Dad give me 200$ for nude pics

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I got a surprising phone call the other day. It had been six years since I heard from my stepdaughter Nicole. There wasn’t any small talk or how am I. The 23 year old was right to the point. ” hey dad it’s me Nicole can I have $200?”

Don’t get me wrong it was great to hear her voice. I have been texting and leaving messages for her since she moved out at 17. All I ever got in return was “Fuck off.” However she never blocked me on social media. So I have been able have some kind of idea how she has been and how she has grown into a stunning young woman.

Many times I had scrolled through Nicole’s photos. She has always been about her gorgeous body and looks beyond hot in a bikini.

Anyways I asked what she needed the money for. I got the it’s none of your business third degree. So I sighed and told her to call me back in 10 minutes. I got some snotty remark and then she hung up the phone.

I got on my laptop and checked out some new pics of her. She is about 5′ 0″ about 105 pounds with tits that would rest in my hands nicely. I undid my Jeans and pulled my 6 inches out and started fucking my hand as I looked u her pics. I wasn’t expecting to get too far. The phone rang. All I heard when I answered it was. “Well can I have $200?” I responded. I won’t just give you $200 but I’ll buy something off you. She got agitated and said thst she didn’t have anything for sale. I chuckled and told her that I want ten naked pictures of her. $20 per pic. She went off on me. “You ate such a fucking pervert. You need help. You are sick.” It was what I expected Nicole to say so I was prepared with my thinking. I said. Nicole I am not any sicker or perverted as the older guys who had been screwing you since you were 14. You get up on stage and take you close off in front of strangers that give you a buck or two to see your cunt and everyone else in that place knows about it. The I reminded her when she was 15 she came home drunk and begged me to suck my cock. I got to admit that it was an amazingly blowjob. She even swallowed.

She was pretty pissed at that point and said that she didn’t remember then she hung up.

She called back in less than a minute. “Okay dad. When can I have the money? ” I told her that I would like to see her so just come get it.

Nicole showed up about an hour later. She walked through the door wearing a teal tank top that showed off her nice tit and a an orange mini skirt. For lack of better words she was fucken hot. She asked where’s the money and I asked. Where’s pics?

She stepped in front of my recliner where I was sitting and pulled her tank and slid down her mini skirt. Leaving avskimpy black bikini to hide her nipples and slit. She said that I should take the pictures. I said. Okay fine. I got up and headed into the other room and returned with my camera.

Nicole modelled for me in many positions on the recliner and on the couch. My cock was twitching until she asked for the money. I reminded her that the deal was NAKED pics not in a bikini. She said. Come on. I followed her to the bedroom.

I photographed every 2 seconds of Nicole getting undressed. Her nipples had no pigment. They blended with her fleshtone. She had a little light brown strip right above her slit. She laid on the bed as I took pics of her fondling her boobs and spreading her legs.

The memory card in my camera hold a thousands of pics and I know that I must have take 500 pics of Nicole.

She told me to show her my cock. So I showed her my rock hard cock.

She took hold of my cock and began stroking it.. I reached for her tit but she stepped back and said. Okay I need my money. Gotta go.

Nicole started putting her bikini back on . I was losing control. So I quickly said. ” I’ll go another hundred if you let me fuck you. She laughed and said. Dad I get $500 I sell myself. She seemed pretty sure of herself. She must have thought I was going to give in but I said. Hmm . I reached into my pocket and pulled out wad of cash. Slicing away two hundred dollar bills and dropping it on the bed before walking out of the room.

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