Mom is my new girlfriend Part-2

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This is Varun again continuing the story. My mom already become my half girlfriend. Her cock sucking skills are greater than my girlfriend. The only thing left in my mind is her satisfaction as a reward to her lovely care.

Mom is my new girlfriend Part-1

My cock got a fantastic heat therapy by her mouth. It is now all set to fuck a pussy whichever is ready. The only hole around me at that time belongs to Vani and I prefer that to enter.

I interrupted her immense blowjob to confess my thoughts.
“Mom… love you Mom…it’s enough..”

“Are you okay now?” although it was just a question her intention is to suck more, it is clearly seen in her eyes.

“Feeling better mom… It is well prepared to go deep now..” I said with a laugh.

“You naughty idiot.. sleep peacefully…” she teased me and get up from the position.

I was now out of fear and immediately hold her hand to ask ” Mom… I need you Mom…I need you more..” I pulled her towards me and kissed her on lips.

She tried to get out me for couple of minutes but completely surrendered when my lips start sucking her juicy lips like a strawberry fruit. My arms widened and hugged her tightly. As you know her milky boobies sandwiched between our bony chests. The romantic scene goes endless for several minutes.

The kisses now transferred to her other parts like chin,eyes and bare neck. I lost my control and became a mad. But somehow she was able to resist herself from the lust heat.

“No son…. are you aware of what you are doing?” she warned me with a rised voice.

“Yes mom… you feel better than my girlfriend and I am more comfortable with you…so I wanted you badly this time.”

” You gone mad.. don’t touch me now.. take a sleep.. if you want I will call your girlfriend here tomorrow..” she told some words to convince me.

“No mom… it’s not a matter of my girlfriend.. my mind loves you and my body needs you now..” I tried to tell the truth.

“How dare you to talk like this?” she was scolding me with a fake anger. Her eyes on my cock and dripping water from mouth told me about the lust she is having towards me.

“Are you really want me to stay away..?” I tried to takle her mind.

“Yes I am your mother and you are my son” she was telling this in the vibrating voice.

“Come on mom.. throw all those things.. I know your love towards me..” I never waste much time in discussion and put my hands on her boobs and squeezed them hard.

“ohh..” she enjoyed my actions by keeping all her thoughts away.

“I want to feed on this..” I asked pointing her milk moulds. My humble request made her heart to melt. Her one hand came to carase my head and the other automatically goes and open the remaining hooks.

My mom’s milky white mangoes came out. I was happy to see her dark, hard nipples still looking young in her 40s. I bent forward like an hungry baby to feed on her. She herself supported the base of her mommy and feed me as a little kid.

Wow… this is an heavenly moment to take those salty nipples in the mouth. I tried a lot to extract milk from those dry boobs.The hard suckling makes mom horny and to produce loud moans, hmm… haaa..uff….hmmm…no… are some of her words by the time.

Her actions show me that she has already gone out of control. So I decided to take her to the heaven.

I slowly lift her gown up and for my surprise she is nude inside. I too become naked in no time so that we can enjoy a lot together.

My concentration goes on her soft hip and deep navel. I circled her bellybutton with the toung and tickled around the smoothy hip. In less time I finally reached her door of heaven.

The bulged lips covered with a little bush is shining due to leaked wetness. The smell of which is so frangrant that my lips straightway started to suck them in.

As the taste of the nectar gave a thriving energy to my suckling my boneless tounge reached more and more deeper of her vaginal canal. More I vibrate more she released the juices and more I got the thing to suck.

She was twirling in bed only saying “ohhh…….god….go in… go in my dear…I am lucky…umm…I am lucky….”

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