Experience with my neighbour sister – Part 2

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Yeah, after getting the glimpse of hips and boobs on blouse ( Experience with my neighbour sister ). Next step, I thought of touching them. We used to speak daily in phone once her husband leaves to office. We became very good friends.

After completing my graduation, I need to move to another city, so I went to her home as usual after her husband left to office, to inform her that I’ll be leaving tomorrow. We chatted for sometime, then she gave me some gifts like Keychain, etc. And wished me.

She was wearing a rose colour saree and blouse. I felt like I want to hug her but not sure what she will tell. While leaving I got some courage and asked shall I get a Hug. Without even thinking she said why not and hugged me. While hugging I tried to hug her somewhat tight and pushed her closer to me. Once I dreamt of touching her and I can’t imagine now that her boobs are crushing against my stomach. But it didn’t even last for 10 seconds. After that I came to my home and masturbated thinking of her that her cute boobs pressing against me.

Many a times I’ve masturbated thinking of fucking her. While speaking daily in phone, we got into quarrel for some matter, I told her that I will bit her stomach. She was like do it if you can. Once I came to hometown, I went to her home when she was alone. She was wearing a saree. We spoke for sometime and I asked her about the conversation we had in call. She was like Haan do it. She was sitting in sofa. I kneeled down in front of her. Saw her eyes and then stomach side. I then slowly moved her saree. Wow what a view! Her hips, stomach, navel and her left side boob on blouse. I can clearly see the shape of her boob in blouse. With no time, I got hold of her hips and kept my mouth on her stomach and started to bite it slowly. While biting I saw her face, she closed her eyes and started to feel it.

Then I got up and went towards her lips, she turned her head and for sometime she was not allowing to give her a lip kiss. Finally, I caught her cheeks, then planted a kiss in her lips. Then i lifted her and carried her to her bedroom, made her lie down revealing her stomach and I started to kiss her stomach and face randomly. Slowly I started keeping hands on her boobs.She didnt say anything. I felt it as a good sign and kept my hand on her blouse hook. She looked in my eyes and stopped me and told we shouldn’t do this. I obeyed her and kissed her boobs on blouse and played with her sometime and came home and masturbated thinking of all the naughty things we had. But still I felt like I should have not obeyed her and force opened her blouse and should have bitten her nipple.

I will continue my experience in next part where I removed her pallu, pressed her boobs, bitten her nipple.

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