My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses

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Jake’s mother and sisters help him after a horrible incident, My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses…


“Come on Alex! Only a few more miles to go, no stopping now buddy!”

“Just… Lemme catch… My breath Jake! You do have to understand that not everyone runs the distances that you do?”

“Okay, we’ll take a breather over here. But only three minutes! I’m clocking it so prepare to move again in a bit.”

“Great, better than nothing… Look, you better buy me some water when we finish.”

“I will, it’s my turn this week so you got nothing to fear, alright, one-minute left, get ready!”

I always ran in the morning to keep up my condition. One of my best pals, Alex, struggled with his weight. I managed to convince him to run with me, taking small steps to get him healthy again.

This day would be the last time I’d ever run again.


“Thanks so much for taking me to see this store baby, I don’t like shopping by myself!

“Don’t sweat it Jenny, anything for you, being my girlfriend and all ha-ha!”

“No I mean it hon; next time I will treat you to something really nice.”

“Can I choose, pleaaaaase?”

“No silly! It’s a surprise, one that you would really like…”

Jenny has been my girlfriend for the past year, it just… ‘Clicked’ between us when we first met. She could act a little spoiled and like a princess sometimes but hey, I didn’t really care at the time.

This day would be the last time I’d call her my girlfriend.


“So, how did the tryouts go Deb? Any competition?”

“Ha, what do you think bro… Of course not! Deborah Wilson! Number one!”

“Great, so now I owe you another ice cream…”

“You bet you do, and I get to choose the flavors!”

“Yes milady… that’s what I get for making bets…”

Debby… My younger sister, I always picked her up after her athletics practices. She always managed to brighten up my day even more when I was driving us home.

This day would be the last time I’d ever drive us home again.


“You might be wondering, what the hell is up with all those little segments that covered one of my daily days? Well, after this day my whole life changed in a blink of an eye. But before we continue, let me introduce the most important characters of my story, my family.”

“Cynthia Wilson, my mother. If I had to describe her I would say… Funny, witty, caring, intelligent, loveable and very, very attractive. Yes, you heard it, I find my own mother attractive. And believe me, several of my friends reminded me daily of it, to them she was the so called ‘MILF’ of the neighborhood. And to be completely honest, she lived up to that nickname. About a head shorter than me, dirty-blonde shoulder length hair, amazing ocean blue eyes and she certainly had ‘meat’ on her but in all the right places. Let’s just keep it simple, she was a very good looking woman for her age of forty-one years young, stacked enough where it counted.”

“So you must be thinking, my father was a very lucky man… well, you’re right… WAS a lucky man, until he decided to cheat on her five years ago with a much younger lady. It’s not something we like to talk about and believe me, it hurt us a lot, especially Mom. She was now dating another guy she met this year. A chap named Patrick Olridge, I didn’t really like the guy. Don’t get me wrong, he treated us and my mother good, but still, since last month… something was odd about him.”

“Deborah Wilson, or Deb, Or Debby, whatever we used was fine with her. Nineteen years young and a very active girl. She loved sports, especially athletics, and she was pretty good at them. She was always busy with them, often more out of the house than inside of it. If I had to describe her then she would be a younger version of my mother, In the same mindset that is. Body wise they were different by a lot. Deb was fit, where Mom had the extra meat, she had the muscles. Muscles with a very feminine body to booth, same dirty-blonde hair, often in a ponytail and her body was stacked enough for her frame. Where Mom was ‘big’ she would be… Normal I guess? Oh, did I also mentioned that she was very attractive?”

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