper into her pussy as I dragged my tongue up her slit. When I reached her clit, I took it between my lips and started sucking on it. Leslie lay back on the counter and began moaning steadily.

“Oh fuck that is amazing, never stop dad” she said as she grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my face closer to her pussy. I took a finger and slowly entered her love hole and sunk it to the hilt. I thought she was going to jump off the table as my finger bottomed out. “Oh yes, finger fuck your daughter daddy” she said as her hips thrust forward and backward in rhythm to my finger thrusts. The wet sound of my finger entering her and the smell of her musk filling the room was causing my cock to jump with each heartbeat. Leslie moved her hand from the side of my head to her clit where she made quick circles around it causing her to scream “Uhhh…oh…daddy…fuck me…fuck me…!”

It didn’t take long for Leslie to reach a fantastic orgasm and as it overtook her, she began to buck wildly on the counter. Gina had to brace her so she wouldn’t fall off onto the floor. I slowed my thrusts and only kissed and nibbled her outer lips as her stomach muscles convulsed from pleasure. I stood back up and placed my cock head at the entrance of her love hole. “I want your cock in me. I want to feel what it is like to have your big cock in me” Leslie said.

I looked over at my wife who just gave me a big smile and I knew she was okay with it. “Les, if we do this, there is no going back and we can’t undo it. If you don’t want to do this or want to stop at any time, just say the word and I will stop.” I was trying to be sensitive to Leslie at this point because of the mental state she was in right now.

“Dad, there is nothing I want more in this moment than your cock in me and I will never regret it, I promise” she said as she reached between her legs and pulled my cock to her pussy. Ever so slowly I pushed my cock into Leslie’s wet pussy lips. As my bulbous cockhead entered her lips, I paused to let her feel the fullness of what was happening and giving her the opportunity to back out if she wanted to. I didn’t have to wait long for her to decide as she thrust her hips upwards causing my cock to enter more.

Leslie took a deep breath as my cock continued to fill her love tunnel. Her pussy felt tight and hot as I glided easily into her wet hole. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me into her until I had bottomed out inside of her. “Oh my fucking…” was all she could muster as I bottomed out only to pull out leaving only the head of my cock inside her. “Put it back in, I need your beautiful cock filling my insides” and she pulled me back in with her legs around my waist.

Gina had been watching this whole scene unfold and when I looked up at her, she had sunk two fingers in her wet hole. I know this because her hand was wet and her inner thighs had trails of liquid running down them. I looked in her eyes and she was in total rapture at what was happening right in front of her. I reached out and took her hand from her wet cunt and pulled it to my mouth. I sucked one of her fingers clean then took her other finger and placed it on the mouth of our daughter. Leslie opened her eyes and immediately sucked the waiting finger into her mouth. She sucked Gina’s finger clean and uttered soft moans as she did.

It was obvious that Leslie enjoyed the taste of Gina’s love juice when she looked up at her mother and said “I need more please.” Gina, however, didn’t rewet her fingers. Instead, she pulled two bar stools out from under the bar. She climbed up on a stool and stood with one foot on one stool and the other on the second stool. She was straddling Leslie’s face at this point and her wet cunt was only a foot of so away from Leslie. Slowly she lowered herself until she was inches from Leslie’s face.

Leslie could smell her mother’s musk from that distance and then lifted her head to plant a gentle kiss on Gina’s wet pussy. Gina hovered over Leslie with her hands on the bar and her knees on each side of Leslie’s head. Leslie then let her tongue slide softly across Gina’s bare pussy, covering her tongue with juice that had leaked out. Eagerly, Leslie licked again and again as she inserted her tongue between her mother’s wet pussy lips. Gina gasped as Leslie worked her tongue around her clit.

While these two lovelies were focused on Gina’s pussy, I was focusing on filling Leslie with my cock. I was slowly filling Leslie’s cunt over and over, driving her to a new level of ecstasy. She bucked under my every time I bottomed out in her hungry pussy. I tweaked her nipples as this drove her eagerness to be pleased to a higher level. I felt my nuts tighten and new my orgasm was close behind. Gina was close also as Leslie was masterfully tongue fucking her.

Leslie’s body tightened up and I knew she was having a massive orgasm. This took me over the edge and I thrust deep in her cunt as I unloaded my cum in her tight pussy. Gina’s stomach began to flex involuntarily as she went past her limit and came as she drove her pussy into Leslie’s face. Leslie had put her arms over Gina’s legs pulling her tighter into her face as we all came in unison.

Gina came down from her perch on Leslie’s face after she settled down from her orgasm. I held my now shrinking cock deep in Leslie till it popped out of her cum filled hole. Leslie let her knees drop to each side, letting my cum ooze out of her gaping hole. I small stream of cum ease across her bud and drop to the floor as her ass hung off the edge of the counter. She was slowly circling her clit as she rode her orgasm out.

Gina slipped into the kitchen and retrieved a few napkins and wiped her legs off as some of her juice was still easing down her thighs. “I could use some of those” Leslie said as she looked up to survey her surroundings. Gina retrieved more and wiped Leslie’s oozing cunt then licked the remaining cum off her pussy lips. Leslie moaned in appreciation of this while Gina grinned ear to ear.

Once she was cleaned up, Leslie sat up, climbed off the counter then knelt in front of me and took my cum covered cock in her mouth to clean me up. “I need to keep my daddy clean” she said as she backed off my cock only to put it back in her mouth like a baby would a pacifier. She sucked me clean then popped it out of her mouth. She wiped her face off with her hands then licked her hands clean.

It was safe to say, at this point, that we would remain naked the entire trip as long as we were within the walls of our bungalow.

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