Mom discovers new self with family and son’s friends

We were on our way to the lake house. We tried to get up there at least once a month and usually for a week during the summer. This was our summer week. This week was kind of special as our daughter Carlie was home after her first year away at school. At 18 it had been a big year for her and we were excited to have her to ourselves.

I was looking forward to the break. My husband Jim ran a successful construction business and I did the books and tried to do the scheduling. It had been a great year and we needed the week off.

Besides our daughter, our son Scott, and three of his friends, Jon, Carl, and Brandon were also with us. Our son was a year older than Carlie and worked for our construction firm. His friend Jon also worked for us.

On our way to the lake house I always thought about how lucky we were. Jim and I were your typical high school cliche couple. He was on the football team, I was a cheerleader. We started dating when we were 17. We were, well are, madly in love.

We had sex for the first time on prom night. I had just turned 18. We were very naive. I got pregnant with Scott either that night or soon after. We wanted to get married right away. Our parents wouldn’t let us. They wanted us to wait. . They didn’t try to stop our relationship, just wanted us to give it some time.

We couldn’t wait. We got married right after graduation. We had the baby and then within a few months I was pregnant with Carlie.

People were kind to us. Our families stood by us. A friend of Jim’s father owned a construction firm and hired Jim. Jim also picked up some handyman work on the side. I did some waitressing. Between the three jobs we managed to support ourselves and our children. We were young and happy.

At one point Jim’s boss offered us a great deal. We were looking for a new house to rent. He had just bought a fixer upper. He said if we moved in and fixed it up he’d split half the profit with us. With that were on our way.

We bought the lake house when the kids were 8 and 9. We loved the lake and when the house came on the market we jumped on it. It needed work, but we were willing to do it. It wasn’t a big house. It sat in the woods about 50 feet from a small beach. The side facing the water was practically all glass sliders and windows leaving amazing views of the lake. Plus you could leave the glass open and listen to the woods and water through the screens. It was about 850 square feet not including the loft. It had one bedroom and one bath. It was basically a big open living space with a kitchen and dining area. There was a large deck with a fire pit facing the lake. The kids usually slept in the loft.

We fixed it up, and a few years later the septic needed to be replaced. We decided we could use another bathroom. Unfortunately there was was really no place in the house to put it. We decided with the kids coming back and forth from the beach and tracking in sand and dirt we’d add the bathroom on the outside of the house. It had a door from the outside and a door from the house. It was a half bath and we added the shower outside. The bathroom was heated, but not the shower stall. No big deal during spring and summer seasons, but during the winter it’s a rude awakening. We never really used it in the winter.

With seven of us going up and one bedroom we decided the boys would bring a tent and camp on the property. Carlie could have the loft.

We got to the house. I always marveled at the solitude. The nearest house was 100 yards through the woods. We were lucky we bought when we did. Except for a few houses near us the shore of the lake was becoming overdeveloped.

I took a deep breath.

“Ok boys, start unpacking,” I said.

We had brought the boat and enough supplies and food for eight days. The boys and Carlie started carrying in food and gear from the car. The boys had brought a four man tent but it didn’t have room for all their clothes so we had them put them in a small shed we had on the property.

Once we were unpacked, the boat. In the water, and the tent set up, the kids wanted to go for a swim. I thought it was a great idea. We all went to change into our suits. Since the bedroom, living room, and loft all had those big windows I grabbed my suit and headed to the bathroom to change. As I was changing I wondered where everyone else would change. The tent was too small for four boys to change in, they could change in the shower or the outside bath. Carlie was in the loft, but all the windows gave no privacy.

I put on my bathing suit. It was a decent mom style one piece. Appropriate in front of the boys. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked good. I took care of myself. At 37 years old, 5’3 and 120lb I still got my looks from men. I tied my shoulder length hair pulled back in a ponytail.

When I got out of the bathroom Carlie was already changed. She was wearing a tiny string bikini that covered just what it had to. It’s hard to picture your child so grown up, but after a year at school you look at them differently. She was gorgeous. 5’3″ and a size 5. Her honey blonde hair hung down the middle of her back. I kind of laughed inwardly. I remembered when my tits stood out like that. Not that they still weren’t good, just not like that.

Then I wondered where she changed.

“Where did you change?” I asked.

“In the loft,” she replied. “Why?”

“Not a lot of privacy up there” I said.

“Oh, I didn’t think of that. Oh well. If someone wants to look that badly let them,” she quipped and then laughed, “the only person out there was daddy, and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t trying to peep on me.”

She headed out the door. As she did my husband was coming in to change. I wondered if he had seen her, and what he’d seen if he did. For some reason the thought made me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t analyze it then, but in retrospect I realize there were a few emotions going on. I was a little jealous, not that he might of looked, but more that she was getting looked at and I wasn’t. I was proud of her body, but a little bothered it might get more looks than mine. At the time though, I just brushed it off.

I waited for Jim to change then headed out to the beach. As I walked there from the house I turned and looked. I realized that almost anywhere you stood in on the glass side of the house you could see in the entire house except the bathroom. Where the boys had set up their tent you could also see the entire loft. I wondered if the boys had seen anything.

The boys and Carlie were already on the small beach. They had beach chairs but the boys were all standing around Carlie talking to her. Even Scott seemed to be vying for her attention.

Again I felt uncomfortable. There was a day when boys would have surrounded me, but by the time I realized it I was already dating Jim. I never really had that chance to flirt.

When I got to the beach the boys all greeted me. They were sweet but quickly turned their attention back to Carlie.

We spent that day at the beach. Every time Carlie went in the water the boys followed her. I watched as they watched her walk to the water. Her ass practically completely showing. They would almost always follow her rather than walk in front of her. I even saw Jim watching her a few times as she made her way to the water.

I became kind of obsessed with who was watching Carlie. I also noticed that Carlie seemed to be doing stuff to make sure they were watching. If the boys were walking behind her she might adjust the bottom of her suit. She’d stretch while coming out of the water, or stand legs together as she bent over and splashed water on her arms.

When she laid down to tan she’d undo the string of her top and push her bottoms as far down as was decently possible. When on her stomach you could see her ass crack. When on her back it was pretty obvious she either shaved completely or pretty close.

Let’s say the boys, even Jim and Scott noticed Carlie a lot. Me? I was kinda envious and wistful, wondering if, in my day, I would have got the same attention.

Other than my obsession we had a great day. The water was beautiful, the sun was not too hot, the conversation was fun and when it lulled people read their books or napped. A perfect day. I did notice the boys flirting with Carlie a bit, she gave as good as she got.

It was the end of the day, we all decided to go in. Carlie headed to the outdoor shower first. The outdoor shower was surrounded on 4 sides with wood walls. They were about 5′ high. They started about 18 inches off the ground. You could see the top of Carlie’s head and her very shapely calves. As she took off her bathing suit we could see her slide it down over her calf and step out of it. She laid it over the wall to dry. I was very aware she was naked in there.

I noticed the boys all looking at the shower as if they could see through the walls. When I looked at Jim he was also looking at the shower. Finally she was finished. She turned off the water, it was obvious she then remembered that she didn’t have a towel.

“Hey guys, a little help please,” she called. “I need a towel.”

Jon responded, “hmmm, I don’t know.”

Then he remembered Jim and I were there.

“I’ll get you one,” he said and ran to grab one.

He walked over to the shower and kind of facing away handed the towel over the edge.

Carlie stood up on tiptoes and kind of looked over the edge as she grabbed the towel.

“Thank you Jon,” she said. Then she added, “I owe you.”

“Oh?” said Jon. “You owe me? What do I get?” he teased

Not to be outdone she responded, “What do you want?”

I think Jon then remembered that Jim and I were there.

“Nothing,” he replied. “It was my pleasure.

She took the towel, thanked him with a smirk, and started to dry off. I couldn’t help but wonder where the conversation would have gone if Jim and I weren’t there.

When she was done she wrapped the towel around her and stepped out of the shower.

“Next,” she said as she headed into the house.

I watched her. The towel obviously covered more than her bathing suit but for some reason I was more aware that she was naked under the towel.

The boys started taking their turns jumping in the shower. Jim and I just wiped our feet clean and went inside to use the shower in the house.

As we walked in I looked up at the loft. Carlie was wearing a pair of shorts and pulling on a t shirt. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra.

I went and changed. Jim started dinner. When I was dressed I came out, Jim and Carlie were in the kitchen laughing and making dinner. It was weird. I loved seeing them together, but there was something else there. I wasn’t sure what it was.

The boys came in and asked if they could have beers. What the hell I thought and they all grabbed one and went to sit on the deck. I grabbed one also and went to join them.

I loved sitting out there. I ask the boys to start a fire in the fire pit. They jumped right on it. I listened to the lake and watched the boys as they gathered wood and started the fire. They were all in shorts and t shirts. I’ve known these boys forever, but for some reason, tonight I started to notice how handsome they were.

It started with me thinking about how they were with Carlie and then that kind of drifted into how they looked. I thought about how they flirted with her. She loved it and responded in kind. Why not, they were all good looking boys, they had all played sports in high school and were all lean and muscled. I wondered what it felt like to be flirted with like that by such handsome guys.

Jim and Carlie brought dinner out. We sat by the fire and ate. It was a perfect evening. I was getting tired and we decided to go to bed. I went to my room to change.

When the kids were younger they were upstairs in the loft by the time I went to bed. This time they were out front on the deck. I usually sleep in a T-shirt and panties. I had to think about how to handle it. One of the problems with so much glass is we didn’t have curtains. The house faced west so sunrise did not come blazing in the window.

I was standing in the middle of the room trying to figure out how to handle this when Jim walked in. He looked at me standing there.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I’m not sure where to get dressed?” I said.

He looked at me strangely.

“What?” he asked.

I explained, “usually I just change here and sleep in my underwear, but the kids are all out there on the deck.”

He kind of looked at the deck with an uncomprehending face.

“What?” He repeated.

“I can’t get undressed here, the kids can see me.” I repeated.

“Ohhhhhh,” he replied. “Get changed in the bathroom,” he offered.

“Ok, but then I wear to bed? I didn’t bring anything to sleep in.”

“Sleep in a t shirt like you normally do. No one is going to watch you sleep,” he answered.

“Umm, OK,” I responded. I wasn’t convinced but I accepted he was right.

I went in the bathroom brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. Then I stripped down to my panties and pulled on a t shirt. I looked in the mirror. The t shirt covered half my ass. The panties were a small pink bikini style. I always liked pretty underwear. They made me feel special.

I walked out of the bathroom and to bed. I felt terribly exposed. The feeling scared me, but there was something else. I was excited. I kept thinking someone would see me. There was a thrill to the idea of being caught. I walked to the bed, bent down and pulled the covers back. I stood up and climbed into bed. As I did I looked outside. Brandon was looking straight at me.

I couldn’t believe it. I’d been caught. You figured I’d be embarrassed, but I surprised myself. I felt a naughty thrill. Nobody had seen me in my underwear except my husband, daughter, and mom, since I was 17. I closed my eyes. I could feel the wetness between my legs. My mind was racing, I’d been caught. Brandon saw me.

Then I started to wonder. Did he like what he saw? What if I grossed him out. Who wants to see some 37 year old woman in her underwear. I tried to close my eyes, but I kept watching Brandon. He leaned over and said something to Carlie. They both looked at my window. Carlie whispered something to Brandon. I wondered what they were saying.

They returned to their conversation. I tried to sleep. Did my daughter now know Brandon saw me? Did she see me? What did she think. The whole time I’m thinking this my pussy was tingling.

Shortly after, the kids all headed to sleep and Jim followed me to bed. I watched him change into his gym shorts. I looked outside to see if anyone noticed. They didn’t. They had all headed to bed. As he slid in next to me I kissed him, Not the good night kiss, the, I want to make love, kiss. He knew the difference.

Under the covers hand slid under my shirt to my breast. I moaned softly. Twenty years and I still loved his touch. Ok, I know this will sound silly, but we got married at 18. We knew very little about sex. After two years I kinda thought there must be more to sex. I, very shyly, bought some books on sex.

The first thing I did was learn to masturbate. I loved the feeling. In the beginning I think I did it two to three times a day. After I was comfortable I started showing Jim how to touch me. At first he was a little worried about where I learned this stuff. I finally had to show him the book.

He asked if he could read it and between both of us, we learned a lot. The first time he went down on me I was scared, however once he started I was no longer scared. I loved it. I couldn’t wait to go down on him to show him how fantastic it was. When he came I swallowed every drop. I loved it.

I tell you this because sex between us is pretty good, although after twenty years it had become a bit matter of fact.

His hand caressed my breast and pulled on my nipple. I slid my hand down his body and into his shorts. His cock was already hard. I wondered at that. It usually takes a little longer. I stroked it the way I knew he liked. He kissed his way down my neck. I stretched it to give him more access. I loved the way it felt.

His hand moved to my other breast. He went to pull up my t shirt. I raised my back a bit to help him.

His head moved down and sucked a nipple into his mouth. I continued to stroke him as I moaned softly. As he sucked me his hand moved down over my belly towards my pussy. I loved that feel, the anticipation of his touch. I sucked in my breathe as his hand passed over that soft part of my hip. I kissed him harder.

His hand found my pussy. I was wet. He ran his fingers up my pussy lips spreading my juices all over my clit. His fingers circled my clit then slid inside me. I moaned again.

“Mmmmm, I love that,” I sighed.

He had one arm pulling me to him, the other started pushing my panties off me. I let go of his cock and pushed my panties down and off my legs. I could feel his hand back on my pussy hair.

Then a strange thought hit me. I was ‘bathing suit’ groomed, but given the suit Carlie was wearing, how groomed was she?

I quickly pushed the thought out of my head to concentrate on my husband. His fingers slipped inside me again. I used my hands to push his shorts down and pull out his cock.

With his cock free I rolled over on my back pulling him on top of me. With my legs spread I reached down and placed the head of his cock against my pussy.

He thrust forward and entered me. I breathed in. It felt so good. As he thrust into me I pushed my hips into him meeting every thrust. It felt so good.

As he, ummm, there’s no good word for this, so, as he fucked me, I looked out the window. I could see the stars over the lake. There was no one on the deck. I could see the boys tent. I wondered if they were asleep.

My mind started to go down that path. I could feel every thrust. It felt great, but I also started to wonder if someone could see us. I imagined Brandon on the deck looking in.

The thought excited me. I started thrusting into Jim harder and faster. My moans became loud grunts.

“Unghh, unngh, unnggh. Yes, yes, yes, I breathed. My orgasm started to wash over me. I wrapped my legs around Jim and pulled him into me. I started to cum again. This time my cries sent Jim over the edge as well. I could feel the hot cum spurting inside me.

His body fell on top of mine. I pulled him close.

“I love you baby,” he whispered in my ear.

“I love you too,” I replied.

Jim rolled over on his back.

“Where’d that come from,” he asked playfully.

We make love that passionately sometimes, but it’s not as often.

“Must be the fresh air,” I responded. “Why? Are you complaining?” I asked teasingly.

“Nope, fine by me,” he said.

He rolled towards me and kissed me again and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It was bright outside when I woke up. I climbed out of bed to go to the bathroom. Then I realized, I wasn’t wearing panties. I quickly turned to look at the window. There was Carl, Jon, and Carlie looking straight at me. The two boys had their mouths open. Carlie has a small smile on her face.

I shrieked and ran into the bathroom.

I saw the kids start to laugh.

When I got in the bathroom I stopped to catch my breath. My mind was racing. , The kids saw me in a T-shirt and no panties. I was so embarrassed, but something else, I was aroused. My nipples were hard, I was breathing heavily and I could feel the wetness between my legs.

Why was I excited? Was it being seen? Only my husband had seen me for twenty years. Then I wondered what they thought. Were they laughing at the naked old lady?

With these thoughts swirling through my mind I jumped in the shower. As I soaped myself the thought of being watched was at the forefront of my mind. I spent extra time on my nipples. They were hard. How would the boys react if they saw my nipples hard. I had fantasies before. Usually faceless men. They revolved around being checked out. Now it happened, with someone I knew.

My hand drifted further south. In the shower I found my pussy. I started rubbing it softly. Feeling the water against my clit.

I closed my eyes. The image came to me, me on the deck, taking off my clothes being watched. I started to moan. Next thing I hear is a knock on the door.

“I’m in here,” I shouted.

“Ok,” said Carlie. “I just heard some noise and wanted to make sure you were ok,” she said.

Oh my god, Carlie had caught me masturbating. You’d think that would have made me stop. No, it just fanned the flames. I increased my pressure, this time I was just quieter. Well, until I came. Then I let out a single, “Yes.”

I finished washing and realized I didn’t have any clothes. I wrapped a towel around me and went into the room to get clothes. I looked out the window. I didn’t see anyone. They could have gone for a walk. There was a camp style store about a half mile through the woods.

I dropped my towel and pulled a pair of little purple bikini panties out of the drawer. As I started to step into them Scott walked by the window. Our eyes met. I don’t know what came over me. I just pulled on my panties. He watched. After I pulled them on I turned to face him, tits exposed, and used my hand to wave him off. I wasn’t mad. In fact, the only reason I waved him off was because I thought I should. After all, he’d already seen everything.

He seemed to come out of his trance, he gave a quick, embarrassed wave and headed off.

As I continued to dress I couldn’t get the thought of Scott seeing me out of my head. I could feel it in my pussy. Tingling the whole time. I wondered what he’d say when I saw him.

I came out of my room. Scott was in the great room.

“Good morning,” I said as if nothing happened.

“I’m sorry mom.” He started.

I cut him off. “No big deal. Looks like privacy is going to be hard to come by up here,” I quipped.

“Yeah, guess so,” he mumbled.

I changed the conversation and asked where everyone was, they had taken the canoes out on the lake. I asked why he hadn’t gone and he told me he just didn’t feel like it.

Then he shocked me. “Mom, you’re beautiful,” he said. He must have seen my face because he immediately started to apologize, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

I interrupted him. “It’s ok,” I said. “Thank you for the compliment. At my age you’re never sure how you’ve held up.” I continued, this is where the line started to cross. I said, “your dad’s the only person who’s seen me naked, so it’s nice to have a second opinion,”

He looked kind of relieved, but I felt he still was uncomfortable. I decided to tease him a bit.

“I guess a hot guy like you has seen lots of girls naked,” I teased.

“Umm, not a lot,” he responded.

“Well, how did I compare?” I asked.

He looked at me.

“No really,” I repeated, “how did I compare to all those young bodies you’ve seen?”

Scott saw that I was serious. “You are beautiful,” he said.

“Details Scott, details,” I pushed.

He shifted a little in his seat. “Ummm. You have great legs,” he kind of mumbled.

“Really?” I replied. I moved my legs out from under the table to where he could see them. “You really think they’re great? You’re my son, you don’t want to hurt my feelings.”

No really,” he insisted. “In fact all my frien…..” he trailed off.

“All your friends what?” I asked.

He hesitated.

“No really honey, I want to know,” I insisted.

“My friends think you’re hot,” he kind of mumbled.

“That’s so sweet,” I said. “I thought all their attention was on Carlie.”

“Well, they think she’s hot too.” He said. “But they talk about you more.” Then again he looked like he thought he’d said too much.

I wanted to reassure him. “How do you feel about them saying that?”

“Well. At first it embarrassed me, but after a while I realized they were right,” he admitted.

I wanted him to feel good about this conversation. “Well. I think that’s sweet,” I said. “In fact, I don’t mind if you tell them I think it’s sweet.”

The conversation switched to other subjects.

Eventually the kids came back with the canoes. Scott went down to the beach to hang with them. I stayed on the deck. After a while I noticed all the guys, including Carlie turned to look at me. Then started talking, they looked at me again.

I was sitting in a lounge chair. I decided to give them a little to look at. I bent my legs and pointed my toes a bit, just to give them a good look. I realized I liked the feeling of being looked at. I wondered if my panties were showing.

Jim joined me on the deck.

“Did you know that Scott’s friends think I’m attractive?” I asked.

“Well, they never said anything to me, but from the way they looked at you I assumed that much,” he answered.

“Even Scott said he thinks I’m pretty,” I told him.

“Well, Scott is male,” he answered. Then he added, “Don’t you ever see how men look at you?”

“What do you mean,” I asked.

“Men look at you like they want you. You’re beautiful,” he replied.

I took a few minutes to process this.

“How does that make you feel?” I asked.

“I love it when they think my wife is beautiful. Sometimes, I want to stand up and show you off and say, ‘isn’t she amazing?'”

“Show me off?” I asked.

“Well you know what I mean,” he said trying to dodge the question.

“No tell me,” I insisted. “You’ve never told me this before.”

“Well,” he started out tentatively. “Sometimes I wish you’d wear a sexier bathing suit so men could really see how perfect you are and envy me.”

“I could do that, if you wanted. I replied. “You’d like me more on display?”

I admit. The idea did not bother me. I kind of liked it.

He nodded.

“What else?” I asked.

He looked away.

“No tell me,” what else?”

“I’d like it if you wore shorter skirts, and more low cut tops,” he answered.

He looked at me like I might kill him. I think I surprised him when I said, “let’s go shopping.”

The kids came up for lunch. I could tell they were looking at me a bit differently. I wondered who knew what. Did Scott repeat our conversation? Did Brandon or Scott tell them what they saw? I felt a tightness of excitement in my body. I wished I could have heard the conversations.

I have to admit, I may have bent over a bit more getting things out of the cabinet and fridge.

After lunch I asked what the plans were. The kids were going to take the boat out. I told them that Jim was taking me clothes shopping. Carlie insisted on coming. We cleaned up and headed out.

A small town near the lake had turned into a lakeside tourist town with the growth of the condos. We headed in to see what was there. Carlie asked what I was buying.

I rarely wore dresses or skirts. Carlie commented

“You never wear dresses and skirts,” she said.

“That’s because your dad never told me how much he liked them,” I responded.

She just said, “oh.”

When we got to town there was a swimwear shop, we decided to start there. When we got in I realized everything in there was a bikini. They were meant for much younger girls.

“I don’t think there’s anything here for me,” I said.

“Of course there is,” said Carlie. She went to my size and took one off the rack. It was a tiny yellow halter top bikini.

“Try this one,” she said.

I looked at it. There was barely any material. Plus, I’m sure my pubic hair would show. The sign said to try on bottoms over your underwear so that solved that problem.

“Really?,” I asked. I looked at my husband.

He looked at it, then looked at me, “definitely,” he said.

I shrugged my shoulders and headed for the dressing room.

I stripped down to my panties. My panties were pretty small. I pulled the bottoms on. The bottoms did not cover my panties. I knew I couldn’t wear them. I called Carlie to the dressing room.

“I can’t wear these,” I exclaimed.

She laughed and called her father over. I was topless behind a curtain in my panties and a bathing suit bottom over them. I had my arms across my tits to cover them. They pulled the curtain open and looked in. I was sure anyone in the store could see me. I felt both nervous and excited.

“I think she looks great,” said Carlie.

“Me too,” said Jim.

“Me too,” said a clerk who was standing by the dressing room.

“Close the curtain,” I shrieked.

Carlie laughed, Jim looked around confused. I grabbed the curtain and pulled it closed. I changed into my clothes and handed the bathing suit to Carlie.

“Fine,” I said.

Carlie looked around the shop.

“They have some cute sundresses mom,” she said.

I was too flabbergasted to concentrate.

“Pick some out,” I said.

Cindy handed me a few dresses from the racks. One was pretty short. The other was a gauzy thing but was longer. Jim looked at them and said let’s get both. Carlie grabbed a few more.

I had the gauzy one on, Carlie suggested I wear it home. I stepped into the light. Jim and Carlie stopped and looked at me. I looked down. I realized the dress was practically see through with the light behind it. You could see my little purple panties and bra.

“Oh my god, how could you let me,” I hissed at Carlie and Jim.

Carlie laughed, “What? You look great.”

Jim started apologizing at once, swearing they couldn’t tell in the dressing room.

People started to look at me. I felt exposed, then that feeling crept between my legs. I liked being exposed. I wasn’t sure what to do. Carlie saved me.

“You look great mom,” she repeated.

I looked to Jim.

“You do look great,” he said.

I sighed. Inwardly I was excited but I didn’t want to show it. I felt alive, exposed, I was loving it.

“Ok, lets go,” I said.

We bought a few dresses and two bathing suits then headed home. The boys were there to greet us. When I got out of the car, they just stared.

“Doesn’t mom look great,” asked Carlie.

There was a silence while the guys got over their shock and then they all started speaking at once.

“Wow, you look great”

“I love that dress”

“Damn that’s hot”

We all turned and looked at Jon. All of sudden he was self conscious.

Carlie quickly saved him. “He’s right. Mom does look hot,” she said.

I was feeling sassy. I did a little twirl.

“Glad you all like it ,” I said.

Then Carlie said, “she got a new bathing suit too.”

Brandon spoke up, “Well, can’t wait to hit the beach tomorrow.”

We had dinner and sat by the fire. It was quiet night more than a few times I wondered what I’d feel like in such a revealing bathing suit.

When it was time for bed I gave the where to dress issue some thought. Then I grabbed a t shirt and a cute pair of panties and went to change. The T-shirt left a bit of belly showing between my shirt and belly.

I could hear the boys talking by the fire still. I took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom to my bed. Carl was the first to see me. He must have quickly told the others as they all turned around and looked.

My stomach was in a knot, but I could feel that sense of arousal. I turned and then with my ass toward the window, turned down the covers. Then I turned and faced them and climbed under the covers.

Jim was already in bed.

“Nice show,” he smiled

“What do you mean,” I replied.

“The boys watched you in your underwear,” he said matter of factly.

I just replied, “oh.”

Jim fell right to sleep. My mind kept spinning. It didn’t seem to bother Jim that the boys saw me in my underwear. Actually, he seemed to be enjoying it.

I finally fell asleep.

When I got up the boys were already in their suits headed to the beach. Carlie, Jim, and I went to change. Carlie headed to the loft. Jim and I to the bedroom.

I went into the bathroom to change. When I put on the bottoms I realized I needed to shave. I jumped in the shower. I thought of the suit. I shaved everything. I pulled the bottoms on again. I felt pretty naked. Only my husband had seen this much of me in years. I put on the top, I didn’t feel anymore dressed. I realized I liked the feeling. I wondered how the boys would react.

When I came out Jim was in his bathing suit waiting for me.

“What took you so long,” he asked.

“Well if you must know,” I said saucily, “I had to shave my pussy.”

I am not sure what shocked him more, the thought of me doing it, or the way I said it, but it took him a moment to recover.

“Oh,” was all he said.

We headed out of the bedroom to the beach. Carlie was coming down from the loft at the same time.

“Wow mom, you look great,” she said.

I looked at her. She was wearing a tiny bikini. I think the bottoms covered maybe half her ass. The top barely contained her breasts. I knew she was a 36c. They were perfectly on display.

Then the thought struck me. Where did she change. In front of the big window? There’s no privacy in the loft.

We headed to the beach. Between me and Carlie I don’t think the boys were watching where they were going. Carl tripped and fell knocking Scott over.

“Watch it,” shouted Scott.

“Sorry man,” said Carl.

“Uh huh,” joked Scott. “Try to keep your eyes off my mom and sister so you don’t kill anyone.”

We all laughed.

Carlie spoke up, “so, you guys like moms new suit?” she asked.

I was kind of flabbergasted. I mean calling that much attention to me among these boys I’d known forever, in front of my husband and son. I wasn’t sure what to think.

“You look great mrs S,” said Brandon.

Then Carlie teased, “and what about me?” she asked.

“Screw you,” said Brandon. “You know you’re hot.”

“True, true,” laughed Carlie.

They all laughed. We hung around on the beach for a while.

At one point Carlie asked for someone to glop her and held out the suntan lotion. Carl was the fastest, although Brandon and Jon tried. We all laughed. I watched as this well toned young man rubbed lotion all over my daughters lithe body. It was a very sensual scene and was making me squirm between my legs. I kind of thought it looked like cum.

As he did her back she untied the top to give him access to her entire back. Truth was the string did not restrict any access he could have applied it under, but with the string untied she looked practically naked.

As he got down to her bottoms she reached back and pushed them down til, the crack of her ass started to show. Carl’s fingertips brushed slightly under the material.

Then he started on her feet and worked his way up. I had my sunglasses on. I was hoping no one could see me stare, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the sensual sight before me. As he moved up her legs she parted them to give him more access.

I was seriously wet, watching and anticipating where his hands might go, and wishing I could do something about it.

As he reached her ass you could see him pause. Carlie wiggled her ass, “hey,” she said. Carl got the hint.

He squirted some more lotion on his hands and rubbed them together to warm it. Then he started rubbing her ass cheeks. The suit barely covered her ass to begin with and laying down it covered less. I wondered what it would feel like to have Carl’s big hands rubbing lotion on me. I watched as his hands slipped between her legs and almost rubbed the crotch of her suit. I almost held my breath as his hands got closer and closer.

Finally he was done. Carlie flashed him a big smile and thanked him.

Then she looked at me. “You’d better put some on too, before you burn.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, I was about to ask Jim when Scott spoke up.

“I’ll do it,” he volunteered.

Not sure what else to say I rolled onto my stomach. He grabbed the lotion from Carl and started spreading it over my back. It felt good. I started to relax and let myself go to the feeling. When he got to my bathing suit strap he just unclipped it, That felt so weird. My son, undoing my strap, and then continuing to rub lotion on me. I tried not to squirm but the heat was building up inside me.

His hand moved down to the small of my back. I was very aware of every movement as he got near my bottoms. I wondered where he’d stop.

I opened my eyes. Jim was also watching. I wondered what he was thinking. Did he think there was something wrong? After all, our son was rubbing lotion on my almost naked body.

Carl, Jon, and Brandon seemed to be watching Scott but every once in a while would check out Carlie’s ass.

I closed my eyes again as Scott’s hands approached my ass. I felt his fingers brush the top of my suit. They slipped just a bit under it. I held my breath. Then he stopped. I let out an audible mew of protest.

Carlie laughed.

“Im sorry,” I explained. That just felt so good.”

I was a little embarrassed knowing it was my son making me feel that way.

“Well then,” said Scott. I guess I’ll do your legs now.”

“Mmmmm.,” I moaned as he started at my feet.

Jim gave me a look but didn’t say anything. I couldn’t tell what the look said. I decided to just let myself go to the feeling.

Scott’s strong hands rubbed lotion on my feet. He moved up to my calves. And then to my thighs. My thighs parted involuntarily to give him more room. It felt great. As his hands got closer and closer to my pussy I struggled to hold still. His strong hands rubbed lotion on the exposed part of my ass. Without thinking I pushed my ass up a bit to help him. I wondered later what it must have looked like.

We hung out on the beach till afternoon. Then headed to the showers. This time I got to the outdoor shower first. I got in and closed the door, the hot water felt good on my body. I stepped out of my suit and hung it on the shower wall. As I did I stood on tiptoes to see where everyone was. The boys were all just standing there looking at the shower. Even though I knew the boys couldn’t see me, I felt exposed. I liked the feeling.

I grabbed my towel wrapped it around me and headed for my bedroom. Jim was in there dressing. I guessed if he wasn’t worried about the window, I wouldn’t. I pulled some white frilly bikini style panties and matching bra out of the dresser. I looked at the window. No one was watching. I felt a pang of disappointment.

I dropped my towel and started to step into my panties just as Carl crossed over the deck. I stopped standing there with just my panties on. I was waiting for him to see me. Carl turned and looked. I felt a shiver through my body. I should have turned away, covered myself, anything. I just stood there.

Carl stopped. He looked both ways to see if anyone was around. Confirming he was alone he looked at me. I wasn’t sure what to do next. Facing the window I slowly picked up my bra and put it on. It was then I realized Jim was still in the room and watching. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t saying anything. My heart was beating a million miles a minute. Then I did a small turn around so he could see the back. I looked at Jim’s face. It had shock on it.

Carl just watched. I pulled my dress on over my head. Finally dressed, I put up my hands In a ‘That’s it’ motion. Carl walked away.

“What was that?” asked Jim.

“I’m not sure,” I replied honestly. “Something just come over me. Are you mad?”

He grabbed me and kissed me. “That was hot as fuck,” he said.

He grabbed my ass and pulled me in for more kisses.

“Well. You said you wanted to show me off,” I explained.

“Yes I did,” he replied.

“Was it everything you wanted?” I asked.

“Yes It was,” he answered.

I turned and walked out of my room through the great room to where Carl was standing.

“Enjoy?” I asked.

Carl wasn’t sure what to answer. “Yyyyess,” he stuttered.

I kissed him on the cheek. “Good,” I said. Then I added, “I did too.”

I walked back into the house to do some work in the kitchen. My pussy was so wet. I was glad I was wearing panties. I would have been dripping down my leg. I stood in the kitchen trying to remember what I was there for. I wanted to go masturbate. I didn’t have time. All I could think about was how much fun showing off was and that my husband loved it.

The deck and house got busy. The boys came up on the deck.. everyone helped make dinner. This time I was wearing a very short loose shift with a peasant style neckline.

“I like your dress,” said Scott.

“Yeah,” jumped in Brandon. “You look great.” Carl didn’t say anything.

“And Carl,” I teased. “What do you think about the dress.”

“Yyyyou look great,” he stuttered.

“Well Thank you all,” I replied. “I bought it yesterday.”

Carlie spoke up, “You do look great. I’m going to have to step up my game if I want anyone to notice me.”

We all laughed

We went around setting the table on the deck. A light breeze was coming up from the lake. It was cool and refreshing. As a was carrying food a strong gust of wind came up. My dress was so short and loose it blew up to my waist.

Carlie burst out laughing. My face turned red.

Carlie saw my face. “Oh come on mom, your bathing suit covered much less.”

She was right. But somehow this felt more exposed. I felt that tingle in my pussy.

“Here, if it will make you feel better,” said Carlie. Then she pulled up the hem of her dress. She was wearing a little turquoise thong.

“Feel better?” She quipped.

We all laughed, but in my mind I was marveling at how easily she showed us her thong. I wondered what Jim and Scott thought seeing their daughter’s/sister’s underwear and watching her show off like that.

We all ate and then lit a fire. Relaxing around the fire I was sitting in a folding lounge chair. Climbing into it and laying down in my short dress was a challenge but I said the hell with it and just gave up. I just let my panties flash when they did. Well. I may have helped. I sat with my legs comfortably apart.

As I did I watched the boys and Jim. They were all trying not to look but were all checking me out. I had this mad desire to just take off my panties and show more.

I think Carlie noticed too. She started flashing her panties too. I watched the boys. They didn’t know where to look, but Jim surprised me. His eyes were on Carlie. I think’ she knew it because she’d smile at him, catch his eye, and then part her legs a bit.

Finally it was bedtime. Jim and I decided to take a short walk along the shore. As we returned we noticed the light was on in the loft. There was Carlie in just a short T-shirt and thong puttering around the loft. Both Jim and I just watched. She finally turned off the light to go to bed.

We headed up the beach past the boys tent. We heard voices from within.

“Geesh your mom is hot,” said one of the boys.

“Fuck she’s killing me,” said another I think Jon.

“That’s my mother,” said Scott.

How sweet of him to defend me.

“Oh, fuck you,” said Brandon. “You know you’d fuck her if she’d let you.”

“True,” answered Scott. “But she’s still my mother.”

“Yeah, but so fuckable,” said Brandon. They all laughed.

“And then you get such an ugly little sister,” joked Jon,

“I know,” said Carl. “If I lived in that house I’d have a hardon all day long.”

“I practically do,” said Scott. “What I need is a hot mom.”

Brandon laughed, “can you imagine being able to fuck your mom and sister anytime you want? Can we fuck her too?”

“I just want to be first,” laughed Scott.

“Deal,” the others said in unison.

They all laughed.

“If ever,” Carl scoffed.

Wow, even my son thought about fucking me, I thought. For some reason that made me feel deliciously dirty.

I looked at Jim. He shrugged his shoulders, “they’re right,” he said. “You’re very fuckable.”

Then we heard Carl telling them about watching me at the bedroom window. At first they didn’t believe him, but he swore it was true. They were all amazed and asked a ton of questions. They were especially shocked when they heard that Jim was there watching.

The conversation was turning me on. I looked at Jim and kissed him. He kissed me back just as passionately. It was obvious that he felt the same thing I did. I reached down and started to rub his cock through his pants. He was rock hard.

“Mmmmm…,” I moaned, loudly. I was sure the boys heard it.

“Fuck me,” I said to Jim. Loud enough for the boys to hear.

The tent went silent.

“Fuck me, right here,” I prodded Jim.

Jim picked me up and plopped me on the picnic table. He flipped my dress up and pulled my panties off me. I reached down to release his cock. It felt velvety and strong in my hands.

I didn’t need any foreplay. I was wet. I just wanted to be fucked hard. His cock entered me.

“That’s it baby, fuck me,” I made no attempt to be quiet.

“Oh god, it feels so good, baby fuck me,” I went on.

“Remember Carl watching me undress? Remember how hot that was? I wonder if he told the other boys? What would they think? Would they want to see too? What about Scott? Do you think he’d really want to see his mother naked? Really want a hot mom? It felt good when he was rubbing lotion on me. He was so close to my pussy. Next time I hope he slides his hands right up under my suit.”

I was sure the boys could hear me. Jim was going fucking wild, he was pumping my pussy with all his might.

“That’s it baby, fuck me,” I went on. “You know you liked Carl watching. Maybe we should let the other boys watch. And did you see Carlie tonight. She was flashing her panties almost as much as I was. I saw you looking. I saw you checking out our daughters panties.”

It was crazy. I kept thinking that the boys could hear me. I wondered if I was turning them on.

“You like that baby? You like knowing other people want to see your wife naked? That would be so naughty. Would you like your wife to be naughty?

“Yes, god yes,” he moaned as he fucked me harder and harder.

“What do you think baby?” I went on. “Should I let them see me? Should I let them see more of me? Maybe wear a short dress with no panties. Would you like that?”

All of a sudden I looked up. There was Carlie watching us fuck from the loft. She had her hand in her panties and another hand on the glass to support herself. her

“Oh my god Jim,” I exclaimed. “Carlie is watching us from the loft. She has fingers in her panties and she’s watching us”

That was it for Jim. He started to cum inside me.

“That’s it baby,” I coaxed. “Give me that cum. Fill my pussy. I always loved your cum. But you know, I’ve never had any other. Is it different? Does it taste the same?”

Jim kept pumping me till he drained his balls in me.

“Fuck baby. That was amazing,” he said. .

“We better head to bed,” I said.

Jim bent down to pick up my panties.

“Leave them there,” I said. “Maybe someone will find them and recognize them.”

We went to bed. As we walked to bed I realized the boys must have heard me describe Carlie masturbating. I was still horny as hell. I wondered what they thought.

As we entered the house I heard voices from the boys tent, but I couldn’t understand them.

When we got to our room I stripped off my dress and bra. I saw no reason to hide. I pulled on a cute tiny pair of bikini panties and a T-shirt that barely reached my belly button.

I was still horny. I pushed Jim down on the bed. Kneeling with my ass toward the window I started sucking his cock.

“Mmmmm, you taste good,” I cooed. “I wonder if other cocks taste as good.”

He moaned.

“Do you think the boys can see my ass as I suck you?” I teased. “Should I take off my panties and give them a better view?”

“Better yet,why don’t you take them off me and show me off. Spread my legs so they can see my pussy.”

Jim moaned. He reached down and pushed my panties off my hips. I moved my legs helping him. I then bent down again, ass in the air, legs spread and Ww sucking Jim again.

When I couldn’t take anymore I straddled his cock and fucked him.

“Oh baby, that was so hot,” he said.

“Fuck yes it was,” I agreed.

I rode him till I was about to cum. “I’m cumming baby. I’m cumming,” I practically screamed.

I felt his balls empty inside my pussy it felt so good. We fell asleep.

I woke up to the sunlight streaming in through the window. I climbed out of bed. I was completely unaware that I was not wearing panties. I yawned and stretched and then opened my eyes. On the deck were Scott, Carl, and Jon. I then realized I was half naked, but this time it didn’t bother me. I reveled in it. I could feel the excitement between my legs.

I yawned, stretched, and then waved at the boys before turning away from them so they could watch my ass as I entered the bathroom. I was horny as hell. I left the bathroom door open as I took off my shirt and stepped into the shower.

In the shower I was so excited I brought myself to two orgasms. I got out and dried off. Then without a towel I went into my room to dress. Everyone was on the deck, Jim, Scott, Carlie, Jon, Carl, and Brandon. They were all there.

I gave them a quick wave and proceeded to put on my bikini. The kids kept checking out Jim’s face between watching me.

“When I was done I walked out on the deck and asked, “anyone for the beach?”

Everyone jumped up to go put on their suits.

I was most curious about Carlie. She headed up to the loft. Standing in front of the window she took off her t shirt and then her panties. The boys could see her, Jim could see her. She then stepped into her bikini and tied her top around her neck.

Like mother like daughter I thought. Maybe she liked showing off as much as I did.

We all headed to the beach. The day was beautiful. I laid on a lounger.

“Anyone want to put lotion on me?” I asked.

Scott, Jon, Brandon, and Carl all spoke at once.

I looked at Jim.

“Looks like they beat me to it,” he laughed.

I laughed. “I’ve got an idea. Everyone gets a section,” I smiled.

The boys all agreed laughingly.

Scott took the goop and gave everyone a little. They all rubbed their hands together to warm it up.

Then all at once they started. Carl started at my left shoulder, Brandon the right shoulder. Scott started on my left foot and Jon my right. Eight hands touched me all at once. It was amazing. Big strong hands rubbing my body. It was hard to concentrate on any one thing.

They were all being super thorough. It was as if they were working together. The two working on my upper body would both work their shoulder at the same time, As they did they would work their way down and up my arm in tandem. What was done to one side was done to the other. It felt amazing.

But on top of that I had the same thing being done to both my feet, as they moved up my feet to my calves and slowly moved up.

I was in heaven. I moaned, “oh god, this feels so good.”

The guys started doing my back. When they got to my bathing suit’s top

strap one of them undid it. The feeling of it coming apart sent tremors through my body.

Then the boys working on my legs reached my thighs. All of a sudden everything in my body became laser focused on those four hands on my thighs. As I felt them go from my knees to my thighs I gave a sharp intake of breath. Without realizing it I spread my legs a bit to give them more access. The higher they got, the more I spread them. I mean I wasn’t splayed like a slut, but there was enough room for a hand to reach my pussy.

As they caressed up my thigh and got closer to my pussy I arched my back and raised my ass a bit. I didn’t even realize I was doing it. The guys went from the bare skin of my thighs right to the curve of my ass. I moaned and pushed my ass up towards their hands.

All this time Jim was just watching. I’m not sure what he was thinking but, he wasn’t stopping it, so I figured we were ok.

Then I heard Carlie, “Well, looks like the boys are all taken. Daddy, would you mind doing me?” she asked in a little girl voice.

Jim looked at me, and then to the lotion he was being handed.

“Go for it babe,” I said.

He took the bottle and went to sit next to Carlie.

I watched him put oil on his hands and then start with her shoulders. I wanted to watch but the guys hands started focusing on my ass. They were playing with the bottom of my suit. I pushed my ass into their hands. Scott and Jon started exploring my ass. As they did I moaned. Scott’s hand slid back to the crotch of my suit. This time, as he rubbed my inner thigh his hand brushed my pussy. I spread my legs a little further and subconsciously pushed my pussy into his hand.

The more he rubbed the more I started grinding against it. Suddenly my body took over. I raised my ass a bit more and started grinding into his hand. I think he was too shocked to pull it away..

“Oh fuck,” I moaned as I let myself go to the feeling.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and were watching me, but I couldn’t help myself. The feeling of being watched only heightened the sensation. I could not control myself. I raised my hips and started rubbing the crotch of my bathing suit into his fingers. My mind was racing. I knew I was about to cum all over my son’s hand. That threw me over the edge. I think Scott was too shocked to pull away. Me? I couldn’t help myself.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck, yes, my god yes oh my fucking god,” I gasped as I came.

My hips fell back to the lounge chair. Scott’s fingers fell away.

“Oh god,” I moaned once more as I lay there catching my breath.

Thank god I was wearing a bathing suit I thought. I had never cum so hard. It felt kind of like I peed, later I was told it’s called squirting.

Everyone around me was just quiet. No one moved. I broke the silence. I was thirsty.

“Oh my god, can someone get me something cold and wet,” I quipped.

Carlie responded jokingly, “as opposed to the hot and wet you already have?”

I looked at her with a smile, “please just get me something to drink,” I said.

Carl and Jon leapt up and headed to the cooler. “I’ll get it,” they said almost in unison.

Brandon picked up the suntan lotion. He looked at it for a minute then said, “anyone else want some lotion?”

Everyone laughed.

“Jesus, I’m sorry,” I said. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“Are you kidding.” said Carlie. “That was one of the wildest things I’ve ever seen.” Then she looked at the boys. “Wasn’t it?”

They all murmured in agreement. Except for Jim.

“Daddy? Didn’t mom look hot?” She asked him directly.

He still looked dazed. “Fuck,” he answered. “I can’t tell you how hot it was.”

“See,” Carlie said. “Nothing to be sorry for.”

The scene returned to normal. Well, as normal as it could be after that.

Carlie sat up and asked Jon to goop her back.

“Just my back,” she said.

Everyone laughed.

We spent the rest of the day on the beach and boating.

“I bet I could go topless out here,” I mused as we rested in the middle of the lake.

“Why not,” said Carlie and undid her top.

The boys all looked at her.

“Oh come on,” she said. “You guys have all seen tits before.”

“True,” said Jon. “But we’ve been dreaming about yours for a long time.”

Really,” said Carlie. “I’m kidding,” she said. “You guys have been gawking at Me since I turned 13. Now you get to see them,”

Carlie nonchalantly removed her top. Carl offered to put lotion on them.

“I think I can handle this,” she laughed.

She squirted out some in her tits . The lotion on her tiis looked like she was rubbing cum into her tits. I could feel the wetness ftow between my legs. My imagination went wild. To me it looked like she was spreading cum all over her tits and nipples.

Since she was topless I saw no reason for me not to be. I removed my top and also spread lotion on my tits. I did it slowly, making eye contact with the boys as I did.

After a while we headed back in.

I got to the outdoor shower first. I removed my bathing suit and rinsed it out thoroughly before hanging it on the side to dry. Then I washed up getting all the sand and oil off of me. I wrapped a towel around me and headed for the bedroom to change. I pulled out my clothes and laid them on the bed. Then I noticed everyone watching me through the big window.

My dirty side took hold of me. I dropped the towel, stood there naked for a moment and then got dressed. I didn’t put a bra on, Just a tank top and a cute pair of sky blue panties.

I watched as Carlie got into the shower. As she was about to step in, she looked at the guys watching her. Then she made eye contact with me. Holding my eyes she stepped out of her bathing suit where everyone could see her. She hung it on the shower wall and then entered the shower. I was surprised that she did it. But who was I to talk. All of a sudden it hit me. Where had Carlie been changing? I realized that she’d been changing in the loft, on purpose, where people could see her. She was showing off.

Then Jim walked in the bedroom. He didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure if I’d crossed a line.

“We ok babe?” I asked.

He walked up to me, hugged me, kissed me and said, “that was the hottest thing I ever saw.” As he pulled me close I could feel his hard cock through his trunks.

“I love you,” he said.

Now what? I was loving being looked at. I knew it was wrong. These were my son’s friends, but I couldn’t seem to help myself. I loved the thrill. I decided to put it in the boys hands. I opened the glass and spoke through the screen.

Holding up the dress, “should I wear this or not?”

Not comprehending, they looked at me. Carl finally made a sound.

I looked at him to see his reaction. He just stood there.

“It’s a pretty dress,” Carl finally said.

I realized I had to make the choice clearer.

“Yes it is, but would you rather me not wear a dress or wear this one?” I asked again

This time a lightbulb went off in Brandon’s head.

“Don’t wear the dress, it’s hot out,” he answered.

It was sweet he gave me an excuse.

“No dress it is,” I said.

I turned to Jim, “if it’s ok with you,” I added.

“Fine by me,” he said and kissed me on the nose.

I walked out of the bedroom in a tank top and panties. A lot of belly showing.

“Who wants dinner” I asked.

The boys all wanted to help. I felt delicious and sexy walking around in my underwear.

As I was making dinner. Jim sat in a chair and just watched. The boys did everything they could to help. I wondered where Carlie was. What would she think. I looked up at the loft. Carlie was looking over the railing she was in a t shirt and shorts. Next thing I know she left the railing and was coming downstairs, but she’d taken the shorts off. She was wearing a t shirt and a tiny thong.

Everyone looked at her. I felt a pinch of jealousy. I was enjoying the attention and now it was on her.

“If we’re having an underwear party why are mom and I the only ones in our underwear?” she asked.

The boys all looked at each other. Brandon was first, stepped out of his shorts, he was wearing boxer briefs. Carl and Jon were next. Briefs for Carl, boxers for Jon.

Scott just stood there.

“Your turn big brother,” Carlie said.

“I umm…,” he stalled.

Carlie laughed, “you’re going commando, aren’t you?”

Commando? What’s commando I wondered. Remember, I was pretty sheltered.

“Well,” said Carlie, “I guess you can go put something on.”

What commando meant dawned on me, I was kind of disappointed as Scott went to the tent to change. I wanted to know what was under the hood. Then I realized how perverse that sounded. I wanted to see my son’s cock. I knew I shouldn’t but my pussy was wet thinking about it.

Scott came back in a pair of boxer briefs. I tried not to look like I was staring but I kept trying to see what was under them.

“You’re turn daddy,” Carlie said looking at Jim.

All eyes turned to him. He hesitated.

Carlie teased him, “come on dad show us what ya got.”

I walked up to him and I started to undo his shorts. I knew he wore briefs.

He stopped me for a second and leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I have a hard on.”

I kissed him and whispered back, “over me or our sexy little daughter?”

I pushed his shorts to the ground. His hard on was immediately noticeable by everyone.

“Oooooo,” I think daddy’s complimenting us,” she laughed.

That broke the tension and everyone laughed.


“Well daddy,” said Carlie, “how do you like seeing your wife and daughter in their underwear in front of all these guys?”

“Umm…,” started Jim.

“It’s ok daddy, you don’t have to tell us.

We all had dinner, then headed out to the deck to watch the sunset. I can’t speak for Carlie but I was definitely checking out these boys. Lean, young, muscled bodies. Like Jim was when we first started dating.

I also marveled at Carlie, so comfortable in her skin. Like she walked around in her underwear all the time.

Then she spoke, “it’s a great night for skinny dipping,” she mused.

The boys all looked at each other. I looked at Carlie. “Why not,” she said directly to me.

I didn’t have any answer so I said, “ok.”

The boys were up and out of their boxers in seconds. They splashed into the water about waist high and turned to look back.

Carlie stood on the beach about a foot away from the water. She faced the boys and pulled her top off over her head. Then she turned away from the boys and looking straight at her dad, she slowly peeled her thong down her very shapely legs. She turned and faced the boys again and walked slowly into the water.

Now all eyes were on me.

Carlie was the first to coax me, “come on mom. The water is great.”

Then the boys, “come on mrs S,”

I heard Jim quietly behind me. “Go ahead baby. Show them what you got.”

With that I walked up to the edge of the water and took my top off. I stood there for a moment. I wasn’t scared. I was just too excited to move.

“Come on mom,” Carlie shouted again.

I quickly pulled off my bottoms and headed into the lake.

I was barely up to my waist when Carlie dunked me. From then it was on. Strong hands grabbing me and throwing me. Me squirming and fighting back. I sharply aware when a hand slid over my belly, or cupped my breasts. I felt the excitement of having someone’s hands on my ass and legs and a few times grazed my pussy.

Carlie and I would laugh and shriek as we were thrown up in the air. The wrestling evolved down to the four boys playing catch with Carlie and Me as we squirmed and tried to get away.

Jim took in the whole scene from the beach. From what I could see I could swear he was stroking his cock.

Eventually I ran out of breath and begged the boys to stop. They did and helped Carlie and up I out of the water. Carlie and I laid down in the sand, naked , catching our breath. The boys stood around us.

I was enthralled. Look at these naked bodies. None of the cocks were hard but they’d just gotten out of the water.

After catching my breath, I said, “I need a shower to get all the sand off me.”

“Me too,” said Carlie.

“Me three,” said Carl.

We all laughed.

“I don’t think we can all fit in there,” I said.

“We can try,” said Scott

He picked me up and carried me to the outdoor shower. I shrieked when he did. On the other hand my mind was racing, my son, my baby, was holding me naked and carrying me to take a shower with him.

We got in the shower and Scott turned on the water. As he did, Carlie, followed by the other boys, crowded into the shower.

The boys surrounded Carlie and me and started scrubbing us. Their hands were everywhere. I started to return the favor. At this point I started to realize their cooks were getting hard. It both excited and scared me. I admit I stroked a few while washing up.

“Ok, that’s enough,” I said and got out of the shower. I wrapped myself in a towel and headed the bedroom. Jim followed me.

When I reached the bedroom I was horny as hell. All I wanted to do was fuck. Jim took me in his arms.

“Well, weren’t you a naughty little girl?” he said.

“Do you want to fuck your naughty wife?” I asked teasingly.

“Yes,” he gasped.

I turned around and knelt on the bed. “Then do it.” I told him.

It was a full moon night. . The kids could all see us from the deck. The boys were there. I had left the slider open a little that morning to catch some of the morning breezes. I was not sure if the kids could hear us.

All they knew was, there I was, on the bed, on my knees, at the edge of the bed. My chest and head down on the bed, my ass up.

“Do it,” I said again. “Fuck me.”

I was sure the boys heard that as they all looked at each other.

Jim looked out the window, then at my ass.

My head was on the mattress. I turned it so I could see out the window. All four boys were watching. I wondered where Carlie was.

“Come on baby, show these boys what a good fuck your naughty little wife can be,” I breathed.

Jim reached out and pulled my ass toward him.

“Mmmmm, that’s it babe, fuck me, fuck your naughty wife.” I teased.

My mind was racing. I knew I liked to be looked at, checked out, but this? What brought this on? Why was I acting like such a, umm. Such a slut? Just then Jim’s cock touched the lips of my pussy. The thoughts were gone. All I wanted was cock in my pussy and also, I wanted to be watched.

Standing behind me Jim slid his cock into me. I was soaking wet so it slid in easily. He grabbed my ass and started pumping me.

Then I heard Brandon say, “I can’t take this anymore.”

I watched as he grabbed his cock and started stroking it. This was the first hard adult cock I’d seen since I got married. I couldn’t see it very well as he was stroking it, but it looked longer than his hand. The feeling of having someone jacking off because of me gave me a sense of control. I loved having that power.

Just then Carlie stepped into view. She had a towel wrapped around her. She must have just stepped out of the shower. She took one look at Brandon.

“What the hell are you do…,” she started to say.

Then she looked in the window. She saw her mom, on her knees, being fucked from behind, by her dad.

“Oohhhhh,” she said.

She’d lock eyes with me and then turn to look at Brandon. Meanwhile I noticed Carl and Jon were rubbing their cocks.

I knew the kids could hear me. I was getting off on being the show. I started talking to Jim.

“Oh my god, that feels so good. I love fucking. I love being watched. Look. Brandon is jacking off, because of us. I wonder how his sperm feels, tastes. You’re the only man who’s cum I ever ate.

“Carl and Jon are enjoying the show too. Look at them rub their cocks. Oh my god this feels amazing. Jim I want to see them. I want them to pull their cocks.”

Carl and Jon knew what I wanted. They both held out their cocks and started stroking them. The sight of that sent me to my first orgasm.

“Fuck, they’re jacking off for me. Over watching my body. Fuck that’s hot. Oh my god,I love them looking at me. Dammit, fuck, yes, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I moaned.

Jim kept fucking me. I had sweat dripping down my back.

“Oh baby, keep fucking me. Scott and Carlie are watching. They’re watching their mother get fucked.”

Jim switched to long, slow, easy strokes.

Then I spoke to them, “babies? Does your mother look hot getting fucked. Do you like seeing her with a cock in her pussy? Do you like watching daddy fuck me?

They just stood there with their mouths open. Obviously unsure of what they were seeing or what to do.

Brandon spokefirst, ” fuck Scott, your mom is so fucking hot.”

“Fuck yes,” agreed Carl. “I’ve wanted to see her naked for years. This is beyond my imagination.”

Carlie spoke, “fuck you, beyond your imagination. You’ve been fantasizing about fucking my mother for years.” She sounded a little mad.

I wanted to tease him. “Is that true Carl? Have you wanted to fuck your friends mother for years? Is that why you’re jacking off?” He stopped pulling his cock. “Oh, please don’t stop. I love knowing the effect I’m having on your body.”

Carlie watched. She watched the guys jack off, then she’d look at me being fucked. She bit her lip.

Carl, Jon, and Brandon were all standing there, on the deck, stroking their cocks.

Carlie looked around and then went up to the loft.

Scott just kept watching his friends jack off.


I started to encourage his friends. “So, it makes you hard. Watching my husband fuck me. Have you thought of this before. Or did you imagine you fucking me. What do you think Jim. Can you imagine them fucking me? Three new cocks. I’ve only ever had yours up till now.”

I wasn’t sure how Jim would take this line of fantasy but he started fucking me harder.

“God baby, you’d look awesome being fucked,” he said as his cock pistoned me faster and harder.

I’d lost track of Scott and Carlie.

I looked back at the boys. “What do you want to see next?” I asked. “Wanna see me give Jim a blow job

There was a lot of head nodding. I leaned forward and let Jim slip from my pussy. He gave an audible moan.

I got down off the bed and onto the floor. Jim’s hard cock was right in front of my face. I took it in my hand and started licking it clean.

“Mmmmm…. I love the taste of my pussy on your cock,” I said loud enough for the boys to hear.

I then took the head of his cock in my mouth. I started pumping it with my hand.

Doing all this with an audience was an amazing high.

Where were Scott and Carlie?

I wanted to see my son’s cock. I thought about how nasty that was but I didn’t care. Jim just kept sliding his cock between my lips.

I dropped one hand from Jim’s cock to my pussy.

“Fuck, oh god, fuck, fuck , fuck,” I let out a growling sound. “Oh fuck,” I repeated as I made myself cum.

I was overwhelmed, “oh my god.” I looked at the boys cocks. All being stroked for me.

“Cum for me,” I said. “Cum for me, let me see it!” I practically screamed at the boys.

I laid down on the bed, legs spread with my fingers in my pussy. I started begging the boys. Jim sat on the bed stroking his cock.

“That’s it, stroke those cocks, cum for me, squirt all over the deck, I wonder what your cocks feel like. I’ve only ever seen my husband cum. Show me, cum for me, fuck show me,” I moaned.

Carl Couldn’t take it anymore ropes of cum came streaming out of his cock. It splashed on the window and left streaks.

“On my fucking god, that was so hot,” I screamed as I came all over my fingers.

I think my orgasm set off Brandon and Jon as their cum shot out on the deck and the window.

“Did you like that boys?” I asked. “Was that part of your fantasy? You got to watch me fuck, see me naked, and jack off for me. Was that good?”

Carl Spoke up, “That was hot mrs S”

Brandon just said,” amazing”

Jon added, “Jesus that was hot.”

I loved hearing it. “Mmmmm boys, thank you, I’ve never done anything like that.”

The boys just stood there. Again I wondered where Carlie and Scott went.

“Ok boys, shows over. Time for bed,” I said.

The boys all turned and headed got their tent.

Jim’s cock was still hard.

“C’mere baby,” I cooed. “Let me take care of that.”

I laid him on the bed and straddled his cock.

“Baby, was that hot for you?” I asked.

“Fuck yes,” he breathed. “You looked like such a slut. I didn’t know you had it in you.”

I was curious, “had you thought of that before?” I asked genuinely surprised.

“Yes,” he answered bashfully.

I lowered myself on his cock, “fuck me,” I said, and he did.

Next morning I got up. I climbed out of bed naked. I noticed Carl and Brandon on the deck. Stark naked I waved at them and climbed in the shower.

I got out of the shower and dried myself off. I had an audience. I wondered where Scott and Carlie were. I put on panties and a dress and headed to the kitchen.

Scott and Carlie were up in the loft fully dressed. Scott had on board shorts and a T-shirt. Carlie was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. .

They came downstairs.

“That was quite a show you put on last night!,” she said.

I felt like I was being chastised. I blushed and said, “I got carried away.”

“I’ll say,” said Carlie.

I couldn’t tell if she was mad or what.

“Pretty slutty,” she said.

“I guess you could say that,” I replied.

“Guess? Guess? You guess? Dad fucked you doggy style while three guys watched and jacked off. You guess that’s slutty?” she went on.

I wasn’t sure what to say. I just kept quiet.

Jim came in the room.. “now calm down,” he told Carlie.

“Calm down? You just showed everyone what a slut you’re married to. I bet you’re disappointed they didn’t fuck her. Weren’t you?” She insisted.

I didn’t say anything. I was so conflicted. I loved the idea of fucking the tthree of them but I didn’t know how to react.

“What were you thinking,” she said to me.

“It was hot,” I said. “The naughtier I acted, the naughtier I wanted to be.,” I explained.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you,” I finally said.

“Embarrassed me? Embarrassed me?” She had me worried.

“Embarrassed me? That was the fucking hottest thing I ever saw. I went upstairs and jacked off three times. Whatever you have in you, I do too. I’ve always felt, Umm, held back, I can see why. If I hadn’t left when I did I would have been right there on that bed with you.”

Carlie came to me and gave me a big hug. Then she kissed me, not a typical kiss. A kiss on the lips. It felt great. I kissed back.

I looked to Scott. “How do you feel that your mother can be so slutty?”

“I’ve always thought you were hot mom,” he answered.

“I was pretty slutty, wasn’t I?” I said

“Uh huh,” they both agreed.

I looked around. The boys were on the deck. They couldn’t hear our conversation. Jim was out there with them.

“Well?” I said. Should we head to the deck and show off for the boys?

“Ok,” she said.

I went into the bedroom to change. I pulled one of my new bikinis and put it on. I saw the boys and Jim watching me as I changed clothes. As I was changing I realized why Carlie always changed in the loft. She wanted to be seen, just like me.

Then Carlie came downstairs. She was topless in a green bathing suit that barely covered anything. I have no idea where she got that. All the guys turned their attention to her. I felt a pang of jealousy. I took off my top.

We both headed out to the deck and said good morning to the guys.

We both lay down on deck mats and sat in the sun. It was early so we didn’t glop up right away.

Believe it or not the conversation was pretty normal. School, dreams. Jobs.

It started to get hot out.

“It’s getting hot out,” I said. “You boys should lotion up.”

Each of the boys did as told. Carlie and I helped do their backs.

Then I took the lotion, squeezed some on my tits, and started to rub it in. I used slow circular motions around my tits and nipples. Again I couldn’t get the thought that it looked like cum as I spread it on my body out of my head.

As I looked over Carlie was doing the same thing. She looked covered in cum as she rubbed the lotion in. I decided to say something.

“That looks hot,” I said. “It looks like you’re spreading cum all over your tits.

She gave a smirk, “how would you know, does dad cum on your tits a lot?” she replied .

“Hmmm,” I mused. “No one’s ever cum on my tits. I should really rectify that.” I laughed.

The guys just stood there open mouthed. I’m pretty sure the conversation shocked them.

Carlie lay down on her stomach. “Someone do my back,” she said, holding out the lotion.

Carl was fastest although it was funny seeing them all grab for the lotion. He started at her neck and slowly worked his way down. He took his time massaging her body as he did. He got to the top of her bathing suit and was about to stop. I got brave.

With Jim and the four guys watching I reached over and grabbed the waist of her suit. I started to pull it down over her ass to leave it completely exposed. She lifted her hips to help me.

Carl held the lotion in his hands and just stared. Carlie’s ass was now completely exposed.

She wiggled it a bit and said, ” someone lotion my ass.”

Carl still had the lotion but was kind of in shock, Brandon grabbed the lotion and started spreading it on her ass. Slowly he started massaging the lotion in with both hands. She moaned. As she did she raised her hips and moved her hand to her pussy. She started gyrating her ass. As she moved her finger across her clit she moaned.

“Oh god, don’t stop, that feels so good,” she moaned.

The other boys watched transfixed.

“Fuck,” said Carl, obviously to Scott, “your sister is so hot.”

“I thought you thought my mom was hot,” Scott laughed.

“Fuck You,” Carl replied “they’re two of the hottest women I know.

A dirty idea crossed my mind. “Show us,” I teased.

“Show you?” Carl looked confused.

“Yeah, Show us,” I repeated. This time I looked at his bathing suit.

It was obvious his cock was hard under his suit.

“Yeah,” said mom. “Pull it out and show how hot you think we are.”

Carlie moaned again.

Carl hesitated, “come on,” I coaxed. Show us that hard cook. You’ve seen us. Show us.”

“Go ahead,” Brandon cajoled. “Show them.

Carl shrugged his shoulders. Carlie turned on her side to watch. She didn’t pull up her bathing suit or remove her hand from her pussy.

She continued to rub it as Carl pulled his cock from his suit. .

“Oh yeah,” said Carlie. “Stroke it for me.”

I couldn’t help but stare. Besides my husband I hadn’t seen a full grown adult cock in years.

Carl stood over Carlie stroking his cock. It was so hot. My baby as close to naked as she could be, fingers in her pussy, watching this handsome young man jacking off over her.

Then Carlie looked at me, “now what should I do momma,” She asked in a little girl voice.

“What do you want baby?” I asked.

She shocked me. Hell she surprised all of us. “Carl, cum on my tits,” she ordered.

Carl was stunned, “Really?”

Carlie replied, “please,” she asked.

It seemed Carl needed no more prompting. At the sound of please rope after rope of cum shot out of his cock. She had asked him to cum on her tits but it got in her face, hair, tits, belly, and pussy.

She started to rub it into her tits. “Oh my fucking god,” she said. That was fucking hot.

Then she grabbed my arm and pulled me to my knees. “What baby?” I asked.

“Your turn,” she said.

“Who wants to cum on my moms tits?” she asked.

Brandon and Jon pulled their cocks out. “Scott?” she asked.

“I’ll watch,” he said.

I stuck my chest out, I looked at Jim and said, “look honey, they want to cum on my tits, on your wife’s tits. They’re going to paint me with cum. What will you think of your slutty little wife. Now It will be a reality not just bedroom talk.”

“Baby, you look fucking hot,” he said.

Brandon and Jon stood in front of me stroking their cocks, I played with my tits telling them to come on.

“Come on, paint my tits, I want to feel that hot cum on my body.,” I coaxed. “Want to get some in my mouth. Go ahead,” I opened my mouth and licked my lips.

I watched Brandon and Jon jackoff. Then Carlie said,”let me help you.”

Help? How would she help?

She got on her knees between them and started jacking their cocks.

“Come on guys, spray all over my mother. Cover her with cum. Isn’t this a wet dream? Me jerking your cocks? Both of us practically naked in front of you? ”

That was it for Brandon. Spurt after spurt of cum hit me in the face, neck, and mouth. Some got on Carlie.

“That’s it baby. Show us that cum. Jon, show us what you got. To help him Carlie sucked his cock into her mouth and jerked it with her hands. When he started to cum she pulled away, the cum got on her face and some got on me.

She looked at Jim, “Did you like that daddy? Did you like watching your daughter jack off a cock so it could cum all over your wife?

Then to me she said, “there’s still cum on these cocks mommy, come clean them off.”

Covered with cum I crawled towards Brandon and Jon. There was still cum on each of their cocks. I took one in each hand and started sucking them clean. I could feel them starting to harden in my mouth.

“Look What a slut mommy is!” Carlie teased. “Did you ever imagine her sucking two cocks at once?”

I felt like a star, well, a porn star, making my own personal movie. Here I was covered in cum, sucking two cocks. It felt amazing.

Then I felt a hand at my pussy. I Thought it was Jim but I could see him. I realized it was Carlie. She had her fingers in my pussy and was spreading my juices all over my pussy..

“Get that slutty ass up,” she ordered me.

I stopped sucking cock put my head down and raised my ass. I did as I was told. She stripped off my bathing suit. I helped by raising my knees.

Then I heard. “All yours big brother. You said you wanted to fuck her. Now’s your chance.”

What? He told Carlie he wanted to fuck me? I didn’t move. My ass and wet pussy were in the air. All of a sudden I realized I wanted him.

Scott was obviously hesitating. I turned to look at him. He had his cock in his hand and was standing right above my ass.

“Baby, please, I want to be a hot mom. I heard you and your friends talking. I heard what you want. I want that too.” I practically begged.

“Fuck her,” said Brandon.

Baby, I want to be fucked and I want the second cock that fucks me to be the cock that came out of me,” I begged. “Fuck me, I want it. Let me show you how much.”

Carlie grabbed her brothers cock. “Do it, she wants it,”

She lined his cock up with my pussy. With one thrust he was inside me. I moaned.

“Oh my god, yes,” his cock was definitely bigger than Jim’s. I loved the way it filled me up.

Scott grabbed my ass and started to fuck me.

“God baby, that feels so good. That’s it, fuck your mother, I’m a hot mom, you can fuck me whenever you want.” Then to my husband,”you hear that Jim. I am Scott’s slut hot mom. He can fuck me whenever he wants.”

“Is this what you wanted baby? To fuck your mom? Is it as good as you thought?” I cooed.

“Fuck yes,” he answered.

The answer sent sparks down my pussy.

“I heard you in the tent that night. Do you still want me to be a slut mom and fuck all your friends too?” I breathed.

“Yes,” he shoved his cock into me.”fuck, god yes.”

“Oh god baby,” I moaned that feels so good.”

Then to my husband, “did you hear that dear. Tonight your wife becomes a slut, and you get to watch. From now on when you see Scott or his friends you will know they’ve fucked me and probably will again.

At this point I looked for Carlie. She was on her knees sucking Carl’s cock while jacking off Jon and Brandon. Her bathing suit was still around her thighs.

“Look honey, ” I said. “Our daughter is a slut too. Like mother like daughter.”

Jim was stroking his cock and moaning.

At this point I started to cum. I felt it build deep within me. lol fuck, yes, fuck, I cried as an amazing orgasm washed over me. My knees buckled and I fell to the floor. Scott’s cockfell out of me. I raised my ass and wiggled it. It took him no time at all the stuff his cock back in me.

I watched Carlie try to service three cocks at once. She was good but was having a hard time keeping up.

“Brandon, come here,” I coaxed.

I made him lie down in front of me and took his cock in my mouth.

“That better baby?” I asked Carlie.

“Fuck yes,” she answered.

She looked at Carl and Jon. “One of you better fill my cunt or I’ll bite you,” she teased. In no time at all Jon was behind her pumping her… well she said cunt, with his cock.

“Cunt,” I said out loud. “Scott? Do you like that word? Do you like fucking your mothers cunt? ”

“Fuck yes,” said Scott. Give me that slutty cunt. Fuck me. The sound of being called a slut made me cum again.

“Jesus,fuck!yes,” I cried as I came.

I wanted to feel Scott’s cum.

“That’s it baby,” I cried. “Fuck that cunt, I love the way you feel. Fill it with cum.”

“Go ahead Scott,” gasped Carlie between strokes. “She wants it, give her a cuntload.,”

“Fuck me, oh my god Jim. Our baby is fucking me. He’s going to cum in my pussy. It’s only had your cum in it.

Jon continued to fuck Carlie. “Cum in her man. I want next.” He said.

“What, my cunts not good enough for you?” She pouted.

“Carlie. Your cunt is amazing, but I’ve been dreaming about your mom for years.

Brandon was in my mouth stroking his cock while I sucked him.

“Mrs S, I’m going to cum,” he said.

“Anywhere you want,” I replied.

He grabbed my head and started shooting in my mouth. It tasted tangy and salty.

Fuck, mrs. S , that’s so good.l

I swallowed as much as I could but some escaped my lips and dribbled down my face.

That was enough for Scott. He grabbed my ass, “oh fuck mom, I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

I could feel it hot against my pussy walls.

I came. “Oh fuck Jim. Our baby just came in my cunt. Now it’s his cunt too. His friends want to cum in me. It won’t be your cunt anymore.”

Scott pulled out of me. I could feel some of the cum pull out and dribble down my thigh.

Jon pulled out of Carlie and without saying anything plunged his cock into my cum filled pussy. As he did he forced some of the cum in my pussy to drip down my inner thigh. There was something about being used like that that made me cum again

“Oh fuck, That’s it Jon. Just stick it in me. Use me like a fucking slut.”

Jon didn’t say a word but kept pounding my pussy.

Carlie let Carl’s cock out of her mouth.

“Come here big brother, let me clean you off.”

His cock was covered in my cum and his. She took it in her mouth and sucked all the cream off it. Watching that I came again.

“Fuck that’s hot,” I cried as I came all over Jon’s cock.

“Jim, Jim, they’re fucking my cum filled pussy. Can you see,” I said.

Jim had pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles and was madly stroking his cock.

Brandon had just cum in my mouth, Scott in my pussy. Jon was now buried in my cunt and Carlie was sucking Scott’s cock clean

It was all too much for me.

Carlie cleaned off Scott’s cock. Then she went and lay across Jim’s lap. Like he’d spank her, but instead, “Carl, come fuck me on my daddy’s lap. Let him see close up what a slut his daughter is.”

Carl got behind her and started fucking her.

“Wow, mr.S. This is fucking amazing. I’ve always wanted to fuck Carlie and mrs S. This is fantastic.

Carlie egged him on. “That’s it. Fuck me. Cum all over my ass. Show my daddy how much I love cum.

Brandon was jacking off again, as was Scott. Both their cocks were getting hard again. Jon was pistoning my pussy.

I wanted to feel that cum on my skin.

“Brandon, Scott, you look so hot,I want you to cum on my face and tits.” I begged.

Not ones to disappoint they started jacking their cocks harder. Carl fucked Carlie with all his might .

It was all too much. I collapsed on the floor. Jon’s cock fell out of me as I rolled on my back. All three kept jacking off over my body. Jon started to cum. It hit my face and belly. Brandon and Scott couldn’t take anymore they both exploded with streams of cum all over my face and body. It was hot and sticky. I started rubbing it into my body.

Carlie saw it and begged Carl to cum on her.

“Fuck Carl, that’s so fucking hot. Cum on my ass. Pull out and cum on me. Please. Look at my mom, cover me with cum.”

I could see Carla face. He pulled out, and stroking his cock, started spraying spurts of cum all over her ass and back. Some hit Jim as Carlie was lying on his lap.

“Fuck yes,” she cried. “Oh daddy, did you see that. Your wife and daughter covered in cum. Fuck that was hot.”

We all lay there, covered with cum, catching our breath. Carlie lifted her head and looked around the room. She got up and straddled my body. She licked my face up to my lips and kissed me. “We need a swim,” she observed.

We all agreed and started to get up then she added, “then I need to be fucked by my brother.”

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