My sweet mil – Seduced By Mother In Law

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Seduced By Mother In Law – My sweet mil

Rekha is my beautiful wife and her mother Leena is beautiful too. This story is about how my mother in law seduced me to have sex with her. We were visiting her house shortly after our marriage.Rekha was busy with her female friends once she got there.I was getting bored until my mother in law Leena entered the room. She was a gorgeous lady with decent boobs and a very luring ass. I have always fantasised about her from the day I have seen her.Her age is 44 but still looks like 35.She was wearing a black saree , which was almost transparent to see her navel. She was also wearing a low cut blouse , which I was amazed to see. How could she wear such sort of things in front of her son in law!! The golden sleek chain on her neck gave her a sensuous appeal.

“Prakash, you must be feeling bored !” ( She likes to call me by my name ) , she asked me with a charming smile. Forcefully removing my eyes from the impression of cleavage that was created by the sexy blouse, I said ” Yup , a little . But don’t you worry, it’s OK “.
“No! NO! , How can it be OK !. You are in my house , it’s my duty to attend to your pleasure”,
“Rekha has not seen her friends for a while , so I thought of giving you company for a while. Would you feel disturbed in presence of an old woman ? “, she asked me laughingly.
“What are you saying !! Don’t dare you call yourself old, you are so beautiful!!”,I said to Leena touching her hand. ” Thank you Prakash , but am I as beautiful as my daughter Rekha , your loving wife ? ” , Leena asked this pressing my hand. “Off course , infact…”, I stopped saying anything. ” Infact what Prakash , please don’t hide anything from me baby “, Leena continued pressing my hand. I was shocked by the use of the word “baby” but I could not stop my flowing at that moment and I blurted out ” To me , you are more beautiful than Rekha “.

Hearing these words Leena became more emotional and embraced me tightly saying “Oh, my baby! No one has praised me , since a long time. Thank you very much baby”, she kept hugging me. I was out of control , my feelings started gushing out from my mouth. “You know Leena ,” (Please note , Leena persuaded me to call her by name , her explanation, it makes her feel young ) , I continued ” I have many feelings for you , I have dreamt of you , in my fantasies you are my queen , and …” , I stopped for a moment. “Don’t stop baby , please don’t hide anything”, she pleaded, pressing herself more tightly against me. I gasped and finally said ” In my dreams , we make love all day , we caress each other all the time ”

“Oh , my sweetheart, my baby “, Leena was rubbing her hands against my back ” Why did you hid your feelings from me , baby!”. I could feel Leena was kissing my cheeks deeply, and then , she kissed my lips. I responded also , in emotion , pressing deeply my lips against hers. Soon our tongues were exploring the insides of one another’s mouth , tasting each other , teasing each other. I broke the kiss almost strongly when Leena pressed her one hand on top of my trousers, feeling my cock. “Leena , ” I said ” We shouldn’t do this , I have a wife and she is your daughter. ” Leena pleaded “Please baby , just for one time , I can’t control myself. I need to release my sexual tension. Please satisfy my thirst with your manhood”,she was constantly pressing my penis from above my trousers. Seeing me hesitating, she started kissing my body saying ” Rekha will never find out , what has happened between us. I promise you, she will never know, I just want you to satisfy the lust your mother-in-law’s vagina with your rod.”

Saying this , she started removing my shirt and then my trousers. I was completely naked infront of a heavenly beauty.Leena made me lie on the bed and then stood up and undressed completely. There she was , a lusty mature babe standing by the edge of my bed , assuring to fulfill all my fantasies.She sat beside me and said “Prakash , before we engage into this sinful act, you should firt drink from your mother-in-law’s bosom. This should give you the strength and lust to continue the sin of sexual pleasure, the sin of cheating.She lowered her luscious tits to my mouth and her hands started caressing my dick. I was already hard from her words , without saying anything I gladly took her tits in my mouth and started sucking them.Caressing my manhood with one hand and holding me with another hand, she was saying “Rekha can never satisfy your lust which I will , I am your sex-goddess and you must satisfy my carnal desires. You must satisfy the hunger of my body”

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