Aunt marie 2

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After the night me and my cousin mat fucked our aunt marie in the pool, we were worried she may tell but she acted like nothing had happened. The next day we all went to the theme park.
As soon we got there everyone scattered off in different directions with the plan to all meet up at 1;30 to eat in the picnic area.
Aunt marie and uncle bob went off in one direction me and mat went off in another direction. Mat says dude has she said anything to you?
No she hasnt even looked at me.

Yeah me either. You think we messed up?

Dont know maybe we should have stopped when she said to.

We got separated and went to the entrance to wait for mat to meet me.
Aunt marie walks up. So where’s Matthew. ?

We got separated suppose to meet me here.

I need you to walk with me out to yalls van. These pants are to hot need to change into my shorts.

Where is uncle bob?

He was waiting in line for the water log and didnt want to walk way out to the van
Your mom and them are all over on the other side of the park.

As we get out side the park and almost to my dads full size van. I ask aunt marie can i ask you SOMETHING?


Are you alright?
She ask alright with what?
Umm what we done last night to you.

She didnt say anything. She just picks up her pace walking.

Aunt marie at first i thought you were okey with what we were doing. You did take off your swim suit to. And i know you said stop when it went in.

Thats enough jack. Shut up.

As we get to the van she open the driver door and starts the van turning on the a/c and gets out.
The van is to hot for me to get in right now.

We stand there for a few mins.
Aunt marie im sorry for what i done. I couldnt stop myself especially when it went in you felt to good.
Her face turns pink she turns and gets in the van shutting the side doors.

Couple mins go by and she yells jack come in here.

I open the door and get in. Shes sitting on the back seat, her pants are off i see her shorts are in her hand.
She looks at me and ask why did you want to do that to me last night?

Because your hot. And i liked looking at your ass in your bikini. As we wrestled and dunking you we kept grabbing on you and you didnt seem to mind. I also felt you squeeze my dick.

She looks down yeah you were poking me.

Mat says you grabbed his dick to.

Jack what is said right now stays between us you better not even tell mat whats said.

So does that mean your not going to say anything about what we done?

No jack im not going to say anything.
Back to mat i didnt like mats dick i dont like it being that thick.

Yours was alot better. Your longer than your uncle.
Do you really think im hot?

Umm yeah duh.

Let me ask you something.
Have you ever went down on a girl before?

Yes i have.
Last night u heard you tell mat you fucked him and i sucked better than he did. Does that mean you have fucked mat?


And he has sucked you off?

Did he fuck you?

Heck no i wasnt letting him try and put his fat ass dick in me. And no i didnt suck his dick either.

I have always wanted to watch 2 guys fuck.

Why i ask her.
Its hot. She says.

Why did you want to know if i have ever went down on a girl before.

Because you got me thinking and since i did suck your dick last night i figure its only fare you go down on me.

She leans back spreading her legs showing me her bare pussy.
I crawl over between her legs. She moves forward giving me full access to her pussy.

Show me. She says.

I rub my thumb against her clit and lick up and down her pussy.
She moans. I start licking and sucking on her lips, pushing my tounge inside her and fucking her with my tounge she moans. Places her hand on my head and starts humping pulling my face into her pussy more. She moans. Saying thats it just like that. Thats a good boy push that tounge in your aunts pussy.
I slide 2 fingers in and start fingering her as i suck and nibble on her clit. She moans several more times im cumming oh shit im cumming.

Her pussy gets even wetter. Pussy juice dripping down my chin as i lick and suck on her pussy. Fingering her rubbing my thumb against her clit she moans again im cumming. After the third time she pushes my head back.
Dam it, if your uncle could only eat me that good. Shoot who am i kidding he dont even go down on me.

What really?

She ask are you hard?

I lean back showing my hard dick is already out of my shorts.

Do you know what a quickie is jack.?

Yes aunty.

Thats all we have time for so if you think your willing to do a quickie we can hurry.

Enough said i push her back and rub my head between her lips pushing my entire dick in. She moans.
I put her legs up on my shoulders and begin fucking her fast and hard. She moans, digging her nails into my back as she says im cumming.
Come on jack you have to hurry fuck me faster. Sweat dripping off me onto her. I fuck as fast as i can. Her pussy is so wet i hear squishing, my nut slapping against her ass.
She ask are you close?
Yes im almost ready to cum
Stand up hurry.

I jump up she grabs my dick swallows my dick anf begins sucking hard. Pumping with her hand as she sucks. I cum as she pumps my dick and swallows every drop.

As we get out of the van she says jack i was serious i would like to watch you fuck mat.

Uncle bob and everyone else walks up. Aunt marie gives him a big kiss open mouth.
I think dam she just swallowed my nut and kisses her husband.

Mat walks up smiling. So what were yall doing in the van.

Talking, shes not going to say anything but in order to keep her mouth shut she wants to watch me fuck you.

Mat says bull shit you just want to fuck me.

I tell him ask her if you dont beleave me.

Later on i seen mat go over to aunt marie and she says something to him. They talk for a min. He walks off.

He walks over okey dude. She says she wants to watch me get fucked by you and she want say anything if i let you. So i guess your going to fuck me later. She says she will tell us later when.

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