He was too good looking to ignore. She just had to have him

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Cheta, He was too good looking to ignore. She just had to have him, Enough fantasizing, I had to get going or I’d be late. Reluctantly, I took the last sip of coffee, grabbed my purse and headed off to work. There I would have to associate with the subject of my fantasies. His name was Bradley Stone but everyone called him “Stoney.” The name was fitting. He was truly chiseled from a block of granite and brought to life by the breath of a Greek God. In short, he was the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen.

I know, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it wasn’t only my opinion-not by a long shot. He was pretty much the main topic of conversation when any of the office girls got together. I heard Betty bragging in the lunch room the other day. She was downright giddy as she told the other girls that he smiled at her. Cathy tried to top that by saying he had his hand on the back of her chair while he was leaning over her shoulder checking something on her computer screen. I sometimes found myself checking for drool on my chin after just talking to him.

I guess we all have our fantasies. When I was in high school I had an unbelievable crush on Sean Connery. I would have dropped my panties for him in the wink of an eye. That’s not uncommon for adolescents with raging hormones. Hell, back then we all had a crush on somebody or another but now was supposed to be different. We were adults. Was it normal to still have crushes?

My name is Langley Anderson and for the past sixteen years I’ve been the faithful spouse of Nelson Anderson, the best husband a wife could want. Together, we are raising our beautiful daughter, Evangeline. She’s in her sophomore year of high school and a true gift from heaven.

I know, I know! What right do I have fantasizing over another man? None, absolutely none at all—but I can’t help it. All I have to do is get a glance of him as he walks past my office door and I get wet between my legs.

I’ve been working with Stoney now for about seven months, ever since he transferred to the Chicago office from California. When I first met him I just smiled as I shook his hand. I was scared to death that if I opened my mouth I’d say something like, “Hi—wanna fuck?”

Wouldn’t you know, the top brass picked me to show him around during his first week. I tried just flat out ignoring his looks. I concentrated on treating him like any other colleague. It worked too, for a while anyway.

Then one night, on a lark, I decided to pretend Nelson was Stoney during a particularly wild love making session. I should have never done that because it’s what sparked my fantasies…and they’re getting worse. Now I fantasize about Stoney before sex with Nelson, during sex with Nelson, and after sex with Nelson. I’m surprised I haven’t screamed his name in the heat of passion. Thankfully, I’ve never done that and I’m careful to keep it that way.

I am a little stunned my loving husband hasn’t picked up on my guilt after our love making sessions though. After all, what I’m doing is a form of infidelity. I’ve tried wiping out my shame by convincing myself that what I do is just a fashion of roleplay. Hell, people do it all the time to spice things up a little. Of course I’m just kidding myself and I know it. It’s only roleplay when both parties are cognizant of what’s happening and act it out with each other. Nelson hasn’t a clue.

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