Mother is kissing God 2

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So this is the second part of the series . I would recommend every reader to go and check out the first part. I can assure you that this series of sex story will be the best you have ever read on any fucking site.
This is a personal and very true story of mine
So plz enjoy it and don’t try it without proper information .
Story will progress slowly but your sex urge will grow gradually.

So from the last part u know that I had seen my mom naked . After watching her naked for first time my urge for watching her naked daily increased tremendously. So after getting home from school I daily watched her bathing naked .
Some people might be thinking that why my mom used to bath in the afternoon so late. She is a school teacher so she come to home after me .
As she got the bathroom I just got to the door I watched her getting striped and then taking bath.
Within one week I was able to identify that which color panty she would be wearing today.

I remember that one day I was watching through the hole and she just suddenly came out of the door and I was sitting next the door she caught me but she was bit confused as she didn’t knew about the hole but I was also sharp minded I made an excuse that I was searching something that I dropped over here. The hole was in lower part of door. So I used to sit on my knees to watch her naked.
Every day was like fun for me some day I watched her brushing , while brushing her boobs moved up and down so smoothly and the shape of motion was so relaxing I can’t describe just want to suck them in whole mouth.
I watched her naked for whole month daily. I always dreamed of watching a mature women naked. And my dream came true. At that time I thought that if you really want something you get it definitely.

But then my urge got more and more ,now I wanted to feel her breast. As I have listened so much that women’s breast are so soft and full of milk , I want to get the feel of out of it. I have thought every single plan how I can grab my mom’s boobs and can suck or try them. But the plan was difficult one day she came back from school she went to bathroom for bathing in the late evening but the. Twist was that that day after bathing she didn’t wore any panty or bra. Just wore a suit and was whole naked under it.
That day I thought while sleeping I can touch her boob nipples and can have a feel of them.

One thing that I need to tell you all is that my father was in police and was posted in a different city and used to come home only on weekends and sometimes and didn’t come on weekends also.
So that’s why I was able to do it with my mom.
So at night when she got asleep what she did was she took a bed sheet and covered her whole body with it . So my plan to feel her breast while sleeping got failed.
But I didn’t stop . I always find a way to do that and that did happened . I will tell you people how that happened. But stay tuned to this series.

I will make this series GOT of sex stories and this series will be long one.
So plz be patient.
I will tell my skills how I ———– my mom and other things.
And you will get a Idea of mature women . What they want . How they make love or how professional they are sometimes.
This story is about an north Indian son and his mom
Sorry for lit bit less sexy language

If you people want me to use more dirty words then I can use them. Or some Hindi words.
So plz do comment

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