Movie theater beauty

When I was 19 I worked a job that I didn’t care much for but it paid the bills. I was six feet tall about 170 pounds. Dark brown hair with a matching groomed beard and mustache.

For the past week I couldn’t get a beautiful aext little redhead that was working at the movie theater last weekend when I went to see Beverly Hills Cop. I figured that she had to be at least 16. She was so tiny. A little over five feet tall. Tiny little thin body. Long red hair with nice little perky titties and the sweetest little ass that I ever saw.

I couldn’t concentrate on Eddie Murphy as I sat sipping on my root beer and munching on buttered pop. All I could think about was that hot redhead on the back of my motorcycle with her titties rubbing into my back.

I have always been one of those people who just had to know. So I figured that I would go see Beverly Hills Cop again. So I bought myself a new pair of jeans, a maroon t shirt and I dusted off my cowboy riding boots with the pointy toes.

When I strutted into the atrium of the theaters, there she was behind the counter. This time she had her hair up in a ponytail. Wow I thought. Her neck looked so kissable. I wanted to nibble on her ears and her hard nipples poked through her Victoria’s Secret bra and blue collared pull over shirt. Probably a result of the cold air conditioning.

I stood in line behind a woman and five kids who I could tell was driving the hot redhead out of her mind so I had plenty of time to figure out my first move on the beautiful young thing while I would occasionally check out her titties and hard nipples.

I was lucky that the people behind me got impatient and moved to another line. Because when it was my turn to order I was all tongue tied. I tried to be cool.but I must have looked like a dweeb to her.

However there must have been something that she liked about my babbling because when I handed her a little piece of paper and asked her to call me so I could take her for a ride on my motorcycle, she smiled big and nodded with excitement.

I was woken up a little after 1 am by the phone ringing. I answered expecting it to be an emergency or something but instead I heard a soft young voice. I had a little bit of morning wood that suddenly got a little harder.

I softly and slowly stroked my boner as we talked for about a half hour. We agreed to meet at 11am at the theater and take a ride to the mountains on my bike.

She was already there when I pulled up. I cut the engine and got off the bike. I unstrapped my passengers helmet for her. She looked so nice. Her hair was in a braid. She had a denim jacket over a olive button up shirt that was not buttoned but tied above her naval. I could see a little bit of her Victoria’s Secret black bra under her beige silky tank top. Her jeans were snug but not too tight. And she wore brown high heel boots.

The temperature was about 78 degrees and was predicted to rise to about 92.

We made a Dairy Queen before heading out. I admired how beautiful and sexy she was and she noticed me checking her put as we carried on awkward conversation. She told me not to expect her to be easy. But I wasn’t anyways. I wanted to get to know her.

We rode up to an old mining town and walked around then strolled down to the river. It felt hot so she took off her denim jacket as we sat in the grass of the river bank. I stared in as as she untied her shirt and took it off. I knew she knew that I was checking out her titties but I caught her checking out the front of my jeans.

She initiated a kiss and we began to make out. We were getting pretty warmed up and not from the sun. I laid her back in the grass and nibbled on her ears.

I moved down to kissing her neck and then her shoulder. She whispered “just one” then pulled the strap of her tank top and bra down her shoulder. She has a beautiful pink nipple. She told me to suck on it. Her nipple got so hard so fast. Her breathing got heavy and deep.

Lori tracked and cuffed her hand around my package over my jeans. She whispered. “Dan I am really a good girl. I am a virgin but I have always wanted to be touched between my legs. There used to be an older boy that would play with my pussy and use his tongue. He would have me suck on his penis but I never told him that I liked it. It has been a long time and now I am ready for more. So if you want to I will let you do anything that you want to me.” I reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. I slid my hand down her black panties. She had a nice full bush but when my hand got all the way down. Her slit was soaked. I knew that my finger found her clit right away just by the way that she was breathing. Jer body tightened up and she began squealing and moaning.

After her orgasm she said. “We need to go somewhere so I can suck your cock and I want you to make love to me.” I couldn’t believe those words came out of Lori. I stood up. She noticed the raging boner in my jeans. She buttoned up her jeans and fixed her top before raising to her knees. She unzipped my fly and pulled my throbbing cock out. I tilted my head back as her mouth slid over my shaft. “Ahhhhhrrrrrrr.” I grunted. It was feeling so good as I enjoyed it for a couple minutes. She pulled away and stood up. “I want your cum in my pussy. So let’s go.”

We ended up at my apartment. We both wanted to get the sweat off us so we washed each other in the shower. I enjoyed her body and she enjoyed mine. We dried each other off when we got out of the shower and made our way to the bedroom. The first thing that I wanted t do was lick her sweet young pussy. Her aroma and the scent of the soap drove me crazy, I swear my cock what the hardest that it had ever been. I knew that she wanted to suck my cock but maybe I was too selfish. My cock wanted inside her pussy and her pussy was begging for it too.

I climbed on to of the little lady and she placed the head of my cock to her tiny hole. Slow and easy I went as I slid my cock into her. I could see n her face that it hurt but we both wanted to keep going. Once I was past her virgin barrier the pain for her was beginning to subside and I could tell that she was enjoying it. she got louder and louder as she got closer to her climax. I felt her pussy tighten up as she orgasmed. We rolled over and she got on top, she straddled me well. I loved watching her pussy slide up and down on my shaft with her titties bouncing.

I had her kneel on the edge of the bed so I could stand and slide my cock in from behind. I hit that G spot just right. she orgasmed again. At that point I could tell that she was worn out. I was pretty tired too.

We laid on the bed for a bit, my cock eventually softened up without any stimulation then Lori and I went to take another shower. Lori had me put my back toward the water spray. she got down on her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth. She got me rock hard again. her hand wrapped around the base and pumped the jism right out of me.

She had to be to work for 6pm so I dropped her off at her car, she grabbed her bag from the car and headed in to work. We spend a lot of time together. we even made love once behind one of the screens while a movie was rolling.

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