School Teacher Photo Shoot

Jennifer, a young, blond, math teacher decides to check the status of some photos she and here husband had taken at the studio the day before as she returns from an appointment at a hair salon.

“Where’s that husband of yours today? He’s not chaperoning you around? Dangerous business leaving a pretty lady stroll around too long with all these lecherous Bahamian men around, you know.”

“Fishing, he’s fishing. Took a charter before dawn this morning and won’t be back until dark.”

“Oh, he’ll have a great time. The fishing has been wonderful this year. Hey, did you think about taking some of those “special” shots for your husband we talked about the other day? He’d love some.”

The margaritas she had earlier at a beachside bar had lowered Jennifer’s inhibitions considerably and she hesitated only briefly before asking, “How special is “special?”.

“Well,” Oscar replied, “there are all different types of “special”. There are the white album “special” like these.” He withdrew a large white photo album from beneath the counter. He plopped the thick book in front of her and turned it so she could she the various poses of his prior clients.

The women were all shapes and sizes, all colors and ages. Dressed in lingerie and bikinis, some leaning forward to expose more cleavage, others hands on hips with their backs facing the camera to highlight their behinds; all very innocently and tastefully done. All the women seemed to be having a wonderful time posing for the camera and for their men. They were all the sort of glamour poses reserved typically for cover girls and models but wives and lovers were now posing for.

“What other levels of “special” do you have Oscar,” the young blonde asked?

“Oh, well, now we have the blue album “special”, and he produced another album, not quite so thick but still fairly hefty.

These women were much more exposed. Wet T-shirt, breasts and nipples exposed, bare buttocks but yet nothing too blatant. Skimpy bikinis and see through lingerie seemed popular as well as garter belts and stockings and more of these poses were reclining. Jennifer noticed some of the same women were in this book as in the first. She paged through the album not wanting to seem too interested since Oscar was just across the counter from her.

“Lots of ladies get started with the “white” poses and then when they see how they turn out the progress to the “blue” poses. ”

“What do you mean, when they “see”, how can they see anything until the film is developed?”

“Oh, my pet, this is the digital age. I can show you any images almost instantly after they are taken on a computer monitor. I couldn’t do it for you and your husband, Troy, wasn’t it, because my computer hub was down. I can cut and paste, crop, the whole banana instantly nowadays.”

“I see. How many more albums do you have down there,” she asked?

“Two more, black and red.”

“Well, let’s see.”

Oscar produced the black album and warned her that these were much more explicit and revealing.

The first photo was of a well-endowed red head Jennifer had noticed in each of the earlier albums. She had no clothes on except for a Derby hat and a black choker. Her bush and vagina were clearly visible and her pink nipples protruded firmly from her breasts.

The photos were much the same as could be found in most popular men’s magazines. Some blatant “spread” shots with their legs wide open and labial lips displayed were there. The poses were as varied as the women in the album. Some on hands and knees with their derrieres exposed to the camera, some with feet propped on pillows and such trying to highlight some of their assets while downplaying some others less flattering.

“Well, what about the red album,” Jennifer asked? “That must have some really nasty stuff in it if this only rates a black cover.”

“Red is for red hot. It almost burns my hands just to pick it up,” Oscar quipped. “You sure you want to see this? It leaves nothing to the imagination.” He pulled the album close to his chest and looked into her freshly done face and blue eyes to see if she was really serious about looking at the fourth album.

The alcohol had numbed her senses to the point she was looking at photos of naked women, strangers, in front of a stranger himself. “Yes, I’m over 21, I can look at nasty pictures.”

“Okay, I told you,” and Oscar laid the fourth and final album on the counter.

The first photo was of a beautiful black woman, reclining on a couch, legs spread, three fingers of her right hand buried in her pussy and her left tugging vigorously on the nipple of her right breast. She was looking right into the lens of the camera as the photo was taken.

“Wow, I bet her husband loved this picture,” Jennifer commented as she turned to the next page. A voluptuous blonde with a black garter belt and black stockings was stuffing an equally black and HUGE dildo into herself greeted Jennifer’s gaze. “Whew, you were right. These don’t leave anything to the imagination. I thought you said you respected your customer’s privacy the other night. How can you show me these photos and still say you are respecting their privacy?” She continued paging through the volume of sex photos.

“I have permission and release forms from every one of those ladies,” Oscar replied and slapped another notebook onto the counter top. “Stop, look at that one. There’s a number in the lower right hand corner, what is it?”

“356”, Jennifer responded.

Oscar quickly paged through the notebook and flipped the book around. “See right there, there’s her signature on the release. I only share photos of my models if they want them shared and every lady in these books is in this book.”

Jennifer looked more closely at number 356. A gorgeous brunette lay back in a bed with a red satin sheet with the photo taken from above. She was just fucked! Jennifer looked more closely at the photo and it was somewhat obvious there was semen oozing from between her legs. She flipped quickly to the photos that followed and found more and more provocative and revealing photos. “You took all of these?” she asked as she continued flipping through the pages; several of which were women obviously masturbating, some in bathtubs, showers and even out on the beach.

“Whew, I don’t know,” Jennifer pondered as she paged through the albums. “Troy would love some photos like this but I don’t know if I can get through a shoot.”

“Tsk, tsk, my dear,” Oscar chided. “Almost everyone of these women had the same concerns. It’s all a matter of attitude. You can be as hot and sexy as you want to be. We can start out with some white album shots and if you like what you see we might progress on to one of the other varieties. And…”, he hesitated, “a little alcohol can lower one’s inhibitions tremendously. I do have a nice selection of wine.”

Jennifer had noticed more than a few of the poses had women holding wine glasses or with glasses and wine bottles in the background. What the hell she thought. I’m a long way from home and I’m not going to waste this brand new hairdo and makeup job.

“Ok, Oscar, direct me to the studio.”

Oscar pointed her past the changing room she and her husband had used during their first casual shoot the day before and told her he was going to put up a sign “shoot in progress–please call again.” She wandered through a maze of hallways until she came to a huge studio that was only slightly lit. The room had racks and racks of clothes surrounding its cavernous walls and some racks standing in the middle of the room. A number of sets occupied space around the room. A large brass bed centered in one, a clawed bathtub and shower in another, and a large leather couch in another, one had only a simple barstool and a similarly high table.

She was startled when the darkness of the cavern suddenly turned into daylight as Oscar hit the light switch. “Costs me a damn fortune to keep the place lit up all the time”, he said as he flipped switch after switch to start a bank of lights surrounding the bar stool backdrop and several computers and monitors. “Oh, the electronic age, how I hate it and love it at the same time.”

“Ok, Jennifer, I’m ready if you are. Why don’t you sit up there on that stool and I’ll take a couple of shots and show you how this is all going to work.

She moved tentatively to the stool and eased herself up onto the seat.

“Ok, now just put your left elbow on the table and rest your chin on your thumb–other arm laid loosely across your lap.”

She complied and he shot a picture accompanied by a flash into one of the backfill umbrellas.

“One more and we’ll see what we have,” another flash and Oscar put down the camera, punched a button and turned a huge computer monitor toward her.

She was sort of struck by the image before her. The new hairstyle, the professional makeup, the new brow lines all made her feel pretty good about how she looked. She also noticed how the little pose Oscar had put her in displayed her ample breasts to advantage in the white halter blouse and her tan, and blue eyes made the pose all the more sexually appealing.

“Well, what do you think,” Oscar inquired. “Do we continue?”

“Yes, yes we do.”

Oscar moved her through a series of poses on the barstool and with the equally high table; all very innocent. He would suggest a slight tilt of the head or moving a leg her or there. She enjoyed watching the images pop up on the monitor behind the beefy Bahamian man in the flowered shirt. Oscar had an easy and non-threatening way about him, sort of like a big teddy bear.

“Well, are you ready to move on to some other outfits,” Oscar asked?

“Sure, any suggestions?”

“Well, this is pretty basic but also pretty classic and classy.” He rummaged through a rack and pulled out a long-sleeved, white man’s shirt on a hanger and handed it to her. “And, in keeping with the theme,” he moved to another rack of lingerie and produced a pair of white lace panties. “Try these in the changing cubicle and see what you think.”

Jennifer moved into the cubicle that had bright lighting and a changing table with makeup mirror and an assortment of cosmetics, brushes and the like. She took off the halter blouse and looked at herself in the mirror in her khaki shorts. Her breasts were a bit saggier than she’d like but they still looked pretty darn good after three kids; everything was still in the right place. She slipped the over-sized man’s shirt on and buttoned it up and then dropped her shorts and slid her own panties down her legs and hung them on a hook on the wall. She slid the white panties Oscar had provided up her legs and lifted the tails of the shirt to see if she approved. When the tails fell the shirt covered more of her than many of her dresses so she felt pretty comfortable.

Jennifer moved from the changing room back into the main studio to find Oscar had added a freestanding full-length mirror to the set. The antique wood frame around the mirror matched the wood of the high table and barstool they had used in the first set.

“I took the liberty of pouring you a glass of wine. You can drink it if you like or we will just use it as a prop if you don’t,” Oscar commented. “How do you like the clothing? Are you comfortable with it?”

Jennifer turned and looked into the full-length mirror and noticed the overly long sleeves and the long tails and her tan face and legs sticking out at the top and the bottom.

“Yes, I think this is fine. Where do we start?”

“Just sit on the stool like you have just done in the other set and let’s see what we have going for us.”

Jennifer mounted the stool in her bare feet and put her arms up to shake the too long sleeves up her arms.

“Fold them up or push them up your arms,” Oscar suggested. “That’ll show off some of that great tan.”

She followed his instructions and then reached for the glass of wine he had sitting on a palm leaf coaster on the antique table.

“Ok, left elbow on the table lifting the wine glass.” Flash, flash. “Cross your right leg over the left.” Flash, flash. “Now the other way around.”

The young blonde enjoyed taking instructions from Oscar and she noted on the computer monitor that each pose he suggested showed her to some advantage.

Time to get a little sexier now. Unbutton as many of those buttons on the shirt as you are comfortable undoing.”

Jennifer unbuttoned two on the top to reveal more of her tan chest.

“Fine, now one on the bottom too. Let’s see a little more leg. Back on the stool, left elbow on the table, head on your hand. Tilt your head a little more.” Flash, flash.

The computer monitor showed the shirt had opened at the top and the top and revealed the top of her left breast and that both of her thighs were showing almost to the panties.

“Nice, very nice. It just dawns on me who you remind me of, you look a lot like Cybil Sheppard, you know, the model. You have that great voluptuous look just like she has. Great eyes and skin. Ok, sit back on the stool both feet together on the rungs and reach both hands back like you are putting a hair pin into your hair.” Flash, flash.

That pose had lifted the shirt considerably and with the bottom button undone it revealed a portion of her tummy and the white panties. She reached for the glass of wine and took a big gulp. Time for some courage.

“Off the stool, both elbows on the table and kind of lean your weight onto the table.” Oscar bustled forward and readjusted the mirror a bit and then went back behind his camera. “Right, here. Think about Troy and how sexy you want to look for him.” Flash, flash.

“Time to get a bit bolder.” Oscar didn’t ask for her approval but just forged ahead. “Reach back and pull that shirt up in the back a bit. Higher, higher. Ok. Now, both hands on the table and lean your weight forward. Jennifer was worried about the angle of the shirt and her breasts; fearful they might pop out but when she saw the resulting images on the monitors she realized Oscar was focusing on her backside and the boob shots were just gravy.

She saw the reflection of her rounded ass cheeks barely covered by a thin strip of material in the antique mirror. Oscar, the clever devil, had used the reflection to get both a frontal and rear shot all at one time. He paused and admired his own handiwork. “Nice, nice,” he commented more to himself than to her.

“Ok, turn around and sit on the stool facing away from the camera. Undo those last couple of buttons and pull the shirt down over your shoulders to about mid-back.”

Jennifer complied and slid the shirt down her tan shoulders clutching the shirt to her chest. “I wonder what the principal of my school would think if he saw his math teacher in these poses,” she thought to herself?

“Now, turn your face slightly over your right shoulder towards me.” Flash, flash.

She liked the effect she saw when it came up on the monitor.

“Turn your face a bit more toward the camera. We want to see more than just a profile in this one.” Flash, flash. “Ok, outfit change. This look is getting tired. Any wishes for the next set?”

She took another sip of wine, “No, I like what you have done so far. Just tell me what to do.”

Oscar scurried around the clothes racks flipping through one outfit and another. Some he knew were too daring this early in the shoot or didn’t match her skin and hair well.

“Well, simplicity may be the best answer her. What do you think?” He held up a ribbed men’s under shirt and a pair of black lace panties. “Try them on and take a look in the mirror and see if you think Troy’ will like what he sees.”

“Well, he’ll see plenty in this,” she commented as she looked in the mirror behind the dressing room door.

“Isn’t that the point, hon,” Oscar asked?

“Well, yes, I guess it is,” then she recalled her several acts of exhibitionism in front of other strange men already on the trip and sauntered out to the studio.

“Nice, very nice,” Oscar complimented as she walked passed the couch set and to the brass bed set. Her nipples showed plainly through the ribbed material of the undershirt and it was short enough to expose her navel. The waistband of the panties road high on her hips and just reached the top of her pubic patch so it gave her a leggy look.

Oscar directed her to just stand at the foot of the brass bed and put both arms behind the brass tubes and took a single photo. It popped up on the monitor and he asked, “What do you think?”

She was surprised by the sexy woman who appeared on the computer screen. Oscar did know how to pick clothes that made her look good. She liked the way the shirt highlighted the fullness of her breasts and her nipples were stiff and hard in the air conditioned air. The panties accented her full hips but didn’t make them look too big. She liked the look and she told Oscar so.

Oscar wheeled in a large stepladder like affair and turned the bed forty-five degrees to the camera mounted on the stepladder and told her to lie down on the bed. Her head faced the right side of the image Oscar saw in the camera. “Okay, on your left side. Prop your head in your left hand.” Flash, flash. “Great, very nice. Now lie flat on your back.”

The camera on the stepladder was extended directly above the bed as Oscar manipulated it with a joystick. “Both hands behind your head.” The shirt road up farther on Jennifer’s middle and her full breasts lolled to either side of her chest but she was intent on the photographer’s instructions. “Good, now keep your shoulders and hands just like they are and turn your hips and legs all the way to your right with the left leg forward.”

After the photo had been taken Jennifer turned to look at the monitor. That position had further accented her rounded ass and yet the nipples on her breasts were clearly visible.

“Onto your tummy facing the foot of the bed,” the slight buzz of the robotic camera arm accompanied her movement on the bed with the emerald green bed spread. “Both hands under your chin, oops, need the camera angle a bit lower, okay, now right into the camera lens. Same pose but kick your legs up and cross them at the ankles.”

Each of the photos seemed flawless as they came across the computer screen. She loved the way she looked and knew Troy would too. “Okay, take these,” as Oscar threw several pillows in her direction. “At the head of the bed so we can prop you up about 45 degrees.” After some rearranging and a couple of test shots Oscar was happy with the placement of the pillows and Jennifer’s body position.

“Submissive pose now. Hands resting on the pillows on either side of your head, sort of like you’re in a hold up but you’re on your back. Look into the camera….great, another shot, super! “Stay there, get a little more wine if you’d like. I’ve got to compress some of these files real quick and then I’ll be ready to go again.”

She reached for the wine glass and sipped a couple of cool drinks as she watched Oscar lightly tapping keys on the computers on the dollies in the center of the studio. She looked around the large circular room and began to realize that there were no “family” sets in the room at all. This entire studio was designed for work just like this.

“All righty then,” quipped the big man as he ambled back to the set where Jennifer was comfortably reclining on the bed. “Are you ready to take another step toward the naughty side?”

“I guess so.”

“Good, roll slightly to the left, prop yourself up on your left elbow and open the top draw of that bed side table. Oops, okay, slide your right leg over your left and rotate your feet more towards the middle of the bed. Hold it right there.” Flash, flash.

The angle of the shot had her full bottom, covered only slightly by the black material of the panties, almost fully exposed. “Okay, slowly open up the drawer.”

Jennifer slowly pulled the drawer open and found it contained about eight or ten different colors and sizes of dildos and vibrators. “Good, okay, now look back over your right shoulder right at the camera. Give me that “look what I found” look to Troy.” Her expression was just the right combination of lustful gaze and girlish innocence. “Perfect. Kid, you should take up modeling. You have great expressions, right on the money.” She appreciated the compliments but still was unsure of what Oscar had planned for her and the “implements” in the drawer.

“Pick one, any one, we’re only going to use it as a prop for some more shots,” Oscar coaxed.

The full figured blonde reached aimlessly into the drawer and withdrew a latex phallus complete with veins, a realistic head and a scrotum in a hot pink color. “How’s this as she turned to the camera,” only to have the camera go off in her face. The device was about 12 inches long and at least an inch and a half in diameter with a screw on-off switch at the base beyond the scrotum.

“Perfect, perfect. Now roll over onto your back again.” She feared he was going to ask her to plunge that rubber monster into her shimmering depths but her fears were allayed when he told her to lay it between her breasts and resume the supine position upon the pillows. She saw the resulting photographs with the pink monster resting colorfully on the white material of the ribbed undershirt. “Ok, we have to work on the eyes…sort of turn your head to the side and imagine what fun you could have performing with that vibrator for your husband.” Oscar had a way of reminding her that her motivation was to please her husband. It put her mind at ease with what she was doing in front of this large Bahamian man. “Good, good…kind of a dreamy look. Prefect!”

Oscar asked her to use the tip of the vibrator to rub one of her nipples through the fabric, not that they needed any more stimulation as they were standing out like bullets against the thin fabric. “Should I turn it on she asked naively?”

“Your choice,” Oscar responded, thinking that the photos wouldn’t show whether it was off or on but didn’t want to stop her from experimenting as she gave the base a twist and experimented with the speed by screwing the dial back and forth a few times before teasing her left nipple with the vibrating end of the pink device. “Good, good,” Oscar coached as he shot photo after photo. “Your on your own, I’ll shoot what ever looks good.”

Jennifer switched hands and tickled the bud of her other breast and then alternated back and forth between the two. The tip of the latex phallus made her nipples quiver at the contact. She used her free hand and tweaked her other nipple as she buzzed the other.

“Run it down your stomach,” Oscar coached and she complied. She ran it over her entire chest and stomach. Trying to make her more comfortable he told her to move it toward her face, a move she had not predicted. “Rub it all over your face. Doesn’t Troy do that to you? Good, good, now open your mouth a bit like you’re going to slide it in, give it a good sucking.” Jennifer knew the lewd directions should upset her but the effect of the wine and the stimulation on her body had her pretty oblivious.

“Now, slide your free hand down inside your panties. Just the fingertips to start. Don’t look at the camera. Forget about the camera until I tell you to look at the lens.” She slowly slid the her right hand across her stomach and eased the fingertips past the elastic waistband as her left hand held the pink, fake cock poised at her lips. “Ok, stick out your tongue like you’re going to give it a good lick. Good, good. Now, just the head inside your lips.” The camera continued to click off photos as she moved from instruction to instruction.

“Hand a little farther into the panties.” She felt the heat emanating from her fleshy folds as her had crept past the coarse, curly hair of what remained of her bush and toward her clit. “Slide the vibrator in your mouth a bit farther and rub yourself.” Oh, did that feel good. Her finger tips dredged across the oozing lips and pulled the goo up over her clit where she swirled her fingers.”

“Super set, let’s get set up for the next series.” Jennifer’s eyes popped open as she almost choked on the rubber rod in her mouth. She was almost disappointed Oscar hadn’t directed her to drop her panties and screw herself with the large vibrator. She extricated her hand from her panties and the dildo from her mouth and swung her legs over the side of the bed and felt how hot her face and chest were. “Now what,” she asked.

“Well, how do you feel about doing some nude shots now? The afternoon is sort of slipping away from us here. Are you ready for some nudes or am I moving you along to fast?”

“Uh, uh, I guess. What do you have in mind?” Oscar wheeled the computer console and camera in front of the clawed foot tub set, “How’s this. Should be able to accomplish some tasteful nudity this way. Why don’t you start the bath water at a temp you’ll like and I’ll get a robe for you. Use some of the bath beads on the floor behind the tub.

The tub was a mammoth white thing that looked like it belonged in a museum but was beautifully deep. She adjusted the water with the brass fixtures and poured enough bubble bath beads into the churning water to get a good suds working. She looked up to see Oscar approaching with a red, silk robe over his arm. “Here kid, go get this on and go to a brighter red lipstick on this shoot. There should be some on the makeup table in the changing room. See if you can match the color of the robe. I’ve got to work on this set a bit.”

Jennifer returned wearing just the robe that clung to her figure like a glove. Her bouncing breasts and swaying hips were barely concealed by the red silk. Oscar had moved the full-length mirror onto the set with the clawed tub and had added an antique wooden chair as well. “Ok, Jennifer, up here and let’s work on our angles just a bit.” He had her stand in front of the mirror. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and thought to herself how good Oscar was at choosing colors and outfits.

“Let’s try a couple of test shots and see what we get,” he puffed. He was bustling around and sweating from the exertion even in the too cold air-conditioned air. “Look into the mirror, hands on hips.” The red robe was open to about mid chest and the tie at the waist held the thin material in place. “Tilt your head to the right just a bit,” flash, flash.

“Ok, let’s see what we have here,” as they both turned to watch the images appear on the monitors. “Excellent, colors work great together. Lighting seems fine. The robe flatters your body. What do you think?”

“I like it,” was all she could get out. God, I look great she thought to herself.

“Well, are you ready to show a lot more skin,” Oscar chided? And without waiting for an answer told her to untie the front of the robe. The material dropped directly off either shoulder and revealed her naked chest, the slight swell of her stomach as it dropped to the “V” between her legs. The lighting hid her vulva but allowed the slight patch of hair between her legs to be seen. Oscar, always the professional, didn’t give her time to get worked up over her exposed flesh, “turn slightly to the right, ok, good. Now, hand on the left hip. No, hand inside the robe on the hip, kind of drop your right hip a bit.” The move had pushed the robe back over her left breast. Her back was to the camera but the angle dropped light all along her left side in the mirror and illuminated her taut nipple and the slope of her thigh as it rolled into her pubic region. “Nice, very nice.”

Oscar never had her take the robe off as he shot photo after photo in front of the mirror always having her change position, if only slightly, before each shot. She felt more and more comfortable in front of the camera and like the way she looked more with each pose. “Move over in front of the tub now. Probably need to add some hot water. I’m sure it has cooled down some.” But as Jennifer lowered her hand into the cool water it felt wonderful and she replied, “It’s fine Oscar, let’s keep going.”

“Ok, hon, lose the robe.” As Jennifer shrugged the robe she felt pretty liberated from what she had in the math classroom less than a year ago. She’d have never thought about posing for nude photos but her exercise program, and a little wine, had given her new found self-esteem. “Slowly into the tub.” Oscar flashed several photos as she entered the tub having her repeat several times lifting the leg over the high sides of the tub. She saw the resulting photos revealed some pretty open shots of her lower lips, of her dangling breasts and of her naked ass.

The bubbles in the tub had subsided and her body could be seen easily through the clear water. Oscar moved to the edge of the tub and directed her to move her hands above her head fully revealing her wet mammaries. He had her roll slowly from side to side, exposing first one hip and then the other to the eye of the camera. She was instructed to bend one knee and then the other and then to cross one leg over the other. The young math teacher had no way of knowing how much she was showing until she got a glimpse of the resulting photos on the large computer monitor. It was sort of voyeur cam…she was spying on herself….and she loved it.

Oscar instructed her to get on her hands and knees and move to the back of the deep tub. “Left arm on the edge of the tub and lay your head down on it, move your hips toward the edge of the tub and look back over your right shoulder right into the camera.” The monitor image of the succeeding photos showed the full halves of her ass and the distinctive pinkness of her pussy between her legs in the midthigh depth water. Her right breast hung heavily from her chest and her eyes focused directly on the camera. A little of the bubble bath had left a trail of suds scattered discretely over the round mounds of her gluteals to give the rather blatantly sexual pose a classy sort of look. “Reach your right hand back and rest it on your right cheek.” She playfully put her hand on the right cheek of her face and Oscar scolded her, “no,no, your other right cheek” with which she complied.

“Better get out of that tub before you look like a prune,” Oscar said as he threw her a huge towel. “Come out slow and let’s see if we can get some …..”, his sentence was interrupted by a buzzer sounding out in the front lobby. “Damn, messenger service, I’ve got to get this ‘cuz it’s always C.O.D. Go ahead and get dried off and get the robe back on. You can start thinking about wardrobe for the next set. We’ll use the couch set,” his voice trailing off as he walked purposefully toward the front of the building.

The young woman searched through the racks and racks of clothes. It was difficult to know what would and wouldn’t fit. There were hundreds of women’s outfits; lingerie, swimsuits, dresses, shoes, you name it, Oscar probably had it.

“Made any decisions yet,” Oscar posed as he trundled back into the room carting a somewhat large messenger’s case he was trying to open as he walked?

“Where do you start? There’s too much to choose from. Give me some sort of idea.”

“Well, you are going to want to do something different than what we’ve already done and different from these you posed for for your husband.”

“Posed for for my husband? What are you talking about?”

“These are those nudes your husband brought in yesterday for me to develop. I had to send them across the island to have a friend who still develops 35 millimeter print them out. They must be something special because he’s put them in an album and he usually just delivers in the ol’ photo shop packets.”

Jennifer came toward Oscar still dressed in the red silk robe and bare feet. “Let’s see those, you must have made some mistake. I never posed for any nudes for Troy.” She approached as Oscar was reading an attached note that had the letters “I.M.A.S.F.Y.2” scrawled across it. Oscar knew the code meant “I made a set for you too” but explained it was just some exposure message about the film processing.

The album was covered in brown vinyl and had a latching strap that held it closed. “I’m sure this is the film your husband brought in,” as he popped the strap and flipped to the first page of the album. Only shots of forest from Troy’s field trip were on the first several pages, obviously on the early roll of film. “Can’t tell anything from these pages. Well, what about these?” Jennifer recognized herself on the beach in the red bikini. She was trying to figure out how Troy had managed to get these shots. The first were of her innocently sunbathing but some of the later shots became more telling.

Oscar’s friend had created some blow-ups. There was one nearly full-page shot of the black hands of the teenagers reaching under Jennifer’s bikini bottoms as they applied suntan lotion. She leafed through the album forgetting Oscar was leaning over her shoulder watching as well. When she got to the pages where Jennifer entered the courtyard with her young admirers her mind raced with how her husband had managed to capture her little tease on film. Flipping through page after page of full image and blow-ups of her episode she was suddenly shaken back to real time when Oscar commented, “Your husband’s a good photographer. Maybe I could hire him?” Jennifer slammed the book shut and clutched it to her chest. “Makes the shots we were taking here a bit tame, don’t you think?”

Jennifer rose and found the wineglass and drained it. “More,” she said as she held the glass out to Oscar who filled it with a bottle retrieved from a refrigerator in the studio. “Well, Troy has some pictures of his own, I think I’ll shoot a few pictures of my own.”

“Your probably ready to look at this now,” Oscar said as he handed her an album with a plain brown wrapper on it. “Some women like posing with models; some use their boyfriends or husbands….” Jennifer took the book from Oscar and flipped open the pages. There were couples obviously having sex pictured in photo after photo. “Are they….?”

“No, no, just simulated. But pretty realistic don’t you think. I don’t offer these as samples before the shoot because it spooks some people. I think you are ready to see them as samples at this point.”

Jennifer walked to couch that was to be the next set of her shoot and laid the album out on the coffee table in front of it and sat down wrapping the red silk robe over her still nude body. She could tell that there was no real blatant penetration obvious, no contact of sex organs, but had someone not known it looked for all the world to be real. There were shots of women apparently giving blowjobs and of men returning the favor. There was one handsome black man who appeared in several of the shots.

“Who’s this,” Jennifer asked pointing the picture of him apparently taking a pretty blond women from the rear. “He’s in a lot of these.” Oscar approached and looked at the photo but knew in advance whom she was referring to. “Oh, that’s Derek. He’s a local electrician I use in my shoots from time to time when I can get him.”

“He’s gorgeous. Does he charge a fee for his modeling?”

“No, not really. Think about it. Look at those photos. What man would give their right testicle to get the chance to pose with all these beautiful, naked women? There have been times I think he would have even paid for the privilege himself,” Oscar chuckled.

“Can I get him? Do you think he’d be available? I think he’s gorgeous.”

“Uh, don’t know. I can call and ask. I don’t know where he’s working today but I can call his pager.” Oscar left and used the phone and almost instantly the phone rang right back.

“Hello. Yes, are you close to the studio? Interested in doing a little work here?” Jennifer heard him lower his voice but was certain he purposefully said it loud enough she could hear. “Yeah, blonde, married, nice rack, full figured in a Cybil Sheppard way. Ok, see you in half hour forty-five minutes.”

“Says he can be here in forty-five minutes. Has to hook the power back up and then he’ll be free. So, what shall we do in the meantime?”

“Well, what shall I wear. We were talking about using this set but I don’t know what to wear.”

“Wear, are you sure you need to wear anything? Those shots of your husband’s look pretty good to me.”

“You know, a little something to add some class. I don’t want to look like a total slut.”

“Reasonable, how about some high heels. You know men love high heels and this,” he said as he pulled a full length, sheer black, floor length negligee from a rack. I’ve gotten lots of miles out of this particular piece and it’d look great on you with these,” and he removed a huge box of black high heeled pumps. “I’ve got all sizes so try them on until you find a pair that fit. I’m going to work on the props a bit while you change. Why don’t you tone down the lipstick a bit and see if you are happy with your makeup while I make some changes here?”

Jennifer handed him the brown paper covered photo album and began to wonder if she were going to be able to pull it off.

When she returned to the set little had changed except the entire selection of vibrators and dildos now rested on the coffee table in front of the high-backed burgundy leather couch lined up like autos on a lot along with a clear plastic squeeze bottle.

The black negligee did nothing to impede the image of her body passing right through. She was uncomfortable walking the spike heels and told Oscar so. “They’re only props. Trust me you won’t be walking in them much anyway. Hands on hips, face me, let’s take a little test pop here and see if I need to adjust the lights.”

The image came up on the monitor and showed only slight lighting changes were needed and with a few keystrokes Oscar’s automated lighting system and been moved into place. “How about some stockings, Jenn? Some nice black ones like these.” The large man moved to a drawer at the edge of the set and extracted a pair of thigh high stockings. “Give these a try.”

Oscar took shots of her as she rolled the stockings, inserted her toes and foot and then unrolled them the length of her tanned legs. She glanced at the monitor repeatedly as she put the other stocking on to check the images; she approved of the addition.

“Okay, we’ll go along at any pace you are comfortable with. Since you’ve asked Derek to pose with you I guess you’re ready to forge ahead?”

“Yes, yes, let’s get going.”

“Great. Let’s just get started here, sit down on the couch, and sort of lay back into the corner on the pillow between the arm and the back. Good, good. Raise your right knee a bit and turn your hips out.” The pose left Jenn’s sex portal wide open with the exception of the sheer black negligee covering it. “Ok, open the nightie at the neck a bit more, there, hold it, perfect.” Oscar directed her through more and more positions each getting a bit more revealing, if that were possible. Soon the robe was pushed completely aside and he had her posing for wide open spread shots of her pussy.

“Now, let’s get physical. Left hand spreads your lower lips, look into the camera, good. Now, rub yourself down there, slow, again, slow, great. There’s some lubricant there in that squeeze bottle on the table if you need it,” Oscar offered.

“No, no, I’m just fine,” Jennifer replied as she felt the slimy wetness of her folds increasing with each pose as he instructed her to touch herself.

“Are you comfortable with some close ups now? I need to get a little closer.”

“Sure, sure, you’ve seen everything I have to offer already anyhow.”

“I guess I have,” and the big man pulled his camera and its attached computer cable to the edge of the coffee table.

“Spread those legs, now rub yourself, can you lift one of your nipples up to where you can lick it?” Jennifer complied with the instructions not really giving it much thought. She was still wondering how Troy had managed to sneak the photos of her and the two boys at the beach, Randal and Adam. “How about a finger or two inside? Can you show me how wet you are inside? Pull your fingers out a bit, are they shiny? Hold yourself open and just dip your middle finger inside…zooming in, great, great, looks really hot. Troy’s going to love these.”

” Nice, very nice, now, up on your hands and knees. Time for a little “doggy” posing. Rest your chest up on the arm of the couch, throw the robe to the side, the side of the couch, butt right at the camera. Fabulous, how about reaching back between your legs and running your hand down your slit? Perfect! Now, how about a little penetration, middle finger only, turn your hand just a bit so we can see that finger missing, great! Now, reach over the top of your ass with that hand,” Jennifer noticed Oscar’s language was getting more and more crude as the poses became more and more revealing. “Index finger and ring finger spread those lips, let’s see some pink.”

Oscar ordered her to reposition and digitally stimulate herself in all sorts of poses; lying atop the back of the couch, face down, with her legs on either side of the back. The pose had her ass fully spread and her pussy gaping and glistening in the photographic light. “Time to use some of the toys on the table Jenn. Derek will buzz in soon and we’ll need to move on then. Grab a toy or two and lay back on the couch. ” The young wife pondered a moment and then selected three vibrators from the eight or ten laid out on the table.

“Pick your favorite, oh, you want some of this lubricant before we begin?”

“No, I’m positive,” she replied laughingly as she ran her middle finger across her seam and rubbed her middle finger and thumb together feeling the viscous secretion she was producing. She could feel her juices already starting to run down the crack of her ass. “Any more lubrication and I’ll slide right off the couch.”

“Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself.”

Oscar instructed her to run the tip of the ridged, emerald green vibe the length of her slit using just the tip. She had to be instructed to think about where her hand was at and where the cameral lens was aiming so her hand didn’t block the real heart of the matter. After a couple of test shots had popped up on the monitor she understood that the angle was pretty important. She was guided through a number of shots where the vibrator was fitted lengthwise the entire length of her slit. The lips of her pussy cradled the object wetly within its folds. “Turn the thing on if that would make it any more enjoyable for you,” Oscar told her. “May as well make this fun. The expressions on your face are really what make the shot so if they look forced on your face they won’t turn out as hot.”

“Slide it in a bit now, hon. Good…good…pull it out and do it again. Look down at what you are doing…great, super, work on the expression. Is this fun or not? Are you enjoying it? Make the camera believe you are loving it! Gotta get a bit closer now,” and the big man moved around behind the couch and took some shots of the vibrator sliding in and out of her wet depths. Her pink petals clutching the device in its slick pinkness as it slid in and out of her. The green of the vibrator was shimmering with her copious lubrication as it coated the entire length of the gel shaft and wet the tips of her fingers as well as she immersed the device into herself.

“New angle now,” and Oscar repositioned himself near her head at the end of couch. “We need to see what you are seeing.” He shot a few shots and Jenn turned her head to watch as they popped up on the monitor. This angle had the side of her face, her right breast and nipple, the rise of her stomach and the strip of blond pubic hair being stabbed by the emerald shaft. One shot had the jelly phallus nearly fully withdrawn and the next had it buried to its base in her quim.

Oscar repositioned yet a third time, repositioned the lights to eliminate his shadow with a remote control strapped to his wrist and told her to lower her left knee a bit as he sat on the edge of the coffee table. The camera was only about three feet away from the school ma’rms magnificent mammaries and seeping sex portal.

Jennifer could smell her own juices and the stimulation of her hands and the dildo had her on the edge. “How can Oscar stand this,” she started to think and was wondering if he had an erection. He just continued to coach her into more and more poses telling her to move the vibrator this way and that, to push it in all the way and hold it, and then he would move around to get different angles. “Pinch your nipples, push your tongue out just a bit, drop your chin,….” She was somewhat shocked by his next instruction.

“Ease it out now, Jenn, slow, slow, that’s it,” taking photos all the time. “You ever taste yourself, I mean your juices?” She was somewhat repulsed by the thought but he continued to talk. “Look at all the cream on that fucking thing! It is absolutely covered.” He was right. She saw the large green ridges of the buzzing vibrator was covered with a white, creamy ooze. She could never remember producing that much lubrication before. “Put it up by your face where you can smell it.” She slowly raised the slime coated device toward her face as though she had no control over what she was doing. “Open you mouth just a bit, just stick your tongue out like you are going to lick a sucker.”

“I don’t know Oscar, this is sort of grossing me out. I’ve never done this before.”

“Come on, now. Are you doing this for you or for your husband,” he coerced. “Would Troy like this or not. Think about those photos he took of you and those two boys on your deck. You know he’d love it.”

He was right. Troy would love it. Though it seemed Oscar was softening in his resolve to have her put the gooey green thing in her mouth he said, “Well, ok, then just sort of rub in on your face.” That she could do and placed the still warm vibrator to her left cheek.

“Good, great, now sort of smear it all over your face.” She could feel the goo on the vibrator wetly coating her face as she pulled the thing across her skin and could smell the musky odor of her sex secretions clinging to it. As the tip of the vibrator went under her nose she opened her lips, why, she didn’t know, intoxicated by the wine and all the stimulation perhaps, and took the first inch or two of the goo coated thing into her mouth.

Her first sense was of the rubber taste of the vibrator not of the muskiness of her own secretions. This isn’t so bad she thought and slid a bit more into her oral cavity. Oscar snapped photo after photo as she licked the length of the shaft and then inserted it fully into her mouth as though giving a blowjob. She withdrew it and plunged it into the pit of her sex again and repeated the performance. She looked up to see another black man in white bib overalls standing at the edge of the pool of light of the set. Derek had let himself into the studio.

She looked directly in his direction, Oscar didn’t know at first what she was focusing on, and she slid the vibrator into herself and gave herself about ten deep, fast strokes and writhed in orgasm. She extricated the device from between her pink wetness, sat up and pulled the negligee into place over her body for the little coverage it gave her. “Our male model’s here,” she said matter of factly to Oscar and stood up in front of the couch.

“Sorry, sort of hard not to watch a beautiful woman when she’s performing” the tall, muscular Bahamian said as he strode straight toward her with and outstretched hand seeming to ignore her nakedness. “I hope I didn’t ruin the shoot,” directing the comment to Oscar and then his attention to the nearly nude woman. “I’m Derek, Dad told me you were beautiful but he sort of undersold the point. I didn’t mean to embarrass you but the door was ajar so I just let myself in.” He reached out a hand and took hers as she offered it. “I guess I’d see you naked soon enough anyhow if we are going to model together but I’m glad I didn’t miss those last few poses.”

Jennifer was somewhat drawn by his ease of speech and his charm. Guys this good looking were usually jerks and he didn’t fit the mold. Dad, had he said Dad? “You didn’t tell me the model was your son, Oscar,” Jennifer scolded. “Trying to keep it all in the family, huh?”

“He takes after his mother. Eats like a horse and looks like a bird. I’m the other way around, eat like a bird and look like a horse. Besides he works cheap, really cheap. Well, it seems the two of you have hit it off so we may as well discuss the ground rules here for the next couple sets. Simulated sex only. NO penetration, Derek. Be careful where you poke that thing when you get close to the lady.”

“Jennifer, things will have to get pretty close while we are setting up the shots. Derek’s going to have to touch you in some pretty intimate ways. He’ll have his hands and mouth on your butt, breasts, nipples and other places too. You’ll have to kiss him and get pretty close to his “apparatus” if we are going to pull this off. He won’t penetrate you with his cock or his fingers but they’ll have to be darnn close to it to make it look real. That okay with you? If not, you better say so right now and we’ll call it a wrap.”

The young, blonde wife hesitated and briefly thought through all the scenes they had shot already and the photos she had seen that Troy had taken on the sly of her, Randal and Adam at their suite. What the heck she thought. “Sounds like a plan. How do we start?”

“Well, we sort of need some kind of story line or scenario. Since Derek’s still dressed for work can we just use that? Derek, you have your tool belt in your truck?”

“Yes, you want me to get it?”

“And while you’re at it’ stop and grab a quick shower then too. Put the white bibs back on and the tool belt. Shoes always cause a damn problem trying to get pants over them. Why don’t you put on a pair of flip-flops instead of your boots and we’ll just shoot around them.” Derek headed out the way he came in through the dark hallways of the studio.

“I hate to suggest white for you again but you look so darn good in it, Jennifer,” Oscar said as he was rifling through racks of dresses. “Here’s the one I was thinking of.” The dress he held up was white with tiny red roses printed all over it and medium sized red buttons all the way up the front. “This and those white panties you had on earlier should give us plenty to work with don’t you think?”

She had to agree with him. the dress did seem like a very good selection. It had a slight collar and was gathered at the waist. She held it up over the black negligee and looked in the full-length mirror at the bathtub set. “I think you have pretty good taste Oscar.” and she headed for the dressing room to get ready for the next shoot, her pulse raising.

Jennifer quickly slid the black stockings down her legs and deposited the negligee on the dressing table. She retrieved the white lace panties from the first shoot they had done and pulled them up over her thighs and snugly over her rounded ass cheeks. She turned to look at herself in the mirror as she pulled the dress on and began buttoning it at the hem. It fit perfectly, slightly snug around her braless breasts but it clung to her form exquisitely. The white with the red rose print and medium sized red buttons was an excellent choice…now just a pair of red shoes and she’d be set.

She entered the studio at the same time Derek was returning wearing the white bibs and a tool belt strung around his waist still minus a shirt. “Oscar, do you have any red shoes to go with this dress,” she asked as she headed toward the boxes she had collected the black pumps from earlier.

“Look at the “X” on the box. The color of the “X” should give you the color of the shoes.”

“Found them.” In no time she had found a pair of red flats, more to her liking than the high heels, that fit and matched the red of the dress.

Oscar and Derek stood tentatively in front of the couch set; the vibrators were nowhere in sight which made her breathe a sigh of relief though she wondered who had cleaned her ooze off of the last device. Derek was finishing a beer in a longneck bottle and Oscar handed her a fresh glass of wine. “You might need this as we get going here. It’s not easy posing with a stranger the first time; particularly in the nude.”

Oscar explained, “Here’s how I see this developing. Friendly electrician finds beautiful, lonely wife at home and things develop from there. Get it, “develop” from there…that’s photography humor,” Oscar joked trying to lighten the tension of the moment. “Let’s start slow and see where this takes us. You both best finish your drinks and we’ll get going from there.”

They started with Jennifer seated on the sofa where she had not too long before been knifing a rubber phallus into her pit while Derek watched her climax. Derek stood at the end of the sofa wearing a blue hard hat and his tool belt over the white bib overalls. Oscar coaxed them closer together while he snapped shot after shot with his digital camera.

The first real physical contact when Oscar told his son to go to “rear standing” behind the full figured blonde and to drape his right arm around her waist. Jennifer could feel the bulge of his penis poking her in the buttocks and marveled at how she had already caused him to get a semi-erection. “Now other hand across her chest and cup her right breast”, Oscar directed. Derek’s dark hand contrasted dramatically with the white of her dress. He gently massaged the flesh of her nipple with the palm of her hand causing it to bud up under the friction.

“Okay, Jennifer look across your left shoulder into his eyes…and Derek, unbutton one of the buttons on the dress….slide your hand under the material.”

Jennifer started when the palm of his warm hand came in contact with the erect nipple of her right breast. “Sorry, he whispered in her ear,” apologetically. “We’ll get a lot more intimate than this in a bit though.”

Jennifer swung her eyes to the large monitor where the digital camera images were popping up after each shot that Oscar was taking. She was amazed at how sexy the black hand slid under the fabric of that white dress with the tiny roses on it really looked. You could see the nipple poking through the fabric between the fingers of Derek’s hand.

Oscar coached Derek through a number of manual maneuvers to create a visual banquet of his fingers and hands playing with her turgid nipples and ample breasts. Twirling between thumb and forefinger, between middle and forefinger, teasing with the pinky, cupping the entire breast with the hand and ever so gently tweaking that rubbery nubbin were all images that jumped up on the monitor.

It was as if Jennifer weren’t a conscious participant in the photo shoot. She felt the stimulation of her breasts and nipples and the increasing stiffness of Derek’s cock rubbing gently against her backside. He gently kissed her neck at Oscar’s urging and began unbuttoning the other buttons of her dress.

Soon the dress was completely open down the front and the lacy white panties were clearly visible. Derek was still standing behind her taking instructions from Oscar. His hands ran up and down her sides both inside and outside of the dress. He looked down over her breasts over her left shoulder as his hands cupped and kneaded her breasts. He slowly dipped four fingers of his right hand beneath the waistband of the lacy panties. Sensing no tension from Jennifer he continued his descent to her cropped pubic patch, kissing her neck and caressing her with his other hand.

Oscar move closer and took some close-up shots of the contrast of Derek’s black hand against the white of Jennifer’s stomach and the whiter still of the panty material. The tip of his fingers just in contact with her pubic strip, poised as if ready to plunge into her liquid depths.

“Ok, pretty lady, your turn now,” Oscar said as her posing partner withdrew his hand from her panties brushing lightly along her skin as he did so. “Jennifer, stand and face Derek. Derek, move to her left and stand facing her. Ok, ok, that’s good. Now, unfasten his overalls and let them fall to the ground.”

Jennifer was startled to see Derek wasn’t wearing any underwear when his white overalls fell in a pool at his feet. His flat stomach and well-developed chest were only part of what she noticed about this naked black man standing in front of her–his penis was above average size and standing out from his groin like a flagpole! She tried not to focus on his manhood but he, and “it” were quite the specimens.

Yanked from her intent study by Oscar giving instructions she moved behind him as instructed and looked into the camera. Now it was her turn to show the contrast between her pale skin and his coffee color. She was instructed to loosely drape her right arm over his shoulder and to place her left on his waist just above his hip. She couldn’t help but notice the swell of his buttocks and the tight curls of a black man’s hair that covered his flanks. His skin was soft and pliable to her touch and he had a fresh outdoor smell after his shower. The open dress allowed her nipples to come in contact with the skin of his back. “Sort of rest your cheek on his upper arm and focus on the lens of the camera. Pull the dress back just a bit so we can see the panties. Good, good. Looks nice,” the large, older man complimented.

Oscar directed them through many other standing poses. Some facing one another and others back to back. Jennifer was getting used to the naked young man and enjoyed his friendly teasing though she still caught herself purposefully sneaking glances at his cock to see if it were still standing at attention.

“Okay, time to lose the dress Jenn. Let’s get going here or we’ll be at it until midnight.” “Fine with me,” she thought silently to herself as she unselfconsciously shrugged the dress off her shoulders and stood clad only in the lacey, white panties in front of the two dark-skinned men.

“Okay, sort of open up your pose a bit, stand facing and then turn just a bit outward,” Oscar coaxed. Derek’s mast was still standing firm and maybe even a bit higher than it had been the last time Jennifer had checked it out. “Step a bit closer now. Jenn, put your arm around his waist, Derek around her shoulders and look into each others eyes.”

“Nervous,” Derek asked the school ma’rm.

“No, sort of anxious though. I’m not sure if I’ll have the courage to show these to my husband or not.”

“You can always just keep them for yourself. Lots of the women I pose with do.”

“Well, it started out being for my husband but this has kind of gotten away from me.”

Oscar directed them through another series of poses with his son fondling the young woman’s breasts, one had Jennifer rear standing nearest to the camera and Derek burying his hands under the material of her panties and cupping the round globes of her ass. Jennifer was surprised at how easily she accepted the hard black cock pressing into her tummy as they had done that pose. His cock seemed just another prop in a photo shoot.

“Derek, sort of kneel on her left side.” The younger man complied and moved closer to the young blonde. “Now, hook your fingers into the waistband of those panties and let’s get them off her…slow, mind you, like unwrapping a gift.”

The moment was electric. Jennifer’s impromptu orgasm in front of Derek at the end of the last shoot was one thing but he was standing across the room from her then. Now he was close enough to smell the musky scent of her sex as he lowered the fragile material across the swell of her buttocks and down her thighs. She could feel his warm breath on the front of her thighs and knew he was peering into her pubic mound. “Jenn, Jenn look down at him. Your soon to be lover is undressing you. Look down at him as he readies you to be his.”

She was surprised to see Derek was looking up into her eyes instead of into her crotch as she had imagined. “Just playing a part,” she guessed but then she felt the slight caress of his hands across her thighs and watched him drop his eyes right to her pussy as the waistband passed her pubic strip and dropped below her knees and onto the floor.

“Great, great…good expressions. Perfect. Now, Jenn…your turn……

Oscar coaxed and cajoled her through a number of poses simulating her masturbating and fellating him. Derek’s black rod stood tall and proud through all of it. Oscar had her kneeling to his right and asked her if she were ready to “go for it” and told her to grab his cock in her hand. At this point it seemed like a logical next step because there was only so much two naked people could do to one another without touching.

She was surprised both at the heat of it and by its steely feel. It was definitely “blue steel” as Troy had called it when it was bone hard and ready for action. Oscar instructed her through several poses; one with her gripping the ebony shaft and looking full into the lens of the camera and others with her looking into Derek’s eyes and then directly at the slab of man meat in her hands. “Open you mouth and stick out your tongue like your are going to lick it,” Oscar coaxed.

Jennifer looked at the silvery tight skin on the head of his phallus and saw a drop of precum oozing from the hole in the tip. “Hmmmm, ol’ married ladies must turn this kid on too,” she thought silently to herself. “But I’ve got both hands on his shaft, why shouldn’t he be excited?”

“Okay, Jenn, lay back on the couch. Derek’s turn to do some work.” The big, black photographer had her recline on the couch with the same large pillow propped against one of the arms as when she had climaxed on the vibrator with Derek being a willing spectator. “One foot on the floor the other on the cushion. Nice, nice.” The pose had her pink slit fully exposed to the lens of the camera and the young model hovering near her. “Okay, son, use your mouth and slowly work your way from her toes to her….” as his voice sort of trailed off. They all knew what he meant.

Derek started slowly kissing her toes and feet and then worked ever so slowly and deliberately down the inside of each leg in turn never getting closer to her groin than midthigh. She knew she was fully spread to this stranger but she had long passed being modest. Maybe it was the wine or the stimulation of the earlier sessions with Oscar that had caused her to bury her inhibitions or maybe it was her beach play with the two young men yesterday. No matter what it was she was treading new ground with this photo shoot. “Troy will certainly be surprised”, she thought to herself.

“Now, a little closer.”

“You okay with this,” Derek asked as he looked over the swell of her belly past her erect nipples and into her eyes? She nodded her ascent and he slowly lowered his face toward her exposed sex petals.

She could feel his warm breath on her inner thighs and on the sex dimples between her pussy and her legs. She heard and saw Oscar changing positions to get the best angle to simulate the cunnilingus they were supposed to be performing. “Stick out your tongue Derek. Jenn, arm across your forehead like he is taking you to the moon and back.”

The young wife and mother played the part of the willing lover anxiously accepting all of the photographer’s suggestions from lifting her legs higher, hooking one heel over Derek’s right shoulder, reaching her hands between her legs and pulling her sex apart for his gaze and that of the camera.

“How are you doing young lady? Are you prepared to move on? It’s time to get really personal now. Are you ready for getting really close?”

“Yes,” she heard herself answer huskily; the arousal in her throat belied her excited state.

Derek had remained almost mute throughout the shoot; afraid some errant phrase would set wrong with her. He enjoyed being this close to a naked woman and she wasn’t half bad looking. Oh, she was no lithe beauty queen but she had all the right parts in all the right places in all the right proportions and she had a great attitude. She sort of emanated a sexual heat that was obvious in her posing and the resultant photos. He was looking forward to what he knew was coming.

Oscar sat his beefy backside on a stool near the couch as Derek moved a bit away from her widespread thighs. “Here’s the deal,” Oscar began. We’re going to do some simulated intercourse now. That means his “franks and beans” are going to be awfully close to your love hole Jennifer. I mean real close. We’ll start with some with his woody just about to slide home and then we’ll have to rearrange some to make it look like he slid in to home plate. That means he’ll have his tool slid in between your cheeks. Sound okay? If not, better say so now and we can quit right here. I hate to get started and then have you have second thoughts.”

“No, no, let’s do it before I chicken out. What do I need to do?”

“That’s the spirit.”

“Let me know if this makes you uncomfortable,” Derek whispered. “or if you want me to reposition. This gets sort of delicate real quick. Some ladies just can’t go through with it and you won’t hurt my feelings if you feel that way right now.”

“Oh, thanks for being concerned. That’s sweet. I think I’ll be okay.”

“Jennifer, back into position on the couch. Derek, mount the lady like you mean business and remember….no penetration!”

The voluptuous blonde reclined on the sofa and flexed her knees outward and upward to accommodate Derek’s kneeling between her legs. He propped himself up with one hand on the back of the black sofa and the other on the cushion at Jennifer’s hip. His hard black cock pointed directly at her puffy pussy lips. Oscar shot away having the young schoolteacher adjust her legs this way and that to create different camera angles.

“Reach down with your hands and spread yourself wide open for him, Hon. Show him where you want it to go. That’s it great. Now reach under your left thigh and use your finger tips to spread from there.” Jennifer watched the resulting image come up on the computer monitor and saw how pink and shiny she looked and how black that cock looked by comparison.

“All righty folks. Jenn, grab his cock like you are guiding it right into your honey pot.” Jennifer didn’t even think but grasped Derek’s rigid tool and aimed the missile right at her silky folds as if she’d been doing it for years. “Great, great, good look. Okay, let’s go for the quasipenetration look now. Jenn cover yourself with your hand and lift your hips up and spread your knees so Derek can get situated.

She did as instructed and the young black man slid his rigid tool between the fleshy cheeks of her ass. His tool glanced the rosebud of her anus as he was situating himself which caused her to start and he paused momentarily to allow her to compose herself and then finished his placement with his cock wedged firmly between the cheeks of her ass.

“Okay, Jenn, pull you hand away I think the real danger is past. Derek, push your pubes right up next to her mound. That’s it. Aw, shit….the angle just doesn’t look right. Guess there’s not much we can do about it. We’ll switch to “doggy” in a second. That’s easier to pull off anyhow. Probably should have started that way anyhow.”

Jennifer was noticing how cool the palm and fingers of her hand had been that she had been covering up with were. She looked at it and realized she had soaked her own hand and fingers with her slime. She was more turned on that she had imagined. Derek noticed her looking at her secretions and just gave her the slightest of winks. “He’s a pretty cool guy,” she thought silently to herself as she listened for Oscar’s next instructions.

Derek moved from between her thighs and she closed her legs and moved into a doggy style position with her elbows resting on the arm of the couch. Oscar coached them through several poses with Derek resting his hands here and there on her backside the entire time pointing his ebony spear at her sexy opening.

When the time came for simulated sex, as Oscar liked to call it, he had her cover her portal again with her right hand. The arm brushed against her right nipple on her dangling breast as she complied and shot electricity through her to the point where she thought she might climax.

Derek positioned his fat cock in such a manner that it rested with its head nestling against the scant pubic strip she had remaining after Troy’s trimming two nights before. This was even more intimate she thought to herself as the top of Derek’s considerable member rested completely against the length of her slit, like a hotdog resting in an upside down bun. She hoped her juices didn’t let him know how absolutely excited she was.

He gripped her by the hips, clutched her ass cheek and gripped her by the shoulders, grabbed her by the hair, each at his father’s direction. It was like he was slam fucking her. When he reached down to pinch her nipples and his lips met hers as she was told to turn and kiss him as he fondled her she nearly passed out from the stimulation. The slightest of friction of his cock flesh on the turgid nubbin of her clit nearly set her off. And though he wasn’t fucking her he was definitely stimulating her as each of his change in body positions or movements of his arms made his engorged penis move ever so slightly in the crevice of her portal. It was delicious.

“Okay, a couple more poses and we’ll call this a wrap if you’re up to some more young lady,” Oscar said in a very business like fashion. “Let’s get some standing rear entry stuff with you leaning over the arm of the couch this way.” It was sort of humorous as the large man propped himself on the sofa arm with this chin in his hand and his considerable buttocks pointing upward.

“Before the two of you disengage though let me get a couple of shots of the withdrawal here.” He moved in, standing over the two and shot down across her back and white backside and the black skin of Derek’s chest and stomach. As instructed the good looking black man slowly extricated his cock; the head plowed ever so slowly, almost painfully so, over the engorged inner furrow of her pussy. She could feel a tingling in her belly as the mushroom base caught and drug ever so delicately along the length of her slit as it made its way out to daylight.

Derek knew as soon as he began withdrawing that she had coated his member with her slimy ooze. Oscar took his eyes off the viewfinder only momentarily to see for himself if what he was seeing on the image screen was what was reality. Derek’s cock looked like he had just shot his load into the young woman. Oscar gave Derek a questioning look as if to say “did you blow?” with his son just slightly shaking his head. She had deposited a huge amount of syrupy, viscous, white cream on his very black cock. It looked for all the world like she’d had her lover just orgasm inside her.

Derek held his cock just beyond her buttocks, a hand on either cheek while Oscar took photos of his slippery member extricating itself from her tantalizing crevice. Her asscheeks contrasting vividly with the dark skin. The aroma of her arousal wafted upward to the nostrils of the two black men and gave them a fragrant assault as well as a visual one.

“Uh, Jenn, before we go on why don’t you go back to the missionary pose for just a few shots?”

She rolled over onto her backside and then saw the goo on Derek’s cock and looked down at her own folds. She thought as Oscar had, that Derek had unloaded all over her pussy but his post was high and proud and still full of spunk. She could tell from the look of it that the ooze wasn’t his. She was creaming all over the place!

Oscar shot shot after shot and told Derek to move into position again. “This is as close as we’ll get to the real thing ever,” Oscar exclaimed. “Jennifer, this is so perfect. All the cream without any of it being Derek’s!” She was somewhat embarrassed but what the hell……

Jennifer moved to the end of the couch as instructed earlier by the large Bahamian photographer and placed her hands on the arm of the couch and presented her hindquarters to Derek. Her full breasts swung gently off her chest as Derek moved in behind her with his still hard penis saluting her charms. Oscar faced them from the front and started shooting photos as he gave instructions.

The pose they were now striking was every bit as sensual as had been the prior two with the two naked bodies in such close proximity. Derek gripped her by the waist as if to get purchase to drive himself into her in the simulated sex act. The photo angles made it look for all the world like her young black, lover was pounding her.

As Oscar moved around behind the two, he directed Derek to pull himself away from her backside. Jennifer looked at the monitor to see the full globes of her buttocks flanking the very pink, very wet seam of her pussy. Derek had his black flagpole aimed directly at her soft, wet folds as the camera clicked and clicked.

“Let’s get friendly again. Move in Derek like you’re buried to the hilt of your knife.”

Jennifer felt his lower belly come in contact with the cheeks of her ass and felt the hard head of his cock pressing against her lower belly. “Jennifer we need you a little lower so we can get the right angle to make this believable. Walk you legs out a bit farther.” She splayed her legs a bit farther, as if she were going to do the splits and felt herself lowering onto the shaft of his phallus. She could feel her sex drooling all over that chocolate log planted so sensually close to her portal. “A few shots from this angle,” Oscar directed, “one more pose and we’re done.”

Oscar suggested for the last pose that Jennifer be in the female superior position. He instructed Derek to sit on the sofa and for Jennifer to situate herself over him. Derek adjusted himself on the sofa with his pole still rigid as when they had started the photo shoot. Jennifer balanced herself on the arm of the sofa and the back as she straddled the young man.

“Okay, okay, the angle’s all wrong. Derek you’re going to have to….no, Jenn you do it. Reach down there and pull his wand up into a position where we can believe entry is possible. Remember now you have been giving the impression that you’ve been at it in all these other positions so let’s not get lazy on this last set,” Oscar scolded.

Jennifer steadied herself with her left hand on the arm of the sofa and reached down and gripped the base of Derek’s manhood with her right hand as she sort of crouched on her knees over his rigid tool. “Okay, now look right into the camera.” Jennifer was directed to do this and that with her eyes and her facial expression as Oscar shot above the waist shots and below the waist shots trying to give the best impression of the sex act.

“Okay, look into the lens and let’s see that animal lust…okay, lower yourself just a bit farther.” Jenn felt the helmet of Derek’s cock touch the inner petals of her pussy. Oscar snapped the zoom shot just as the glans of his cock looked as if it were wearing her labia as a siege hat with a lip of either inner labia resting wetly on each side of the bulbous head. Jennifer started and momentarily broke contact and then dropped her entire weight down on top of the black man’s rigid phallus poised below her.

They both simultaneously hissed in pleasure as his staff was buried to the balls in her hot gash. She looked him directly in the eyes as if to ask permission, to see if her indiscretion would meet with his approval. He looked back and merely nodded his head. What man wouldn’t want his cock buried in that hot, wet pussy?

Oscar was taken aback for a moment and then realized that simulated sex had just flown out the window. “Damn”, he thought, “if they were going to do this all along we could have started on all those other shots.” Always the critic Oscar!

Jennifer wiggled her hips from side to side a bit as if to accommodate the girth of the considerable phallus buried inside her. She didn’t think about her husband or what he would think…she just wanted that black snake inside her. She slowly started to thrust back and forth with her hips, uncovering about half of Derek’s cock before covering it with her hot, wet tube again.

Derek had his hands on her waist and was coaxing her along as she picked up the pace of her fucking. Both of her hands were on the back of the couch and her tits were swinging freely in front of Derek’s face where he licked, gently bit and sucked the turgid nipples. “Uh, you, you, you, need to get, to get off, when I say,” Derek grunted. “I’m going to cum soon and you need to get off when I say.”

“Oooookay,” she whispered back at him.

The couple was covered in sweat as they hunched and clutched at one another. They had forgotten all about Oscar who was busily capturing the whole scene. There was a silver sheen on that black cock as it appeared and disappeared in the blond schoolteacher’s snatch. Her pink lips being pushed inside on the instroke and then pulled wetly along the shaft on the outstroke was captured in close- up. The black of his legs and scrotum resting tightly against her thighs and ass and then half the length of his cock exposed as she ground her hips away. His dark hands wrapped around her waist as he assisted her in the pistoning motion of her hips.

“Gotta, get off, get off, gonna cum……”

“Okay, almost there, almost there….”

“Get off, get off NOW……………..”

“Cumming, cumming…………..”

Derek’s grimace told of his cock sending jets and jets of pearly jam into the hot blonde’s sex tube as he lifted his hips off the couch cushion trying to get deeper penetration to sow his seed in her willing furrow. She ground her hips as if to seat herself more firmly on his tool, to drive him into her deeper, as she spasmed again and again in her own orgasm.

Jennifer loved Troy but this was the hottest sex she’d ever had. A perfect stranger had just cum in her pussy and another stranger, the man’s father, was taking pictures of the entire proceeding! The hour or so of shooting prior to her impulse to impale herself on his black staff was like the longest foreplay she had ever experienced. She had been simmering for that hour as the close proximity of his naked body next to hers in such intimate poses had her ready to boil over and that was just what she had done.

The contrast of their skin colors was even more evident as she looked down at their sex coupling. His pubic hair was matted with their joint secretions and only the base of his meat was apparent at the entrance of her portal. She suddenly realized Oscar was giving instructions again, or, maybe he had been throughout the fuck and she just hadn’t heard him.

“Okay, slow, slow, come off slow Jenn. There’s a great creampie shot going to come from this and we don’t want to miss it. Slow, slow…” She slowly raised her hips; her twat didn’t seem to want to let go of Derek’s cock that had just given her a wonderful orgasm, but suddenly it fell wetly out of her orifice accompanied by a gush of semen and cooze ooze. The baby batter spilled all over his deflating cock and balls and sticky strings still connected her to him.

She rolled over onto her seat on the couch with her legs splayed wide. The big man positioned himself to capture her lewd display with his camera. The cream was dispersed all over her sex, some oozing out of her vaginal orifice, some running down the crack of her ass, some sticking to her scant pubic strip. Derek had deposited a record amount of spew in her hot box.

Jennifer looked at her image in the computer monitor and wondered what her husband would think of the photos she’d just done for him. She reached her hand down to the sensitive folds covered in cum, rubbed herself… she knew he’d love them!

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