Father submits to curious game for daughter’s slumber party

“Hello? Is anyone home?” My daughter, Lindsay, had been talking to me about her upcoming party, but mind had drifted. She was a junior in college, but her best friend Kristy was a senior this year and would be graduating. They were making as many excuses as they could to hang out with each other as they could.

“I’m sorry sweetie. I haven’t been able to concentrate much lately.”

“Sounds like you need to get laid,” she quipped.


“Mmmph,” was all I could say to verbalize my agreement.

My wife was an amazing woman. She had the smarts, the sense of humor, the endless kindness; all of it. In fact, the only part of our relationship that wasn’t enviable was our sex life. We had our daughter in our thirties. While this afforded us a better financial situation and greater patience than we could have mustered had we tried sooner, it also placed a heavy burden on our already struggling intimate relationship.

We had already been together for twelve years when we had our daughter. By this time, we had settled down to only having sex a few times a year. When Lindsay was born, my wife refused to let her cry herself to sleep in a crib and took up sleeping on the couch with her. This went on for eight years before my daughter finally started sleeping in her own room. By the time she did, the damage had been done. My wife and I were never able to quite get comfortable in the same bed after all those years apart. We would cuddle for the first hour or so, and then she would inevitably make a comment about being sore – and go sleep on the couch again. Every once in a while, we would attempt a quickie here or there, but she was always so paranoid about Lindsay catching us that things usually ended with only one of us getting to finish, neither of us getting to finish, or her getting me so nervous and worked up that I couldn’t stay hard. Slowly, as time passed, we just tried less and less.

“Don’t you think it’s kind of weird to comment on your dad’s sex life?” I asked. I wanted to say that after almost four years of not having sex at all, the idea of “getting laid” isn’t exactly a realistic goal; but I didn’t want to dive any deeper into this conversation than I had to.

“Not really,” Lindsay responded. “We’ve always been open and honest with each other. Besides, you have to actually be having sex in order to call it a sex life.”

“And what would you know about that?” I immediately regretted asking that question; knowing it couldn’t possibly lead to anything I’d be comfortable discussing.

“C’mon dad. Mom and I talk. I know it’s been forever since you guys had sex.”

“Listen sweetie. I’m glad we can all talk about anything, but discussing sex, and discussing your parents’ sex lives, are two different things,” I stated.

“Whatever. I’m just saying that maybe if you got laid, you wouldn’t seem so run down and tired all the time. You know, put some excitement back in your life. Get the blood flowing!”

It was about this time that I realized this conversation could end up going into something I wanted to discuss even less than my own sex life; and that was my daughter’s.

I knew that as soon as my daughter had her first period, my wife had put her on birth control. Lindsay never seemed like the desperate or slutty type to me, but I knew she wasn’t naïve or shy either. While I didn’t believe she was sleeping around, I also had convinced myself a that she probably wasn’t a virgin anymore either. Maybe this was because I had lost my virginity at such an early age, or maybe it was just the way Lindsay always seemed so casual about the topic of sex; but my guts told me my daughter wasn’t completely innocent.

Lindsay was watching me, almost as if she could tell I was debating on how far to let this conversation get. I saw a brief grin flicker across her face before she abruptly turned the subject back to her upcoming party.

“I really want this to be perfect dad. Please say you’ll help.”

I wasn’t even aware of what she had asked me to help with, but since my wife was out of town all weekend and the following week, it didn’t really matter. I would be the only authority figure around, and therefor stuck with the duty of trying to keep my daughter and her four friends happy for one night.

On the bright side, the perv in me had definitely already considered the possibility that four hot young females (not including my daughter) might be running around in my house in their underwear this weekend. Of course my logical side immediately stepped in to remind myself that even if they decided to forgo pajamas for some kind of lingerie thing, a bunch of young girls aren’t going to want some forty-something year old man like me hanging around and gawking.

Reluctantly I replied, “Sure sweetie. Whatever you need.”

“Promise?” she insisted.

“Promise,” I confirmed.

That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about my daughter’s upcoming party. At first I was just dreading the fact that I would have to share a house with five young girls that I knew would be wound up, but slowly my perv side came out again and I started to wonder what the girls would be wearing to bed. While I knew it would probably be a bunch of oversized pajamas, I couldn’t help but hold out hope that at least one of them would be wearing a pair of shorts that would be way too small, or maybe one of the girls would even dare to show off some sexy lingerie; or at least a tee shirt with just some panties. The thought one of the girls tight asses just peeking out from some tiny shorts was enough to make me hard, and I began masturbating to my dirty fantasy.

With my wife downstairs on her couch, I had the room to myself and was really getting into my “session”. I had visions of bringing the girls snacks or drinks, only to find them lying on the floor in their underwear – tight beautiful asses barely covered and sticking out for me to see. I imagined Lindsay’s best friend Kristy playfully sitting on my lap to watch a movie and wigging her butt against the lump in my pants. What I didn’t realize was that I was now talking out loud in my fantasy, encouraging the girls by name to carry on with their teasing. I was jerking even faster as I turned my thoughts to Lindsay’s other friend, Amy. I was close to cumming as I watched her reveal her young body to me in my mind. Just as I was fantasizing about entering her, I lost control and started cumming all over my stomach and chest. My orgasm was intense as my body tightened and the last of my orgasm dripped from my cock. That’s when I saw her.

Lindsay was standing in my doorway with her mouth open and eyes wide. I almost screamed she surprised me so much. Trying to grab my blankets and cover myself, I kept stuttering apologies and asking why she didn’t knock.

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