Actress Shubhangi Atre Brutally fucked by village old man – Part 2

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Actress Shubhangi Atre Brutally fucked by village old man

Ramesh : When you are gonna take your next child? i will be there to clean up the milks from your tanks. hahahahaha. Tell me, when.

As she was still silent, he came forward and squezed her breasts hard. Mom cried out in pain.

Shubhangi: Please rameshji.

Ramesh: no no , not rameshji. call me swami, randi.

Shubhangi: please ramesji.

This time he gave a hard slap on her ass and told her say him swami again.

Shubhangi: No swami, we are not planning to have anymore kids.

ramesh: Really ? then i guess i have fill up your pussy. I have to taste your breast milk one way or another.

Saying this, he again hugged her and started to kiss Shubhangi. Reamsh told her to cooperate with him. So she also started to give him small kisses. Ramesh’s hads were moving all over my Shubhangi’s body. After sometime ramesh removed the petticoat form my her body. She was only wearing a black panty now.

God, she looked simply stunning. Her thighs were fat and flashy. Then ramesh told her to get on the bed. She was now terrified and realized that it is better for herself to listen to this man’s order. She got up on the bed which was covered with flowers. Now ramesh told her to lie down and saying this he jumped up on the bed. The bed cracked a little as he was a huge man. Ramesh then straight went for her pussy. He ripped the panty and her royal pussy became visible to him as well as to me. She had her pussy cleaned. Ramesh now held his dick with his left hand and kept it near her vagina. He then started rubbing his dick around her vagina. He was really enjoying this teasing. I looked at Shubhangi. She was frozen. She knew what this monster can do to her.

Finally, ramesh managed to open a way Shubhangi’s pussy. In one word, it was just marvelous. Her pussy was small and pussy lips were pink. She was completly wet. Her pussy lips were glistering from all the sweat. Ramesh went down and started to lick her pussy madly. Now she was shivering from all the pleasure. She was moaning loudly but ramesh was a selfish bastard. He gave attention to her pussy only for a couple of seconds. He then started to bite her fat thighs. His head was completly lost in between her valley. After sometime, he got up and told her to get ready for the final session.

Now Shubhangi was really terrified. She looked at his monster and told him not to enter that. Ramesh simply ignored her cries and told her to spread her legs wide. She still was begging him. He got impatient and with his hands pulled her legs apart. Shubhangi’s pussy became clearly visible now. Ramesh got on top of her. His weight nearly crushed her onto the bed. He looked at Shubhangi’s face and told her to get ready. He guided his tool in front of her vagina kept in on her pussy door. He started to rub her pussy with his cock head. Finally he kissed Shubhangi on the lips and gave a damn hard push. She screamed loudly in pain as half of his cock was lost in her pussy. Ramesh kept his dick in her pussy and paused for a while.

He started to move his hips in a circular motion as he was trying to make room in my her pussy. She was crying in pain. His thing was too much for her little love hole. Shubhangi told him not to enter anymore as she would die. She was crying and begging for her life. She told ramesh that he can do whatever he wants with her but forbid him not to enter anymore. An angry ring was in ramesh’s face but he also got the idea that shubhangi can take him no more. He then pulled out his cock except for the tip and entered her again. He was slowly giving her strokes. He was pulling out the whole thing and was ramming it in again. He was slowly building up his pace.

Ahhhhhh oooooohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh mmmmmmmphhhh ahhhhhh was the sounds coming out of my Shubhangi’s face. Now he started to fuck her real hard. He was removing and entering her cock very rapidly. With each stroke Shubhangi’s breasts were jiggling like crazy. The bed was making a squkky sound because of all the wrestling. Ramesh was like a crazy bull crushing modesy Shubhangi. He was bucking his hips like a released bull. With every stoke she was making a small puppy like sound. oh ah oh ah oh ah oh ah,hmph. then ramesh told he something. Now she put two fingers on either side of her pussy and was pulling it apart, trying to take him in properly. this went for 30 long minutes. Ramesh used to bite her breasts from time to time.

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