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By the age of 18 me and michelle had been together for a few years. She was a stripper and we had only done a few threesomes.
Her cousin that got her into doing girls when she was alot younger had married my cousin. The 2 of them always tried to talk michelle into doing a 3some with them. She kept refusing.

We hadnt seen or heard from them in a couple years so when we moved into this mobile home park i was really surprised when michelle came walking in the house with her cousin audrey and some other young looking girl.

Turns out they live out there also. And the girl was some chick that lived out there also. I could tell right away they were trying to fuck this girl. With no luck yet.
Her name was erin and she was 15.

Now my cousin loved to drink. 24/7 he was drinking. And at this time michelle drank almost every night she worked. To be fare about michelle she is one of those drunks you can talk into doing almost anything.

So every chance our cousins got to be around michelle without me they would be trying to talk her into fucking. Trying to get her drinking with them.

As things turned out michelle hurt her foot at the club and was going to have to be off work for awhile. So i went back to working at my old job. Good thing another family member was the boss i got to come and go as i needed.

Anyways i had bought myself a camera just like my other cousins but a newer model. And a different kind that Was a lot smaller with a remote control to turn it on and off and record. It was also able to record alot longer.

I set one up in the bedroom that had motion sensor and night vision and the other one i hid in the dining room with a full view of both the dining room and living room.

Its not that i didnt trust michelle but after what happened with her dad and my dad on camera i wanted to see if anything else happen when i was not home.

So after the first night i come home and michelle is still asleep. I watch both tapes. Alittle disappointment audrey and erin had been there but nothing happened.

Same for the second and third night. The fourth morning i came in the living room was trashed, table knocked over cushions knocked off the couch, beer cans every where and couple empty bottles of crown laying in the floor. Im like what the fuck happened here. I go into our bedroom to get that camera and michelle is out cold in the floor with a sheet over her.

Really i think. I get back into the living room i start watching that tape first.

Starts off audrey,erin and my cousin tracey show up with all the drinks. They all sit around drinking and listening to music.

Erin starts dancing around and audrey gets up with her then michelle stands up all 3 of them dancing. I hear tracey tell audrey to do it. She looks at him. He says again do it
dont be scared.
She kisses michelle, which michelle pulls away from her. Then she kisses erin and erin pulls away from her. Michelle and erin sit down on the couch and tracey grabs audreys hand pulls her into the dining room right under my camera.

He says to her we are going to fuck both them little bitches tonight.
Audrey replies tracey you already know michelle is not going to do anything and neither is erin.
Tracey says yeah we will see, they drink enough and they want have any say so. Im tired of both them cock teases. Especially michelle shes done you before but want do it now. Fuck her.

Audrey tells him she wasnt with jack back then now she is. And ask him how is erin being a cock tease.

Just look at her in those baggy loose fitting shorts and halter top with no bra.

Tracey they are not going to fuck us

Look bitch if you know whats good for you you will do what i tell you to do. Now take them some more drinks and make them strong.

After about an hour passes michelle tells them she has to go puke and stumbles off to our bedroom. On the other camera i see she goes into our bathroom and pukes and then lays down on the bed.

In the living room tracey tells audrey to gi check on michelle and i mean really check on her. He moves over to the couch sits down beside erin who is wasted. As soon as audrey is up he unzips his pants pulls out his dick and places erins hand on it. He makes her hand start stroking him. She looks at him then down at his dick and yanks her hand away. She tries to get up and tracey says fucking bitch and pushes her.
There she goes over the table. He gets up picks her up off the floor and throws her back on to the couch. She lands on her stomach. Tracey is on her fast pulling at her shorts trying to get them down. Shes fighting back knocking all the cushions into the floor. Manages to get her shorts and panties down to her knees. He gets behind her and shoves his hand between her legs.

Dam girl your already wet. She doesnt say a word as he shoves his fat cock into her pussy. He starts fucking her and shes not moving or saying anything at all.
Tracey pumps into her a fee mins. Then stops. Your not a virgin. The little bitch passed out. Oh fuck this.

In the bedroom audrey had stripped michelle and was laying between her legs eating her pussy. .Michelle had her hands on audreys head rubbing her head and moaning. Tracey walks in and over to the corner. He stands there watching. Michelle was to drunk to notice him come in. He watches as audrey eats her pussy making her cum.
Audrey gets up pulls michelle down the bed some were her legs are hanging off the end. Michelle says im gonna be sick
And audrey hands her a small trash can. She turns and pukes. Audrey hands her towel and wipes her mouth then puts the towel over michelles face. Tracey comes out of the corner and gets between michelles legs and starts eating her pussy.

She starts moaning audrey as she cums. Audrey gets up on the bed up by michelle. Right then tracey stands up spreads michelles legs and starts rubbing the head of his dick between her lips. He pushes his head inside her. She yanks the towel off her head raises her head up quickly looking down at tracey and yells i dont think so asshole as she pulls away from him scouting up the bed. He reaches out grabbing her ankles and pulls her back down the bed. She tries kicking him but she is to messed up to really be effective.
He pushes her legs up. audrey grabs ahold of one leg holding it up as tracey grabs his dick and pushes it back into michelles pussy. She screams out stop it asshole it hurts. She tries slapping at his face.

He yells at audrey fucking help me.bitch now.

Audrey grabs her arms and pins them to the bed
Tracey starts pushing forward dam shes tight.
Michelle starts screaming stop get off me let me go.
Tracey tells audrey to shut her up.

She climbs up on michelles face and puts her pussy onto her mouth. Shes still screams. Audrey moves back alittle and slaps her. Michelle stops screaming. Audrey moves back up and tells her to lick my pussy.

She starts grinding her hips back and forth into michelles mouth.
Michelle at first had her hands on audreys ass trying to push her up off her mouth but now tracey has managed to get his entrie 9 inches into michelles pussy and was fucking her pretty good. .Michelle’s hands went from audreys ass to around her legs holding them as she was licking her pussy.

She says thats it cuss just like that.
Tracey ask is she eating you?

Oh yeah she is. Oh shit im cumming.

Tracey spreads michelles leg wide i have a full view of his fat dick sliding in and out of her pussy. He pulls out to just the head is in her and then slowly pushes back into her. After several mins tracey has relaxed his grip on her legs. And she pushes audrey off her face saying move im gonna be sick. Kicks tracey backwards his dick coming out. She turns onto her side falling off the bed into the floor. And pukes. Right then erin comes staggering into the room speech slurred what are yall doing in here. She stumbles to the bed her shorts and panties are missing now.
Tracey pushes her down bending over the bed. Moves in behind her and shoves his dick into her. He tells audrey you want this little bitch to eat ur pussy dont you. She slides down the bed pushing erins face into her pussy and tells her to lick it. She starts pushing erins face around holding her mouth on her pussy. As tracey starts fucking her.

Shes not a virgin but dam.i dont know who’s pussy is tighter hers or michelles.
Jack must have a little dick.
Audrey says michelle says hes almost 8 inches and kinda thick and hes cut
So im bigger than him.

After about 11 mins he pulls out of erin and cums on her ass.

Tells audrey that was fun they would have to do it again soon. And lets go.

She ask what about them we gonna leave them like this? Fuck them bitches.
They leave erin slides down into.the floor.

About an hour before i got home i.see erin gets up looks over at michelle naked in the floor and she covers her up. Gets dressed and leaves.

So now here i sit with a raging hardon pissed at what happened. Trying to figure out what my move is going to be.
I replace the tapes put the cameras back.

Look.down at michelle still.out cold. I grab my lube smear some around my head. Put my lubed up finger into michelles ass. She does not move. I line my dick up and slide in all.the way into her ass. She still doenst move. I ram my dick in and out fast and hard till i cum deep.in her ass.
Clean up and leave. Coming back home about hour and half later shes up straightening up the living room. Well i see yall partied. Did anything happen and who all was here. She says no nothing happened and erin ,audrey and tracey . She tries to tell.me they all.got drunk audrey and tracey got in a fight and thats how house was trashed.

I see.

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