Aunty marie

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We had a family get together over the summer when i was 15. My cousin i had fucked in the ass was also there And we we to my aunt and uncles apartment to stay the night and swim in the pool. My uncles family had alittle money and he had a nice job and worked alot. Always acted better than my family.

My aunt was in her early 30’s. C cup breast, skinny figure with a nice ass. I just didnt relise how nice till i seen her come out in her bikini. Talking about instant hard on.
It was already dark when she said she was going down to the pool a d she asked her husband if he was going. He says no.

Me and mat said we would go and she was like okey. We followed her down to the pool elbowing each other as she walked in front of us.

We got to the pool and no one was there. Mat jumps in the pool and i follow him. Aunt marie goes down to the deep end and dives in. When she comes up her top had moved over and we got a full view of her titts. She turns quickly and readjust her top. Mat comes over, did you see that?

Just then she starts getting out of the pool and pulls her bottoms out of the crack of her ass.

Yes i seen mat , he says man i would like to suck on those nipples.
Yeah i would like to have some fun with her.
Mat says if your in dude we can atleast wrestle around with her and cop some feels. See what she does.

Sounds like a plan.

Me and mat start wrestling around and dunking each other. I get out of the pool and stand on the edge. Marie walks up behind me and pushes me in the pool. As i come up she laughs and i tell her oh its like that is it. She just laughs.

Mat gets out and runs around the pool towards her and she jumps in the pool. Swims to the shallow end. I come up behind her wrapping my arms around her hunching my hard dick up against her ass. I know she feels it poking her. She looks back at me and i dunk her letting go. As soon as she comes up mat grabs her from behind and dunks her. She swims away to side of the pool and stares at us both.

Mat says dude i so poked her with my dick.
So did i.
We swim after her and we both keep poking her with our hard ons and coping feels on titts and ass. A couple of times as she wiggled to get away or after i dunked her i would feel her hand brush across my hard on. I even felt her grab and squeeze it one time while she was under water swimming away from me.

The next time i grabbed her to dunk her mat also grabbed hold of her and with both of us grabbing onto her trying to dunk her i put my hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. She started wiggleing pushing us away from her and mat grabs her titt and squeezes.

She kicks and pushes us away from her. With a pissed off look on her face. She swims over to the side of the pool. I kinda expect her to get out of the pool and jump our ass or tell us shes telling our parents.

Instead she just sits on the edge of the pool stareing at us. I ask her, you give up have you had enough or what?

She sits there couple more mins breathing hard. Mat comes up and dunks me. He tries poking me. I turn and say i dont think so bitch boy i fuck you. You don’t fuck me.

He comes up and i tell him dude im pulling my dick out of my shorts and gonna try and rub it up against her. Mat says so am i.

Aunt marie eases back into the pool and swims towards us. I dunk mat and push him away. Marie jumps up placing her hands on my head trying to dunk me. I tell her
I don’t think so. Turning and wrapping my arms around hers as i move around behind her. I just hold onto her with my dick pushed up against her ass. She starts wiggleing around. My dick is up against her bare skin. She stops moving around i feel her hand wrap around my dick and squueze it. Just then mat runs up wrapping his arms around both of us and we all 3 fall under the water. I let go of her as she let go of my dick and swims off to the deep end.

Right then maintenance man walks up hey yall i have to lock up the pool now. Oh hey marie how are you doing. These your nephews. She tells him yes and ask him would it be okey if we stayed in alittle longer?
He tells her guessed so but he would need to turn off the pool lights so no one else would come swimming and she had to lock the gate when we left.

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