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I got a surprising phone call the other day. It had been six years since I heard from my stepdaughter Nicole. There wasn’t any small talk or how am I. The 23 year old was right to the point. ” hey dad it’s me Nicole can I have $200?” Don’t get me wrong it was

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My girlfriend dumped me for a guy with a 10 inch cock. I didn’t really care. Fucking her was like ringing a bell for my 6 inch cock. Her tits were like deflated balloons on her 26 year old body. I needed a place to stay for a few nights until my next payday. So

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I am a divorced dad of a beautiful  daughter that I see when she has the time which is not very often. I just figure that she is a sophomore in high school and i let her do her thing. She answers my texts and my calls so I know that she loves her ole