Deal struck well with an Insurance Agent – Part 1

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Hi guys this is Priyanka, I have a story to share with you all. However, I will be narrating the same with view point of the male counterpart. Shall wait for your comments..

Working with an MNC. This story is about an Insurance Agent Laxmi. I had searched from some insurance plans online. One fine Sunday morning I got a call from an insurance company (came to know through True Caller). I ignored since it was a day to relax. But the calls became frequent. I picked up the call and a very sweet voice of a lady spoke from the other side. I was mesmerised. She said she is an insurance agent and that she wanted to meet regarding my search on the online portal. I said yes to meet on any next working day. However, she insisted to meet on Sunday itself as it was last day of the month and she had to meet her targets. I agreed.

I live as a bachelor. My house is very shabby generally. Maid comes daily but she does only the clothes and the vessels, not the room cleaning. So I cleared my whole house. It was about time for her to come and I was eager to know how a sweet voiced lady looks like.
At sharp time bell rang and I had goose bumps after a very long time. I opened the door. I was stunned at the beauty of this girl. She must be 5.5 feet, very thin may be 30-24-34, fair looking, cute hair till neck and very cute face. She was wearing tight jeans and a tight polo t shirt. She was absolutely looking sexy.

I invited her in and asked her to sit on the sofa. I sat in front of her on another chair. She opened her laptop after a quick introduction. She asked me to sit besides her. I went beside her and started discussing all the plans. She showed quite a few good plans. However, all had heavy premiums. So made up my mind not to get any of these policies, so I started raising all my concerns. She started to counter all my concerns. However, I was not in any mood to shell out that much amount. She got very nervous and her eyes became numb. I said, that’s fine and she will get some other customers – to which she said all other customers have refused and I was the last customer for this month, if she does not get this policy she will be screwed very badly as she was unable to sell even a single policy for last 3 months and I was the first customer who has given this much time so she had a lot of hopes on me. I was feeling very bad but couldn’t help it. I told her that I can take a small policy if that helps. She said she has to cover up for last 3 months as well. I said then in that case I will not be able to help her. She was almost crying and wrapping her things up. She got up from her seat. Her t-shirt had rose from behind and her green string panty’s string was clearly visible with a bit of ass crack of her. I was staring at it and had a hard erection right away, when she turned back and caught me watching her back. She did not seem to be bothered, she thanked me for my time and left.

The image of her ass crack and panties was not moving away from my eyes. After an hour or so bell rang and I shocked to have her back at my door. She said that she wanted to have a word with me if I allow her to come in. I welcomed her. She sat on the same side of the sofa and sat in front of her as I would not be able to resist my erection seeing the scene of her as again. She said that she had seen me staring at her ass when she got up. Next thing was a shocker. She said that she can show me her full body if I buy a good policy. I was actually shocked. I asked her what do you mean. I may have watched your body parts but I am not a person with that thought. She said that she had noticed my erection. I was like no I don’t want to spoil my image, but at the same time I wanted to strike this deal.

Before even I gave my consent, she started striping her t-shirt and asked me if she should proceed further or no. I had no choice as my choice was visible through bulge in my pants. She started some light music. She took hold of her shirt and took it off in a perfect stripper style. It was very sensual. I for once thought I was in a stripper club. Soon the top was off and she was in mere string bikini bra. I was in a different world now. She then unbuttoned her jeans and teased a bit by turning around for a while. Then she pulled her jeans slowly showing me her sweet little ass. I was mesmerised. I never had thought of this happening with me. She was in mere string bikini standing in front of me, dancing and making y dick harder and harder. I had no more resistance and removed by dick from my pants. She was also shocked to see my 6 inch sturdy looking dick.
I asked her to show me her tender boobs and then untied her bra knot from her back of neck and then from her back and held her bra on the boobs. Her teasing was the beast part of the whole show. After few minutes of teasing she dropped her bra. It was ultimate. Those tender boobs. Seemed no one had even touched them. I asked her to come near me as I wanted to touch them. She said the deal is for only seeing them no touching at all. I was frustrated but agreed to what she said. So I demanded the deal to be completed and the pussy to be shown to me. She agreed and untied the strings beside her hips. Again she held the panty from dropping by pressing her hand over her pussy. She turned around and her round sweet little juicy ass was for my visual pleasure. My dick could not resist and it started throbbing. I was on clouds by now. She slowly removed her panty and threw on my face. It was smelling awesome. She had her juices flowing into them and the smell of the juices was awesome. She then turned towards me and I lost almost all my senses by now. She was totally clean. Not even a single hair near her pussy. It was something that we have watched more in porn only.

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