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Hello Everyone,
This story is about me (Mohit Bansal ) as well as my married sister Tony.she is in her parents home as she is enjoying her martial life for last 4 years ,looking like a hot as well as gorgeous lady in her 28 th year as her physical appearance looks attractive as her sexy ass is lovely and her whiteish complexion looks good with her height of 5’6 feet.she have no kids till now as she wants to enjoy her sexual life more without any additional responsibility.she is my elder sister as I am two years young and good looking with a nice physical features that a lady or gals loves.we both have enjoyed sex lot of times but in last week ,Tony got two sex session with me as she enjoyed a group sex party where she got three cocks to love.after a break of two days ,one morning we both are having tea together in the balcony,she is looking good in her night wear and looking at me ,she said……..

“feeling bore ,will you be with me for a day ?
(Mohit) sure but where to go?
(Tony) I think once we both have enjoyed near a river as we both crossed it and in a dense jungle
(Mohit)oh I see ,but we will move after an hour.”


And our plan reached the conclusion as I took a nice bath as well as breakfast and I can see Tony talking to mom about her day’s plan.I am in my bedroom as Tony came……..

Mohit put your dress ,I am going to change my clothes.”

And she walked away as I put my jeans and shirt ,than took my mobile as well as handkerchief I came out as I put my shoes on legs and after a while ,Tony came out of her room as she is wearing a long skirt with sleeveless kurti,nothing vulgar and she is on the back seat of my bike as I am moving it fastly.she have put her arms on my shoulder as her one hand is on my waist,I stopped the bike near a market place and bought two bottles of beer ,snacks as well as cigarette and disposable I am riding my bike fast as we are on the highway ,I can feel my sister’s left breasts on my back as we both reached near a river surrounded with dense forest ,a nice place of couple as it’s a deserted place and in the month of February , atmosphere is moderate.I stopped the bike near a large tree as we both are sitting on grass ,now Tony is smiling at me as she put her purse on ground and I took out a bottle of beer with glasses now I am putting it in glasses and lastly ,I lit a cigarette as we both started drinking beer.

Tony is looking hot in her dress as I have my beer fast and took second glass full of beer to drink,she is having it I moved closer to him as I put my hand on her breast and started pressing it hard while Tony put glass on grass as she is removing my jeans.she removed my jeans as her palm is moving on the bulge of penis. I am pressing her boobs hard as she pulled my undies and my semi erected cock is in her hand ,now she is masturbating it fastly as I put my one hand on her skirt and lifted it upto her I can see her blue G string covering her vaginal parts,I removed it as our lower parts are I made her sleep on grass as her thighs are well spread and I put my hand under her ass to lift it up as I put my face in between her I am kissing her labias as it’s clean shaved and Tony put her fingers to make it open as my tongue is going inside her vagina. I am licking my elders sister’s vagina with my tongue as we both are in a drunkun State,she is screaming……..”oohh uumm aahh Mohit lick it fast.” As my tongue is rolling in her cunt and now my penis is fully erected. I licked it as I left it after a nice tongue fuck ,she is lying on grass as my hand is on her thigh giving her a nice massage .

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Tony is now sitting on grass on her legs as I removed my shoes and now standing in front of him,looking at me ,she hold my penis and started kissing it while removing it’s long thick cock is in her palm as she is moving it’s glans on her face and lips,slowely she took my penis in her mouth as my 2/3 Rd cock is in her mouth ,Tony started sucking it fast as my legs are shivering and I am feeling the sensation.a hot lady of 28 years is going hard on my dick as I put my hand on her hairs and she took my wet penis out of her mouth and started licking it with her penis is too hot as her tongue is rolling on it but after some time ,she took my cock again in her mouth and started sucking it as I have hold her hairs tightly while fucking her mouth with my hard tool.our oral sex is going on as my penis is moving fast in her mouth and glans hitting her deep throat ,I can see her face red as her eyes are closed and I am screaming……….

“oohh aahh suck hard you bitch .” And she left my cock .now I walked away as I urinated and than came back,my lower parts are nude as we both are sitting on grass she hold my penis and said…….

“it’s hot will you fuck me soon
(Mohit) yes but let’s have a drink.”now I took other bottle of beer as I started drinking it while my hot sister is not in mood to have it ,but lastly took her glass full of beer and while drinking it her hand is masturbating my rock hard penis will be cool after a while as I am drinking beer and than I will fuck her for a longer span of time.she is looking like a lady in fully drunkun State and I am curious to enjoy her for a long she walked away as I can see her near bushes as she is urinating there.after a while ,she came and bend herself on grass.she is on her knees as well as elbows as I am sitting behind her ass ,now I lifted her skirt upto her waist and started kissing her squared shaped sexy ass as she is looking at my tongue started licking her ass hole as she is screaming and than I put a long finger in her vagina as I am licking her ass hole. I put my hand on her waist as I pulled down her skirt and now our lower parts are nude as I knelt down in front of her sexy ass ,now I hold my penis as I pushed my glans in her wet cunt and while holding her waist ,I fucked her hard as she shouted………

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“oohh no it’s too hard Mohit fuck me fast.” And I am fucking her with speed as well as power ,her wet pussy have made it smooth as my cock is moving inside fastly ,later on I lifted her tops to her neck and removed her brassiere .now her boobs are nude as I am pressing it hard while my cock is fucking her cunt fastly ,she is now swinging her ass fast as she is screaming in joy……..

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