Dating Site gave me fuck buddy (True stories)

Hi Friends.

I would like to share my real experience with you. This is my first story so kindly excuse for any mistakes.

Let me introduce Myself Suresh from Hyderabad with 6.5 inches tool & good looking working professional. Miss. Malathi was actresses of this story.

She is from machilipatnam (Bandar). I have a dream to have sex with aunties & girls a lot but due to my shy nature i cannot approach them. So i thought to take premium account in a dating site (Quack Quack) to try my luck there i met my darling Malathi.

We used to chat daily for 1 week in on line after that she shared her contact details when she feels comfort with me and started sexting in whatsapp and shared our nude pics without face. But she has awesome boobs seems to i can’t hold with single hand. She told not to share face pics because will have thrill feeling when we met each other. I forget to say that she is working in Chennai and came to home for vacation. Now she is asking me to come Vijayawada to accompany her to Chennai. So i agreed and went to Vijayawada.

I reached vijayawada bus stand and waiting for her. Then i got a msgs

Malathi: Where r U?

Me: Platform no – ***. What is your dress code? (I am Looking around the platform and starving at girls who is that girl to make my dreams come true)

Malathi : Yellow Top

Me: I am in black shirt with blue Jean.

Then i have seen a 5.6 feet hot chick coming towards me by waving her hands with yellow sleeveless top. She has right portion of flush at right place to make her figure sexy. I feel proud my self to have such kind of figure. i had immediate hard in side of my jeans. I can’t take off my eyes from her. She noticed and pinched on my chest and said stop looking like that it is making me comfort. We board the Chennai bus and settled in our seats.

Malathi: Why r U starving like that?

Me: every part of your body makes me crazy. Not allowing me to take off my eyes from there.

Malathi: not only eyes i noticed some other thing as well.

Me: it’s because of you so need to do something to control it.

She kept her hand on my hard on above the Jean and pressed it hard. Wow what a feeling it is. i started to feel her boobs above her dress. But due to public i can’t satisfy my self. So i asked her to get down at Nellore (I am working in Nellore) and promised her will drop her to Chennai. So she agreed and we got down at Nellore at Morning 4 AM.

I took my Pulser bike and started towards chennai. It is morning 4 AM so climate seems to be cool and dark. Then i took bike into shortcut road to have privacy. She got that point and hugged me tightly from behind. i feel very hungry by her touch. Then she put her hands on my dick and opened my Jean buttons and took out my dick. Due to hardness from very long time my dick already drenched with pre cum. She took into her hand and whispered at my ear it is big and huge. She started stroking slowly from behind while i am driving. Due to darkness and shortcut road we don’t feel any disturbance along the road. i was enjoying that with driving and stopped at a paddy fields which is filled thick bushes.

We started kissing each others like wild animals and fighting with our tongues. I was pressing her boobs while kissing her and pinching her nipples. She moons with pain and says do it slowly. i took off her top and lower. Wow in the early morning light she looks goddess in bra and panty. i feel blessed by god to have this sexy goddess. i started sucking her boobs like baby and rubbing her pussy over her panty. She is mooning with pleasure. i took off her panty and inserted one finger into her wet pussy. She is shivered with pleasure. i asked her to do blow job initially she denied after that she took my dick to her mouth. Wow this is my first time to have blow job. When the tip of her tongue touches my dick i was shivering and that hot feeling of mouth makes me cum in her mouth within no time. She split out and asked how it’s feel? Then i said i will show you.

I make her sit on edge of the bike seat and started licking her Pussy with tip of my tongue and biting her pussy lips with my lips. She made heavy sounds and pressed my head hardly in between her legs. I can’t breath properly that much of force she used to push me and suddenly she released cum from her pussy that make me free from her force. She took me up and kissed all over my body. Then i make her to sleep on the paddy field by spreading her legs. i took condom from my bike pocket and placed it over my dick and inserted into her pussy. It feels soo tight and she is asking to insert slowly. i started stroking slowly and increased the speed. She too gives reverse strokes. After that we tried Doggy style and cummed together then after we dressed up around 5:30 AM peoples are making noise in that way. So we started from there and drooped her in chennai.

Still, we are waiting for next session.

Aunties & Girls can contact me for Sexting and sharing of feelings. At [email protected].


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