Wife becomes the main attraction at a strip club

Techno music pulsated through the neon filled room vibrating every muscle in our bodies. The beat’s epicenter seemed to be located in our chests. Our ears had stopped hurting, and our heart rates had slowed a bit, a ringing sensation would definitely consume us if we were to leave now – but leaving was not on our minds.

Stacie & I had already had a few drinks and were feeling pretty mellow. We had an excellent table with a view of all to see. Beautiful women were stripping on a catwalk only a few feet from our present position.

This was Stacie’s first time at a strip club and she seemed to take it very well. She had always been curious about the clubs and we finally decided to go and let her see for herself.

It was so sexy seeing my wife watching other women strip. The dancers seemed to focus their attention toward us, which made us hotter every moment.

Most women would be jealous as hell watching women get naked in front of their husbands, but Stacie was different. Stacie was extremely confident, spending many hours in the gym weekly, paying specific attention to her gorgeous body. Short in stature, only about 5′ 2″ Stacie’s 125 lb frame is stacked with feminine muscle tone, highlighting her trim and well-defined body. She was certainly a match for any of the silicone-laden ladies that strutted their stuff in front of us and had no need to be jealous.

The techno music subsided and was replaced with a sexy classic rock song. A new girl came out on stage in a way too small, patent leather mini dress with a zipper that went straight up the middle. The zipper was already down to her pierced belly button and her ample cleavage pushed the top apart revealing half of her huge mounds. The dancer walked playfully down the catwalk grabbing a brass pole turning herself quickly as she started walking in the opposite direction. Her mini dress moved up her firm ass revealing her white thong panties. All eyes were on her. The men sat steadfast waiting for her to remove her clothes before they approached her with their tips.

The dancer slid to the floor performing the splits. She pulled her legs together while staring intently at one of the fat perverts in the front row. She grabbed her white stiletto heels and spread her legs apart in front of the corpulent voyeur. She pulled her legs completely back over her shoulders. Her white thong left almost nothing to the imagination as it revealed the shape of her large labia.

The stripper shook her pussy in the fat man’s face as she looked in the mirror to her side checking the audience for other cash cows. She had moistened her panties before she came out on stage so that it would seem to her pseudo-lover that the act turned her on. He stared intently at her moistened hole, which was only centimeters from his nose. He sniffed loudly attempting to get a whiff of her sex. The fat man slid a dollar bill into her thong and attempted to catch a feel of her pussy as he withdrew his hand. She twitched as he ran his fat fingers over her clit and shot him a look of satisfaction.

The girl spun around and stood to her feet. Another song started. Stacie whispered to me, “Do you think she is pretty?”

The girl unzipped her dress and let it fall open. Her firm fake breast were only feet from our table. I responded, “Yes.”

Stacie took a long sip of beer and looked at me intently. “Do you think she is sexy?” I asked.

Stacie watched her for a moment more then shook her head up and down in approval. “Uh-huh.” She pulled the stirrer from her drink and wiped it across her extended tongue as she continued watching.

The nude dancer looked at us and pouted her dark lips out. The shimmering dress fell to the floor as she turned swaying down the catwalk shaking her tight ass at the onlookers.

Men now stood around the catwalk with dollar bills waiving freely – she took the men’s money in exchange for a look at her firm body and sultry thanks. After a few passes down the catwalk, the men stopped filling her thong and garter with dollars. She walked toward the largest gathering of faithful contributors, bent over and slowly pulled off her panties. The fat man stood up and walked toward her gaping pussy. She shook her ass in his face for a moment the turned and took his fist full of bills, placing her falsely moistened panties in his open mouth.

The fat man’s friends laughed congratulating him on his “victory.” The girl would walk from man to man letting him stare at her naked ass. She looked at us fixedly as she would bend and push her pussy into her next admirer’s face.

The music stopped and the woman collected her shed clothing in one arm and with the other she picked up any monies that had fallen during her act. She left the stage into a back room.

Stacie asked me what I thought of her show. I told her, I thought she was extremely hot, but thought she could make more money if she acted a little more turned-on.

That’s what it’s all about, selling men the illusion that they like it – no, that they love it. It all goes back to that whore in the bedroom and virgin Mary in the public – but where do you draw the line. Stacie and I battled the same thing daily. I loved her sexy ways and us being here was a testimony to that. She had been curious and wanted a little spice in the relationship. Who was I to deny her? Hell it gave me an excuse to watch my wife get dressed sexy to go out and watch women get naked – of course, it was all in good fun.

Stacie moved closer to me grabbing my groin to see if I were erect. The mere excitement of her hand jolted my already half hard dick into action. She rubbed me for a moment longer then relaxed back into her chair. I couldn’t help but to think how sexy it would be to watch her walk down the catwalk, completely naked for everyone to see. I too admired the whore side of a beautiful woman.

However, we were successful business people and had reputations to uphold. We had driven almost three hundred miles to visit this club out of fear of recognizing someone.

Another girl walked up on stage to replace the one that had just left. She didn’t seem to have the spunk of the last girl and getting tips was slow going.

The stripper that had walked into the back room had now reemerged on the floor wearing a different outfit. She now had on an almost sheer halter-top and very short shorts. A few gentlemen approached her, apparently asking for table dances or whatever else. She exchanged a few words, which we couldn’t make out, then continued in our direction.

She walked over to our table and pulled out a chair in front of us and sat down.

“So, what brings such a lovely couple such as yourselves, to a place like this?” She waived her hand at the now topless girl on the catwalk. “Spice? Romance? Excitement?” a short pause, “Sex?”

I replied, “Just curious.”

The stripper said, “Well, you know what happened to that damn cat,” with a sinful smirk.

She looked at Stacie and asked her the same question. Stacie replied with the same.

The stripper ordered herself a drink. “I remember the first time I came to a place like this.” She sipped on the tall glass. ” I thought the ladies were glamorous, and the attention that they received from the men was exhilarating. I thought to myself how exciting it must be to stand there totally naked shaking your business in front of strangers. Hell, before I new it, my ass was on stage shaking my money-maker.”

Stacie asked, “Does it still turn you on?”

“Sure, all the time. But sometimes it takes some pre-show coaxing” She winked at the girl on stage who had just removed her thong and was now spread-eagle staring at the stripper next to us. “The girls here are friendly with each other – that helps a lot.”

I spoke up and said, ” I thought it was always an act, that you do it strictly for the money.”

The girl answered, “No, not always, sometimes I dance for free, when I’m really hot.” She stared at Stacie’s high heeled, thigh high boots that ended about six inches before her short black mini shirt. The stripper scooted a little closer to my gorgeous wife.

The stripper was playful and had a seductive charm around her. I had been totally mistaken about her. After watching her noticeably phony performance on stage I thought surely that she was fake. But that turned out not the case at all.

The stripper seemed intently inquisitive about Stacie’s curiosity. She told us that it was that same curiosity that started her stripping and that the thrill that she experience sporadically with certain customers that drove her to continue performing.

She took Stacie’s hand and stared at her wedding ring. She asked us how long we had been married. We told her a little over five years. The stripper was not married.

“Was he the first man that you fucked?” The stripper asked boldly gesturing to me.

Stacie replied, “No.” She seemed comfortable enough with the question.

We had more drinks and the conversation turned more erotic. “Any women?” The stripper asked continuing on from her earlier question concerning Stacie’s sex life before me.

Stacie again replied, “No.”

The stripper began asking us about our fantasies and became visibly aroused her erect nipples now awkwardly visible through the sheer material. The stripper had moved herself closer to Stacie as she continued the borage of erotic questioning. Stacie and I laughed answering her questions as we too became increasing aroused. Stacie threw down drink after drink becoming progressively more comfortable with the stripper.

“What’s your fantasy?” The stripper asked me as she practically leaned on my wife. My dick jumped up as the stripper’s sexy voice uttered the words.

I was pretty drunk, but still looked at Stacie for approval before answering. Stacie’s legs relaxed open a bit under the table and I found myself caressing her naked thighs as the stripper spoke.

“Well?” The stripper asked again aggressively.

Stacie nodded in approval.

I told the stripper that Stacie and I were very open with each other on our fantasies so this was no shock to her. “I have always wanted to see my wife fuck two guys at the same time.”

“Wow.” The stripper said, looking at Stacie lustfully, scooting all the more close to her. “That’s a pretty progressive fantasy. Wouldn’t that make you jealous?”

“Well, I don’t really know, we haven’t tried it.”

I felt the stripper’s hand on Stacie’s other thigh. Stacie’s head was tilted back a little enjoying the dual massage and the liquor. The stripper and I smiled at each other as we accidentally discovered each other massaging my wife’s thighs.

Stacie seemed to be in a sexual daze. I wasn’t sure if the stripper had discovered Stacie’s panty less, shaven pussy or not until the dancer wiped her moistened fingers across the back of my hand.

“Have you ever been close to a naked woman coming on to you?” I heard the stripper say to my wife with her scratchy yet smooth voice.

Stacie kept her eyes closed and tilted back as she shook her head side-to-side to indicate no.

The stripper finished her drink and asked Stacie if she would care for a private dance on the house.

Stacie looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders as to say why not.

The stripper grabbed us both by the hands and walked us in to the back room. She sat Stacie down on a couch by herself and pulled out a chair for me to the side.

She asked me if I had ever seen my wife making out with another woman and if it turned me on to know that she had been fingering her the whole time we sat and talked. I was now visibly aroused. I didn’t answer. No answer was expected – she knew I was turned on.

Stacie leaned back in the couch and looked at me with a mischievous grin. The stripper turned on some sexy music and straddled Stacie on the couch. She bent over whispering something in Stacie’s ear. Her long dark hair meshed with Stacie’s long blonde hair and shielded their faces, leaving me to only guess what was said or done. She rose up and removed her sheer top. Her nipples were large, erect as well as pierced. Stacie’s eyes widened, as she had never been so close to a topless women. The stipper ran her hands down over her breast and down to her stomach. She toyed with her nipple piercings bringing Stacie’s attention toward her swollen tits. She reached one hand down her hot pants and fondled her pussy. The stripper seemed to be in total ecstasy and Stacie didn’t seem too far behind.

The girl slithered and swayed atop Stacie rubbing my wife with her large breast – touching Stacie in places I had only touched her and the few men before we married. Stacie didn’t stop her.

The stripper had now removed her shorts and now lie beside Stacie on the couch with legs spread, fully masturbating – manipulating her clit quickly with one hand, inserting two fingers deep into her hole with the other, searching for an orgasm. Stacie watched intently – no words were exchanged.

The stripper ran her fingers through Stacie’s long blonde hair and pulled my wife lips to her flat stomach just above her groomed pubic area. Stacie caressed her stomach with her hands and lips. I could see her licking the strippers six pack stomach. The stripper continued to masturbate. Stacie now fondled the dancer’s breast. I almost came when I saw my wife’s lips close around the strippers erect nipple.

Stacie’s tongue danced about the completely nude dancer’s nipple playing with the gold loop nipple ring. The dancer took Stacie’s hand and tried to place it on her wet pussy, but Stacie’s hand withdrew. The stripper knew immediately she was not ready for that and did not persist.

The stripper now slipped into the floor and sat up on her knees Stacie’s clothes were ruffled. The stripper tugged at the string along Stacie’s back that held Stacie’s backless, white halter-top in place.

The top fell off, exposing my wife’s full, beautiful breast. The stripper then raised Stacie’s miniskirt exposing her pretty naked pussy. The stripper wasted no time diving toward her already moist hole. Stacie looked at me breathlessly as the stripper massaged her clit with her tongue. I went to the couch and sat beside Stacie sucking her breast as the woman gorged herself on my wife’s clit.

Stacie squirmed as the stripper placed two fingers in her relatively virgin hole. I had never seen such a look of ecstasy on anyone’s face – not even in a porno. Stacie rubbed the strippers back as she licked her pussy. Stacie’s high-heeled boots kneaded the stripper’s firm ass.

The stripper stopped licking my wife’s pussy and looked at both of us with a smile. “This is what it’s all about. This is when I love what I do.” She said with the glaze of pussy juice glistening off her mouth.

She asked Stacie if she would like to feel better. Stacie let out a whimpering yes. The stripper ask me if I were up for it. I asked her, “up for what?”

She said, while still fingering Stacie’s pussy. “How would you like to watch your wife eat me out while being fucked by another man.”

I said, “I’d love it.”

The stripper stood up, butt naked and said, “Wait here.” She came back only a moment later, my face buried in Stacie’s pussy. “Later lover boy, you’ll get your turn – wait in line.”

She stood Stacie to her feet and stripped her except for her thigh high boots. She took a garter and slipped it over Stacie’s leg. The stripper took Stacie by the hand and led her out of the private room and toward the catwalk bare-ass naked. There were probably three hundred men in the bar and all eyes were on my wife’s tits and ass – new meat. Many of the men were regulars and were aroused to see the newness of Stacie’s nakedness.

The DJ dimmed the lights and a slow song started. The lights grew slowly and Stacie and the stripper stood in the middle of the catwalk, French-kissing, caressing each other’s bodies. They began fondling each other’s breasts and the men went wild. You could see the bouncers getting nervous as men flocked to the stage. Men started placing fists full of bills in the garters on each of the ladies legs. I could see some of the guys grabbing Stacie’s ass as they paid her.

The stripper forced Stacie to the ground on her knees and then dipped behind her. She scooted Stacie’s body to the edge of the bar as she knelt behind her doggie-style. Stacie’s torso hung over the first row of seats into the audience. Stacie’s breasts were groped by the onlookers as they shoved bills into her garter. The stripper slapped Stacie’s ass as she dry humped my wife in front of the frenzied men.

A group of young good-looking guys walked up to the front row to get into the action. The stripper whispered in one of the guys ears and then left the stage. Stacie fondled her pussy on stage rubbing it in men’s face as she had seen her stripper lover do earlier.

The stripper took me back in the private room as my wife entertained. She handed me a shirt that said bouncer on it in big white letters and instructed me to, “wait here” and then left.

A moment passed in the quite private room, I put the shirt on. I wondered what my wife was doing on stage. The dancer reentered the private room with my wife and two young men. I could hear the audience screaming for their return. The stripper rattled off some prices to the horny guys naming things like blowjobs and anal sex, which shocked the hell out of me. Stacie stood in a sexual stupor as the dancer pimped her out. Stacie smiled at me. The two guys looked at me. The stripper said, “He stay’s, so don’t try anything funny – you give him the money first.”

The guys talked amongst themselves, then the stripper suggested that they double penetrate my wife while she was eaten out by Stacie, the guys smiled and agreed. They handed me two thousand dollars. The stripper took Stacie to the floor and placed her on her hands and knees. She took Stacie’s garter off and handed it to me. I must have now been holding three thousand dollars.

She squirted some lubricating jelly into her hand and then began rubbing it over and into Stacie’s asshole. Stacie’s body contorted helping the stripper maneuver through her tender areas. The stripper told the two men to take off their clothes and put them on the couch. The men stripped naked as I stood in the corner with my arms crossed in a professional manner.

The men were both hung pretty well but one much more that the other. She told the man with the big dick to lay down. She moved Stacie to him where she instructed Stacie to straddle his cock. Stacie looked at me and I smiled.

I almost came in my pants as I watched my wife throw her leg over his hips taking his huge cock in her vagina. She slowly lowered herself on his massive dick as she stared at me intently, gasping as he penetrated her. She rode him for a moment savoring the intense feeling of another man’s penis invading her vagina. The other man then did as he was told. He bent over my lovely wife doggie style and stuck his dick up her ass. She panted at first as he slid his dick deep into her ass. At first the motion of the men seemed awkward, but after a few moments became fluid The men fucked my wife soundly and she was enjoying every moment, vocally.

The stripper then asked the men if this was their first time doubly penetrating a whore. They admitted that it was. The stripper sat on the edge of the couch and directed Stacie’s face toward her pussy. Stacie’s face dove into the stripper’s pussy and lapped as the two men fucked her ass and pussy. I could hear Stacie groaning into the stripper’s cunt as the two men pounded her holes.

One man came before the other, but they went off like a chain reaction neither withdrawing. Stacie just sat there letting them drain into her body. The stripper sensing the sexual climaxes also climaxed into Stacie’s mouth covering my wife’s pretty face with her natural juices.

Everyone withdrew slowly. Cum ran down Stacie’s ass dripping from her orifices. She fell to the floor and lay there as the men dressed and left the room. The stripper looked at us – smiled and said, “I’ll leave you two love birds alone,” then left.

My dick was now throbbing so hard it could possibly explode. I took off my clothes, slipped my dick into my wife’s stretched hole. We French-kissed more passionately than we had ever before. I could taste the sex in her mouth. Her pussy gushed with pussy cum and I loved the sloppy seconds.

I pulled my dick out – the other guy’s cum purely visible on my dick and stuck it in her ass. It too was gaping from her earlier encounter and gushing with a hot load of cum. I pounded her ass doggie style as she fingered her clit. We came together violently and then held each other lovingly.

She thanked me for giving her the opportunity to be so open sexually. I told her that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We left the club that night back to our professional lives. Stacie resumed the role as the virgin Mary, but, we both knew she could truly be a whore.

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