Sister and caring brother fall for one another

I let myself in to Kylie’s place without even knocking. If she wasn’t picking up Mom’s calls, she probably wasn’t going to answer the door either. Or maybe she would and she’d be irritated I hadn’t extended that small courtesy. Whatever. I still had a little brother’s prerogative to be an annoying shit when the situation called for it.

I, personally, wasn’t worried about Kylie. She got too focused sometimes, especially in her work, to care about the outside world. That was who she’d always been. Mom was concerned, however, and I’d promised I’d check in on my wayward sister.

Kylie’s loft was a labyrinth of paintings right from the entryway. Some were hung on the wall, most rested on the floor and leaned against walls wherever there was room. All of them were her work. I’d never known her to show enough interest in anyone else’s paintings to actually display them in her apartment.

My shoes got abandoned near the front door, then I picked my way carefully through the delicate maze. A few of the hung paintings were familiar to me, but none of the floor-dwellers were. The latter group tended to move on to new homes at a reasonable turnover, such that I would never count on seeing any of them again on a second visit.

Kylie was in her studio area, which was where she actually did her painting, and where she used to keep her finished work before it had spilled out everywhere else. She was only wearing an old t-shirt, with just brief flashes of her panties beneath as she moved this way and that. Small splashes of paint dotted her exposed skin, with far more of a mess over her shirt from the accumulation of many sessions.

Beautiful lighting filtered in through the large windows to the side of the room. The potential for natural light along with the available space had been the twin considerations when Kylie took the apartment way back when.

I stayed back a semi-respectful distance and cleared my throat. Kylie, by all appearances, hadn’t heard me. I knew better. She swiped her brush a few more times at the canvas in front of her, then finally turned.

“What?” she said.

My lips twitched into a smile. Such a curt greeting would have been considered rude by anyone who didn’t know Kylie better, and in fact often had been.

“Nice to see you too,” I said. “How’ve you been?”

Kylie sighed and set down her equipment. She rubbed an arm across her face, which only streaked paint all the worse over her forehead.

“Alright, Ty, have it your way. I could probably use a break anyway.”

I nodded. She usually could. She lost track of time all too easily when she was in one of her productive phases. “Did you remember to eat today?”

“Yes, smartass.” Kylie put a hand on her tummy. “Though I could probably go for some more food now.”

“Yeah, I thought maybe you could.”

Kylie glided easily through the room and across the cluttered floors. The way she walked through her apartment, you’d almost swear the arrangement of her paintings made sense, and you were the one being silly for walking so gingerly around them for fear of collision.

I followed my big sister to her kitchen area. She opened the fridge, stared at it curiously, then closed it. She did the same to the cupboards next to it.

“You forget to buy groceries again?” I asked as casually as I could manage, given the smugness that threatened to overtake my demeanor.

“Oh shut up. I got busy.”

“Yeah, I know. Busy. Speaking of which, Mom’s been trying to call you.”

Kylie shrugged. “She knows I turn my phone off when I don’t want distractions. She didn’t really send you to check on me again, did she?”

“She may have.”

“Dammit. Can’t get a moment’s peace.”

I bit back a reply suggesting that Mom trying to contact her every couple weeks didn’t really constitute an egregious breach of solitude. “Come on, let’s go out somewhere, yeah? Get some food in that tum tum.” I made my last few words deliberately patronizing, and emphasized them by patting Kylie’s belly.

“You’re an ass,” she said.

“Sure am,” I replied cheerfully. “Now let’s go. Chop chop. Get some pants on. Maybe a clean shirt. If you shower first, we can even go somewhere nice.”


We didn’t go anywhere nice. I’d known that was pushing it even before I suggested it.

Kylie made herself somewhat presentable, which was about as good as I’d hoped for. She also vetoed any attempt at going farther than a couple blocks away, despite my best efforts to force a little exercise into her.

We ended up at the same diner that we nearly always did when the two of us went for food. It was close, casual, and tended to offer reasonable privacy if we didn’t hit a dinner rush.

I smiled at a splotch of green paint on Kylie’s shoulder that I hadn’t noticed until we sat down. Even the shirt she’d changed into for going out had seen some action.

“I’m doing fine, you know,” Kylie said as she sipped the coffee our waitress had poured her. “You don’t have to check on me just ’cause Mom gets worried.”

“You’re probably right,” I agreed. “But it gives me an excuse to see you. You don’t make it easy. If you had it your way, I’d probably see you once a year, at Christmas.”

“I’m not that bad.”

“No? When was the last time you called me? Wanted to hang out? Even just sent a text without being prompted?”


“Take your time.”

Kylie glared at me, then her eyes softened and dropped to the table, chagrined. “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. I know you. I know how you are.”

“Better than anyone,” she concurred with a faint smile tugging her lips. “And I guess… maybe… I don’t mind if you want to drag me out somewhere every now and then.”

“Gee, that was almost affectionate.”

“Yeah, almost.” Kylie took another sip of her coffee. “What are you, twenty-six now? And you’re still that annoying little shit of a brother just below the surface. I can feel you wanting to do something stupid sometimes. Even now. Just to get a reaction out of me.”

“The reaction’s always been the best part,” I agreed easily. “You’d miss it if I didn’t do little annoying things occasionally. It’s part of my charm.”

“No, I don’t think it is. It’s just something I’ve learned to tolerate.”

“Coming from you, practically the same thing.”

Our food arrived, and I immediately stole a fry off Kylie’s plate, despite having a pile of my own. After our discussion about my annoyances, I couldn’t help myself. She just rolled her eyes, which was all I’d been hoping for anyway.

“How are things going with you?” Kylie asked as though she’d only just thought to inquire, which she probably had.

“Pretty good. Work’s fine. The house is fine. Everything’s fine, basically.”

“Uh huh.” Kylie’s nose wrinkled. “Can’t believe you’re still putting up with roommates. That used to drive me crazy.”

“Yes, but you’re a hermit,” I patiently explained. “Any people drive you crazy.”

“That’s not true. I just need them to not, like, be around me, is all.” Kylie waved her arms. “When I’m home, I mean. When I’m-”

“When you’ve retreated to your cave for solitude?”

“Goddammit, Ty. Now I’m a bear?”

“A hermit bear,” I confirmed. “A bear even more lonesome than the average bear. Off in your magical cave in the sky where-”

I ducked as a bit of french fry was pinged at my face with impressive accuracy. It caught me on the temple and glanced off. I grinned like the shit of a little brother I was.

“Ass,” Kylie said.

My grin broadened.


“Let’s get you some groceries,” I said on the walk back to Kylie’s place.

“Nah, not right now,” she said.

“You have literally no food. You should have some. Even magic hermit bears need food.”

“I want to get back to painting,” she whined.

“And you can. Right after shopping. It won’t be so bad. My car’s parked right outside your place. We’ll pick it up, throw some things in a cart, drive back, done. Easy peasy.”


“My treat?”

“You know money has nothing to do with it.”

“I do.” I shrugged. “But you never know. The offer sometimes works on you anyway.”

Kylie’s eyes narrowed. She was still silent as we approached my car. I unlocked the doors, then held the passenger side open for her. She stood indecisively for a moment.

“Fine,” she said. “But you’re not paying.”

“Excellent. I don’t have any money on me anyway.”

That was a lie, but it made Kylie roll her eyes again, and even got a baby smile out of her.


I felt better as Kylie and I stocked her fridge and cupboards later on. Rationally, I knew she wouldn’t actually let herself starve for the sake of finishing a painting or avoiding the outside world, but emotionally I shared some of the same concerns Mom did.

I’d already texted Mom not to worry about Kylie, that she was fine. I’d received a text back asking me to get Kylie to call her. I’d ignored it.

Kylie padded off before we’d finished putting everything away. I chased her down a few moments later, and she was already back to her painting, heedless of the potential damage to her ‘good clothes.’

“Ky, your outfit?” I reminded her.

“Oh, yeah, right.” She frowned as she noticed the same bit of green on her shoulder that I had earlier. She picked at it, but it was old and not coming off easily. “I probably need new clothes too, at some point,” she admitted.

“Well if you want-”

“Not today.”

“No, I knew that. I was gonna say when you got around to it, you could hit me up.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

Kylie stripped out of her shirt and pants like I wasn’t even there. Even her socks came off, then got balled up and thrown safely to the side of the room with the rest. Only her bra and panties stayed on. Those, I noted, were less presentable than her outer layer. Though, of course, they weren’t intended to be seen.

“You know I’m still here, right?” I said.

“You’ve seen me in my underwear before,” she said without turning around.

“Many times. And I’ve tried to explain almost as many times why-”

“Yeah, yeah. I know. Inappropriate. Whatever. If you didn’t want to see me half naked, you wouldn’t still be looking.”

“That’s…” I trailed off, slumped, and turned away instead. It wasn’t worth arguing about again. Truth be told, I didn’t much care one way or the other. It mostly just annoyed me that she didn’t care either.

What sort of sister just let her little brother see her in her underwear? That wasn’t right. That wasn’t how these things were supposed to go. She was supposed to get mad and call me a perv and probably throw something heavy at me, or punch me repeatedly in a not-too-sensitive area. The media had collectively lied to me about these sorts of scenarios.

Then again, Kylie was Kylie. She hadn’t ever fit any of the classic cliches, not consistently at any rate, and that didn’t seem about to change.


I waited a couple weeks to see if Kylie would contact me on her own. She didn’t. I used her predictable lack of communication as an excuse to drop in on her again.

As before, I simply took the elevator in her building up to her loft, then entered using the spare key she’d given me. No warning, no chance for her to beg off.

Her place was tidier than I expected, which was to say a dent had been put in the number of paintings awaiting homes. There was actually a decent amount of space to walk around without fear of bumping into anything. It was a particular relief for me, since I could never tell which of her works were the really valuable ones.

There was a logic to it, she assured me, but I’d never understood it. It had never had much to do with the size of the canvas or how much I liked the painting in question, and that was about all I had to go on. I’d pretty much given up even trying to evaluate, and therefore had to be all the more careful handling or tiptoeing around piles of her work of indeterminate value.

Kylie was in her studio area. No surprise there. She was also totally naked, which wasn’t as much of a surprise as I would have liked it to be either.

I coughed loudly and pretended to examine a painting hanging to my left. It was one of the long-term residents, a swirl of dark colours that made me think of an improbably close nebula in the night sky. Uninteresting to buyers, Kylie had informed me, and I suspected she’d only kept it because I’d mentioned I liked it.

“Hey,” she said. “Wasn’t expecting you.”

“You never expect me,” I said.

“That’s true.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Kylie pad across the room and pick up a shirt. She bent over unselfconsciously as she grabbed it off the floor. Once she had it on, I risked looking at her again. Her lone garment was only just barely long enough to give her some semblance of modesty.

“See, if you’d learn to knock, I could have put clothes on first,” she said.

“You never answer when I knock,” I countered.

“Well you could be anyone. Why would I answer if I don’t know who it is?”

I rubbed my face in exasperation. “Do many people knock on your door?”


“Then is it really that big a risk?”

“Hard to say. I don’t have much data to work with.”

“Goddammit, Ky.”

She grinned a small, impish smile. I found myself mirroring it.

“Mom can’t be panicking about me again already,” she said. “I sent her a text only yesterday. No, wait.” She paused and stuck her tongue out of the corner of her mouth thoughtfully. “Three days ago? Four tops.”

“No, Mom didn’t send me,” I said. “You never got back to me about clothes shopping.”

“From what I know about boys, which admittedly isn’t much, you shouldn’t really be all that interested in girly clothes shopping.”

“And yet, here I am.” I shrugged. “Though to be fair, I’m mostly just hedging against walking in on you naked again. If you needed clothes that badly, you really should have let me know.”

“Pff, whatever. You know damn well my wardrobe isn’t quite that bad.” Kylie gestured to her setup. Only then did I take in the canvas and the mirror next to it. “I was just trying something out.”

“I see that. Is that… you? Naked?”

“Yeah. It’s not easy. I mean, I’ve never been great at people anyway. But doing myself’s even trickier. Mechanics-wise, mainly. I do like that it doesn’t involve interacting with an actual model.”

“Uh huh.”

I was trying not to look, and only partly succeeding. It helped that the nude girl in Kylie’s painting wasn’t necessarily a dead ringer for her. I could tell that it was her, of course, but I could also pretend that it wasn’t. It was less conflicting than staring at my sister’s actual body.

“Not bad,” I said.

“You think?” Kylie looked at her work more critically. “Not great either, though. If you like it, you can have it when I’m done. I’m not gonna sell it or anything either way.”

“Um… I’d probably rather not have a nude painting of my sister, actually. Let alone in a house with roommates.”

Kylie cocked her head. “Oh yeah. I guess that could be awkward. Oh well. Maybe I’ll keep it. I’ll have to decide if I like it when it’s finished.”

“Yeah, you do that.”


I wasn’t able to convince Kylie to go out. I’d had a feeling it was one of those days as soon as I’d found her painting a nude self-portrait. Her moods could often be telegraphed by what sort of piece she was working on, if one could decipher the connections, and in this case there was the obvious correlation of nudity to not leaving the apartment.

She was amenable to taking a break and eating an early supper with me. I assumed she’d missed lunch, but didn’t ask.

I made us grilled cheeses, then we sat together on her bed and put on a movie. Kylie being Kylie, she didn’t actually have a dinner table. Or chairs. Or even a couch.

Actually, that wasn’t quite fair. She had a pair of tables, but they were dedicated to art supplies. She had one large, comfy chair that was often used as a ‘temporary’ surface to leave a painting on, or occasionally for its actual purpose of sitting in. She liked to sit and stare out the window sometimes, just watching and thinking. I’d never seen her sit in it to read a book or watch tv or anything.

So we shared her bed, in what constituted her bedroom, though it wasn’t quite a proper room. I wasn’t sure who had designed it, but one whole wall was just a curtain Kylie had hung up, and usually left halfway open. It was a space that tended to be painting-free, at least, excepting a couple hung on the more solid walls. It was no less messy for all that, and had clothes and various items strewn about wherever they’d been dropped. I tried to ignore what was almost certainly a vibrator half-hidden by the mess on her night stand.

The bed itself was a perpetually disheveled affair, always a mess of half-kicked-off covers and pillows going the wrong way. It was cozy enough to sit and eat on.

“So how-” I started.

“Shh,” Kylie interrupted almost immediately. “I’m watching the movie.”

I glanced at the screen, then back to her. “It’s Pirates, Ky. You’ve seen it a dozen times, at least.”

“I like it. Cap’n Jack’s funny.”

“Yes, I know. But I’m pretty sure you could recite the entire script word for word. You don’t-”

“Shh!” she insisted.

I rolled my eyes, but stayed quiet until Johnny Depp was off-screen. “Can I talk now?”

Kylie frowned, then shrugged. “Fine. What’s so important?”

“Nothing, nevermind.”

I took our plates and took them back to the kitchen. I gave them a quick wash to eradicate the crumbs and bits of melted cheese, then returned to my sister.

I stopped short upon approaching the bed. My face warmed noticeably.

“Uh, Kylie?”


“Your pu- I mean, your, uh, lady bits are like… there.”

She looked down at her lazily spread legs with only her shirt keeping her modest. I knew I should have insisted on more clothes being donned.

“Oh,” Kylie said. She closed her legs up, but without any rush to the movement.

I stayed where I was, unsure whether to get back on the bed with her. It felt questionable all of a sudden.

“You can say ‘pussy’ you know,” she said. “I don’t mind.”

“No, but I do. It’s not a word I like to associate with my sister if I don’t have to.”

“Why not?”

I sighed heavily. “Goddammit, Ky. Sometimes I swear you act oblivious on purpose.”

A smile tugged at her lips, nudging me closer to suspecting I wasn’t wrong. Shortly thereafter, Captain Jack did something silly but somehow brilliant on screen, distracting Kylie’s attention. I gave up on my moral quandary and crawled back into bed with her.

This latest uncomfortable flash of femininity from Kylie set my mind awhirl. I’d already been a bit on edge from catching her naked, not to mention the large painting of roughly the same image hanging out on the other side of her loft, just in case I’d forgotten. I’d at least avoided seeing her vagina in the flesh in that instance. This time, it was basically stuck front and centre in my brain.

“Couldn’t you glare at me and call me a perv or something?” I asked.


“‘Cause I saw your… pussy.”

Kylie snorted in amusement. “That was my fault. Not yours so much.”

“See, there you go being calm and rational about it again. I hate when you do that.”

“You do?”

“Yeah. It’s too… it’s wrong. It’s just wrong.”

Kylie considered. “So I should get mad at you and say or do hurtful things? Just so we can be normal?”

“I mean… yes? Kinda?”

She shook her head. “And I’m supposed to be the weird one.”

I set my jaw and stared straight ahead at the movie. I wasn’t going to win this argument. If Kylie wasn’t bothered by me seeing her bits, then she wasn’t going to be convinced to be bothered.

It wasn’t really about that anyway. I was trying to make it about her reaction, the same way I basically always tried to make it about her whenever I caught her in various states of undress. I’d never seen her fully naked before, nor had such a framed shot of her pussy, but it had been a close thing a few times.

If I was being honest, and I tried really hard not to be when it came to Kylie’s body, I was more annoyed with myself.

I’d never wanted to be one of those pervo little brothers who discovered that his sister was, in fact, a girl, and so therefore had all the interesting parts that other girls had, which in turn meant I should try to sneak peeks of said parts. If I had been that kind of brother, Kylie would have made an ideal sister. She was careless with covering up and had never once gotten mad merely because I’d seen something I shouldn’t.

And now here I was, brand new images of Kylie in my head, feeling like I should be punished for it, yet having no source of punishment available. She was just as likely to show me more if I asked as to get annoyed and hit me with something.

I kept glancing at her, and sometimes she’d glance back, one eyebrow slightly raised in invitation of a question. I needed to say something more, just to get my feelings out somehow, but I didn’t want to try arguing again. It would be just as doomed as my first attempt.

“You shaved it,” I said out of nowhere. I was pretty sure the statement surprised me more than it did Kylie.

“Yeah. I did.”

Easy, calm acceptance of fact. I wished I could do that as well as she could sometimes.

“Was that for a boy?” I asked.

She looked at me like I was stupid. “How many boys do you think ever see it? Not counting you, obviously.”

“Not that obvious,” I grumbled. “It was only an accident.”

Kylie waited for an actual answer.

“Ok, fine,” I said. “I don’t know. I just thought maybe…”

“Maybe I was finally seeing someone for real?”


She shook her head. “No such luck. I’m terrible at that stuff. And even if I wasn’t, you probably would have met by now, if he was around for long enough to be seeing me like that.”

“Don’t act like you’re that shy. You’re definitely not.”

Kylie actually seemed surprised. “You think I’m the same around other people as I am around you?”

“Well… kinda. Not really, but kinda.”

“Tyler, you’re my brother. You’re you. I’m more comfortable with you than I’m ever gonna be with anyone else.”

“So you’re saying if someone else walked in and saw you naked-”

“First off, how’d they get in? You and Mom have the only other keys. So yeah, I’m probably panic like crazy and start throwing paint cans or something.”

“Assuming you knew them?”

“Then maybe… I’d have to yell at them to get out until I dressed. That’s what people do, right?”

I gave her a look. “That’s precisely what I’ve been trying to explain to you for years.”

“No, you’ve been trying to tell me that’s how I should react around you specifically. And when it’s you, I just don’t mind that much.”

“You know that’s backwards, don’t you?”

Kylie cocked her head. “It’s not, I don’t think. I get why you’d think that. But, like, I think most girls don’t want to be seen naked by most guys. Most people generally. There’s just a select few they’d maybe be ok with, or even like.” She shrugged. “You’re in my select few, is all.”

I leaned back and closed my eyes. “Is it because you think I wouldn’t think inappropriate things about you?”

“I’ve never really thought about it that way, one way or the other.”


There was a silence, broken only by the music and sword-clangs of an action scene emanating from the tv.

“Do you think inappropriate things?” Kylie asked.

“I don’t want to answer that.”

Another pause. “Do you try really hard not to?”

I nodded slowly. “Yeah.”

Her fingertips brushed my cheek. I opened my eyes again. She had an odd look on her face, like she was examining my soul.

Abruptly she turned forward again and settled back into her seat. That was it. Nothing else from her, no further statements either accepting or condemning me.

I waited a bit longer, then rose from the bed. “I should probably go.”

“The movie’s not over.”

“Ky, I’ve seen it almost as much as-”

“The movie’s not over!”

Kylie grabbed my arm and dragged me back down. She curled up against me in a way she didn’t normally do, just to hold me in place, I assumed.

It was an acceptance of sorts. That was the way I took it. Maybe she didn’t have the words, but she wanted me to stay. Maybe just wanted to make sure I didn’t take off to never return out of embarrassment. She’d have to be the one to invite me over in that case, and she’d hate that.

I put my arm around Kylie and held her loosely. We’d never really cuddled much, and if not for the mildly sexual thoughts still bouncing around in my head, I probably would have enjoyed it immensely. As it was, it was still nice.

I noted that because of the way she’d moved to latch on to me, Kylie’s shirt had hitched up in the back. Part of her butt was visible. Once I’d noticed it, it was hard not to look.

Gently and carefully, I grasped the edge of Kylie’s shirt and tugged it down. The way it was caught under her, it didn’t really go anywhere. My gentle hold slipped, and all I really accomplished was to brush her ass with my fingers.

Kylie gave me a curious look.

“Your shirt’s pulled up a bit,” I said.


She turned back to the movie. I’d hoped for at least a token attempt at covering herself, but apparently not.

Her butt taunted me. I knew it was there, uncovered, with nothing stopping me from looking except my own sense of propriety.

Kylie was oblivious to what she was doing to me. That, or she just didn’t care. I was actually leaning toward the latter, since she hadn’t done anything about her shirt when I’d mentioned it.

“You’re a pain in the ass sometimes, you know that?” I said.


“Well you are.”

Kylie shrugged and nestled more snugly against me. Her butt got just a little more uncovered in the process.

I was helpless against the allure of her bared bottom. I’d seen it before, in brief flashes and glimpses, but never had to deal with her so flagrantly showing off like this. It could be considered a minor thing, I supposed, but it wasn’t minor to me.

I wasn’t sure what made me do it. It was most likely a mixture of wanting to startle her, and giving in to the pervy side of me that Kylie never helped to repress the way I would have liked. I was only human, after all. Morals and decency only went so far.

My hand slid down easily to Kylie’s ass. I cupped her soft little bum and gave it a tender squeeze. To my mild annoyance, she didn’t even flinch.

“Still nothing?” I asked.

“Enh. It’s fine.”

“I’m groping you.”

“I know. You enjoying it?”

“I… honestly don’t have an answer for that.”

“You don’t?”

“It’s complicated.”

She nodded slowly against my chest. “Yes. I s’pose it would be.” She breathed out slowly, her eyes closing partway. “I kinda like it.”

“Oh god.” I pulled my hand away. “This has backfired really quite badly.”

“Trying to annoy me again? Make me call you names?”

“Kinda, yeah.”

“And get a feel in the process?”

I flushed. “Maybe.”

Kylie chuckled softly. “Ever think that maybe you’re hoping I’ll punish you because you think you deserve it? Not because it’s, like, normal or whatever you keep babbling about?”

“That’s certainly a possibility.”

Kylie stayed where she was. So did I, though it was hard to say how much of that was because she was pinning me down, and how much was because I didn’t want to move.

She felt nice against me. I moved my hand back to her ass, and that felt nice too. Even the soft scent of her hair added to the bewitching coziness, despite its habitual disarray.

We remained entangled until the movie ended. I thought we might not move even then, but midway through the credits Kylie finally groaned, stretched, and rolled off me. She straightened out her shirt as she stood, then padded away without looking back.

I watched her go, eyes fixed in the hem of her shirt in the back. There were no more flashes of butt cheek to reward my efforts, however. Just Kylie wandering around with the bare minimum of modesty, as per usual.

It annoyed me that I was half hard and had to adjust myself slightly before tailing after my oblivious seductress of a sister.

Kylie was right back to painting. She’d set aside her nude self-portrait and hadn’t taken her clothes off again. Which just meant she was still wearing her barely adequate shirt.

“I should probably take off, I guess,” I said.

“You don’t have to,” Kylie said.

She didn’t look at me, but I didn’t take it personally. She was eyeing a fresh canvas, and I understood the sort of distraction that entailed in her head.

“You’re just gonna be working again, right?”

“Yeah, sorry. I had an idea for a piece. Wanted to at least get a start on something, see where it goes. We could do something after that if you wanted to stick around.”

I smiled to myself. “Ky, I know you have difficulty with time, just generally, but you know you’re gonna be hours before you come up for air again, right?”

“I… well… but…” Kylie turned and offered an apologetic expression. “You’re probably right. Sorry.”

“No worries. It was nice to hang out a bit anyway.” I nodded at the canvas. “What’s it gonna be?”

“A sexy pirate ship.”

“A sexy… pirate ship? Like, with naked ladies on it?”

“No, silly. The ship is sexy. Not the crew.”

“Oh. So it’s got boobies?”

Kylie laughed melodically and shook her head. “It’s a good thing you never tried to be an artist, Ty. You just don’t get these things.”

“I’d like to be offended by that, but you’re basically correct. I truly do not get a lot of this stuff.”

She turned back to her unstarted painting, still picturing things in her head. I watched a moment, and was just about to leave when she called out again.

“Hey, Ty?”


Kylie said nothing, but reached down and flipped up the back of her shirt, giving me a quick, tantalizing flash of what lay beneath.

“Pain in the ass,” I said loud enough for her to hear.

She giggled like a school girl.

I had to drive home with that last image of my sister’s butt stuck in my head.


Kylie texted me about a week later. I immediately assumed that something was wrong, but she assured me that everything was fine, she just wanted to take me up on my offer for clothes shopping after all. I continued to assume something was wrong.

I drove to Kylie’s place right after work, still questioning what could have possessed her to seek out human contact. It couldn’t just have been a whim. She wasn’t good at those, unless they involved paint.

“Ok, what’s wrong?” I asked as I barged in to Kylie’s studio.

She gave me an annoyed look and kept working for a moment. She had on a long button-up shirt, with panties flashing from beneath when she stretched. It was modest enough clothing for her that I didn’t give the outfit a second thought.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Kylie said.

“You texted me.”

“I’m allowed.”

“Out of nowhere. To do a thing. In public.”

Kylie glared at me, then relented. “Fine. I need pants.”

“You need… pants?”

“Yeah. I need more. I only have one good pair left.”

“What do you mean ‘left?'”

“I mean I had two pairs with hardly any paint on them, and then…”

Kylie grabbed a pair of jeans off the floor and held them up. She poked a finger at the crotch and it went right through. One of her ‘good pairs’ of pants had worn out to the point that unsightly holes were developing. That sounded about right.

“Ah,” I said. “I see. So it was something.”

“Yes, alright. I didn’t just decide I wanted to go shopping with you, ok?”

“Very ok, actually. I’m much happier knowing you’re just being pragmatic and not spontaneous. You had me worried there.”

“Laugh it up. Let me know when you’re done.”

Kylie picked up her brush again, but I could tell she was only pretending to get back to it. Her rhythm had been broken, and she was only staring at her half-painted canvas rather than actually working on it.

“I’m ready to go whenever,” I said. “Though traffic’s kinda rough right now. I wouldn’t have come right away if I’d realized it wasn’t anything critical.”

“I told you it wasn’t-” Kylie sighed. “Nevermind. I give up.” She brushed her hair back over her shoulders, inadvertently leaving a streak of white through it in the process. “I’ll get my other jeans and we can go. We can walk to the mall. It’s not that far.”

“The mall on the other side of town’s better.”

“How much do you honestly think that matter’s to me?”

I bit my lip and considered. “Somewhere between very little and not at all?”


I watched Kylie’s teasingly half-covered butt as she left the room. “Might want to grab a quick shower,” I called after her.


“Check the mirror.”

I waited, just in earshot, then smiled as she noticed the amateur highlight she’d given herself and let out a vehement, “Goddammit!”


Helping Kylie clothes shop was an interesting experience. I didn’t do it often, and as far as I could recall this was the first outing the two of us had taken specifically for that purpose.

Kylie walked close to me on the way there. She didn’t just stay by my side, but actually right up next to me depending on how crowded the sidewalks were at the time.

I tried to help by taking her hand and squeezing it reassuringly, but then she refused to let go afterward. Still, it got her focusing on me rather than people getting in her personal space, so it kind of worked.

Once we arrived at the mall, we ended up having to abandon the first and second stores we tried on the basis that Kylie thought there were too many other people in them. She accepted the third option, though it took some convincing.

As long as I stayed close, Kylie seemed basically fine to pick things out on her own. I tried to check out some different racks and help speed up the search, but she wasn’t having any of it.

I’d known that I’d essentially be moral support, but somehow I’d still hoped for more. Kylie was the only person I knew who actually valued moral support as a valuable and precious resource. For her, it could easily be the difference between functioning normally in public, and deciding that it was too much of a hassle and bailing on a moderately important errand.

“I might try these on,” Kylie said, holding up a pair of jeans she’d been carrying around, and another she’d only just spotted.

“Uh huh.”

She frowned and looked in the same direction I was staring. “Are you checking out that girl?”

I smiled sheepishly and averted my eyes. “Her boobs were jiggling while she was rifling through that rack.”

Kylie’s eyes shot daggers. “You’re s’posed to be here with me.”

“I am. And as soon as your boobs start jiggling like that, you’ll have my undivided attention.”

It was a risky thing to say, in some ways. Our recent interactions had pushed some boundaries, and I wasn’t quite sure where the new lines were. Still, I was quite correct in assuming that Kylie wasn’t about to make a scene.

“You’re an ass,” she informed me.

“Yes, I know.”

“Come hold my things while I change. Be the unlucky sap of a boyfriend you’re playing at.”

“You don’t have any things to- oh.”

I nodded in belated understanding as Kylie shoved an armful of clothes at my chest. Things she had no interest in, of course, but she’d make me hold them anyway, just to get back at me a little.

I had some time to muse while Kylie busied herself in her changing room. The ‘boyfriend’ comment had struck a slightly odd note, even though I knew what she meant. What I was doing was essentially the job of the archetypal hapless boyfriend; ‘helping’ to shop, waiting around, getting bored, checking out other girls, getting reprimanded…

Yeah. I could see it.

I hoped there was nothing more behind what Kylie had said. I didn’t think there could be. She was still just my sister, and I was just her brother. A little inappropriate dressing and touching didn’t change that. We were weirdos, that was all. We had a different sort of relationship. But it was still far too sibling-y to be anything else.

“I like these ones,” Kylie said as she stepped out. She did a slow half-spin, so she ended with her back to me. The jeans she had on hugged her ass like a second skin. “What do you think?”

For a moment, I considered answering snarkily for the sake of a more ‘little brother’ kind of response. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. The pants looked amazing on her, and I was pretty sure she knew it. I didn’t want to be petty about my reaction just because I wasn’t quite sure where we stood.

“They make you butt look awesome,” I said.

Kylie’s smile made my doubts disappear instantly. “You think so?”

“I know so.” I stepped forward and gave her a smack on the ass. “Get changed again, buy ’em, and let’s get out of here.”

Kylie flushed and bit her lip. I thought she might chastise me-and honestly I deserved it-but she didn’t. “I think I want a looser pair too, though. Something comfier. ‘Cause these might look good, but I don’t think I’d want to wear them all day.”

“Sure. So, what, same pair a size up?”


She insisted on trying on a few more pairs, none of which hugged her ass nearly so well as the ones she’d first modeled, but she kept showing off how they looked anyway. Like she was trying to make me stare at her bum.

What the hell were we even doing?

I thought we’d almost escaped when Kylie decided on a second, comfy pair. Then I had the same thought again after she’d opted to get a backup of the ‘nice ass’ pair, because she feared she might not find something like them next time.

We were on our way to the register to pay when she took an abrupt detour toward the underwear section. I resigned myself to some silly ploy being attempted, and/or yet further attempts at keeping my attention firmly on her, and not on boob-jiggle girl.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Looking at underwear. Duh.”

“Yes, but why? Is it just to torment me?”

“Would that work?”

“I don’t know, really. It depends on what you’re planning, I guess.”

Kylie shook her head, but a small smile had crept onto her lips. “I just decided maybe I should pick some things up. I haven’t gotten any new stuff in a while. Usually I don’t care too much, ’cause no one else sees them anyway.”

An odd feeling hit me, and I tried to push it aside. “You’re expecting me to see you in your underwear more?”

“I don’t know about expecting it. But if you do, I’d like to have something a bit nicer.”

Only a slight flush of Kylie’s cheeks gave away that she was being anything other than purely practical. Her reasoning had a certain logic to it, but I wasn’t sure that I entirely liked it. That said, I couldn’t help wondering and picturing what sort of panties she might pick out, and how they’d look on her.

Why oh why did I have to get the sister that accommodated me seeing her in her underthings? It was way too complicated.

I got lost in my own thoughts to the point where we were headed out of the store, and I belatedly realized I didn’t even know what Kylie had purchased for underwear. I didn’t ask. I’d probably find out sooner or later.

Kylie slipped her free hand into mine as we made the return journey. I didn’t fight it. It was kind of nice, and arguably wasn’t even that weird for siblings to do.

“Thanks for going with me,” she said.

I shrugged. “You didn’t really need me.”

“Nuh uh. You know I did.” She playfully bumped her shoulder against mine. “‘Sides, I might not have bought the jeans that make my butt look so nice if you weren’t here.”

“Well hey, maybe that’ll encourage you to actually wear pants when I come visit.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

And now my thoughts were on Kylie’s ass again. Goddammit. I probably needed to stop worrying about it. It was her fault as much as mine. Probably more than mine, really. And she didn’t seem concerned.

I slipped my hand out of Kylie’s grasp. She frowned at me, but it faded almost immediately when I grabbed her butt. I cupped my palm over her ass cheek for a moment, then retook her hand.

“Naughty,” she said.

I said nothing.

“Does my butt feel good?” she asked after a quiet moment.

“Is that a serious question?”

“Maybe I just want you to say it.”

I hesitated, then lowered my voice to ensure that no one else would hear. Not that anyone was particularly close, or cared about anything other than their own silly little lives.

“Your butt makes it very hard to be your brother,” I said.

Kylie took a moment to process, then apparently decided she liked my statement. She squeezed my hand tighter for a second. “Good.”


“Well I must have a nice butt if it’s worth disowning me over.”

I gazed sidelong at Kylie. Her expression remained innocent and unconcerned. “Your logic frightens me sometimes.”


Kylie changed into her new jeans as soon as we got back. I didn’t think she was trying to mess with me too badly, but she also didn’t shy away from showing off her butt in them when given a chance.

It was getting late enough that we were both hungry, and Kylie’s kitchen was in its usual state of barely stocked. We ordered pizza, which I only later realized meant I was sticking around for a while.

I didn’t have a problem with hanging out into the evening. I had no other plans. What was a little odd was that Kylie seemed intent on keeping me around, and hadn’t even darted straight for her painting area to make use of some fresh inspiration.

It was nice that she wanted to spend more time with me, I just wished I felt like her intentions were pure.

But honestly, even if she wanted to tease me a bit, to make me look at her in somewhat unbrotherly ways, it wasn’t that bad. She didn’t get a lot of male attention, or at least not much that she wanted, and she’d probably just been overcompensating lately.

Besides, much as I hated to admit it to myself, I really, really liked the way her butt looked in those jeans. My inner turmoil over that fact hadn’t gone away, but it was lessened by the knowledge that we both knew more or less what was happening.

We ate pizza together on Kylie’s bed. I’d had to deal with the delivery guy, but she’d insisted on giving me the money to pay.

I thought about putting on a movie while we ate, like we had the other day, but I didn’t really feel the need for sensory distraction. Since Kylie didn’t say anything about it either, I didn’t bother.

Kylie finished eating before me. Or, more accurately, she slowed down the point of just picking at the half-slice remaining on her plate.

“Can I ask you something?” she said.

I nodded. “Always.”

“‘K. Just ’cause, like, it’s kinda weird.”

“I figured. You wouldn’t have asked about asking otherwise.”

Kylie systematically picked and tore at the crust of her pizza. She wouldn’t quite make eye contact with me. “I know we’ve kinda been joking and stuff. But, like, for real… how weird is it that I don’t mind you looking at me.” She bit her lips. “Like, ‘looking’ looking.”

“Yeah, no, I knew what you meant.” I wiped my mouth with a piece of paper towel that was serving as a napkin. “Honestly? I don’t know.”


“I mean, it’s not something you get a lot of second-hand experience with. No one goes around talking about how their brother checks them out, and it’s totally cool with them. Plenty of the opposite, though.”

Kylie smiled crookedly, but her grin faded as quickly as it arrived. “That’s true. That’s kinda like what you were always bugging me about. Not giving you enough shit for some stuff.”

“Yeah, kinda, I guess. That’s all I really understood.” I shrugged. “It probably wasn’t the correct way to approach the situation. I just didn’t know that there was more to it than your, uh…”

“My obliviousness to social interactions?”

“Something like that. I don’t know I’d put it quite that way.”

“No. Me either. I was being deliberately hard on myself to make a point.” Kylie scooted a little closer to me. “I’m not oblivious to things. I know that you looking at me is not nothing. I know I shouldn’t encourage it, or seek it.”

“But you do anyway.”

She nodded. “Not always on purpose. But sometimes… I don’t know. It just feels nice. Nice to be appreciated, or wanted, or… whatever.”

Kylie looked at me, met my eyes, but she was hesitant and shy about it.

“That makes sense,” I said. “I don’t know that it’s necessarily the best response to your feelings, but it’s understandable.”

“Yeah, I guess.” She pushed some of her hair back over her ear. “So I’m only partly a weirdo, is what you’re saying.”

“No, I’m not saying that. You’re just… Kylie. Same as you ever were.”

She nodded, but didn’t look entirely happy. She was starting to get fidgety too. She’d take off on me soon if I didn’t do something. The only problem was I didn’t really have any great plan for salvaging the conversation.

I decided to compromise. “Hey, why don’t you go paint for a bit,” I said.

“Um… I mean, ok, but are you gonna go?”

“No. I’m gonna stick around and stare at your butt.”

Kylie gave me a curious look. She probably couldn’t tell if I was joking. I only kind of was.

After a moment of calculation, she smiled. “Ok.”

So that’s what we did. I dragged Kylie’s comfy chair around a bit to get a better view of her while she worked, and she painted away, only occasionally checking over her shoulder to make sure I was still watching.

It was an odd solution by any standard. But somehow, it was one that worked for us. It gave us both some time to think and work things out in our heads without me having to leave, which neither us really wanted at the moment.

I had Kylie’s ass to amuse me and keep me attentive when my mind wandered, and she had the naughty knowledge that I was eyeing her in a mildly inappropriate kind of way.

I wasn’t terribly surprised when Kylie took a moment to strip out of her new pants. She could have given some false excuse like how she didn’t want to get paint on them, which was a legitimate concern, but we both knew it had more to do with her desire for my attention.

The panties she had on underneath were almost certainly a new pair as well. They weren’t tiny and revealing exactly, but they were sexier than I expected from her. They hugged her ass even better than her jeans, while also revealing quite a bit more of her tantalizing skin.

My erection had been debating whether to come fully to life or not. It had made a decision by this point. I adjusted myself slightly, but only had an uncomfortably small amount of room for my cock to grow into.

I wasn’t sure what would happen if I just took my pants off too. I didn’t think it was a good idea, exactly, but it wasn’t any worse than Kylie taking hers off. My situation wasn’t so dire that I needed to do anything, and it wasn’t like this was my first uncomfortable boner of all time, so for the moment I just abided.

For a time, Kylie seemed to forget I was even there. She carried on painting, sometimes just standing and staring at her work before resuming her brush strokes. She wasn’t trying to pose for me or show off, she was just doing what she did.

I liked her better when she was acting natural. There was a certain illicit thrill to her trying to get my attention, but overall she was more alluring when she wasn’t. Maybe it was just because that was how I was more familiar with her. I was used to her getting so absorbed in her work that she forgot the rest of the world existed. In those moments, she was as much my big sister as she ever would be.

It helped ease my conscience that Kylie had, essentially, given me permission to still watch her, despite her having since forgotten about me. I stayed quiet and watched her, and daydreamed, and sometimes wondered if I shouldn’t just leave. My pangs of guilt were so infrequent as to be inconsequential, but not gone entirely.

I’d curled up and was halfway dozing when Kylie took a break. She set her brush and paints aside, took another long stare at her mostly finished painting, then turned toward me and her chair. She squeaked in surprise, then giggled at scaring herself.

“Oops,” she said. “I forgot you were there.”

“Mmhm, I know. You were having a good time, though.”

“I was. Sorry.”

I shrugged and let my eyelids fall partly closed again.

Kylie hovered for a moment, then resumed course and padded over to me. She slipped into the chair next to me; mostly on top of me, in fact. She curled up snugly with me, and I put my arm around her without even thinking about it.

My hand landed on her hip. I felt the material of her panties, but also bare flesh. I didn’t dare move once I had settled, despite the unintentional nature of my hand placement.

The chair had been turned from its usual window facing direction, but Kylie had landed in a weird half-sitting, half-lying position that still allowed her to look out the large panes of glass into the dim evening scenery. I turned my head a bit to look out along with her.

“You’re so warm,” she whispered.

“I s’pose I am.”

“It’s nice.” She leaned her head on my shoulder. “I think that’s what bothers me most about being alone so much. Most of the time I need to be by myself. But sometimes… sometimes I need something. Contact. Warmth.”

“We all do.”

“I guess. But I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t figured it out.”

“Well that’s incorrect. I’d say most people don’t have it figured out.”

“Maybe. In a different way, though.” Kylie sighed. “They’re all running around finding someone to sleep with. Someone to be with. Multiple someones, even. And yeah, they’re generally not doing a good job of it, but at least they’re doing something.”

I tightened my arm around her. “You’re not them. You’re you.”

“I am. Which leaves me putting you in an awkward position just so I can try to figure myself out.”

“I don’t mind.”

I slipped my hand down to her butt to emphasize my point. It was getting easier all the time. Easier to take liberties. Easier to do things with her that I probably shouldn’t.

“Sometimes you don’t,” Kylie said. “But sometimes you do. And either way, it’s not fair of me. I’m s’posed to be your big sis. I’m not s’posed to do what I’ve been doing.”

She was so warm against me. The same way I was to her. She was soft, and the faint scent of her teased my nostrils. I was getting lost in her the longer she snuggled on me.

“I love you,” I said.

“Mmm, me too. But it’s not meant to be that kind of love.”

“No, it isn’t.”

My hand crept up, away from her butt, under her shirt. Her flesh was just as soft and warm there as everywhere else. I went higher and higher, up to her breasts.

Kylie twisted her head, giving me an uncertain look, biting her lip. I met her gaze as evenly as I could.

“I don’t want to mess this up,” she whispered. “I don’t want you to stop visiting.”

“That won’t happen.”



Kylie’s lips met mine. She shifted her whole body around, kissing me all the more fiercely as she got better leverage.

I sent my other hand up her shirt for backup. She pressed her chest against my palms as I cupped her tits and felt her up.

She bumped my cock a few times as she squirmed around in my lap. At first, she didn’t seem to realize what she was hitting. Once she did, she let her thigh deliberately grind on my erection.

Part of me protested the sudden eruption of a make out session with my sister. The pulses of shame and guilt, and the fear that I was making a huge mistake kept me wary, but I didn’t stop. Couldn’t stop, really. Kylie felt good. So very, very good.

I was horny. That suppressed a lot of my potential negative reaction. The way Kylie was grinding on my cock ensured that I couldn’t throw her off even if I wanted to, which I didn’t. Not really.

Kylie pulled away, then self-consciously wiped at her mouth where our shared spit had left a bit of a mess. Her eyes were bright and excited, but also scared.

“Ty…” she said.


“I… I don’t…”

There was a tremble to her lips, and when I moved my hand over her heart, I felt it pounding away like crazy. I was anxious and unsure about what we were doing, but she was even worse.

“It’s ok,” I said. “We can stop.”

“I don’t want to stop. But I don’t know…”

I pulled Kylie close to me, hugging her tight. She nestled against me, her cheek pressed to mine. I brushed her hair back and kissed her neck ever-so-softly, a repeated staccato of lips on warm, sensitive skin.

“I want you to stay,” she said in a small and far away voice. “Please stay.”

Another kiss, close to her ear. “I wasn’t going anywhere.”

“For the night, I mean.”

“I knew what you meant.” My fingertips ran up and down her spine, dancing lightly over her shirt. “I don’t have work tomorrow.”

“I know. That’s why…”

Aha. So there’d been more planning to this than I realized. More thought than I’d given my sister credit for.

“That’s why you picked today,” I finished for her. “Because you knew.”

She bit her lip and grinned sheepishly. “Maybe.”

I kissed her on the nose. “Fine. Then you can have me for the night.”

Kylie shifted and her butt pressed against my ever-hard cock, making me groan.

“Good,” she said.


There was some more making out, some more fondling and exploring, but things didn’t get any more out of control than that. I think we were both happier not pushing.

Kylie and I were going to share her bed for the night. Neither of us said it out loud or asked the question, but it wasn’t really necessary. It was the only place to sleep in her apartment, really, especially since she didn’t have any extra blankets or sleeping bags or anything.

I had to jerk off before bed or I knew I’d never sleep. Kylie wanted to ask, or watch, or help, or… something. I could see it in her expression. But she didn’t quite dare, and I didn’t bring it up. I just slipped off to the bathroom to do what needed to be done.

I stripped to my boxers for bed. Usually I didn’t even wear that much, but getting naked would have been awkward, even considering what had already transpired.

Kylie wore a shirt and panties, similar to what she’d already been in, except she swapped out her shirt for a light camisole. It showed some cleavage, but wasn’t an overtly sexy choice other than that. She still wore the sexy new panties, but I didn’t think there was any seduction planned there. She’d just already been wearing them, was all.

Lying in bed together was uncomfortable at first. The fire that had possessed us earlier had died back, leaving us more rational and hesitant.

Since I’d made sure to get off before bed, I didn’t have my hormones to carry me through. I lay awkwardly next to Kylie, wondering if I should touch her, curl up with her, or perhaps just stay where I was.

“You’ll be the first boy to sleep in this bed,” Kylie said to break the silence.

“Lucky me.”

She fidgeted. “I guess it’s kinda sad when I put it that way, huh?”

“No, Ky, it’s not.” I rolled closer and put my arm around her. “It’s very you.”

“Could be the same thing.”

“Yeah, could be. Only if you want to look at it that way.”

She relaxed as I held her, and gradually snuggled tighter with me. I felt the rise and fall of her chest against mine. We were out of phase, but I imagined we were slowly synching up.

Kylie eventually went so still and calm, and her breathing so steady, that I assumed she’d fallen asleep on me. I was on my way, but wasn’t there yet. I kissed her forehead.

“Love you,” I whispered.

She stirred, just a little. “Love you too.”

We held each other until we both fell asleep for real.


My dreams featured Kylie, though upon waking I couldn’t remember quite how. It took me a moment to sort out what had actually happened between us, and what had merely been conjured in my head. I was still working things out when I was distracted by movement.

I’d initially assumed Kylie to be trembling, or vibrating for some reason. I was partly correct. In fact, she had her hand busily working within her panties.

She was playing with herself, with me right there next to her. My grip on her had loosened significantly overnight, but my arm still rested on her and made it easier to feel her sneaky little movements. Not sneaky enough.

Once I’d figured out what was happening, what was real, I had to make a decision. I could stay quiet and still, let her finish, pretend like I didn’t know anything about it later. That was an option, but I didn’t much care for it. My other option that I could see was riskier, but I was pretty sure it was the correct one.

With a quick, light motion, I slipped my hand down to cover Kylie’s. She froze immediately, pretty much as I’d expected. I rubbed the back of her hand, guiding her to keep going.

“Someone’s feeling naughty this morning,” I whispered.

Kylie squirmed. “I thought you were still sleeping.”

“I was, until just now.”

“I shoulda done what you did last night. That was smart. I was all worked up from last night, and then you were still here, still holding me…”

“You could have gone to the bathroom, done it there.”

“I guess. But… then I wouldn’t feel you. You wouldn’t be there.”

“You’re not wrong.”

Kylie started moving again. She was only slow and hesitant about it, mostly just making small twitches with her middle finger.

“Sorry,” she said.

“I don’t mind.”

“I’ve got a lot going on in my head.”

I kissed her cheek. “I know. I really don’t mind. You need to do it, so do it.”

Even with my total acceptance, it took Kylie a while to get back to a proper rhythm. She didn’t seem to believe that I really, truly wanted her to masturbate next to me. Which was fair enough, really, because it was decidedly odd when I thought about it like that.

Compared to last night, compared to our brief but meaningful makeout session, it was nothing. That had been truly questionable. Kylie fingering herself was lower on the scale of oddness, as far as I was concerned.

I cupped Kylie’s tits while she played with her pussy. They felt good in my palm, and I could tell fondling her was helping. Whatever it was about my presence that had necessitated action, feeling her up was definitely adding to it. She couldn’t hide her gasps and little moans when I lightly squeezed her boobs or tweaked her nipples.

Her movements grew quicker, her breathing loud and ragged. She abruptly tensed with her hand going frantic for a moment, then relaxed.

I moved my hand from Kylie’s chest and smoothed her hair. She curled in on herself for a bit, and I was somewhat expecting her to run off and hide from me. She didn’t. She stayed right where she was and eventually even rolled to face me.

“Thank you,” she said.

“I didn’t do anything,” I said.

“You’re here. You didn’t leave. That’s enough.”

She lowered her eyes. I tilted her chin up, causing her to meet my gaze just before I gave her a soft kiss. The kiss dragged out far longer than I expected, by silent agreement, and I was running short on breath when it ended.

Kylie panted gently and her face was flushed, mirroring what I felt my own state to be. “Do that again,” she whispered.

So I did. We were still waking up, and already we were engaging in a protracted makeout session. It was slower and more purposeful than the night before, and allowed more time to figure each other out.

Her skin was so warm under my hands as I felt beneath her shirt. I caressed her tummy, her sides, and inevitably her breasts. She wriggled and squirmed, and eventually rolled right on top of me, still moaning into my mouth.

Kylie’s hips moved in their own wave-like rhythm. She had just masturbated to completion, but it wasn’t enough. She was still needy, still looking for satisfaction of a sort. I knew the feeling. My precautionary jerk off the night before seemed much further in the past than it was.

The way Kylie was grinding on me made my body crave more. She wasn’t quite hitting my cock, but was coming damn close. I got harder and harder while she writhed on top of me. I held back for a while, but eventually grabbed her hips and guided her to my erection.

Her eyes widened comically as I jabbed her pussy, my cock separated from her only by our underwear. Her grinding stuttered and stalled for a few seconds, then she closed her eyes, braced herself on my chest, and rocked with even more vigour than before.

I grabbed and fondled Kylie’s butt through her panties. She bit her lip, then kissed me again.

We were in a loop of sexuality that would only lead one place, if not stopped before then. The more I felt her, touched her, kissed her, and tasted her, the more I wanted to keep doing those things, to push even further.

The smart thing would have been to stop. All along, that had always been the traditionally ‘correct’ option. With every little slip of inappropriate behaviour, every flash of naughtiness, we really should have just stopped and tried not to do it again.

But we hadn’t stopped, and now Kylie was two thin pieces of material away from riding my cock. And I wasn’t doing a damn thing about it. I was just looking into her eyes, feeling our sibling connection, our unique understanding of one another. I craned my head up, pressing our lips together once more. I knew that if she didn’t stop it, then I certainly couldn’t.

The only thing that saved us, if that was the right word, was Kylie rubbing out another orgasm on my shaft. She moaned and sat up straighter while grinding a little harder for a moment, then her body relaxed and she calmed down a bit. Her movements slowed, and eventually halted altogether.

“We can’t have sex, can we?” Kylie said, her tone suggesting she wasn’t really asking.

“I’d like to say no,” I said, “but I’m not that certain right now.”

She swung off of me, pausing long enough to give my cock a lingering, regretful caress through my boxers. “You want breakfast?”

“I will. I’m hungry, but I’m also… you know. Horny.”

Kylie giggled nervously and fiddled with her hair. “Yeah. I know.”


Breakfast was leftover pizza. I warmed mine up, Kylie nibbled at hers while it was still cold. She didn’t seem overly invested in her meal one way or the other. Her eyes had a far-off look to them, and she often paused her eating for minutes at a time. She’d made it through half a slice by the time I’d finished.

“Eat,” I urged her. “I know you’re hungry.”

Kylie turned her head bashfully, aware that she’d been caught daydreaming. “I am, just… I’m thinking.”

“Yeah, I could see that. Eat some more while you think.”

Kylie tore off another small bite with her teeth, smiling shyly at me while she chewed it. “You shoulda been the older one. You woulda been better at it.”

“I don’t know about that.”

“It’s true. You’da made a great big bro.”

“How would it have made a difference?”

Kylie shrugged. “I don’t know for sure. I just think it might’ve been nice.”

“Yeah, maybe.” I chewed my lip as I watched her eat about as slowly as a human being could. “But then… you wouldn’t have developed when you did. Maybe I wouldn’t have seen you the same way. Maybe I still wouldn’t.”


“You know.” I reached out and gently caressed her breast. “Like, would I still see you the same if I was the older one? Or would you just be a kid sister?”

Kylie leaned into my touch, and I massaged her chest all the more firmly. I’d only meant to make a point of some kind, but I found myself unwilling to leave her boobs alone now that I’d started playing with them.

“I don’t think it would have changed anything that way,” she said softly. “You didn’t look at me that way when we were younger.”

“I sometimes did. Not a lot. And mostly I tried not to. But little things affect us as we get older, you know. Maybe those little flashes of awareness about you when I was younger… maybe they built up into something more.”

Kylie nodded slowly. “So then what about how I feel when I look at you? Where did that come from?”

I met her eyes. They were so deep, so full of questions and emotions. “I’m not sure I can answer that.”

“No. I guess you couldn’t.”


Our attempts at controlling ourselves never had much hope of success. Perhaps if I’d left early, like right after waking up, we would have been fine. At least until I visited again. But in close proximity, with our boundaries stretched past the breaking point, with our constant teasing of one another… yeah, it was never going to work.

We made token attempts at getting properly dressed. Those didn’t work out. I’d either follow Kylie into her room, or vice versa, and clothes would come off instead of going on, or one of us would start feeling up the other, or we’d just fall onto the bed and make out for a while.

I was getting hornier all the time and couldn’t do anything about it. Kylie wouldn’t even leave me alone long enough for me to jerk off in the bathroom.

My only consolation was that she wasn’t in much better shape than I was. I didn’t say anything lest she decided she needed to change, but my occasional sneaky feels confirmed that her panties were soaked.

Somehow, I ended up naked. Kylie wasn’t too far behind, but had resolutely clung to her pussy-messed panties. Every other part of her was bare and uncovered, which kept me sufficiently occupied that I didn’t hold her down and finish stripping her.

“You should let me paint you,” Kylie said.

Her thigh was rubbing pretty insistently on my cock at the time, which made it difficult to deny any request she might have made. I didn’t want to let her go, but I also didn’t want to tell her no.

“What, right now?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She bit her lip. “I mean, honestly, if we don’t do something…”

I knew what she meant. She was very nearly naked, and I was entirely so. We kept getting closer and closer.

I wanted to fuck her so badly. It was a crazy thought, an insane need, but it was unquestionably true. She was so beautiful, and soft, and warm. The feel of her on my skin, her lips on mine, the way she squirmed in barely restrained lust…

She was still my sister, but I had no idea how long that would last if we didn’t do something.

“Ok,” I said. “Paint me.”

It was a respite of sorts, if not what I’d hoped for. Kylie got something to focus on other than wanting to crawl back into bed with me. I didn’t.

I was made to stand naked by the wall of large windows, in the best lighting. I felt a bit silly at first, being naked and erect while also the subject of an artistic endeavour. The way Kylie’s gaze changed to consider me as an object rather than her brother whom she desperately wanted to bone was slightly unnerving.

I alternated being weirded out by the situation, and being turned on. There was a certain eroticism to being nude and dispassionately examined. Plus, of course, I was still free to watch Kylie’s lithe, nearly-naked body while she worked.

Rather unfairly, I thought, was that even when I managed to chill out, stop thinking about sex for a minute, and let my erection start to droop, Kylie would frown. She’d put down her brush, walk over to me, and stroke my cock a bit until it livened back up. Just not fair.

I only lasted so long before I got too fidgety. I padded over to Kylie, who frantically tried to keep me away from her painting.

“Nooo,” she said. “It’s not ready yet.”

“I know that,” I said. “But I can’t handle just standing there forever.”

Kylie couldn’t physically hold me back, though I rather enjoyed her attempts. They involved an awful lot of her body pressing against mine.

The painting itself was not what I expected. Certainly my nude and erect form was pretty much what I’d pictured, but I somehow hadn’t realized that Kylie had added it to the nude of herself that she’d been playing around with. The pose she’d put us in was not sexual, necessarily, but was awfully close and sensual for naked siblings. Plus, she’d insisted on leaving my hard cock in, which didn’t help sell any kind of platonic scenario.

“Good lord,” I said.

“It’s not finished,” Kylie repeated in a half-whine.

“I’m not talking about that. Ky, we’re practically snuggling in the painting. Naked. Together.”

“I know. That’s what I want.”

“But… but… if someone sees…”

“Who’s gonna see? I already wasn’t gonna show anyone but you. Nothing’s changed.”

I sighed. “And you had to leave my cock in like that?”

She smiled impishly. “I like it.”

“Of course you do.”

Kylie reached down and lightly trailed her fingertips along the top of my shaft. “I know it makes the painting a little porn-y. But… it’s for me. It’s what I want.”

“You want my dick?”

She flushed in mild embarrassment, which had been my intent. “I didn’t mean it like… like that.”

“Or did you?” I tilted her head back to face me, but in the process noted that she had some splatters of paint on her, and she’d made a bit of a mess on my chest when she’d been trying to push me away. “Hey! You messy girl.”

“Not my fault. You wouldn’t stay where you were s’posed to.”

I arched an eyebrow, and instead of arguing simply dipped my fingers in some paint and flicked them at her. She stared with an open mouth in mock-horror, then retaliated in kind.

Our ensuing paint fight was ridiculously childish, all things considered, and quite messy too. It graduated quickly from flicking paint, to smearing it, and from there it was a short journey to basically just feeling each other up, paint forgotten.

Kylie wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. Her breasts were soft and a bit slippery from the paint. I grabbed her ass and lower back, holding her tight. My cock was pinned between us, harder and needier than ever.

I couldn’t stop myself this time. Not anymore. I just couldn’t.

“I’m going to take you to bed,” I told Kylie.

“Ok,” she said in a faint voice.

“Like, for real.”

“I know.” She nuzzled my neck. “Take me.”

She couldn’t have melted any closer to me. She would have done anything I asked in that moment, I was quite sure. I, likewise, would have obeyed any directive she gave. It just happened to be me who took charge first.

It was a long, slow process to get back to her bedroom. We wouldn’t let go of each other or stop kissing long enough to just walk like functional adults. We tripped over several paintings on the way, and probably ruined a couple in the process. Neither of us was watching where we were going basically at all.

I hesitated once we got to Kylie’s bed, but she fell back and dragged me right along with her.

“Your sheets,” I said with some vestige of responsible thought.

“Fuck ’em. I’ll get new ones.”

Then she was kissing me again. My worries about the disaster zone we’d make of her bed fled from my mind as I hungrily kissed her back.

I held Kylie, rubbed against her, and ran my hands everywhere. My hips thrust of their own accord, trailing slick precum over her panties. Her underwear was so wet from our mutual arousals that I had some trouble actually getting them off her.

We fought her panties together to slide them down her legs. She finally kicked them off, then lay back with a nervous but excited smile.

There was no question anymore, not by either of us. We’d denied ourselves for too long. I kept thrusting, and without panties in the way, my cock quickly found its way.

Kylie whimpered softly as her pussy lips were parted and the head of my cock just barely pushed inside her. She pulled at me, her fingernails digging into my butt as she physically urged me to keep going.

Her pussy opened up for me as I went deeper and deeper. She was as warm and wet as I’d imagined, and small flexes of her inner muscles rhythmically tightened her around me.

I had to move in sync with her, following her body’s cues, but nothing was stopping me from getting fully inside. I growled in animalistic victory as I bottomed out in my big sister’s sweet little pussy.

I froze with my cock fully buried in Kylie. I thought she was crying into my shoulder. There were indeed a few tears streaking her cheek, but they had nothing to do with sadness, fear, or pain. She caught my expression and smiled back at me with misty but still vibrant eyes. She kissed me softly, tenderly, and with a simple reassurance of love and joy.

We moved together, our hips beginning a slow dance back and forth. She whimpered again, but it transitioned into more of a pleasurable moan. Her pussy tightened around me at irregular intervals, eliciting very similar sounds from my throat.

I fucked Kylie harder, surrendering to my lust and need for her. One of her hands went to the back of my head, stroking my hair as she nuzzled and kissed my neck. The harder I thrust into her, the louder and deeper her moaning became.

“So good,” I whispered.

“Mmhm.” She kissed my cheek, trailing up to my earlobe that she gently nipped at. “Sooo good,” she concurred at much the same volume.

We writhed around, always moving, always grabbing and touching and kissing. Kylie rolled me over and got on top for a while. I loved the fire she displayed riding me so energetically, and way her breasts moved when they weren’t pressed to my chest.

I played with Kylie’s tits with one hand while rubbing the other up and down her lower back. She growled deep and low, then rolled back over.

“More,” she urged. “More.”

She was sweaty and flushed, as I suspected I was as well. Our breathing was ragged and only allowed for shorter kisses before air breaks were needed.

I was going to cum very soon. I’d lasted longer than I expected already. Everything about my sister made me want to explode, to fill her up with my cum. Every single touch, every sound, even just the way she looked at me with those perfect, glistening eyes.

Her moaning reached its highest pitch yet before she buried her face in my chest. Her hips went crazy and her pussy clamped down tighter than ever. I couldn’t last through her orgasm. Not the way she gripped me.

I fucked her hard and desperately, then pulled out just before the last vestiges of my humanity were obliterated by the sweet release of my long overdue orgasm. I came in long, thick strands of cum that plastered themselves to Kylie’s tummy. There was so much it didn’t even feel real, and yet it was over before I fully understood that I was done.

I looked down at Kylie, held up by arms that trembled slightly from exertion. There was a satisfied love in her expression, and a contentedness that overcame any desire she might have had to move.

I let myself fall just to the side of her. I didn’t go far enough away to separate our bodies, just enough that I could lie down. She pulled my arm around her and snuggled to my chest. Warm cum squished between us, and I couldn’t begin to give a shit.

“Thank you,” Kylie said. “That was wonderful.”

I smiled crookedly. “You don’t need to thank me. I enjoyed that as much as you did.”

“Maybe almost as much,” she said seriously.

I laughed softly. “Alright. Almost as much. I’ll take it.”


We had to get up and shower eventually. The splotches of dried paint and cum were a bitch to wash off, but it wasn’t an unpleasant task. Kylie and I helped each other with the task, as well as fooling around some more under the warm cascade of water.

We washed each other thoroughly, spending even more time scrubbing than our dirty bodies needed. Kylie giggled when I kept returning to her breasts to give them another rinse. She in turn playfully washed my cock repeatedly, but never enough to really turn into a proper handjob. Just enough to tease me and get back at me for all the attention to her chest.

Kylie seemed to like me washing her hair the most. She sighed happily and closed her eyes while I massaged her scalp and made sure her shampoo was all nicely rubbed in.

She washed my hair too, which was quite pleasant, though I had a lot less of it that she did, and it was over much quicker. Still, I decided I’d like to do it again sometime. Among other things.

Kylie dried off first, then wiped off her bathroom mirror and carefully brushed her hair. I watched her while I toweled off in turn. Her beautiful nude body captivated me. Her ass in particular drew my attention as it swayed gently from side to side.

Once dry, I stood behind Kylie, my semi-hard erection nestled against her butt. She stopped brushing and relaxed into my arms.

“You’d think your hair would be more orderly, the care you put into it,” I murmured.

“You should see how bad it gets if I don’t brush it out,” she said.

“Ha, ok. Fair enough.” I gave her bottom the lightest of swats. “I’m gonna go see how bad a mess we made of your bed.”

“It’s pretty bad.”

“Yeah? You have a spare set of bedding?”

“No. I’ll need new sheets.”

“Of course you do.” I chewed on my lip. I didn’t really want to leave Kylie, but she needed clean bedding. Or perhaps it would be more fair to say we needed it. “I guess I could run out and pick up a new set.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“No? Are you gonna go?”

Kylie hesitated. “Well… not now…”

“That’s what I thought. I’ll go.” I kissed her on the forehead. “And later today, if you’re up for it, we’d better do groceries again. Or tomorrow.”

“If I say tomorrow, does that mean you’ll come back again?”

I gave her a lopsided grin. “I might just still be here.”

Kylie smiled back shyly. “You’ll get tired of me by then. I won’t be much fun when we’re not… you know. ‘Cause I’ll need to paint for a while. Do some alone things. Me stuff.”

“I know,” I assured her. “We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.”

“Cross,” she said. “Cross that bridge.”

“Funnier my way.”


My trip out ended up being lengthier than I anticipated. Bedding was easy enough. I had to text Kylie to figure out what size her bed actually was, but other than that it was a quick jaunt in and out of the store.

However, instead of going straight back, I figured I better get prepared. I packed some clothes and supplies from my place, on the basis that I didn’t know how long I’d be staying at Kylie’s. Maybe another night. Maybe longer. Maybe I’d be back at my place by bedtime. It was all up in the air.

I was pretty sure I could count on at least another night, despite the uncertainty. I couldn’t get my sister out of my head. Couldn’t stop thinking about her. I needed to see her more, to be around her. Maybe, hopefully, to have sex with her again. Repeatedly.

To that last end, I stopped at a drug store and bought some condoms. Just in case. There was no point being unnecessarily stupid about things. Also just in case, I opted for getting the morning after pill for Kylie. Again, even though I didn’t think there’d be a problem, there was no point taking stupid risks.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Kylie didn’t even seem to notice how long I’d taken. She barely registered my return at all. It was her painting, of course. She’d become lost in her creative zone once again; a place where time and relationships didn’t have nearly the impact they ought to.

She was working on her nude portrait of the both us. In my absence, she’d opted to pose naked for herself in the mirror and touch up her half of the painting.

“I’m back,” I said.

“So you are,” Kylie agreed. “Take your clothes off and come here.”

“Um… ok.”

I might have gotten excited, except that I was about eighty percent sure she just wanted me to model some more. Still, watching her practice her art in the nude was interesting in its own right. And getting naked with her, even for semi-platonic purposes, that had a certain thrill to it as well.

As I suspected, Kylie got me to pose with her so she could see us both in the mirror. I tried to be good. I didn’t try very hard, but I tried. My hands started wandering pretty quickly in any event. She giggled and pushed them away when I got too distracting, but didn’t once tell me to stop.

When she’d take her small pauses to examine her progress and plan the next steps, Kylie dropped her nearest hand down to stroke my cock a bit. It started as a deliberate gesture, but after a while I got the distinct impression she wasn’t even really thinking about it anymore.

I found it pretty hot that my sister was jerking me off just as a way of occupying her hand while she pondered, but it was also kind of frustrating that it meant she wasn’t putting in any real effort at making me feel good. Her touches would sometimes be little more than feather-light caresses, her fingertips idly tracing paths back and forth across my shaft while I struggled not to grab her hand and make her do it properly.

Things gradually devolved as I got more and more handsy, and eventually stepped firmly behind Kylie and started grinding on her butt. I saw her smile in the mirror with a look of amused resignation. She’d almost certainly expected this to happen sooner or later.

“I guess that’s all the painting I can do for now,” she said.

“I think so, yeah,” I said. I grabbed Kylie’s boobs from behind and massaged them my both hands. “You can’t expect me to behave forever.”

“No. Indeed I can’t.”

Kylie set her supplies aside, then twisted in my grasp until she was facing me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. She pressed her lower half firmly against me to trap my cock.

We made out for a few moments, then I put my hands under Kylie’s thighs and lifted her up. She squealed and clung to my neck as I carried her to her comfy chair. I set her down, and she smiled eagerly at me as she awaited my next move.

I knelt down in front of Kylie and pulled her knees apart. She scooted her butt forward as she guessed what I was up to.

She giggled nervously as I kissed my way up the inside of her thigh to her pretty little pussy. She spread her legs even wider for me and threw a hand over her mouth to muffle the adorable squeaks she made as I kissed dead centre between her hips.

I smiled at Kylie’s reaction, but didn’t let it distract me. My tongue flicked out along her bare slit, eliciting further sounds of girlish glee.

Kylie calmed down as she got used to my licks, but still moaned appreciatively at regular intervals and tangled her fingers in my hair. Her thighs occasionally squeezed against my face until she remembered to give me room to work.

“Mmm. That’s nice,” she breathed.

I patted her leg and kept licking.

Kylie seemed happy to settle in and let me do my thing for as long as I wanted. I, on the other hand, was too horny for that. After getting my sister all nice and warmed up, I wrestled her around so that I could sit in the chair where she’d been, and she had to take my lap. She didn’t much seem to mind the switch up.

Kylie wriggled around and got comfortable, which only turned me on more, as if I needed it. She settled in facing me, with her pussy pressed right up on my cock. Her eyes gleamed impishly as she rocked gently back and forth against me.

I didn’t give her much of a chance to tease me. I simply lifted her up and let her come down on my erection. She reached down to guide me in. Her eyes closed to slits and she hissed in pleasure as she slowly sank down.

We sat totally still at the end, my shaft engulfed within Kylie’s warm pussy. I still wanted more, still wanted to lie her back and fuck her hard and fast, but somehow the urge to get off wasn’t sufficiently strong to break the moment. Just feeling my sister, seeing her, smelling her, it was enough.

“I love you,” she whispered.

I kissed her tenderly. “I love you too.”

She rocked her hips gently, taking some of her weight on her legs to give herself the needed flexibility. She didn’t move fast, and that was fine. The slow grind was perfect. I wanted it to last. I wanted the desire I had for her to burn steady for as long as I could stand it.

“I bought condoms,” I said. “I don’t want to stop right now, but maybe…”

Kylie laughed, clear and happy. “We don’t need those, silly.”

“We don’t?”

“No. I’m all tied down there. Baby-proof.”

“You are? Since when?”

“Did I not mention that?”


“Oh. Oops. I wondered why you pulled out last time.”

I shook my head, then nuzzled and kissed her breasts to relieve some exasperation. “Here I was thinking we needed to be safer…”

“Yeah, no, I was on top of that. I mean, I know it was silly worrying about babies. I never really expected… you know, something like this. But just in case…”

I traced my fingers up her back. She maintained a steady rhythm, back and forth. Just enough to keep me on edge. “You’d never make it as a mom, huh?”

“Hell no I wouldn’t. It’s bad enough dealing with regular people. Can you imagine a little tiny person who’s, like, always there? Nevermind the bit where they come out of my vagina. Ick.”

I laughed and kissed Kylie again. “You’re so… you, sometimes.”

“Should I take that as a compliment?”

“Yeah. Yeah you should.”

Kylie shifted again to get her knees into a better position, but didn’t increase the speed or power of her slow, constant grind on my lap. I held her while alternating between staring into her eyes, and looking over her shoulder at the magnificent view out the window. It should have been just a tad scary to be fucking my sister while in theory we could be observed, but the height of her loft meant that it wasn’t really much of a worry.

“Are you gonna stay over again?” she asked, disrupting my idle train of thought.

“I thought I might.” I smiled as she kissed my cheek. “But you know I can’t stay here all the time.”

Kylie sighed. “I know. I hate thinking about it like that right now, but you’re right. I couldn’t handle having someone else here all the time. Even you.”

“We’ll work something out, yeah? Maybe on the weekends or something?”

“Yeah. Something like that.”

She still didn’t look quite convinced, so I did the only logical thing I could think of to reassure and cheer up my big sister; I picked her up and carried her off to bed, my cock still nestled snugly in her pussy the whole way.

I let my desire and need take over. I fucked Kylie hard on her bed while she grabbed and me and mewled happily.

I came inside her, free from the responsibility of being more cautious. She gasped at feeling cum spurt into her pussy, then grinned wickedly and rolled on top of me to keep riding.

My cock softened and got sensitive after my orgasm, but Kylie brought it back to life and wouldn’t let me have a break until I got off again. She’d reached a couple orgasms of her own by then, so she was content to let me rest after my second time.

“I think I really like sex,” Kylie said as she drew lazy circles around my nipples with her finger.

“Was there some doubt about that?”

“No. Not really. Just good to know for sure, is all.”

“Fair enough.”

We cuddled a while longer before Kylie got restless. She grew increasingly fidgety, then finally hopped out of bed.

“I’ma go paint for a bit,” she said.

“Yeah. I figured.”

“I think I’ll work on something new. But maybe later you’ll come pose for me again? I wanna finish up our painting at some point.”

“Our painting?”

“You know, the one with-”

“I know which one you mean. Just… calling it our painting, is all.”

Kylie flushed slightly. “Well, I mean, it is. It’s us.”

“Uh huh. But you meant it’s, like, ours.”


“So… nothing I guess. It’s just interesting.”

Kylie stared at me, chewed on her lip for a moment, then left.

I lay where I was, just thinking. The painting meant something to Kylie, I was sure of it. It was possible it was nothing more than just her expressing her interest in me via her art. That was almost fine, though I still didn’t like the idea of such blatant evidence of our sexual union hanging around to be spotted.

There was a chance it was something deeper. That might be ok too. It was hard to say.

Who was I kidding? I had accepted where Kylie and I were going, where we’d already been. I loved her. She loved me. We were going to do more sexy sibling things. That was just what it was. And if she wanted to paint sexy pictures of us, then what the hell was I worrying about it for? Painting was what she did. Of course she’d do a portrait of the two of us. I was important to her. It was a good thing.

I padded naked through Kylie’s apartment and peeked into her studio area. She was just as naked, and as usual totally oblivious to being snuck up on from behind. It was tough not to get stuck staring at her nude form as her arm swung gracefully this way and that.

‘Our’ painting had been set aside for the moment. I took the time to study it, despite its incomplete nature. Looking at it with fresh eyes, the way my sister might, without letting my worries affect me, I saw it differently. It wasn’t a fatal mistake waiting to happen, or an expression of feelings too deep for me to understand. It was just us. Me and Kylie; naked, together, and in love.

She had painted what I felt when I looked at her. That was what it was. Though, presumably, it was actually what she felt for me instead of vice versa. Either way, I needed to leave well enough alone. Let her work. Let her be happy.

I tiptoed away to clean up and put some clothes on. I could go for a walk or something, give Kylie some peace. Chances were she wouldn’t even know I was gone.


The plan for me spending nights with Kylie when I had days off had been an arbitrary suggestion at the time, but actually seemed to work fairly well. It took some restraint from both of us, since we often found ourselves craving more. Sometimes we simply gave in to our desires and hooked up when we weren’t supposed to, but we tried our best.

Kylie needed her space. Even from me. That wasn’t going to change. The reward for our patience was how good the sex felt when we had to wait most of week for it. I found myself daydreaming about her far too often while I was meant to be working.

Since she generally knew when I was going to show up these days, Kylie often wasn’t wearing much when I arrived. She’d always had that problem, but now it was deliberate. That made it all the more confusing when I arrived one evening to find her painting while fully dressed. It wasn’t unheard of, but was unusual.

Regardless, I snuck up behind my sister and enfolded her in a ninja-hug. She squealed in delight and carefully set her brush down before turning and kissing me.

“What’s with the clothes?” I asked.

Kylie grinned. “So I’m not allowed wearing clothes now?”

“I didn’t say that.” I slid my hands under her shirt. “Although…”

She laughed. “I had some delivery guys in earlier. I just didn’t get around to changing after they left.”

I arched an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“Don’t look so surprised. I buy things sometimes.”

“Yeah, sometimes. Not often.” A quick glance around revealed exactly what her purchase was. Her comfy chair had a twin positioned by the wall of windows. “A new chair? What was wrong with your old one?”

“Nothing.” Kylie’s eyes flicked away, then back to me. “I just thought… maybe… you could have one too?”

My return smile erased most of her discomfort. It wasn’t just a chair. I recognized that. It was something in her place that wasn’t hers. Something for me. Coming from Kylie, it was practically an engagement ring.

“Thank you,” I said.

I kissed her deeply and held her more tightly to me. On unspoken agreement, she wrapped her arms around my neck and hopped into my embrace so I could carry her over to my new chair.

“Of course you know,” I said as we sat down with her in my lap, “we don’t often end up needing two chairs.”

Kylie giggled. “No. Not often.”

We played a game of getting each other’s clothes off while maintaining as much contact as possible. Tops were easier than bottoms, naturally, and Kylie eventually had to get off me long enough to get my pants off.

We both sighed in delayed satisfaction when she climbed back into my lap and slid her pussy onto my cock. We held each other close until she had me fully inside and had started rocking back and forth the way she liked to do.

For a while we engaged in slow, exquisite grinding while feeling each other up whenever and wherever we felt like it. I alternated stroking Kylie’s hair, and caressing her breasts. She ran her hands up and down my chest, and occasionally leaned in to kiss my shoulder, neck, or cheek.

“Mom came to visit the other day,” Kylie said.

“She did?”

“Yeah. I guess she got tired of being told I was fine. Wanted to make sure.”

“How’d that go?”

Kylie shrugged. “I thought she was you, so I didn’t bother dressing when I heard someone come in. I should have known, though. You’re always much quieter.”

“So you were… naked?”

“No. But only in panties. It was fine. Mom knows how I am.”


“I had to make sure she didn’t get into my room, though.”

That threw me for a second, until I recalled where Kylie had hung our nude portrait.

“You mean because of our painting? Yeah. I don’t want to think about her reaction to it.”

“It’d be awful, right?” Kylie shook her head. “I think I get why you were worried about it. I thought about trying to explain it to Mom, and… I couldn’t.”

“I don’t know that I’m worried about it anymore. I mean, yeah, it’s dangerous, but I’m still glad you did it.”


“Mmhm. I like it more every time I see it.”

“Just ’cause it has me naked in it, you mean?”

“No. Not just that. It doesn’t hurt, though.”

Kylie smiled at me, and I smiled back. We kissed softly and passionately.

“I love you,” she said.

“Love you too.”

Kylie nestled more snugly to me while still riding my cock. I held her in a warm embrace and gazed over her shoulder. The sun was just setting, and the view was about as picturesque as it got.

It wasn’t a typical relationship, not in any kind of way. Having sex with my sister on a regular basis would have been odd enough, but Kylie was her own brand of unique. It wasn’t a relationship I could ever share with anyone either. It had to be a secret. Not to mention the inconvenience of probably never living with each other full time.

And yet, in its own way, it was perfect. I was happy with Kylie. So, so happy. I had plenty of practice accepting her idiosyncrasies, and even cherished them most of the time. I loved having sex with her, holding her, and just being with her. What we had was weird and definitely not normal, but it was ours.

“Take me to bed?” Kylie whispered in my ear.

I kissed her shoulder and gathered myself to lift her up. “Absolutely.”

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