Aunty marie

We had a family get together over the summer when i was 15. My cousin i had fucked in the ass was also there And we we to my aunt and uncles apartment to stay the night and swim in the pool. My uncles family had alittle money and he had a nice job and worked alot. Always acted better than my family.

My aunt was in her early 30’s. C cup breast, skinny figure with a nice ass. I just didnt relise how nice till i seen her come out in her bikini. Talking about instant hard on.
It was already dark when she said she was going down to the pool a d she asked her husband if he was going. He says no.

Me and mat said we would go and she was like okey. We followed her down to the pool elbowing each other as she walked in front of us.


We got to the pool and no one was there. Mat jumps in the pool and i follow him. Aunt marie goes down to the deep end and dives in. When she comes up her top had moved over and we got a full view of her titts. She turns quickly and readjust her top. Mat comes over, did you see that?

Just then she starts getting out of the pool and pulls her bottoms out of the crack of her ass.

Yes i seen mat , he says man i would like to suck on those nipples.
Yeah i would like to have some fun with her.
Mat says if your in dude we can atleast wrestle around with her and cop some feels. See what she does.

Sounds like a plan.

Me and mat start wrestling around and dunking each other. I get out of the pool and stand on the edge. Marie walks up behind me and pushes me in the pool. As i come up she laughs and i tell her oh its like that is it. She just laughs.

Mat gets out and runs around the pool towards her and she jumps in the pool. Swims to the shallow end. I come up behind her wrapping my arms around her hunching my hard dick up against her ass. I know she feels it poking her. She looks back at me and i dunk her letting go. As soon as she comes up mat grabs her from behind and dunks her. She swims away to side of the pool and stares at us both.

Mat says dude i so poked her with my dick.
So did i.
We swim after her and we both keep poking her with our hard ons and coping feels on titts and ass. A couple of times as she wiggled to get away or after i dunked her i would feel her hand brush across my hard on. I even felt her grab and squeeze it one time while she was under water swimming away from me.

The next time i grabbed her to dunk her mat also grabbed hold of her and with both of us grabbing onto her trying to dunk her i put my hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. She started wiggleing pushing us away from her and mat grabs her titt and squeezes.

She kicks and pushes us away from her. With a pissed off look on her face. She swims over to the side of the pool. I kinda expect her to get out of the pool and jump our ass or tell us shes telling our parents.

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Instead she just sits on the edge of the pool stareing at us. I ask her, you give up have you had enough or what?

She sits there couple more mins breathing hard. Mat comes up and dunks me. He tries poking me. I turn and say i dont think so bitch boy i fuck you. You don’t fuck me.

He comes up and i tell him dude im pulling my dick out of my shorts and gonna try and rub it up against her. Mat says so am i.

Aunt marie eases back into the pool and swims towards us. I dunk mat and push him away. Marie jumps up placing her hands on my head trying to dunk me. I tell her
I don’t think so. Turning and wrapping my arms around hers as i move around behind her. I just hold onto her with my dick pushed up against her ass. She starts wiggleing around. My dick is up against her bare skin. She stops moving around i feel her hand wrap around my dick and squueze it. Just then mat runs up wrapping his arms around both of us and we all 3 fall under the water. I let go of her as she let go of my dick and swims off to the deep end.

Right then maintenance man walks up hey yall i have to lock up the pool now. Oh hey marie how are you doing. These your nephews. She tells him yes and ask him would it be okey if we stayed in alittle longer?
He tells her guessed so but he would need to turn off the pool lights so no one else would come swimming and she had to lock the gate when we left.

He turns off all the lights around the pool and in the pool but left on the lights that were on the fence.

Mat swims up, dude lets take off our shorts. I tell him yeah right aunt marie would freak out and deffintley tell on us if we done that. Mat says you wouldnt do that would you aunt marie.

She looks down at us and ask do what?

I tell her mat wants to skinny dipp but i told him you would freak out and tell our moms. She laughs. Mat says tell him your not some old shrud snitch.

She laughs again. Im not that old and im deffintley not a snitch.

Mat says see dude. He throws his shorts over to the steps. Me not letting mat out do me i take off mine and throw them to the steps.
Aunt marie starts moving around alot goes under the water comes up and a second later she puts what looks like her bikini top on the edge of the pool.

She laughs and says you 2 little perverts better stay away from me now. She starts swimming around the deep end and mat tries to dunk me. As we start wrestling around aunt marie swims alittle closer to us. As soon as she gets close enough mat lunches at her trying to grab ahold of her. She moves away from him and i move towards her grabbing her arm yanking her towards me. Pulling her into the shallow end i move around behind her my dick slides right between her legs. I start humping against her. She laughs saying you little perv. Mat swims up she tries to kick at mat and he grabs her legs spreads them apart and starts moving up between her legs. She pulls her arms free and starts pushing mat back, saying i dont think so buddy. I reach around and squueze her titts pinching her left nipple. She yanks my hand away. Mat has his hands under the water between them and she says oh no you dont and manages to get her leg up placing her foot on his chest pushing away from her.. as her legs go down i manage to run my hand between her legs. Shes shaved. I quickly slide a finger between her lips and push my finger into her pussy. Work in and out a couple times before she manages to pull my hand away. And says nice try and pushes me away.
She swims over to the edge of the pool again. Mat swims up. Dude i almost had the head of my dick inside her.
I got a finger in her.

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Aunt marie looks at us you 2 should be ashamed of your selves im your aunt.

Yeah our hot aunt. You still be ashamed of your selves and i should tell your parents what yall are trying to do to me.

I look at her and then at mat and tell him see dude i told you she was going to tell on us.
Aunt marie says i didnt say i was going to tell i said i should tell.

Mat ask her so you want us to just leave you alone and stop. She doesnt say anything. Just stares at us.

I tell her well if you dont want us dunking you you better stay in the deep end.

We start wrestling around again. Matt grabs me from behind his banana shaped dick curves up between my legs poking my nut sack. He reaches around grabs hold of my dick and starts squeezeing it.
Aunt marie swims up closer mat pushes me forward swims towards aunt marie she dives underwater to try and swim away from him. I grab her foot and pull her up towards me. Mat jumps up grabs her from behind. He wraps his arms around her and starts playing with titties. I grab both her legs spreading them pulling both of them towards me. Shes kicking her feet and legs but not as much as she was when mat was doing this.
I move in closer running my hands up her thighs as i move in closer. My dick pokes her in the stomach. Her eyes widen she just stares. Doesnt say a word. I put my hand between us rubbing my fingers between her pussy lips. Sliding a finger in shes wet. I grab my dick rub the head between her lips and push the head inside her, push more till over half my 7 3/4 inch dick is inside her. Man shes nice a d snug.

Her eyes open really Wide and she starts pushing me back saying no no no you have to stop we cant do this.

Mat says you get your dick in her?
I push forwars more till the entire lenght of my dick is in her. I grab her legs holding them as tight as i can. Looking at mat i say what do you think?

Aunt marie leans her head back pushes against me and keeps saying boys stop it right now we cant do this its wrong we are family. Please stop.

I start pumping into her fast. Mat keeps pinching and pulling on her nipples his dick up against her ass.
She grabs my arms and starts squeezeing my arms digging her nails into me. Moans tilting her head back against mat.
After a few seconds she relaxes her face has turned pink. I stop fucking her and ask her do you really want me to stop.?

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She says yes. I let go of her and my dick slides out. Mat still has his arms around her and she pulls away from him. Mat looks at me then back at her. He launches forward grabbing her foot. She turns and keeps swimming back to the edge of the pool. Mat grabs her other foot spreads her legs moving up betwee. Them. He pushes her back up against the side of the pool. Shes telling him to stop its not right.
Mat ignores her putting his hand down between them as shes pushing at his face and chest. All of a sudden her eyes almost pop out of her head she hollars oh shit oh oh. Mat stops moving looking at aunt marie.
He says yeah mine not be as long as jacks but its thicker isnt it.
She leans her head back against the pool moaning uhh uhhh uhhh as mat pumps his fat dick into her. I move over to the steps and sit on the top step with my feet in my shorts. Mat sees me.
Aunt marie has stopped saying stop and now says nothing. Mat wraps his arms around her and starts walking over to the steps. He sits her ass on the step she leans back and mat starts pumping into her. She turns her head facing me. She begins moaning as mat fucks her.

Dude put it in her mouth. Her eyes cut up to look at mine. She says nothing. I move over to her put my dick an inch from her lips. She opens her mouth and puts my dick in. Begins sucking. She slides down taking my entire length in her mouth she holds still sucking. I start fucking her mouth. She starts moaning as she sucks.

Mat starts fucking faster. He says man jack she has a tight pussy. I know dude.
She suck good?
She sucks better than you do. Mat laughs.
Dude im about to cum.
Aunt marie takes my dick out of her mouth and tells mat dont you dare cum in me and im not joking Matthew.

He looks at me switch me places hurry.
I move betwee. Her legs and slide my dick in her pussy as mat shoves his half way in her mouth. She moves and looks at it. Your not circumcised.
I ram my dick in as far as i can pumping hard and fast. Mat shoves his dick back in her mouth and and starts moving her head up and down his dick. Pulls out of her mouth and cums in her face.
I pull out and shoot my cum in the water.

Letting go of her and moving she swims to the deep end. We put on our shorts and she gets out of the pool puts on her bikini. Doesnt say a word just walks off leaving us behind.

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