Mom discovers new self with family and son’s friends

We were on our way to the lake house. We tried to get up there at least once a month and usually for a week during the summer. This was our summer week. This week was kind of special as our daughter Carlie was home after her first year away at school. At 18 it had been a big year for her and we were excited to have her to ourselves.

I was looking forward to the break. My husband Jim ran a successful construction business and I did the books and tried to do the scheduling. It had been a great year and we needed the week off.


Besides our daughter, our son Scott, and three of his friends, Jon, Carl, and Brandon were also with us. Our son was a year older than Carlie and worked for our construction firm. His friend Jon also worked for us.

On our way to the lake house I always thought about how lucky we were. Jim and I were your typical high school cliche couple. He was on the football team, I was a cheerleader. We started dating when we were 17. We were, well are, madly in love.

We had sex for the first time on prom night. I had just turned 18. We were very naive. I got pregnant with Scott either that night or soon after. We wanted to get married right away. Our parents wouldn’t let us. They wanted us to wait. . They didn’t try to stop our relationship, just wanted us to give it some time.

We couldn’t wait. We got married right after graduation. We had the baby and then within a few months I was pregnant with Carlie.

People were kind to us. Our families stood by us. A friend of Jim’s father owned a construction firm and hired Jim. Jim also picked up some handyman work on the side. I did some waitressing. Between the three jobs we managed to support ourselves and our children. We were young and happy.

At one point Jim’s boss offered us a great deal. We were looking for a new house to rent. He had just bought a fixer upper. He said if we moved in and fixed it up he’d split half the profit with us. With that were on our way.

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We bought the lake house when the kids were 8 and 9. We loved the lake and when the house came on the market we jumped on it. It needed work, but we were willing to do it. It wasn’t a big house. It sat in the woods about 50 feet from a small beach. The side facing the water was practically all glass sliders and windows leaving amazing views of the lake. Plus you could leave the glass open and listen to the woods and water through the screens. It was about 850 square feet not including the loft. It had one bedroom and one bath. It was basically a big open living space with a kitchen and dining area. There was a large deck with a fire pit facing the lake. The kids usually slept in the loft.

We fixed it up, and a few years later the septic needed to be replaced. We decided we could use another bathroom. Unfortunately there was was really no place in the house to put it. We decided with the kids coming back and forth from the beach and tracking in sand and dirt we’d add the bathroom on the outside of the house. It had a door from the outside and a door from the house. It was a half bath and we added the shower outside. The bathroom was heated, but not the shower stall. No big deal during spring and summer seasons, but during the winter it’s a rude awakening. We never really used it in the winter.

With seven of us going up and one bedroom we decided the boys would bring a tent and camp on the property. Carlie could have the loft.

We got to the house. I always marveled at the solitude. The nearest house was 100 yards through the woods. We were lucky we bought when we did. Except for a few houses near us the shore of the lake was becoming overdeveloped.

I took a deep breath.

“Ok boys, start unpacking,” I said.

We had brought the boat and enough supplies and food for eight days. The boys and Carlie started carrying in food and gear from the car. The boys had brought a four man tent but it didn’t have room for all their clothes so we had them put them in a small shed we had on the property.

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Once we were unpacked, the boat. In the water, and the tent set up, the kids wanted to go for a swim. I thought it was a great idea. We all went to change into our suits. Since the bedroom, living room, and loft all had those big windows I grabbed my suit and headed to the bathroom to change. As I was changing I wondered where everyone else would change. The tent was too small for four boys to change in, they could change in the shower or the outside bath. Carlie was in the loft, but all the windows gave no privacy.

I put on my bathing suit. It was a decent mom style one piece. Appropriate in front of the boys. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked good. I took care of myself. At 37 years old, 5’3 and 120lb I still got my looks from men. I tied my shoulder length hair pulled back in a ponytail.

When I got out of the bathroom Carlie was already changed. She was wearing a tiny string bikini that covered just what it had to. It’s hard to picture your child so grown up, but after a year at school you look at them differently. She was gorgeous. 5’3″ and a size 5. Her honey blonde hair hung down the middle of her back. I kind of laughed inwardly. I remembered when my tits stood out like that. Not that they still weren’t good, just not like that.

Then I wondered where she changed.

“Where did you change?” I asked.

“In the loft,” she replied. “Why?”

“Not a lot of privacy up there” I said.

“Oh, I didn’t think of that. Oh well. If someone wants to look that badly let them,” she quipped and then laughed, “the only person out there was daddy, and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t trying to peep on me.”

She headed out the door. As she did my husband was coming in to change. I wondered if he had seen her, and what he’d seen if he did. For some reason the thought made me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t analyze it then, but in retrospect I realize there were a few emotions going on. I was a little jealous, not that he might of looked, but more that she was getting looked at and I wasn’t. I was proud of her body, but a little bothered it might get more looks than mine. At the time though, I just brushed it off.

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I waited for Jim to change then headed out to the beach. As I walked there from the house I turned and looked. I realized that almost anywhere you stood in on the glass side of the house you could see in the entire house except the bathroom. Where the boys had set up their tent you could also see the entire loft. I wondered if the boys had seen anything.

The boys and Carlie were already on the small beach. They had beach chairs but the boys were all standing around Carlie talking to her. Even Scott seemed to be vying for her attention.

Again I felt uncomfortable. There was a day when boys would have surrounded me, but by the time I realized it I was already dating Jim. I never really had that chance to flirt.

When I got to the beach the boys all greeted me. They were sweet but quickly turned their attention back to Carlie.

We spent that day at the beach. Every time Carlie went in the water the boys followed her. I watched as they watched her walk to the water. Her ass practically completely showing. They would almost always follow her rather than walk in front of her. I even saw Jim watching her a few times as she made her way to the water.

I became kind of obsessed with who was watching Carlie. I also noticed that Carlie seemed to be doing stuff to make sure they were watching. If the boys were walking behind her she might adjust the bottom of her suit. She’d stretch while coming out of the water, or stand legs together as she bent over and splashed water on her arms.

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