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I have a few different things that has happened since me and michelle got together that i want to share. Now im not as good as michelle as feeling in details so these will be kinda short and direct but will be more than 1 short story.

When i ran off with michelle when she was 14 we ran to my cousins and stayed with him and his family for a short time. On the 3rd night it was late and we slept downstairs on a fold out couch. Michelle was in the middle of sucking my dick when i seen something move at the top of the steps. Turning my head and looking to see what it was. My cousins daughter was sitting there watching. She was couple years younger than michelle. She sat there the whole time watching everything we did.
The next morning i told my cousin i seen his daughter watching us fuck last night. He smiles and said well you should have told her to come down and join in.
I bet she would have.

Yeah right, so you could kick my ass for messing with ur daughter? He laughs and says she. Needs to learn sometime.

So that night after everyone was in bed again as soon as michelle started giving me head mary was at the top of the stairs watching. I told michelle to go see if she wants to come help u.

A couple mins later they come down stairs and get on the bed. Mary just stares at me and then at michelle as she starts sucking my dick again. She watches wide eyed. Michelle pulls it out of her mouth and leans it towards mary telling she can try if she wants to. At first she just licks the tip, then slowly she put the head in and started sucking like it was a lollipop. Michelle tells her to go down on it and take as much as she can in her mouth. She was able to take half. They took turns sucking. Till i had enough and wanted pussy. I layed michelle down and got between her legs sliding my dick in her. As i fucked her mary just sat there stareing.

Michelle asked her if she wanted to try this to and mary shrugged her shoulders. Michelle tells her if you do you have to take off your panties.
She stands up pulls off her panties. And lays down beside michelle. Spreading her legs showing me her bald small pussy.

I ask her if she was sure and she nodded yes. Moving between her legs i smeared some spit between her lips and started rubbing my head between her lips. I started to push the head in and she pulled away. After several tries all i could get in mary was a little more than the head. I didnt want to hurt her and she was to tight.

We done this a few more times over the next week we stayed with my cousin.
Never put my whole dick in her.

After michelle turned 17 we were married and michelle was now a stripper. We traveled around alot on one of our trips out of town another dancer we were fucking wanted to go out of town for a week with us. Only problem was she had 3 daughters that would have to go with us. They were young not gonna say their ages. Just one still in pull ups, the older 2 were well 10 12 years older than the youngest. Which meant i would be stuck watching them all night while michelle and there mom worked.

They seemed to be pretty good kids. The first night i had got them to sleep on the roll out beds by time michelle and there mom got to the motel. Told her it was time to make it worth my while. So she sucked me off while michelle took her shower. In the right before cumming i happen to glance over the roll off bed to see her oldest head propped up watching.

Told her mom and she yelled at her to stop looking. The next night as we were all 3 fucking again her daughter was watching.

Her mom says shes just curious and not to worry she wouldnt tell.

On the 3rd night i made them go to bed early cause i was tired and needed some rest before michelle got back. Trying to satisfy both michelle and there mom took alot of energy. Anyways i had the covers over my head and my leg out from under the covers. When i heard the oldest girl say you touch it. She says he will wake up.

No he want, just touch it. You do it. As i layed there head under the covers i felt a finger poke my dick. Shit i thought. My boxers front was open and i guess my dick was showing.
Your turn sissey. Again my dick was poked. I wanted to move the covers and tell them to stop but at the same time i was curious.

I couldnt help it after they both had poked it with there little fingers my dick started to get hard.

Look sissey its moving. See i told you it was bigger when i seen it. Its big.

Grab it ugh uhh you do it. One of them wrapped there hand around it and pulled on it. Giggling as she let go.

I dare you to do what momma was doing to it. I will if you do it to.

Next thing i feel is a warm wet tounge lick the head and then a mouth wrap around my head and sucking. She started moving her head up and down with alot of teeth rubbing it. She done it for a minute then stopped.
You do it now. What did it taste like?
Nothing she said.

Another tounge licks the head and swirls her tounge around the head. She puts the head in her mouth and starts moving her mouth up and down with even more teeth. It didnt feel to good. I wanted to tell them to stop but i also wanted to see what else was going to happen. So i layed still.

They both kept taking turns sucking with each turn they started seeing who could get more in there mouth and slowly i started feeling less teeth. I couldnt tell which one was doing it when i was getting close to cumming. I was debating if should stop them before i came or just do it. Figured what the hell and as she went down as far as she could i shot the first shot in her mouth. Then the 2nd shot flew into her mouth before she got it out of her mouth gagging. Woo gross sissey what. Is that? What does it taste like? Her taste it for yourself. I felt her tounge lick the tip.

Well. Its okey she said. Head lights must have shinned on the motel window cause she said its mom hurry get in bed and one of them threw the covers over my dick and jumped off the bed.

I told michelle what happened and asked her if i should tell kelly right as Kelly walks up tell me what?

So i told her. I waited for her to yell and get mad threaten to call the cops but instead she just laughed. And said no they didnt.

Yes they did. Michelle says you didnt stop them? I just looked at her. I wanted to really and Kelly pops off he had a mouth around his dick you really think he was going to stop them.

Your not mad? I told you already they were curious, just dont force them to do anything and don’t hurt them. And you still better be able to take care of us when we get in.

That kinda freaked me out after that i told michelle we needed to go home early.

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