Wife becomes the main attraction at a strip club

Techno music pulsated through the neon filled room vibrating every muscle in our bodies. The beat’s epicenter seemed to be located in our chests. Our ears had stopped hurting, and our heart rates had slowed a bit, a ringing sensation would definitely consume us if we were to leave now – but leaving was not on our minds.

Stacie & I had already had a few drinks and were feeling pretty mellow. We had an excellent table with a view of all to see. Beautiful women were stripping on a catwalk only a few feet from our present position.


This was Stacie’s first time at a strip club and she seemed to take it very well. She had always been curious about the clubs and we finally decided to go and let her see for herself.

It was so sexy seeing my wife watching other women strip. The dancers seemed to focus their attention toward us, which made us hotter every moment.

Most women would be jealous as hell watching women get naked in front of their husbands, but Stacie was different. Stacie was extremely confident, spending many hours in the gym weekly, paying specific attention to her gorgeous body. Short in stature, only about 5′ 2″ Stacie’s 125 lb frame is stacked with feminine muscle tone, highlighting her trim and well-defined body. She was certainly a match for any of the silicone-laden ladies that strutted their stuff in front of us and had no need to be jealous.

The techno music subsided and was replaced with a sexy classic rock song. A new girl came out on stage in a way too small, patent leather mini dress with a zipper that went straight up the middle. The zipper was already down to her pierced belly button and her ample cleavage pushed the top apart revealing half of her huge mounds. The dancer walked playfully down the catwalk grabbing a brass pole turning herself quickly as she started walking in the opposite direction. Her mini dress moved up her firm ass revealing her white thong panties. All eyes were on her. The men sat steadfast waiting for her to remove her clothes before they approached her with their tips.

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The dancer slid to the floor performing the splits. She pulled her legs together while staring intently at one of the fat perverts in the front row. She grabbed her white stiletto heels and spread her legs apart in front of the corpulent voyeur. She pulled her legs completely back over her shoulders. Her white thong left almost nothing to the imagination as it revealed the shape of her large labia.

The stripper shook her pussy in the fat man’s face as she looked in the mirror to her side checking the audience for other cash cows. She had moistened her panties before she came out on stage so that it would seem to her pseudo-lover that the act turned her on. He stared intently at her moistened hole, which was only centimeters from his nose. He sniffed loudly attempting to get a whiff of her sex. The fat man slid a dollar bill into her thong and attempted to catch a feel of her pussy as he withdrew his hand. She twitched as he ran his fat fingers over her clit and shot him a look of satisfaction.

The girl spun around and stood to her feet. Another song started. Stacie whispered to me, “Do you think she is pretty?”

The girl unzipped her dress and let it fall open. Her firm fake breast were only feet from our table. I responded, “Yes.”

Stacie took a long sip of beer and looked at me intently. “Do you think she is sexy?” I asked.

Stacie watched her for a moment more then shook her head up and down in approval. “Uh-huh.” She pulled the stirrer from her drink and wiped it across her extended tongue as she continued watching.

The nude dancer looked at us and pouted her dark lips out. The shimmering dress fell to the floor as she turned swaying down the catwalk shaking her tight ass at the onlookers.

Men now stood around the catwalk with dollar bills waiving freely – she took the men’s money in exchange for a look at her firm body and sultry thanks. After a few passes down the catwalk, the men stopped filling her thong and garter with dollars. She walked toward the largest gathering of faithful contributors, bent over and slowly pulled off her panties. The fat man stood up and walked toward her gaping pussy. She shook her ass in his face for a moment the turned and took his fist full of bills, placing her falsely moistened panties in his open mouth.

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The fat man’s friends laughed congratulating him on his “victory.” The girl would walk from man to man letting him stare at her naked ass. She looked at us fixedly as she would bend and push her pussy into her next admirer’s face.

The music stopped and the woman collected her shed clothing in one arm and with the other she picked up any monies that had fallen during her act. She left the stage into a back room.

Stacie asked me what I thought of her show. I told her, I thought she was extremely hot, but thought she could make more money if she acted a little more turned-on.

That’s what it’s all about, selling men the illusion that they like it – no, that they love it. It all goes back to that whore in the bedroom and virgin Mary in the public – but where do you draw the line. Stacie and I battled the same thing daily. I loved her sexy ways and us being here was a testimony to that. She had been curious and wanted a little spice in the relationship. Who was I to deny her? Hell it gave me an excuse to watch my wife get dressed sexy to go out and watch women get naked – of course, it was all in good fun.

Stacie moved closer to me grabbing my groin to see if I were erect. The mere excitement of her hand jolted my already half hard dick into action. She rubbed me for a moment longer then relaxed back into her chair. I couldn’t help but to think how sexy it would be to watch her walk down the catwalk, completely naked for everyone to see. I too admired the whore side of a beautiful woman.

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However, we were successful business people and had reputations to uphold. We had driven almost three hundred miles to visit this club out of fear of recognizing someone.

Another girl walked up on stage to replace the one that had just left. She didn’t seem to have the spunk of the last girl and getting tips was slow going.

The stripper that had walked into the back room had now reemerged on the floor wearing a different outfit. She now had on an almost sheer halter-top and very short shorts. A few gentlemen approached her, apparently asking for table dances or whatever else. She exchanged a few words, which we couldn’t make out, then continued in our direction.

She walked over to our table and pulled out a chair in front of us and sat down.

“So, what brings such a lovely couple such as yourselves, to a place like this?” She waived her hand at the now topless girl on the catwalk. “Spice? Romance? Excitement?” a short pause, “Sex?”

I replied, “Just curious.”

The stripper said, “Well, you know what happened to that damn cat,” with a sinful smirk.

She looked at Stacie and asked her the same question. Stacie replied with the same.

The stripper ordered herself a drink. “I remember the first time I came to a place like this.” She sipped on the tall glass. ” I thought the ladies were glamorous, and the attention that they received from the men was exhilarating. I thought to myself how exciting it must be to stand there totally naked shaking your business in front of strangers. Hell, before I new it, my ass was on stage shaking my money-maker.”

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