Mom is my new girlfriend Part-1

Hello readers,Myself Varun from a tiny city of southern India. I am 24 now and the incident I am going to tell you happened nearly a year ago.This incident changed my life a lot because of the transformation in relationship. Yes,I started a new relationship with my own mom Vani a 45 year old family lady.

Let me come to the story, It was a sunny morning as usual and I gone with Dad for our business works. The fate on that day was not with us and hence we met with an accident.Dad was severely injured and immediately hospitalized.I got some minor injuries and hence taken to home after first-aid.

My younger brother took the responsibility of dad and my loving mom came with me to take care.It was around 6 in the evening when we reach home after making all the arrangements for dad to feel comfortable in the hospital. I am very tired and hence gone to take a shower while Mom prepared food for me.We ate the dinner too early and sat talking each other.

My mom Vani is a homely lady, she normally wears a nightgown in the home as most of the south Indian women do. Although I know how beautiful she is,I never lusted on her before that day.She was very close to me and cares a lot. She never tolerate a single minute of pain for her elder son as I am her happiness.

As the cold in the breeze perhaps we decided to get inside the room. Mom taken me to her room as dad is not in the house. My bedroom is on the first floor which I can’t step at that moment is the another reason to stay in her room.We both arranged the bed and gone inside the blanket to shield the cold.She started discussing about my life and marriage thinking that it may help me to get out of pain

Her questions about my marriage give me the best thoughts of my sexy girlfriend whom I dated a few days before.My little brother inside the boxer start growing by the thoughts.As it was hit a little by the accident pain increase with the hardon. At some point I lost my patience and screamed in pain.Mom rushed to me and asked “what happened..!”

I convinced myself a lot to hide the truth but finally revealed”Mom… it’s paining.”

” Where? Why didn’t you tell me before”she started scolding me with care.

” Mom.. mom…” I hesitated a lot intially
” The pain is inside..inside means which I can’t show to you” my fingers are pointing the place where the pain really is.

She searched her cupboard for some pain balm and finally get one ” Take this and apply to the place where the pain really is..I will go out of room for a while” she ordered me like a typical Indian mother.

” But Mom.. how can I apply” I showed my scratched palms with a little bleeding to her.
” Ohh God…save my son” she prayed.

After a minute of wait she herself came forward to apply the balm. She take off my blanket and pushed my t-shirt up and rolled it, slowly pulled my trouser down along with my undergarment. My fully grown manhood formed a bulge which is clearly visible to her but she acted like unnoticed. When the large part of my belly is visible she take the balm in hand and started applying. By the time I came to know that she is unaware of the exact place of pain.

She was busy in massaging my hip with her both hands. During her act she touched my fully hardened tool several times but felt nothing. When her full concentration is on my pain she forgot to concentrate on her clothes. Hook of her night gown was open unknowingly and which gives a full vision to me how my mom’s boobs are. Although they are not much big they are milky and juicy. May be the size is around 34C but looks like two pulpy mangoes hanged in shape. This disturbs my mind as I am already in the hardon. I started seeing my girlfriend in my mom. My tool is no more ready to tolerate and started giving me harder pain.

” Are you not comfortable with me?” mom questioned.
” Mom.. actually my pain is increasing!” “Ohh my god.. why my son..” she tensed.

” it’s because the pain is not there where you are rubbing,it’s actually in my thing” my hands clearly directed the exact area of pain.

This pulled mom to a minute of shock but prepared herself to speak” Really..! my dear, don’t worry..I will make it fine.” For the next moment it was time for me to get into the shock as mom pulled down my clothes completely to see my adult secrets.My 8″ hood stood up like a rifle gun ready to shoot. It beat mom’s hand so hard that she withdraw herself from it for a second.

Her look at her own son’s matured manhood is unexplainable. A feeling of proud in her mind, concern in the heart, lust in the eyes and hungriness in watering mouth occurred together. She become speechless for a second and finally broke the silence with saying

” I think this balm may not help for you.. I will bring anything else.” She ran out without wasting a minute to bring me a suitable medicine.

I was alone in the room with the door open. My shorts are already gone down and my hood stood still pointing the cealing. Thoughts in my mind is completely different,I started seeing my mom as my bitch for a while. I don’t know exactly what happened to me that time but I am in full mood to explore the kin and flesh of my new girlfriend. I closed my hands and started imagining my next few hours with this adorable woman. My hands automatically goes with the tool to jerk and give the feel of comfort.

I was in the same state when the mom suddenly enters the room and call “Varun..!” I suddenly opened my eyes in shock and tried to cover my dirty acts. But she has already witnessed everything and the smile in her face tell me the naughty story.

She came forward with a cup in hand. There is something like oil in the cup and I came to know that it is coconut oil commonly used massage oil in our places.She came and sat next to me and moved off my lower clothes completely. She takes oil in her palms and placed it on my cock. I was nearly in the range of heaven by the touch of those soft hands. She was very good at massaging and her act seems like a handjob for my dirty mind.

I closed my eyes and started feeling her massage as an handfuck. Although my heart rooted for the mom’s care my mind wants more from that beautiful. I started thinking of fucking her on bed and as an early step a thought of blowjob kicked my mind.

While my eyes are still in closed state my hands hold mom’s hands tightly.
“What happened dear.. Are you feeling discomfort?” she is worried.

I now opened my eyes and take a breath to turn the opportunity to my side.”Mom.. I am not getting anything beneficial from your act..I need more”

“Need more..! What do you want” she was puzled by my words.

“I need my girlfriend now.. she only can heal me.” I started playing emotionally.

“Where is she.. Will she come here now?” She was ready to call my girlfriend which is not my intention that time.

“No mom… She was out of station..” I sparkled a beautiful lie.

“Then what can I do now! Tell me which power of your girlfriend can heal you from pain? I may do if possible” Now she is slowly came to my way.

“ Actually you can’t… because I need a blowjob!!” I finally told my feelings to my new girlfriend.

She was in a total shock and spoke nothing for several minutes. My heart starts beating intensely and my hardon goes down in fear. I somehow managed to see my mom’s face and felt ashamed to see her crying. Her eyes are wet and teares are nearly dripping.

“Sorry Mom.. don’t cry.. I know it is impossible now..” I started some new drama.

“Not like that my dear.. I feel nothing bad as you are my son.. but I am crying for a different reason… Sleep peacefully.. I will do the job for you..” She told while wiping her tears.

I can’t believe myself for that moment. How can she agreed so easily.Whatever the thing I am getting my girl that’s enough for me at that moment.

I slept giving my tool completely in mom’s hand. She arranged herself to feel comfortable and intiate the proceedings with a gentle kiss on the tip of my dick. I was nearly at the door of heaven and ready to get inside of it.

Within a few seconds my complete 8″ long and 3″thick manhood reach the deep of my mom’s mouth upto to her throat.From the very next moment I never think of my pain and instead started feeling her heat.

She hold my cock in her mouth for a second to give me a heat therapy. She taken it out and licked it whole surface like an ice-candy. Tip of my cock becomes a lollipop to her. She made me more pleasurable with her toung tickling my tiny hole.

“Mom….mom…hmmm… come-on… you Mom…ahhah..” These are the only words that I can speak at that time.

I don’t think she will blow my cock more hard than my girlfriend. I liked her actions very much and my hands stats caressing her hairs as a part of appreciation.

Her juices from mouth is flowing down on my seeds which she is licking and sucking. I think we both lost our control and became ready to participate in a hardcore sex

To be continued……

Added by Varun

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