How I Became Montherfucker:- Chapter 1

My name is Rohan Rai, I am 20 years old and I live in Kolkata with my mommy Rita, my mommy is 40 years old and she is a housewife, and her figure size is 38-32-40, and she’s really a fuckable Mommy.

This story is from 2018 when I found five used condom’s in the backyard of my house and since then I started to suspect that someone fuck’s my mommy,And my father did not live at home because he works in Dubai, and I used to go out to play cricket after school and come back home in the evening, and whatever happens, was in my absence, So I kept an eye on my mommy to know, whom she meets and who comes in my absence.

But there was someone under my strict supervision who used to fuck my mommy a lot, then I went for school one day but I did not go to school,So I was sitting in the park behind my house for a long time thinking that my mommy is cheating on my father, that is not right,Just when I was going to my house in the afternoon, I saw someone coming out the back door of my house and the person was none other than my neighbor’s elder brother Zafar.

I went to his house with great anger and knocked on the back door, Zafar Bhai lives in a rented house and that rented house was also mine, so as Zafar Bhai opened the door I jumped on him and started beating him and he Started saying,

Zafar: – What happened Rohan, why are you beating me? What have i done?

Me:- Motherfucker, fuck my mom, I will kill you today.

Then Zafar threw me on the other side and climbed on top of me and gave me two slaps and started laughing at me saying,

Zafar: – Ha-ha-ha … yes I fuck your mother and will keep doing it, Ha-ha-ha.

Me: – I’ll kill you, you bustard.

Zafar: – You are like a mouse, you cannot do anything, you know there is a mole in your mother’s ass, which I have only seen ha-ha-ha.

At that time, I could not do anything except listen and when tears started coming from my eyes, the Zafar brothers stepped over me and then told me,

Zafar: – Come on stand up, I want to tell you something.

So I got up and Zafar filled me with water in the glass and then he told me that,

Zafar: – Look, your mother likes me and I like your mother.

Me: – It is wrong my mommy is only father’s and nobody’s.

Zafar: – Ha-ha-ha … In which youth do you live, the women of today are crazy for a strong boy like me and say one thing if you don’t mind?

Me: – What is that?

Zafar: – Your mommy is still very young and her figure is very big, especially her ass and boobs, it seems that I can fuck them a lot by sucking them Aaahhhh…

Me: – Stop the bullshit or else I’ll get you out of here, understand!

Zafar laughed at me and told me,

Zafar: – Ha-ha-ha … What do you want me to do to leave here and make a noise in the whole colony that I fuck your mother.

At that time I got a little thinking that Zafar is a rogue captive, if I banished it from here, then Zafar would discredit the entire colony to my mother, what should I do now?That’s when Zafar told me,

Zafar: – What are you thinking? See, you have two ways, first you drive me away from here and defame your mother, second you let me stay here and let your mother fuck by me.

Me: – But this thing should remain only between me and you.

Zafar: – Of course this thing will remain between us, it will make your mother very happy and if you want, you can see your mother’s fucking.

And then we both got the deal confirmed and then Zafar told me,

Zafar: – Do you take any drugs?

Me: – No, I do not take any drugs.

Zafar: – Oh, well, then you don’t even watch porn?

I used to watch porn but in front of Zafar I said that,

Me: – No, obscene porn leads to bad thinking.

Zafar: – You are truly an asshole, at your age I saw my mother fucking with my uncle and you are very straight boy… Ha-ha-ha.

Me: – What? You did not get angry at that time?

Zafar: – I got angry but the way my uncle used to fuck my mother, I used to enjoy it a lot,you should also watch your mother fucking, then you will also know how much fun it is.

I started to think, if it is really fun, Zafar showed me a cuckold porn, in which a man was having his wife intercourse with another man, by watching that porn my penis was getting erect,And Zafar was shaking out his big penis, when I saw his big penis, I got into thinking, Zafar has really a cool penis,Zafar told me that,

Zafar: – You too get out your penis and shake it slowly, it will be great fun.

I was feeling so horny at the time that I let my penis out of my pants and started shaking, Zafar said looking at my penis,

Zafar: – You have a very good sex, Rohan, you will also have fun by fucking someone.

Me: – I think a lot, but I am afraid that something might go wrong.

Zafar: – I know a girl, if you say, I can call her here.

Me: – Not now, some other day.

Zafar: – Okay, tell me when your mood is.

At the same time my mommy got a call on Zafar’s mobile and Zafar told me that,

Zafar: – Your mommy’s call has come, Rohan please listen silently.

Meanwhile, I kept quiet and kept listening to both of them, my mommy says to Zafar,

Mom: – What are you doing, Zafar?

Zafar: – Missing you, sister-in-law.

Mom: – So what is the delay, I am having the desire to have sex, come to my house.

Zafar:-I am coming now sister-in-law, keep the back door open.

And then my mommy cut the call and then Zafar told me,

Zafar: – Today it is your good fortune that you will see your mother’s live sex.

Me: – You go first and keep the back door open, I also want to see and enjoy today.

As soon as Zafar left, I too entered the house through the back door of my house and then I saw Zafar Bhai kissing me with my mommy, while Zafar Bhai picked up my mommy’s nighty from behind and was holding with his one hand And was fingering my mommy’s ass from another hand.

I got horny looking at my mommy’s dusky ass and I pulled out my penis, and started thinking, “mommy has really superb ass, sorry dad your wife is a cheating wife”,Both of them were in the living room at that time and then Zafar takes off my mommy’s nighty and undresses my mommy, I was going crazy seeing my mommy’s naked body and i was shaking my penis harder.

Then my mommy sat down on her knees and pulled down Zafar’s pajamas and then see took his penis directly into her mouth and started sucking Zafar’s big penis, on the other hand I started talking to myself while shaking my penis,

Me: – suck slut suck rammed into full mouth aaahhhh iissshh uuufffff you are a bitch Rita.

My mommy had made Zafar’s penis sticky with her spit by sucking it and then my mommy put a condom on Zafar’s penis and she climbed on sofa while showing her fatty ass,Zafar suddenly looked towards me and started rubbing his penis in my mommy’s ass and my mommy started saying to Zafar,

Mom: – Iiissshhhh… mmhhhh…Can’t wait anymore, Zafar,put it in uuufffff.

Zafar: – Like you say sister-in-law.

And Zafar inserts his penis into my mommy’s vagina and starts to fucking my mommy while grabbing her waist with his both hands, and I was shaking my penis harder, and my mommy stars moaning,

Mom:- Aaahhhh… Aaaaaahh… iissshhhh,yes Zafar just like that…uhh.

Zafar: – Oh,aaaahh…mmhh sister-in-law, I am enjoying it even more now aaahhhh uuufffff.

Mom: – aaahhhh aaahhhh yes yes me too.

Zafar continued to fuck my mommy in doggy style for a long time and my mommy kept moaning, And on the other side I was drenched with sweat to shake my penis but I wanted to see mommy’s fuck complete, that’s why I kept standing in the same position and kept shaking my penis.

Then Zafar brought my mommy to another pose and in that pose, Zafar was holding both my mommy’s legs spread and licking my mommy’s vagina,

Zafar: – llluuummh … llluummh … Ssslluupp Sssllluupp.

Mom: – Iiissshhhh … uuufffff … hhmm Oh Zafar you do so good mmmhh … uuufffff.

After listening to such things of mommy, I was assuming that I should fuck mommy and fuck in such a way that she only craves for my penis,After Zafar licked my mommy’s vagina, he put his penis in my mommy’s vagina and inserted and started to fuck her hard again and my mommy kept on moaning and after an hour of fucking, Zafar was done and me too, I left immediately and came home in the evening.

And when I came home, I first went to the bathroom and there I saw my mommy’s blue panty hanging, then I landed that panty and sniffed because I started thinking very badly about Rita, I cummed on Rita’s panty and hung back,I had seen my mommy’s fucking many times since that day and I was having a lot of fun, watching mommy having sex with someone else.

And in 2019, Zafar told my mommy that, Rohan knows everything about both of us and then Zafar went to Asansol forever, and I’ll tell you what happened after Zafar left in another chapter.

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