Driver’s curiosity : My nude body

Nancy ,a 37 years married lady is feeling alone in her home as her hubby is on a business trip and son Rohan is not paying attention to him. So a slut lady is dying for some hot fun as her soft boobs are big ,busts measures 36 inches but it’s in a great shape ,so her waist is slim but her heavy V shaped butts are a sexy assets.

So it’s a hot afternoon as maid walked out after doing her household works and now after having my bath with breakfast, I am in dinning space watching TV , so thinking of my igniting mind with sexual desires on peak , I took a wrong path to make myself a satisfied lady. So as our car driver is in parking lot , I thought to seduce Hari ,a matured men in his mid thirties as he is a villager with a long moustache but his strong figure with body is making me a great admirer but it’s not in my card to enjoy together with a men like him as he is of low status and identity and he can reveal our secret affair also.

Now Nancy hold her mobile as she called Hari…….”yes madam
(Me)go to wine shop and buy a bottle of wine with a strips of condoms
(Hari seems shocked)ok madam , condoms of which company
(I laughed)it doesn’t matter.”


And from here I got hot , so moved inside my bedroom to choose my sexy dress. Now I picked a black brasserie attached with a G string as well as laces and garter belt as stockings will cover my legs to thighs. So I removed my dress as I put the hot clothes on my sexy body ,it’s for fun only as my tall figure is not getting covered with while standing Infront of a large mirror ,I can see my upper nude boobs caged in a brasserie as my tummy to waist are nude ,so my vagina is in G string as upper portion of thighs are nude.

Now my heavy butts is showing it’s shape as I have put this dress to impress Hari as it’s a nature’s phenomena that any guy/men will attack you in this sort of dress as ladies are a shamed one ,she have not to mention anything with her I am in dinning room as I put a sandal on my legs ,my sexy semi nude body will make my car driver my sex slave as I got a day to enjoy while Rohan left for his classes.i am waiting for Hari to come as I am sitting on sofa and my dirty mind is reflecting on my sexy body as it’s a dress to make yourself a slut lady but it’s a sin or crime ,I can’t feel guilty. So as I have put door pushed instead of locking it ,door bell starts ringing and I screams loud

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“Hari ,come inside ,it’s open”as within a second Hari comes there as his face with eyes are gazing on my sexy body. He is bit hesitant to come closer but as I wake up and walked to him and hold carry bag from his hand ,I can feel him breathing heavily as his eyes are on my boobs and I “never seen any lady nude
(Hari)it’s unexpected madam ,so
(Me)lock the door .”

And his body is smelling with smokes of bidi as he came to me and I said “Hari ,now think me as your love buddy
(He)you are too sexy madam
(Me)it’s ok ,so go inside washroom and have bath
(He turned to dinning space’s washroom) don’t put any cloth on your body.”

And now I put wine in glasses as mixed it with soda ,so starts drinking wine and feeling too as my first drinks is going on ,I can see Hari coming out of washroom as his waist is wrapped with a towel but his hairy chest to strong thighs are making me as my drinks finishes ,I asked him…..”Hari,sit down on my legs .”

And as he knelt down , I made my legs wide as I am wearing a sexy lingerie of brasserie with G string ,laces and Hari is eyeing at my vaginal fleshes making a clear picture on G string and he is too hot but looks at me “madam if you order than I can touch your panty .” And I nodded my head like a mistress and he starts rubbing his fingers on my G string as his other hand hold my thigh ,so starts kissing my soft upper thigh as his hand starts pulling down my stockings to legs , I am bit confused about his sexual desires as he is not of our status or society. So his lips are sealed on my thigh as my stockings get removed and now he is in aggression as his hand have hold labias on bikini to pinch it hard

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“uh ah auch ,make me your whore Hari” and he is now impatient as he removed my stockings ,so starts opening the strings and Nancy’s hot cunt is nude as my legs to thighs are in air ,Hari is eyeing at my vaginal zone.

So my boobs are looking hot in brasserie as Hari puts his nose on my hole and it’s unexpected as he is kissing my hole ,his one hand have put my thighs up in air as other hand is on my boobs , squeezing it with his hard palm and so getting aroused as I starts screaming

“uh ah Hari ,put your tongue in my cunt “as my crossed fingers widened the hole and Hari pushed his long tongue inside it but soon he took it out “no madam ,I can’t do it”so I put my butts on sofa as I ask him to sit beside me.

Now he hold his glass of wine as he is drinking it and now feeling too horny , I put my hand on his waist and removed the towel ,so my eyes blurred looking at a cock as dense pubic hairs with large testicles are covering his 7-8 inches long and 3 inches thick cock but it’s in semi erection status ,so I can expect it more length with as I hold his penis to jerk fast , Hari put his empty glass and starts squeezing my breast ,so my hand is moving on his chest as he is too hot.

So my hand moved back as I unhooked the brasserie,it’s a nude boobs and Hari is now in fire as he knelt down I put my butts on sofa corner putting legs wide,as he starts licking my hole and his hand is massaging my tits also ,so screaming hot

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“uh ah lick it fast ash it’s itching Hari
(He)chodkar khujli Mita dunga”and now he is guiding his long tongue in my deep vagina as I am too aroused.later on ,he sits on sofa as his penis is too long and thick in comparison to my hubby or my sex buddies .

So I sit on my legs as my hand is jerking his cock hard and he have hold my breast,so as I removed it’s (penis)skin and took glans in mouth ,he is a excited men and looking at him I swallows his cock as he is

“uh ah madam you are so hot ,can’t believe my cock in your mouth “and it’s a long thick penis growing bigger as well as hard in my mouth. So as I felt it’s in full erection ,I starts spinning my head and Hari is shouting

“uh ah never got my Lund in mouth it’s too hot “and than as I felt my vagina wet , I took out his wet penis as I put my tongue on it and starts licking it his rock hard penis is inciting me for fuck as I wake up and Hari is standing nude ,so he is a happy men as he turned my back and now putting my arms on wall , I pushed my sexy butts upward and it’s a four legged animal position .so looking back I can see Hari holding his penis as he starts rubbing it on my wet cunt ,so slowly pushed it in my cunt and it’s going inside .

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