My chithi tamil selvi part -2

Hello readers I’m surya from Bangalore age 21. I hope you’re enjoying my story, and this story is continuous of the previous part of My chithi tamil selvi part -1

As you people know my details we can start the story.

After my chithi kept her hand on my erect dick.

I was shocked for a while,but it felt so good when her hands were touching my hard dick
And she was rubbing so much better than me i felt it was a dream for a second, I was sucking her nipples and drinking her milk.

Chithi: surya your dick is better and bigger than chithappa’s.
Me: doesn’t tell lies, with shyness.
Chithi: no da surya it’s really good and beautiful size.
Me: thanks chithi, you like this ah chithi.
Chithi: mmm, nalla iruka da (nice)
Me: thanks chithi, your mulai(boobs) is also big and beautiful, chithi in between your boobs thali (mangalsutra) looks so sexy chithi,  can i touch and feel that chithi.
Chithi: thanks da, what is there in thali da, okay do.

I started to touch her thali and feel that. Something was so nice to see in between her boobs.

Chithi: okay va, felt good ah da
Me: yes chithi,it was so good, chithi can i smell you akkul(armpit).
Chithi: dei, what is there in akkul to smell and i didn’t get a bath today.
Me: chithi really, then it will be a good original smell of your sweat body chithi.
Chithi: dei, your becoming more naughty da, are you watching all these porn videos ah
Me: no chithi,
Chithi: dei,I know tell
Me: yes chithi, sorry
Chithi: ohh super, chithappa know this ahh.
Me: ayo no no chithi, he doesn’t know please don’t tell him.
Chithi: smiled, okay I’ll not tell da.
Me: thanks chithi.
Chithi: okay, come smell my akkul
Me: mmmmmmmmm, chithi ahhh your smell is so nice it’s like drugs chithi wow what a smell. I tried to lick her armpit.
Chithi: dei, what are you doing.
Me: Chithi smell was very nice so i want to lick that chithi can i.
Chithi: mm okay.

I was licking her armpit and it was sweating off her body and tasty while having completely wet her armpit. She was laughing while I was licking her.

Me: chithi, it was super chithi thanks for allowing this.
Chithi: it’s okay, it was nice too, dei now video iruka
Me: smiled, chithi why?
Chithi: dei we will see that I was missing this all long time.
Me: okay chithi, wait I’ll bring earbuds we will watch.

I took the earbuds and went to near soft sat and connected the buds and I had one give her one and I played Natasha nice video. Video started playing we both talked about her boobs

We both got horny and she started to press her boobs and try her hands to get her pussy, I was slowly rubbing my dick chithi removed her peticoat and her jaddi, she threw her jaddi next to me i took that without knowing her. I played the next video
She was about to masturbate herself, she touched her pussy and rubbed self.
I was sniffing her jaddi(panies) and rubbing myself. She sawed me and asked

Chithi: surya, is my jaddi(panies) ah
Me: chithi yes sorry I was horny I took it.
Chithi: it’s okay da, how is the smell.
Me: chithi it has an amazing and beautiful smell.
Chithi: have you ever had sex with anyone, have touch pussy and boobs ah
Me: ayo chithi I’m a virgin, i just watch videos
Chithi: oh nice. Wanna see my pundai (pussy)
Me: chithi if your okay means show please.

She widely spread her legs and told me to kneel and see, she has a little hair bush and and she opened her pussy and it was so pink in color I really had to see and I had the feeling of touching her

Chithi: how is my pussy da
Me: chithi beautiful I have never seen a real pussy, wow
Chithi: come sit next to me.
I sat and she told me we will masterbate while watching video.

I was rubbing my dick and she was rubbing her pussy, suddenly she kept hand on my dick and stroked. She told me will you rub my pussy surya. I slowly kept my hand on her pussy and rubbed. I spit some of my Saliva in my hand and rubbed her clit. She was happy and got more horny and told me to put my finger inside her pussy. I was fingering her and made her cum and she made me cum and she licked my cum and I tasted her cum.
She got a phone call from her husband that he will come within hours

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