Rainy night

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Sometimes something strange or special happens in life. This happened few days back when there was a heavy rain in Mumbai. At nine o’clock in the night, I got call from my cousin, Rony, that he stuck in office due to heavy rain. “Can I come to your house?”, he asked. His office is around four to five Km. from our house. Luckily in that heavy rain this route was little better. I said,”What the hell you are talking, you are my cousin, you can come anytime.” After an hour he came. He came by walk as driving the car was not possible. He was fully wet. I gave him towel and said,”Go to bathroom and wipe up.” He said,”Didi I want to take bath but I do not have…..

” I understood and gave him my hubby’s clothes.

Let me tell you, I am Dipti Bhasin, thirty four years old, have one kid of age three. My husband works in a multinational company. He went abroad for a year. So, I was leaving alone with my son for the last six months. I am a house wife. We have three bedroom flat in a posh area of Mumbai. Rony is an IT professional. He is son of my mother’s younger sister.
He is five years younger than me.
He came out of bathroom. By the time I prepared dinner. I said,”Rony let us take dinner.

After dinner I said,”Rony, you sleep in my bedroom as the other bedrooms are not used for many months,they are not cleaned well.”
My son had already gone to bed. My son was between me and Rony. After usual chit chat for an hour, I switched off the light except night lamp and said,”Good night.” Rony slept soon. I slept in the day, so, I was not sleepy. Rony is a handsome guy having curly hairs. He slim and smart. My husband is little fatty and tall. So his pajama was loose for Rony. I had not given him underwear. I feel undergarments should not be shared. I am also a tall woman, five feet seven inches. Most of my friends say I am very beautiful and have nice figure. I am thirty four at top, thirty eight at bottom and twenty eight in the middle. Truly speaking, I realised a bulge between his legs. I became little excited. It fact i did not enjoyed sex for the last many months. Immediately I embarrassed for these thoughts. Rony respects me very much and calls me didi. I was triying to sleep when Rony changed the side and laid straight. Oh! my God…. his pajama was quite high between his legs. Perhaps he was seeing some dream. I changed my side. I do not want to bring the dirty thoughts in my mind. I closed my eyes. But it was true that I became excited. I was trying to sleep but could not. I could not control myself and again tried to see between his legs. Oh shit Rony seemed to be quite big. I used to read many types of stories. In some romantic stories I read sex relations between cousins. Even I saw many movies in which cousins do romance. I was in fix what to do. Finally I decided to take chance.

I moved my son to corner of bed and I moved near Rony. My heart was beating fast.
I saw between his legs, his penis was erected and it was wiggling. Slowly I touched on his front, oh God it was huge. I shivered. I whispered, Rony…No reply came. He was looking very cute. I put my fingers in his hairs and started combing. I kissed his forehead. He shook a little and changed the side. I was now behind him. I moved so closed to him that my boobs touched his back. Perhaps he was in fast sleep. I put my right hand on his chest and started moving up and down. After few seconds he woke up and said surprisingly,”What happened Dipu didi?” I smiled,”Nothing, I was unable to sleep, so came near you, but I am sorry I disturbed you.” He smiled,”No no its alright.” He got up and said,”I will be back and went straight to Bathroom.” After few minutes, he came back. I could see now bulge was very less. Laying on bed we started chit chat. I said,”Rony you are looking very handsome.” And I moved close to him. He said,”You are also looking very beautiful Dipu didi.’ I just smiled. I started combing his hairs with my fingers. He was enjoying my touch. I saw his chest, there were hairs, I moved my hand to his chest and start playing with his hairs. Slowly I moved down and just returned from his naval. I glanced at his pajama, his dick was standing up. I smiled and pointed down,”What’s that happening?” He embarrassed and said,”Sorry.” I said,”Its all right, I think I gave you boner?”

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