Giving Kaicy a bath

My girlfriend dumped me for a guy with a 10 inch cock. I didn’t really care. Fucking her was like ringing a bell for my 6 inch cock. Her tits were like deflated balloons on her 26 year old body.

I needed a place to stay for a few nights until my next payday. So my good friend Tom offered me his couch. He was divorced but was raising his 12 year old daughter Kaicy. One thing that seemed awkward to me was Tom was still giving his daughter a bath every night. Kaicy had little titties and I figured that she must be sprouting a blonde bush.

Tom had an unexpected date Friday night so he asked me to keep an eye on Kaicy.

After Tom left. Kaicy asked me to give her a bath. I was very reluctant but she kept asking. So I eventually agreed. I got to admit that I wanted to see her titties.
I was going to run her bath water but she insisted so it was the right temp and height in the bathtub.

Kaicy called me in to the bathroom after she got in the tub. I quickly learned that I was right about her little bush when she handed me the wash cloth and stood up. She had a awxy little petite body. I washed her back and lower legs along with her arms then she pointed to her forbidden spot between her legs and told me not to forget her pussy. I was terrified. Suddenly the phone rang. When I answered it. Tom was on the line. He wanted to talk to Kaicy. She laid in the tub playing with her pussy hair while talking to her dad. I could feel my cock pulsating.

Kaicy handed the phone back to me. Tom told me to go ahead and give Kaicy a bath and take a bath with her if I wanted to.

I was blown away. I didn’t know what to do. When I hung up the phone Kaicy asked me to take a bath with her. I asked her if her dad takes baths with her.she told me he did.

I felt uncomfortable as I undid my Jean. Kaicy reached up.and grabbed my dick over my jeans and said. It’s okay if I see your dick. You are seeing my boobs and pussy and besides I see dad’s dick all the time.

I figured what the heck. I pulled my shirt off then I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down. Kaicy’s eyes were glues to my half hard boner. What can I say. I was getting turned on about the situation.

I sat down in the bathtub then Kaicy sat between my legs and leans back against my chest. She then handed me a bar of soap and said. Wash the front of me now.

I was very strategic on washing around here boobs and I kept away from the major forbidden zone.

Finally I stood up as she moved to her knees. My plan was to get out of the bathtub but it was like in slow motion when she grabbed my cock and slipped her mouth over it. I was paralyzed at that point. The eroticy of Kaicy sucking my cock was intense.

We stayed ther for what was about ten minutes. Then she asked me to lick her pussy. I knew it was a bad idea but I couldn’t say no. She looked too good.

I stepped out of the tub then picked Kaicy up and out and dried us off. My cock was still rock hard waiting to shoot its ammo. But I picked up the little lady and carried her to the couch. She got into the position on her own for me to eat her tiny pussy. She had about hundred dirty blonde pussy hairs around her slit. As nervous as I was I must have done it right. I licked cunt. The sweet taste drove me crazy. Almost right away her little body began tightening up as she orgasmed.

I know I was bad and wrong but I said to her. I would love to fuck you. She smiled and said. Okay. She guided me to her bed and told me to lay down. She squirted some orange scented lubricating on the head of my cock then straddled me. She said my dad’s penis is bigger so you should be easier.

No grown woman’s pussy could hold a candle next to how awesome Kaicy’s pussy felt. I let her ride my cock until she was worn out and I couldn’t hold back my cum. When I came inside her it seemed like it lasted and lasted.

Tom came home around noon the next day. He sat down in his recliner and called Kaicy. She pulled his cock out and began blowing him. I was so turned on again that I dropped my shorts and began stroking my cock.

Kaicy set a couch cushion on the coffee table then knelt on all four. Her dad pit his cock in her mouth and I fucked her doggie style.He looked at me and winked. Then said. Just remember her birthday party in two weeks.

That afternoon Tom and I saw a big camper for sale. He helped me buy it as long as I paid it back and we set it up in his back field.

Tom got pretty serious with his girlfriend so Kaicy would come to me a couple times a week. I fucked her for four more years

I finally bought me a house when Kaicy was 16. She found a good boyfriend and our adventures stopped. However at her 18th birthday party. I couldn’t make it but there was an anonymous birthday card of a kitty in the bathtub and a cashiers check for $10,000. I didn’t see her as a whore. Because she wasn’t. She was a wonderful young lady who deserved a whole lot more.

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