A father resists his daughter’s temptation while snowed in

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I woke up to someone bouncing painfully onto my legs and feet. 

“Get up, sleepy head! It’s snowing outside!” said a sweet cheery voice.

I slowly opened my eyes as the bouncing continued. My daughter Kali was rising high above me with a huge smile on her face.

“Aren’t you a bit old to be acting like this?” I ask her. ” Come on, stop jumping.”

“It’s snowing, Daddy!” She practically sang. “You know what that means, right?”

“Oh shit,” I said, realizing that I wasn’t going to be able to get my daughter to the airport in time.

“Shoshhh, Daddy!” Kali said as she placed a small finger over my lips. “You can’t curse around your daughter.”

“Hey, knock it off will you,” I said, swatting her hand away from my face. “Shouldn’t you have your clothes on and be ready to go?”

She was wearing a small pink tank top and I couldn’t help but notice she didn’t have a bra on since her perky nipples were pressing the fabric outwards. She was wearing only her panties that hugged her folds and long gray knit socks that went over her knees. Her beauty always astonished me and she was only getting prettier everyday. Things were easier for me before she filled out. Now, being her father I had to be a little more careful around her. 

“No, sir!” She said in a fake military voice. “There’s no way we can make the flight. The highways are closed. It’s the worst storm in a decade.”

“You sound pretty excited.”

“I am!” She blurted out with a smile. “Now we can spend even longer together.”

The last several years I really hadn’t seen much of my daughter. My wife and I split up since she caught me cheating on her. The two of them moved across the country, my ex remarried and had two new kids, and I get about a week with my daughter per year. Now that Kali was over 18 years old, at least I could see her more. 

The truth is that the final affair that broke the haystack was one of many and my wife had learned of only one before. You could say I have a sex addiction since I clearly have been finding new partners on about a weekly basis. My current partner Sierra and I have an understanding. She lets me fool around as much as I want, and likewise, I let her. My life revolves around the chase and the thrill of sex. 

The last week with my teen daughter was tough. I saw Sierra only once and the sex was short lived. I was hoping my feelings for my daughter would be different. That I wouldn’t feel any sexual thoughts towards her like I do with other women, but unfortunately that just isn’t the case. Every hug I give or snuggle we have while watching TV is a chance of arousal for me. I can’t seem to shake the idea that this beautiful young woman is off limits. I’m not sure if my daughter has noticed my tiptoeing around hugging her too much or my arousal when she lays her head across my lap while on the couch, but she keeps on trying to break the touch barrier down.

“I guess I should count myself lucky to have this time with you. Are all the roads closed, have you checked?”

My daughter plopped down onto me. Her legs curled next to me and she dropped her arms over my chest like an exhausted dog.

“I dunno, I haven’t checked. I’m just super excited for our snow weekend together!” 

Her bright pink lips displayed a huge smile and her blue eyes were lit up. 

“One week wasn’t long enough,” she sighed.

“I know. I’m glad we get to spend some more time together, too.”

I grabbed my phone and sat slightly up. The covers fell down my bare chest as I propped myself on pillows to Google the conditions. 

“Jeez, 6 feet of snow. Holy shit! We’re not built for that here. Looks like everything’s closed.” 

Slowly I realized what that meant. 

“You know I live several miles from the store, I hope we have enough food here. I don’t even think Sierra can make the drive up the hill here.”

“Oh good, that means I get you all to myself,” Kali said as she lay her head down on my stomach. 

Her silky blonde hair fell over her face onto my stomach.

“We better call your Mom and warn her. She’s not going to be very happy.” 

I placed a hand on her head and slowly petted her hair. Kali seemed to lightly purr like a cat while I did that. Her hand moved ever so softly to touch my own. 

“This is nice,” she said quietly. 

“Sure is, kid. It’s nice to get some quality time with you.”

Kali rolled over until she laid across my lower half and propped her head up in her hands and her elbows dug lightly into my hips. 

“So can we make a big breakfast!”


“Can we make banana pancakes?”

“You got it!”

“With extra blueberries and strawberries.”

“We better check what’s in the fridge.”

“Yay! Let’s go make some breakfast!”

Kali bounded up and pulled my sheets and blankets off.

“Whoa! Careful there!” I chastised. 

“What! Let’s go make breakfast!”

“Okay, okay, but be careful. You can’t just rip my sheets off like that.”

“Why not?” She asked naively. 


“Because why?” She asked again with a smirk. 

She rolled her eyes down and took a glance at my briefs. 

“Afraid I might see something, I’m not supposed to?” She asked, raising her eyebrows.

I was a little shocked to say the least. 

“No!, Well yes…What if I was naked?”

“Are you usually? Naked, that is, while you sleep?”

“Kali, this isn’t something I’m discussing with you, my daughter…” I shook my head. “Look, men wake up differently than women.”

“With boners?” She giggled.

“Yes, with boners. Blood rushes to our penises while we sleep and so it takes a minute for everything to deflate sometimes.

“Huh, does yours not work then?” Kali asked all innocent-like.

“No, my penis works just fine, thank you. Sierra finds it more than suitable. But I’m not going into that. You got lucky that things calmed down already, but I don’t want you doing that. You hear me.”

“Yes, Daddy. I won’t pull the blankets off of you until your penis calms down,” Kali said smirking. “I’m glad it still works though, maybe you’ll give me a new sister at some point.”

“Got damn it! Stop being a brat. Don’t talk about your father’s privates. And put some clothing on missy,” I said roughly. “I might be your father, but you can’t just prance around the house in your underwear showing yourself off like that.”

I pulled her up by the arm off the bed, turned her towards the door, and gave her butt a good smack to send her off down the hall. I could see her little bubble butt jiggle with the spank. She walked slowly down the hall and I could see her hand softly rubbing her butt where a light red welt was starting to show on her pale skin. 

I walked into the kitchen several minutes later to find my daughter already at the helm. She had put on a cozy looking sweater that didn’t quite go below her taut stomach where I could see her belly button piercing, and she had tight gray yoga pants on that seemed to dive endlessly into her ass crack. 

“Are you planning on doing some yoga later?” I asked.

“Ahuh,” she nodded. “But right now I’m focusing on making the perfect banana pancakes.”

She wiggled her hips.

“Do you like them?”


“No, my new yoga pants?”

“Oh, sure. They look good on you.”

“I am a robot! Computing….Computing, those look good on you,” Kali mocked me with a giggle. “I think they make my butt look nice, but mom hates it when I wear them.”

“Well she’s always been a bit of a prude.”

“But you’re more into female liberation?” She responded mockingly.

I laughed. 

“I’m not here to judge you on what you want to wear. Unless you’re hopping up down on me in your underwear.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Come on, Kali. There are certain boundaries with parents and children.”

“What, I’m your daughter. I should be free to walk around in my underwear or even naked. Families aren’t going to sexualize anything.”

“That’s irrelevant. I just don’t need you walking around dressed in nothing around me. I think it’s mildly inappropriate. I don’t think we should be the nude family, it gives off weird vibes to others.”

“Don’t you go to nude beaches with Sierra?”

“We have.”

“And that’s alright?”

“Sure, a bunch of adults can be naked around each other. We aren’t there to judge or sexualize people’s bodies.”

“Okay, well what if I was there at the same time as you. Both of us naked?”

My brain flashed some images of the scene. Kali standing nude in the sun smiling at me and telling me to come play in the water with her as her little bubble butt bounces away.

“Hmm. Okay that would take some getting used to.”

“See you’re the one sexualizing it.”

“Look, you’re my daughter. I want you to wear modest outfits. Call me protective.”

“You want me to wear nun outfits? Jeez, you’re acting like Mom. Who are you being protective from when it’s only you and me?”

She had placed all the ingredients into a big bowl and was leaning into the counter and sticking her butt out. My eyes kept stealing glances at her shapely ass. Her cheeks jiggled ever so slightly as she stirred the batter. Oh man, I wish I had Sierra here to take my mind off of sex. She’d give me a blowjob or fuck me silly upon request, and since Kali had been visiting I’d only seen Sierra once. My body was going into overdrive trying to keep my libido in check.

“I’ll make some coffee. Do you want any?”

“I’d love some, but only with milk. I’m not like you, Dad. I can’t drink that stuff black.”

“You got it.” 

When we sat down to eat I found Kali’s feet playing under the table with mine. She was very needy this trip especially for touch. I had to alter my mind to think of this touch in just a pure loving way instead of anything else. 

“Dad, how come you never moved out East to be closer to me?” She asked pretty seriously. 

“Well, I guess my job is here and I wasn’t sure if I could find one in New York. Also all my friends live here.”

Kali played with her food on the plate by using the fork to push her cut up pancake around.

“So is that more important to you than being near me?”

“What! Baby, you know I love you.”

“Then how come I only see you once a year?”

“That’s how your mom made it happen.”

“But you could have come out after us.”

“Maybe, but it wouldn’t have been easy. Plus there were still legal amounts of time I could spend with you.”

“Mom’s new family with Scott and their two new kids dwarf everything. I feel like a shadow or a spider on the wall watching.” 

Kali’s words made my stomach clench with sadness. I scooted my chair next to hers and reached over to place an arm around her shoulder and pulled her into a tight embrace with her head buried in my chest.

“I’m sorry, baby. You’re anything but that to me. I wish I could spend more time with you. Maybe you can come out here for college.”

Kali looked up with tears in her eyes. A small smile broke through. 

“Really! Could I come here?”

“Of course you can. Where you go is up to you. And you already know that I’m paying for it. It’s not up to your mother.”

Kali stood up and plopped her butt into my lap and draped her arms around my neck.

“You mean that? Can I really?”

“Baby, of course,” I said and wrapped my hands around her waist to keep her from sliding off my lap. 

She was surprisingly light still. But I guess my 6′ and 180 pounds is nearly double her 5’3″ and around 100 pounds. Kali rested her head on my shoulder and breathed slowly into my ear. I think she just enjoyed being held by her father. 

Eventually we got up, cleaned the dishes and went out to the living room. Kali did her morning yoga routine and I read. I tried to keep my eyes from staring at her butt while she did puppy dog poses and cat cows. She got on her back and did happy baby and I found it hard not to look at her camel toe. Those pants were tight. I see why her mom didn’t like them, I however, did like them. 

“Dad, do you want to join me?”

I looked down at my daughter who was on all four. I could clearly see down her shirt at her youthful breasts. I tried to keep my eyes up, but the cleavage was so enticing.

“No, it’s fine. I’m going to keep reading.”

“We could do some acro yoga?”

Oh man, and then I’d be having my daughter’s tight body all over mine as I man-handled her. I knew I needed to skip that.

“Maybe another time.”


Later that evening, after dinner, Kali is sitting with me on the couch. 

“Dad, umm” she slowly pushed her foot around as she gathered her words. “I feel like I need to talk to someone about something.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Well, ummm, you know mom’s pretty religious so she won’t really talk with me about it,” she said and her eyes flicked to mine and away.

“About what?”

“Sex…” she let it linger in the air. 

My stomach squirmed.

“Sure, what do you want to know?” I said feeling a little awkward.

“Well, I want to know how you’re supposed to do it, and do it safely.”

“Okay, make sure he uses a condom. Take birth control,” I responded dully.

“Come on! That’s about as lazy an explanation is as my Catholic school taught. Look, I know mom said you were cheating on her. I know you have had a lot of sex,” Kali went on while her fingers felt around the couch top. “I’ve been fooling around with a few boys and I thought I should figure out what I need to do before losing virginity.”

“Oh!” I responded with my cheeks flushing. 

I was happy she was still a virgin. I felt weirdly protective. I could see Kali’s cheeks were also pink. 

“Okay, what have you done so far?”

“Oh, ummm… I didn’t think you’d ask that,” she responded. 

“Okay, maybe I don’t need to know.”

“No, it’s nice to have someone to talk to about it. So there’s a boy named Asher who is in my class. We’ve made out, and….um…well, I gave him a handjob.”

“Oh,” the thought of my daughter’s sexuality was a hard pill for me to swallow. 

Of course, my mind went to the imagery involved. 

“Is that not safe?”

“Well, actually hand play from him or you is probably pretty safe. You’d be unlikely to get anything.”

“What do you mean get something? Like AIDS?”

“Sort of, AIDS is certainly one type of STD a person could get.”

“Oh, I don’t really know much about STDs, they only taught me abstinence in school.”

“That school sounds like garbage. STD’s are sexually transmitted diseases. Oral, anal or regular sex increase those odds, especially without protection.”

Kali gulps slightly. 

“Okay, well there’s also an older guy who I’ve done some stuff with.”

“How much older? And what kind of stuff?”

“He’s in college.”

“Seems a bit old for you.”

“Maybe, he’s kind of dick too. He’s taken me to several parties and tried to have sex with me, even though I said I wanted to wait.”

“Okay, that is not cool. No one should be pushing you into something you don’t want. What happened between you?”

“Well, I did give him head a few times. Without condoms.”

“Oh, Kali, this might be a bit too much detail.”

“Can you get pregnant if a penis just touches the outside?”

“The outside?”

“Like if he drags his dick across my clit.”

I pictured my daughter naked and her pussy exposed as a big dick rubbed around it. The thought caused my face to flush and for blood to start working its way to my penis.

“KALI! Come on, I can’t hear this.”

“Seriously, who am going to ask Gram,” she said referring to her stepfather.

I certainly didn’t want Kali talking to him about this.

“Not really, but you could get an STD. Did he ejaculate on you?”

“Oh. No, he came in my mouth. How would I know if I got an STD?”

God, the very thought of my daughter swallowing cum was making my head spin.

“Well, you’d be able to see some red bumps or sores.”

“My vagina has some dots on it sometimes.” She looked mildly scared. 

Kali tightened her thighs around her wrists.

“I think that’s pretty normal.”

“I dunno, Ben has slept around a lot. What if he gave me something?”

“Baby, you should book a doctor appointment if you’re worried.”

“No way! Mom always sets those up for me. Could… could you look?”

I was thrown way off by that question.

“What! No!”

Kali placed a hand on my knee. 

“I’m your daughter. Can’t you just do a quick peak? You’ve seen me naked plenty of times.”

“Yeah, when you were like 3 years old.” 

“Daddd,” Kali whined. “Please, what if he gave me something?”

“No way, just get an appointment when you get home. It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to look at you there.”

“Dad! Please! I’m really scared about it!” Kali said nervously while biting her lower lip. “I’ve seen some bumps down there and tried Googling about them.”

I sighed out. Was this normal of daughters to ask? I had been such a shitty dad all my life, maybe this was something normal fathers would do.

“Okay, I’ll take a quick peak.” 

Kali beamed a bright smile at me. “Thanks, Dad!”

She pushed her pants down to her ankles and exposed her smooth legs. She then quickly put her thumbs under her panties and pulled them clean off. I don’t know how I was expecting it to go down, but seeing my daughter naked from the waist down was not what I thought would happen. Her pussy was completely bald and smooth. Her clit was about medium sized and her lips were folded so not much excess was exposed. It was perhaps the perfect pussy and it was right there in front of me but it belonged to my beautiful daughter. Kali leaned back, sticking her hips up and staring at me with big eyes. 

“Are you going to look?” She asked.

“Oh, right!” 

I leaned forward and could smell her sweet scent. I placed my hands on her upper smooth thighs and tilted her pelvis so I could see her sweet pussy closer. She was so exposed to me. Although this was my daughter I was extremely turned on, maybe more than I had ever been. My cock was rock hard at this point. I couldn’t believe my daughter was so exposed to me. Her vagina was smooth and perfect and I didn’t want to stop looking. I slowly rubbed my right hand forward across her thigh until it lay right above her pussy. I glanced up at Kali and could see her chest was rapidly rising and falling causing her perky tits to press against her pink tank top. My thumb trailed over her lips.

“I’m just feeling for anything,” I mumbled.

I really should have ended it there, since her vagina was clearly just fine, but I didn’t know if I’d ever get this chance again to examine my daughter’s perfect pussy up close. I stroked my thumb to her slit and pulled her pussy slightly open to peer inside. She shivered in delight. A wet glob came slowly out of her slit. She was aroused. I looked up at her face and could see her tongue pushed out between her teeth to the side. One skinny arm was behind her head and the other was grabbing her blonde ponytail. The brat was clearly enjoying it. It was all a ploy to get me looking at her little pussy. My thumb rolled up and found her clit. I gave it a soft stroke and heard Kali moan. 

“That feels good, daddy!” She purred. “Do you see anything wrong with it?”

My thumb played her clit again. 

“I dunno. I see some fluids coming out, so I just wanted to check a little more.”

“Okay, daddy.”

My cock was now bursting in my pants. I wanted to pull my pants off and shove my dick into her, but she was my daughter. My teenage daughter. The one I reared and raised. God, she was young, but she was clever and sly, and she had blossomed into such a sexy girl. She was every man’s dream. My index finger now lazily strummed her hardened clit. I began flicking it gently causing her to gasp. My face had somehow gotten closer. Before I knew what I was doing, my tongue reached out and licked her slit. Kali moaned and grabbed my hair. 

“Oh fuck! Daddy, that feels incredible! Don’t stop!” She moaned. 

My tongue began to lap at her smooth pink pussy. My hand traveled up her tight abs, slid under her pink tank top, and reached for a handful of her perky tits. They felt like perfect C cups. My finger and thumb pinched her hard nipple causing her to gasp. Everything was suddenly on limits and I couldn’t stop myself. Everything I had ever subconsciously wanted to do was now on the table. My tongue began to play with her clit and I could feel Kali whither and squirm below me. She tasted sweet and more fluid began to leak out of her and run down my chin. My tongue pushed into folds and drank from her fluids. I lapped at her clit and sucked on it. I kept this up until I felt her shiver and jerk. Her toes curled and her back arched. She patted at my head to make me stop and then just lay there breathing hard. I had successfully gotten my daughter off. 

“You little brat!” I said smiling. “Your pussy is perfectly fine and you knew it. In fact, it’s the most perfect pussy I’ve ever seen.”

“Really! Is it perfect?” She said smiling while she lay there biting her lower lip.

“Yes, you’re perfect, baby!”

I kissed up Kali’s stomach and then sat up. Kali shot forward and pulled my face towards hers. She pursed her lips together and we began to make up. I felt her tongue shoot into my mouth and then dart back. Back and forth our tongues played. I wrapped my hands around her naked butt and leaned back pulling her into a straddle position on me. Her wet and naked pussy leaked onto my pants and left a smear of slime as she ground her pelvis down. I felt her little hands travel to my pants’s button and zipper and she undid my pants. She pulled my pants down my legs and I helped kick them off. Kali smirked with a seductive smile as she brought her face to my crouch. She ran her fingernails along my navel and then slowly began to peel my underwear off.

“Let’s see what’s in here,” she said seductively.

I really should have stopped her. I mean what kind of sick twisted dad lets his daughter see his raging hard cock. But she was also one of the sexiest little minxes I’ve ever seen and I wanted nothing more than to pound her silly. My underwear slowly was pulled over my cock until the big pink head was freed allowing for my cock to bounce up. Kali pulled my underwear off to the floor. Her knees were at my feet and her hands were on my legs. My daughter’s blue eyes were glued onto my massive cock.

“Holy shit, dad! That’s huge!” 

Kali brought her hand to her wet pussy and began to slowly massage her slit. 

“How the fuck is this suppose to get inside my little pussy when I can barely get my finger in there?” She asked as she pushed a finger into her folds. 

My mind reeled at the thought of pushing my cock into her tight teen snatch. 

“Hypothetically speaking, of course,” she said, smirking.

She reached out with her other hand and grabbed my shaft base. She gave my cock a squeeze causing precum to leak out the top. She rubbed her soft fingers over my balls and gave those a squeeze too. 

“This is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!” She said, biting her lower lip and then staring up at me. 

“Why don’t you just start by getting to know it,” I said. “We can think of this as a sex ed class.”

Kali laughed.

“I think I found the penis here,” She said, wiggling my cock. “Should I see what happens when a girl strokes it? Let’s experiment!”

I pulled the back of her head closer to my cock and then taking my dick in my hand I tapped it against her face. My dick was about as long as her head. 

“You said you’ve sucked dick before, so let’s see what you learned in school.”

“I have,” Kali said as she sat up with good posture pressing her tits out. “But I’ve never sucked anything this big! I don’t know if it’ll even fit in my mouth.”

“Should we find out?”

Kali smiled and sniffed at the underside. She opened her full lips and let her pink tongue come out to lap at my shaft. Slowly she licked up the shaft like it was a lollipop until she got to the top. She then opened her mouth and gave my head licks like she was a cat lapping up milk. My cock was throbbing. My hand rubbed her cheek.

“Stick your tongue out,” I demanded. 

Kali’s pink tongue came out. I tapped my cock up and down on it making wet smacking sounds. Then I slowly put the crown in her mouth and said, “Close your lips and suck on it, baby.”

She did. I grabbed the back of her head and slowly pulled her forward. Her lips went wide as they stretched around my cock. Her eyes stared at mine with a little fear and a little excitement. My cock made it to the back of her mouth when I felt her mouth tighten. Her eyes rolled up to the whites. I pulled it back out slowly.

“Good girl! You’re making daddy’s cock feel really good.”

A line of drool ran from my cock to Kali’s lips. She grabbed my cock and licked my balls and my under shaft again. 

“Tongue out!” I demanded and she obeyed.

I spanked her tongue again with my fat cock. Suddenly, I hear my phone ringing. I reached over to check it. It was Susan. Of course! I never called her to tell her Kali wasn’t coming home. 

“Hold on Kali, it’s your mom. We forgot to tell her about your flight.”

I clicked the answer button.

“Hi Susan.”

“Is Kali there?”

“Yes, yes. I totally forgot to call you. She’s here with me and we’re completely snowed in. There are no flights going today and the highway is closed.”

“Why didn’t you call me?” My ex asked on the other end. 

Kali gave a sly smile and then took me back into her mouth slowly sucking on my head while staring down at my cock.

“I ummm, well I meant too,” I said weakly as I watched my cock disappear into my daughter’s mouth. 

My wife was talking but I was finding it hard to follow as I watched my daughter try and take me deeper. A loud sound of wet smacking was filling the background. Kali’s hand was rhythmically squeezing my balls as her other hand rocked back and forth over her clit.

“What’s that sound?” My ex asked.

“Kali’s prepping food.”

“Can I talk to her?”

“Hold on.” I placed a hand over the phone. “Your mom wants to talk. Can you stop for a second?”

“But it’s so naughty, daddy?” Kali whispered. “I can’t believe you’re talking to Mom while I suck you off.” 

She went back to pushing my dick in her mouth. She placed both hands on my crouch and then pushed her head until she gagged and coughed causing spit to fly out on my pubes.

“I think she’s busy.” I said. 

“Just put her on, Dan.”

I put the phone to Kali’s ear. She popped off my cock and began to lick my head. God, I hoped my ex couldn’t put those pieces together.

“What is it, mom?”

“I got your ticket moved to Wednesday. That’s the earliest I could get.”

“Oh, that’s great news!” Kali said smiling as she began to suck on my balls.

“How are you doing? How’s Dan treating you? Is he giving you attention? Or is he spending all his time with his new girlfriend?”

“We’re having a great time,” Kali said, winking at me. “Just some solid father daughter bonding time.” 

Kali squeezed my cock and pushed her head down until she gagged. 

“Well, I’m glad you two are getting along. What is that sound? Are you eating? Can you just put your food down for a second while I’m talking to you”

“But I’m sooo hungry for it!” Kali whined and then bobbed on my dick again.

“Jeez, you need to slow down when you eat and it’s not good manners to talk and eat.”

My hand wrapped around her ponytail and helped her bob faster.

“God, you are a loud smacker! Eat with your mouth closed.”

“Et es cosed,” Kali said around my cock.

I could feel her warm breath travel into my groin as she spoke around my dick.

“Okay sweetheart, clearly this is a bad time. I’ll let you go then.”

“Bah, bah” Kali tried to say with her mouth still full of my cock. 

I hung up and then grabbed the back of Kali’s ponytail. I couldn’t take it anymore. Slobber was running down my cock and my balls were aching. I began to push at a fast steady rate into Kali’s mouth hearing her cough and sputter as she tried to breathe. Kali lifted her hands up on my hips like she was trying to signal for me to slow down. My cock started pulsing.

“Oh, daddy’s almost there, baby!” I moaned. 

Kali brought one hand to my shaft and squeezed and her other hand went to her pussy where she sunk a finger into it. My cock started throbbing in waves. 

“Uhhh, cumming!” I hollered as jets of semen began to splatter Kali’s throat. 

I pushed her head down and felt a pop as my cock pushed deep into her throat. Her throat bulged outwardly as it filled with my huge cock. My cock was smothered by her throat’s tightness and Kali started frantically pounding on my groin to come up for air. Her eyes rolled back and tears poured out. I savored the tight feeling of her choking throat as my cock spasmed uncontrollably. I let her up as my cock kept spewing in her mouth. Kali pulled off my cock and coughed globs of cum and spit all over my cock, pubes and legs. Spit and cum ran down her chin and her eyes were still watering. I squeezed the base of my shaft and pumped the last remnants onto my daughter’s cheeks and then smeared my cock across her lips like she was a towel.

“Jesus, dad! That was a bit too rough!” She said frowning. 

“I’m sorry, baby” I pulled her by her biceps up to me and wiped my cum off her chin. I then began to kiss her deeply. I felt her relax completely in my arms and melt into me.

“That’s okay, That was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever done,” she said. 

Her hand reached down and squeezed my still solid cock causing white globs of semen to ooze out. My left hand reached under her shirt and began to squeeze her young supple breasts. I hooked a finger on the front of her tank top and peered down her shirt to get my first good viewing of my daughter’s perky tits. God, they were perfectly round and supple. 

“That was fucking hot,” I replied. “But we should probably stop there.”

Now that I had cum, the guilt began to set in. What I had just done had crossed every line I thought I had and every line a father should have. I glanced down at my daughter’s still wet bald pussy. Jesus, I want to feel what it’s like in there, I thought. That has to be the tightest looking pussy on the planet. I then glanced up at her face, her chin still glistening with my cum, her hair was off to a funny angle from me grabbing it, and her naked lower half. This was my daughter. My daughter! And I had just cum forcefully down her throat. I had shoved my hard cock down her throat and made her choke on it. I had licked at her teenage pussy like I was eating my favorite food. I could have been caught by answering the phone to my ex while my daughter was blowing me. I had lost myself to carnal pleasure and had failed miserably as a father. I cast my eyes away with guilt. 

“Dad, it’s okay,” Kali said softly. “I wanted this. I’ve wanted this for a while.”

“I’m sorry, Kali. This was a mistake. I should never have gotten carried away.” 


“No, look a father should never have sexual relations with her daughter. It’s wrong on so many levels.”

“I don’t care. I love you and I want you to love me too,” Kali said and reached her hand to my cheek. “I know you’re a sexual being. I am too. I want to bond with you through touch. Why can’t we both make each other feel good?”

“Because, dads and daughters can’t do that.”

“Says who?”


“You just fucked my throat, and you seemed pretty into it.”

“I know. But this can’t lead anywhere good.”

“It just led somewhere wonderful.”

She sat next to me on the couch and placed her head on my chest and hugged me. Here we were, me naked from the lower half with my now deflated dick lazily flopped on its side against my thigh, and Kali also naked from the lower half curled into me. The snow fell softly outside in the window frame. I turned my head and kissed the top of her head. 

“You’re a wonderful daughter. I’m sorry I suck at being a dad,” I said. 

“You don’t suck. You make me feel special,” Kali responded.

I softly removed her embrace and pulled my pants back on. 

“You should get dressed,” I said and then I left the room. 

Our dinner was quiet. Kali could tell I was in pain from the guilt. She tried cheering me up and making me laugh, but I stayed pretty quiet. She also tried to kiss me multiple times on the lips and to sneakily reach around and grab my cock all of which I blocked. She was acting somewhere between an immature girl and a loving partner. The snow was still falling and we were still trapped in the house together. I needed to get her out of here. I needed to control myself. The storm was still raging when I went to bed. 

In the middle of the night I woke to my door opening. I knew it was Kali. She crawled slowly into my bed and found her way under the covers to curl up against me. I should have forced her out, but her warm body against mine felt too good. I flipped her around to spoon her and nuzzled my face against her shoulder.  My arms reached around her and softly stroked her hands. I could feel her butt against my groin and I slowly stiffened. I felt her little butt wiggle in pleasure. 

“Kali, stop,” I whispered. 

“What?” She said innocently. “At least part of you is not down anymore.” 

I chuckled and lightly patted her butt. I couldn’t help myself and squeezed her butt cheek. Slowly I fell back asleep. 


I woke slowly to a strange feeling. I quickly open my eyes and can see a lump of a human body in the sheets. I push the covers up to look down beneath them. Kali smiles mischievously at me. She has pulled my briefs down and is holding my rock hard cock in her hand. Her little fingers wrap around the veiny girth of my cock. She reaches her other hand to my chest and lightly scratches down.

“Kali, stop,” I say firmly. “We’re not doing this anymore.”

Kali smiles at me, bites her tongue between teeth to the side, and then licks my cock head.

“You don’t want me to do this?” She asks as she keeps licking my cock.

She bobs her head to take me down in her mouth. When she comes back up and pops my cock out of her mouth with a smack she asks, “Or that?”

She smiles at me like she had just said the most entertaining thing in the world as she keeps pumping my cock in her hand slowly. I realize that Kali is shirtless and her perfect breasts are slowly wiggling as she moves. She has the cutest little pink nipples and her perky young breasts are the perfect shape. 

“Kali! Come on, stop. We can’t do this,” I say weaker this time. 

I reach down to try and pry her fingers off my cock, but she takes my hand and pulls my fingers into her mouth to suck on them. My cock twitches and precum oozes out of the slit. 

“You’re rock hard. Let me just help you deflate this first,” she says and then begins to suck on my mushroom head to clean the precum off. 

She checks her work before diving further down on my cock. I groan in pleasure and instinctively buck my hips into her face causing my cock to drive further down her mouth. She coughs and sputters.

“Careful there tiger! You don’t want to choke me with this huge cock of yours do you?” She laughs. 

“Actually…” I mumble. 

I am too far gone in desire now to turn back. 

“Okay, but this is the last time. We need to stop doing this.”

“Doing this?” She asks as she sucks on my head.

“Yes, it needs to end,” I say softly as I brush her hair back from her eyes.

“Okay, okay. Let me just help you out first,” Kali says smirking. “And then we’ll stop. No, tight pussy for you. Or deep throating. Although, ponder this last blowjob as a sample of what could come if you let me board with you during college.”

Oh man! Having Kali around to suck my dick would be heaven on Earth. I reach down and squeeze her soft teen breasts and pinch her nipple. Kali smiles at me with bright eyes as she returns to trying to get my cock into her throat. I might have had better blowjobs with those more experienced, but the sheer exuberance and the fact that she is my daughter is driving me wild. 

“I don’t know where you learned this baby, but I’m loving it!”

“I’ve had some practice, but always with you in mind, Daddy,” She says, flapping her eyelashes at me.

I move my hands to grab her head between my hands. I hold her there as I slowly push my cock deeper into her mouth. Her lips go wide, her nostrils flare as she tries to draw breath, and her eyes tear up and roll up as I push my cock deeper yet. Her jaw begins to quiver as she gags causing her throat to constrict around my cock. I hold her still and push yet deeper. Suddenly, panic fills her eyes and she pats my hands. I pull back right as she begins to cough and heave. Spit and precum drool out of her mouth all over my crouch.

“Jesus! Dad I don’t think I can get that all the way down. I’m trying, but your cock is fucking long!” 

“You’re doing such a good job, baby!”

“That’s because I love sucking your cock, daddy!” She sings as she slaps my meaty cock on her wet tongue.

Kali sits up and straddles my hips. She still has her pastel pink underwear on. She leans forward to kiss me. Our tongues dance. I suck on her lower lip. Kali holds my cock and keeps pumping it.

“Do you like it when your daughter’s naughty?”

“You fucking know it!”

My hand reaches down and begins to massage her mound through her underwear.

“Do you like shoving your fat daddy cock into my throat?” she asks as she squeezes my cock and then she starts to grind her panty-clad pussy on my cock.

“Oh god, you drive me wild baby!”

“Mhhh! I love your cock, daddy! I want to feel it in me. I want you!” 

Her hips rock harder against me. Her panties are drenched. 

“Oh fuck! Baby I can’t do that,” I say but my hands are on her hips helping her grind against me.

“Come on daddy. Don’t you want to stick your huge cock into my tiny little tight pussy? You don’t know how tight I am, daddy,” she purrs as she whispers into my ear.

Her perfect perky boobs are rubbing along my chest. I groan and bend forward to suck on her perfect breasts. My hands pull at her hips to rock her harder along my cock.

“That’s it, daddy. Suck on your little girl’s tits.” 

She reaches down and moves her panties to the side so her wet lips can slide against my cock without any fabric in the way. 

“Mhhh! I love your rock hard cock. I love my dad’s sexy dick!”

“Baby, you’re fucking killing me!” 

Her vagina runs over my hard cock and her pussy lips are being pressed open by my meat. My tip caught slightly against her slit and started to press in. She moans and presses down and my cock pops out and runs along her slit again. I need to bury my raging cock in her.

“Come on, Daddy. Fuck me already. Fuck your daughter’s tight little pussy with that huge cock of yours. Make me your bad girl.” 

“Where did you learn to talk like that?”

“I read a lot of erotica, daddy. Mostly daddy/daughter stories.”

I push her back onto her back and begin to kiss down her torso. I kiss her perfect breasts. I kiss her perfect taught stomach. I admire her thin stomach and mildly flaring hips. I kiss her hip bone. I kiss her panty clad soaked pussy. I push the fabric over and kiss her dripping smooth pussy. I slowly pull her underwear off and kiss down her smooth legs until she is completely naked under me. 

“Mhhh! That feels so good. Don’t stop,” my daughter moans.

There she is, my daughter, naked as the day she was born and soaking wet. She withers and wiggles her hips. She squeezes her teenage breasts and purrs at me. She meows like a cat under me. Her silky blonde hair is matted all around her head. She is perfect. She is the perfect sexy little teenage vixen that I am about to take. I am going to take her virginity. Her innocence. Or if she still has any. 

“Daddy! Make love to me!”

My daughter smiles at me as I stand above her with my rock hard cock dripping a line of precum down onto her leg. I push her legs up to spread her cute little pink pussy and tap my fat cock against it. I run my cock along her folds. My cock goes all the way up to her belly button when my balls are at her lips. I savor the vision of my huge cock running along her tiny smooth vagina lips.

“Jeez, daddy! Is that going to fit inside me? I dunno how it’s going to get in?” She asks nervously as she props up on her elbows.

“You were made for this,” I tell her as I begin to press my cock head against her clit.

“Shouldn’t we put a condom on you? Mom won’t let me use birth control.” Kali says.

Fuck! My condoms are too far away right now. I really should get them. I can’t impregnate my teenage daughter. 

“It’ll be fine baby. I’m good at pulling out. I won’t cum in you, sweetheart,” I say stroking her cheek. 

She smiles back at me trustingly, I feel shame but my desire is too high.

“Okay, but promise me you won’t cum in me.”

“I promise, baby.”

I watch as my cock head pushes her pussy lips further open. Juice is running out of her sopping wet pussy and precum is leaking quickly off my cock to add more lubricant. I know I can’t stop now. I’m about to take my only child’s virginity. There will be no turning back from this. I grab my cock and slowly start to press the head into her folds. Kali moans and reaches a hand down to her clit to message it. I stare up at her eyes and watch her face. Her cheeks are flushed. Her eyes are wide and glossy. Her mouth is partly open. 

“Are you sure this is what you want, baby?”

“Yes, pleaseee dad! Please pop my cherry! Take your little girl and make me yours.”

I pull her face to mine and kiss her deeply. I angle my cock down slightly and push the head into her tight vagina.

“Ohhh, daddy! I feel it going in!” Kali moans as my fat mushroom head disappears into her folds. 

Her pussy is getting tighter with every millimeter I go into it. I’m not even an inch in when I have to pull back and try again to help her loosen up. She’s panting now. My cock sinks deeper and I feel a constriction in her tight tunnel. I bring my hand to the back of my daughter’s neck and pull her in for another kiss. When her tongue is in my mouth, I push harder and break through her hymen. Kali gasps into my mouth, our teeth lightly bump together, and her no-longer-virgin pussy clamps hard around my cock. I stop pushing and let her pussy flex around my cock for a few seconds. My cock twitches and my balls tighten. I could cum if I’m not careful. I’m on the line. I can’t believe I just took my daughter’s virginity. I hold my cock in place as I feel her pussy clamping again. I pull back an inch and look down to see a soft red on my dick before I push deeper in. I reach down and stroke Kali’s enlarged clit as I start to work a small rhythm to get my cock deeper.

“Is it all the way in yet?” Kali asks through gasps. 

“Not yet, baby.”

I start sucking on her nipples and press down feeling my cock sink into her tight teenage tunnel. Her pussy is clamping and releasing at a fast rate around my girth. I look down to see her pussy completely full of my cock. I pull back a little and see her pussy lips gripping my cock so hard that I’m pulling her pussy lips out slightly as I pull back. I bury myself further again. My cock head presses hard against her cervix and I hear Kali give a whimper of pain. 

“Oh dad, stop. Stop! I’m so full of your cock right now.”

“I think I just reached the end of the road for now, baby.”

“Ughhh! That’s so hot,” Kali moans as she stares at my cock buried in her pussy. “I can’t believe your cock is all the way inside of me, Dad!”

Looking down, my daughter is holding the back of her skinny thighs to pull her legs up. My cock is buried deep in her but I still have a few inches to go. Her pussy is glistening with sweat and shiny fluids. There is a coating of white froth in a ring around my shaft. I slowly pull my daughter over on top of me until she is straddling me. She’s now on top and her perky breasts are bouncing in my face. My cock pops out from the adjustment and the cool air on my wet dick makes me feel hungry for her pussy’s warm embrace. Her small hands bring my cock back to her wet vagina and she slowly lowers back down on it bouncing up and down slowly to help it go deeper.

“Okay baby, try riding me.”

She begins to slowly grind her hips. Her eyes go wild as she starts picking up the pace. Her pussy is clenching around me. I can see her legs wobble and her chest heaving. Her nose is red and her cheeks are flushed like a little pixy. She starts picking up the pace faster and digs her fingers into my chest. Her legs start to really wobble and she’s moaning really loudly as an orgasm starts to come on. She starts bucking so hard that my cock pops out to both of our dismay. 

“Put it back inside, baby,” I say.

She grabs my dick and sinks back onto it with a moan. I love watching my daughter’s breasts bounce in my face. I grab her butt and start squeezing it. I can’t take it anymore and start bucking hard up into her. She’s letting loud yelps out as my cock bucks deeper into her vagina. Cream is pouring down my cock and my balls are flopping up and tapping into her ass. My cock head keeps poking into her cervix causing her to spasm. Her mouth is open and her tongue is out. Drool is slowly falling out her mouth and her eyes are crossed. Finally she lets out a huge groan and then melts into me like her limbs don’t work anymore. 

“Fuck! That was incredible, daddy!”

I slowly pull my cock out with a loud plop and a gush of her fluid. Her tight pink and slightly red pussy tries to close up. I turn in bed and open a drawer to grab a condom. 

“Can I put it on you, dad?” She asks.

“Sure,” I say and hand her the condom. 

She opens the packet and slowly rolls it delicately onto my cock. 

“Which way do you want to take me?” She asks like the perfect girl that she is.

“Turn around and get on all four,” I growl.

“Ohh, doggy style! I was always curious about this.”

She does as I say and lifts her little butt into the air and arches her back. She turns her head and smiles at me with a bratty little sparkle in her eyes. She wiggles her perfect ass at me. 

“Come and get it!” She says.

Her pussy and little butthole clench and unclench. I come in from behind and tap my fat cock on her ass. I spank her ass softly at first and then harder. She gasps with the sting of the spank. For a moment I ponder if I should get some lube and convince her to let me take her anal virginity as well. My thumb rubs her pucker asshole causing her to gasp and roll her hips.  I squeeze and lightly spank her ass causing her to purr and wiggle her rear end. I push my cock back and forth and then finally angle it at her wet pussy. I slowly push in. The sensation is now dulled with this god forsaken condom, but I can’t take any chance with her. We are snowed in and plan B is a million miles away. 

I grab her hips and slowly begin to fuck my daughter’s pussy. She groans and plops her arms down to allow her ass to be at an ever sharper angle. I spank her butt again and watch it jiggle. I began to work into a rhythm. I start bucking hard into her causing her body to press deeply into the bed. I’m holding her hips in place and even slightly pulling her deeper onto my cock as I thrust harder into her. My thumb strokes her slit to gather our fluid and runs back over her asshole. I rub it in circles and then slowly push my thumb into her butthole.

“OHHH!” She moans in surprise with a weird choked voice.

I’m squeezing her ass and thumbing her butthole as I continue my assault on her backside. My cock is flying into her little pussy.

“God damn, you’re perfect Kali. The prefect little fucking daughter!”

“Oh daddy! Yes, fuck me harder!”

“Your pussy is so tight, baby!”

“You like my little teenage pussy around your cock, daddy!”

“God yes! It’s perfect!”

“Ohhh, yes, fucking stick your cock deeper into me, daddy!”

I begin to pound harder into her.

“YES! DADDDDDY!” She screams.

Suddenly my cock feels better. I can feel the smoothness of her pussy better. I can feel her pussy clenching around my cock. My hands rub along her small torso and hook around her waist. I reach around and squeeze her flapping breasts as I pound my huge dick into her little pussy.


I can feel her pussy starting to spasm around my cock again. I feel my balls start to tighten. I’m going to cum soon, thank god for the condom. 

“That’s it baby,” I groan as I keep bucking my dick deeper into her.

I love watching her pussy lips suction around my fat cock. I put my hand around her neck and pull her head up. I stick my other hand on her face and hook a finger into her mouth as I continue to pound into her little pussy. Suddenly my balls tighten more and I feel my dick start to spasm into my little girl’s cunt. I can feel the semen inflate my cock further as it splatters out.



I feel Kali’s pussy start quivering in an orgasm as my hot liquid pours into her.


I drop my hold around her neck and face causing her to fall back to the bed. I look down and see white semen oozing out around me cock. I realize then that the condom is in tatters around my cock and I’m just openly cumming in my unprotected daughter’s fertile womb. I’m still pumping my cock into her at this point. I quickly pull my dick out. A few extra sprays of cum shoot out of my cock onto Kali’s vagina and her puckering asshole. My cock is still twitching and dribbling cum out. A glob of white cum oozes out of Kali’s vagina and runs down her leg. My cock is coated in fluid. Kali rolls onto her back. She is moaning and withering. Her hands reach down and her fingers push into her pussy. She pulls a finger back out and it’s covered in cum.

“Dad, you just came in me!” Kali says shocked. “You weren’t supposed to cum in me!”

“I know. The condom broke. I’m sorry baby.”

“Dad! Dad? I’m ovulating right now.” Kali says in a whimper. 

“Oh jeez! Fuck.”

My cock is soft now and I look down at my mess. My teenage daughter is naked under me. Her hair is a mess, her nose is red and her cheeks are flushed from her orgasms. Her breasts and nipples are red from me squeezing them. Her vagina is slightly swollen and red from losing her virginity and being fucked hard from her father. Cum, my cum, the cum that made my daughter, is splattering all over her vagina and inside of her thighs. Semen is still dribbling out of my little girl’s pussy that is still trying to close up from being so stretched out. Her asshole is a little red from being vandalized.

“We need to get you plan B!”

“Dad, it’s a fucking storm out there and you live like 10 miles from a store!”

I sit down on the bed next to my daughter. 

“Fuck! I’m so sorry, Kali! We seriously fucked up.”

A few minutes go by. Kali looks scared but her hand pats my leg. 

“Maybe this was meant to be,” she says.

“Baby, I’m sorry.”

“No, dad, it’s alright. You put on a condom. You did the right thing.”

“I did the right thing by cumming in my daughter? I totally fucked up.”

“Dad! Maybe this is what was meant to happen with us,” She says dreamily and then nuzzles her head into my neck. 

We lay there naked for a few minutes. I don’t know what I’m going to do. But as we lie there longer my dick starts to harden again. 


Later in the day after we have showered and eaten breakfast I find Kali in the living room. She’s dreamily writing in her journal and listening to music on her headphones. She’s wearing her long knee high socks and a white tank top and panties that hug her ass nicely. I come behind her and spank her butt softly. 

“You’re not writing about us are you?”

“Yes, but in code. Don’t worry, Dad. Mom won’t know it.”

“Okay,” I say a bit nervously.

“Was I better?”


“Then mom?”

“Oh. Baby you are the hand down hottest piece of ass I’ve ever been with.”

Kali rolls over and then presses her lips into mine. We’ve been kissing for what seems eternity. 

“Dad, what are we going to do if I’m pregnant?”

“I don’t know.”

“Part of me hopes I am. I’m scared, but I also want to have your child.”

Holy fuck! She’s mad! I need to get her on plan B! But then Kali is taking her shirt off and her teenage breasts slightly wiggle side to side. I find myself kissing them and sucking on her perfect nipples. Slowly my pants come off and Kali is naked and rubbing her cunt against my hard cock. Before I know what’s really happening my dick is slowly entering my teenage girl’s tight pussy again for a second time that day. 

“Make love with me again, daddy! Let’s fuck like bunnies until I need to leave,” Kali moans.

I push Kali on her side and press my cock into her tunnel as I finger her clit. My right hand is wrapped under her as I fuck her slowly on her side. She’s moaning and bucking as I sink my fat cock deeper into her. 

“Oh, daddy, you feel so food inside of me!”

I continue slowly making love to my daughter before flipping her on her stomach with her legs off the couch. Her ass is in the air and it’s so perfect. I kneed her ass cheeks and spank her softly. 

“Oh, fuck, your ass is perfect. Good I want to fuck your little asshole,” I say out loud.

“Really? What’s it feel like?”

“Some women really like it, others don’t.”

“I guess we could try if that’s what you want,” Kali says sweetly to me. 

She’s at this phase where she wants to please me no matter what. I should really learn to walk away from things that are crossing her boundaries but I’m too horney. When given the chance to fuck my daughter’s cute little ass I can’t turn back.

“I’ll be right back,” I say and then run to grab some lube.

When I get back, my daughter still has her ass in the air and is trying to pleasure herself with her hand. I kiss her ass cheeks and then squirt some lube onto her asshole. She shivers and jolts from the cold lube.

“Oh, that feels funny.”

I begin to rub my thumb slowly around her butthole. 

“Just relax, baby. Daddy’s going to take care of you.”

I slowly push my thumb into her asshole and watch my fingernail disappear. Kali stiffens her back muscles but otherwise seems fine. I rub my other hand over her inner thighs as I slowly finger her butt. When I get my thumb all the way into her ass and work it in and out with lube, Kali is breathing hard. 

“It feels funny, but I think I kind of like it.”

I keep fingering her for a bit as I finger her clit. I pull my thumb out and tap my cock on her ass. 

“Okay, daddy’s going to try fucking that beautiful ass of yours.”

I lube up my dick and slowly press my head into her puckered hole. Kali gasps.

“Slowly! Slowly!”

I start rubbing her clit as I withdraw my cock and then again push it back into my daughter’s asshole. For a few moments I think her sphincter is going to stubbornly remain taught but then it dilates enough for my dick to slowly push through. My mushroom head disappears and her sphincter tightens heavenly around my cock. Kali is breathing hard. I pull her ass cheeks open further and then I spread her thighs wider. 

“You’re doing great, baby! You’re ass is so fucking hot!”

Kali gives me a half smile, but then I push my cock deeper into her asshole. She closes her eyes and pants. I keep up a slow and steady push feeling my dick be smothered by her teenage bowels. 

“Slowly, please!” Kali whimpers as she starts fingering her clit with her middle finger furiously.

I pull back a little and then push it forward again. I’m in heaven watching my cock disappear into her sexy asshole. My cock slowly bottoms out into my daughter’s rectum. My balls slap against her pussy. 

“Ughhh!” Kali moans. “I’m so full. Your cock feels like it’s in my stomach.”

I pour some more lube onto her asshole and I slowly pull my cock back and then push again. I start to work into a small rhythm. Watching my daughter’s asshole being filled up with my huge cock is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I start to get carried away and start to press harder into her ass. She’s panting and her breasts are flapping into the couch. 

“Are you close?” Kali whines.

“Almost there.”

I can’t handle myself. I spank her ass hard and save another delicious push of my cock into her vice-like ass’s grip. And I thought her teen pussy was tight.

“Please, cum already. You can come in my ass, Dad.”

“Ughh,” I groan.

“Just come in your daughter’s ass already!”

My balls are flopping with smacks against her clit and wet pussy. I feel my balls tighten. 

“Daddy’s almost there!”


I’m bucking like a madman into my daughter’s ass. Her cheeks are red.

“I can finish you with my mouth?” My daughter suggests while panting. 

But I don’t want her mouth. I want her ass. I squeeze her ass cheeks and feel my cock start to twitch. Semen begins to boil up in a hot molten wave but her tight sphincter acts like a cock ring and holds it back. I push my dick all the ways to its roots and I start pouring my cum into her ass.

“UGHHH! I can feel it inside me. That’s it, Daddy! Fill your little girl’s ass up!” Kali coaxes me on.

I buck two more times and then slowly pull my cock out. Her tiny teen butthole pushes my member out with a glob of white cum after it. She gently pushes more cum out of her ass before her puckering hole closes back up. 

“That was so fucking hot!” I say.

Kali smiles and kisses me. She’s needy and clearly wants love or at least to make sure I love her and am not just using her for her body. She straddles me and cleans my dick off with tissues nearby. Although I just came my dick is still hard and I don’t think Kali got much satisfaction from the anal. She slowly lowers herself onto my manhood. 

“Now it’s my turn,” She says. 

She’s rubbing her clit and bucking herself onto my cock. Her breasts are in my mouth and my hands are around her squeezing her ass. Kali starts bouncing up and down on my cock as she continues to kiss me. 

“Do you love me, Dad?”

“I love you more than anything, baby!”

“Will we be able to keep doing this?” She asks as she slowly grinds her pussy into me.

“I can’t stop if I wanted to,” I say as I kiss her neck.

“Will you still love me if I’m pregnant?” Kali’s rocking her hips faster.

The thought of impregnating my daughter is so vile and so naughty that I feel my balls start to tighten. 


“Will you be with me if we have a child?” She asks as she presses my face into her perfect tits. 

“Yes! God yes!” 

My balls are tightening.

“Ughhh! I’m about to cum, daddy. Keep going!”

I can feel her tight vagina clamping and vibrating on my cock. It’s causing a tremendous amount of pleasure to my cock, but I’m also about to cum. 

“Kali, you need to get off!”

“No, just a little longer,” Kali says as she pushes me back down.

“Baby, I’m about to cum! You need to get off!”

“Just fucking cum in me! You already did it earlier.”


“I want to feel your cum in me, dad! JUST CUM IN MY LITTLE PUSSY!” She screams in ecstasy.

Her eyes are closed. Her legs are trembling. She arches her back and presses her breast out into my face as an orgasm rocks her. At the same time, my cock starts firing. Cum is shooting deep into my daughter’s womb. My cock is still pounding up and down into her as semen is splashing out. I give up trying to get her off my cock and just sink deeper into the pleasure of my orgasm.


God, my daughter can talk dirty and it’s causing me only more joy as I keep spraying her womb with my fertile seed. 

I hear a door open and I turn to look at the door that opens to the outside. Sierra is standing there in the frame. My naked teenage daughter is on top of me still jerking in her orgasm. My hands on her thighs and I’m still bucking hard into her teen pussy filling it with my cum.

“What the fuck is happening here?” Sierra demands to know.

Kali stares up at Sierra with a look of astonishment. I quickly push Kali off of me and my still rock hard cock pops out her tight pussy with a bunch of jizz falling out. My daughter is on her back now with a swollen red pussy open and cum oozing out. She’s panting and trembling from her orgasm.


“You’re fucking your teenage daughter?”

I look back at my naked daughter. God, she looks so young in this moment. And then I glance back at Sierra who is twenty-eight and also much younger than me. 

“Things got carried away with the storm,” I say weakly. 

“Whatever… This is seriously fucked up. I guess she’s old enough to be legal, but barely. She’s your daughter! What kind of sick fuck are you?”

“I don’t know,” I mumble. 

“You came in her, too!? I can see semen oozing out of her like she’s Niagara Falls!”

“I’m sorry.”

Sierra is standing there shaking her head.

“Did you want to join us?” I ask.

“Wow! Even for you that’s low.”

Sierra slabs the door and I hear her get in the car and drive away.

“I guess the storm is over,” Kali says with a smart-ass tone. 

The storm really has just begun. We lie there naked, father and daughter, in our cardinal sin.

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