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Michelle, comes in and ask so how did it go? I tell her everything and the offer i made missey.

She says i bet she dont do it. Maybe not but we will see.

Later that night as we tell the boys its bed time. Missey says she was going to bed to. And that her mom would be there in the morning to pick her up early. She asked me for the money. So i hand her 75. She walks away.

Michelle tells me looks like its going to be you eating my pussy tonight.

Go shower. Ill be waiting.

I go down on her and after she gets off 3 times i tell her its my turn. She moves around laying on my side she starts sucking.
Theres a lite knock on the door. Figure it might be one of the boys so she pulls the sheet up over my dick and says come in.

Its missey and shes wearing the gown i told her to. She shuts the door behind her and stands at the foot of the bed doesnt say a word just stands there.
Michelle moves the sheet and starts sucking my dick again. Shes getting into missey watching her by the way shes going down on it.

Several mins pass. You gonna try this or what?

Missey gets on her knees between my legs and stares.

Michelle tells her its just skin no taste unless he cums in your mouth.
Lick the head. Go ahead and lick it.

She leans in and licks the head. Michelle ask any taste?

No, put his head in your mouth and suck on it like a sucker.

She does it. Now go down on it as far as you can. She takes about half in her mouth and comes up. Michelle says oh come on you can take more than that in your mouth. Try again.
Missey does as shes told and this time she gets over half. Michelle pushes her head down futher till she almost has the entire lenght in her mouth. She gags and comes up taking it put of her mouth.

Looking at michelle she ask was that better? Yes. Now do it again.

Michelle pulls misseys hair into a ponytail and holds it making missey suck more and faster. After her third time if gaging she comes up again.
I tell her lets do this another way lay down on your back. And she does. I straddle her chest and slide my dick in her mouth.

You just suck it ill move it. And she does.
I motion for michelle to move behind and she already knows.
She spreads missey legs and as soon as her tounge makes contact with misseys pussy her eyes open wide and then she closes them tight. I keep fucking my dick into her mouth as far as i can.

Michelle says you were right her pussy is tight i barely can get 2 fingers in her.
Missey starts moaning around my dick and moving her head from side to side. Then she tenses up. Grabbing michelles hair and pulling.
Michelle says she just came. Missey starts sucking my dick like she knew what she was doing and allowing almost my whole dick to slide into her throat without gagging now. I reach the point im fixing to cum and think what the heck. Holding my dick still as far as i can her mouth my first shot hits the back of her throat and she gags then the rest shoot in and she swallows. I pull out and she grabs my dick and licks the last drop off the tip.

Did you just cum in her mouth? Yes.
So how did you like the taste?
Its salty but okey.

Move jack its my turn. And michelle moves around into the 69 position on top of missey. And starts licking her pussy.

I mouth the words is she licking you? And michelle says no.

I move down beside missey. Did you lick the feeling of her licking your pussy? Yes. Then lick hers. She slowly sticks out her tounger and licks her first pussy.

Was that so bad? No, you feel what shes doing to you? Yes. Do exactly what you feel to her in return. Go on.

She starts licking and sticking her tounge inside michelles pussy, moving it in and out and sucking on her lips. She starts fingering her as she continues to lick and suck. Michelle starts moving her hips and grinding into misseys face. Missey starts doing the same thing. They both are moaning loudly and humping each other.

My dick swells back up. I tell michelle to get on her back and missey moves. I climb up sliding my dick into michelles pussy.
Dam shes got you soaking. Shut up and
Missey just sits there stareing. Michelle says im not done with her yet shes going to lick me while you fuck her. So do it now.

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