Mom & daughter with a neighbourhood guy

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Hello readers ,
Bina Mishra have great passion for sex but not with my hubby only, I loves to change the taste as well as guys or person . I have never looked after smartness or look of a guy or men but their tool are important ,a long thick as well as hard penis which have enough capability to spend longer time inside my glory hole is the best for me . I am living a happy married life in Gwalior with my hubby Anish as my hot min Julie came here to spend some nice time with me . In the neighbourhood a young guy of 21 years, PRATIK is my bed partner and he always make me satisfy on bed .
One morning my hubby left for his office as I am in balcony with a cup of coffee and my mom is in dinning hall watching t.v . I can hear my mom speaking on mobile phone ,after a while ,she came with my mobile to me and give it to me ,looking at the mobile screen ,I can see name of DIVYA ,as it’s the code word for Pratik ………..”hello
(Pratik) hi sweet heart how are you ?
(Bina) I am fine ,will talk to you later.” And my hot mom Julie looking at me ,smiled……” Bina ,who is Divya ? A male voice to whom I talked
(Bina ) mom he is Pratik ,teaches me computer in weekend
(Mom ) oh Bina ,call him I want some computer classes with you .” And I clarified my mom about our extra martial relation.after an hour I called back to Pratik as our plan for today is going to be executed in a day light. My hot mom Julie moved towards washroom for a nice bath as I entered inside my washroom with my clothes as well as hair remover .my arm pits have little hairs as my vagina is well covered with hairs ,I started shaving my vagina as well as arm pits and lastly took a nice bath .we both are ready as I am in my modern outfit with a sexy gawn upto my knee length as it’s deep necked ,my clevage can be seen easily . I walked towards my mom’s room as she is wearing traditional outfit ,a light green saree with sleeveless ,backlash and deep necked blouse and looking like a hot and wild lady.
It’s 11:35 am as door bell started ringing and I walked towards door to open it ,Pratik is there with smile on face and have a small bag on his hand . He is looking smart in his black denim jeans as well as light blue shirt ,I introduced him with my mom…….” Pratik ,she is my mom Julie and mom, he is my friend Pratik. ” As Pratik moved his arms towards my mom to shake hand ,my hot mom took him in his arms and put a kiss on his face and he kissed his face as his hand is on her soft I walked away to give them free times to seduce each other ,I am behind the curtain of my room. I can see my mom holding his hand as they are in closest position,in a sudden I can see my hot mom sitting on pratik’s lap with her legs wide spread as her hand is on his neck and she is pressing her breasts on his chest as her back is infront of me . I can see her backlash blouse strings on her back ,but what are they doing ?not easy to I walked to them as I can see my hot mom’s tongue in his mouth,he is sucking it as her saree is down from her breasts I sits near them and looking at them ,I put my hand on my mom’s back and opened the strings.pratik took out her tongue as my mom is on sofa ,she is unbuttoning his shirt as I started removing his jeans but Pratik have put his hand on my breast to press it hard.we both hot mom as well as daughter have made Pratik nude ,his long semi erected penis is in my mom’s hand as I am kissing him.
Julie a wild lady stands infront of us and started removing her clothes fastly,but Pratik is busy in making love with me. He is sucking my lips as his hand is on my back and now I am on his lap like a kid with my hands on his shoulders . Pratik started lifting my tops and lastly removed it but we both are kissing each other as my breasts are on his chest ,he took my tongue in his mouth to suck . He is sucking my tongue as I am pressing my boobs hard on his chest as I can feel pratik’s hand on my waist ,he is looking the hook of it and I took out my tongue from his mouth and stand in front of him.oh no ,my hot mom is complete nude sitting on sofa and Pratik started pressing her breasts as I removed my brassiere and skirts with G string to make we three are nude as I sits on the ground on his legs and started kissing his long hard penis ,his soft glans is moving on my face and lips ,while Pratik have put my mom’s breast in his mouth to suck .looking at Pratik ,I took

his dick in my mouth to suck as my head is still and after some time ,I started sucking it hard with my mouth moving up and down ,I can hear my mom’s scream…….”oohhhhh Pratik aaahhh don’t finger my vagina fuck it.” I can see Pratik sucking my mom’s breast as his two long fingers is inside her vagina and I took out his long hard cock and started licking it with my tongue but moved towards washroom for a while.coming back ,I can see my mom sucking his long hard dick with her face in fast movement as Pratik is screaming in joy……”oohhhhh my hot bitch suck my penis hard.” And my hot mom is going hard on his dick for a Pratik moved to washroom as we both mom and daughter moved to bedroom.after a while Pratik came back ,now my hot mom is lying on bed with her legs wide spread and I put a pillow under my mom’s sexy ass. Now I am on my knees and elbows ,put my face on her vagina as my lips is kissing it ,I can feel pratik’s tongue in my cunt ,he is licking my cunt fastly with his long tongue .Julie have opened her vaginal mouth as I pushed my tongue inside it and started fucking my mom’s cunt ,she is screaming…… “Oohhhhh my hot daughter,aahh I need some good fuck .” As I felt hard cock in my cunt ,Pratik pounded his 8-9 inches long 2-3 inches thick cock in my vagina ,he is fucking me with speed as well as power and I am screaming……”oohhhhh Pratik your cock is too hard ,fuck me fast .” As I am swinging my ass fast .my hot mom left the bed and my cunt poured cum after a while.
Pratik is now waiting for my hot mom to come ,she came on bed and slept as Pratik is sitting in between her strong thighs ,hold his cock and pushed into her cunt and started fucking it but looking at him ,I can feel his cock going fast inside her cunt and he is hitting her vaginal wall later on Pratik slept on my mom’s body as he is fucking her in great speed and my hot mom started moving her ass up and shouted….. “Oohhhhh Pratik I will cum soon fuck me hard.” And after a while her pussy become wet and Pratik is licking her cunt with his tongue to taste the cum .my mom left us as Pratik is sitting on bed and I sits on his long dick with my legs stretched ,my hand is on his shoulder as he have hold my waist tightly ,slowly I pushed his long cock in my vagina and now started jumping on his hard cock . I am enjoying the fuck as my boobs are brushing on his chest and he is kissing my face to neck my wet pussy become dry and now Pratik have kept my ass in air as he is fucking me from below ,after a nice fuck ,he shouted…..”oohhhhh my dirty bitch have my cum inside your vagina.” And I got the cum in my cunt as I left his lap ,my mom took his penis in her mouth and sucked it to taste the cum .

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