Sex experience with Facebook friend sister

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Sex experience with Facebook friend sister… Hello  reader I am Prasad from tirupati. I am regular follower of s4s website. today I have share my experience with Facebook friend’s sister
I meet a nani(name changed) from hyd on Facebook .he said he has 26 year old married sister, will be set for one night .but I didn’t believe his.later one week I have received a photo of his sister .

I seen her photo without face . he call me and come to hyd if u interested.i went to Hyderabad and meet nani and he said everything is know of her sister wha is happening.I take some fruits and honey ,I meet her I can’t imagine her body and face,she is in nighty ,she is charm and chaiy colour face and super structure .she is 5 feet 9 inches height she look very strong body , Nani and roja seat on cot .later Nani going to outside the and roja in a room.i am very curiosity in my mind because this is first in my life ,I have seat with stranger lady alone .she break the silence and ask me to are you feel tension.

I have Said this is first time .she asking about my personal things and seat close to me .
She touch my things we both rub our bodies each other .I kissed her all over face and she also responded smoothly.and she remove my shirt and I pressed her boobs over nighty.she kisses on my chest and rub her ass .i removed her nighty and pressed her boobs on bra .we both are continually removed each other dress and we both lip kiss after 5 minutes she break the kiss we both on bed with nude.
I am taking honey poured on her lips ,boobs and suck alternatively rub her pussey .her pussey cover with little hair .I suck her lips and boobs and other side press her boob with one hand and other tub her pussey.i am going my golden hole and smell it and I will try to put one finger but she said no and she take my cock and suck it ,it was amazing feeling I had never feel in my life.she suck my suck and other side I put one inside her golden hole .

I am feel hotteness of golden hole ,it was hot Hoven, start fingering and later insert a two fingers and fingering the pussey and later she stop the sucking and start moaning .later she take condom and put on my cock .she kiss my cock before condom apply. She sleep position I rub my cock on her pussey and put inside the her hot Hoven and I have feel her hungryness in sex .I am start strokes to her .she is moaning ahhhhhh,,..I will stop to her moanings I gave a lip lock while fucking after sometime she we changed our fucking position and she is going corner of bed , I stand on floor I lift her legs on my shoulder and start fucking and again , while on fucking she boobs are moves on her chest with speed and she start shout words like pleasure fuck me baby ,I am our sex slave , I am waiting for this day honey with breathless condition .

After sometime ,she said I am ready to leak my juice ,she lick her juice and while fucking some sounds are came like lauck lodak and she check my condom and she Remove it and suck my cock . And she again out condom , now we are in seat position and we both in deep lick kiss she ride on my dick .it was my favourite position .after 5 minutes I said I am ready to lick and she said please lock inside condom.i am exhausted .she removed my condom and throgh way it sleep on with nude . around 8:15 Nani call me and arrange dinner.before we both bathing and take dinner and that night we 4 rounds with doggy style , cow position , 69 position.

Early morning 5 clock wake up and I leave place do to privacy problem.after one day I received her message.she said I am with you . I will going to Delhi with her husband.i will inform when I will come to Hyderabad .

This is my first experience with married women .I waiting for her visit at Hyderabad . Please share Ur feed back on hangout [email protected]

Added by Prasad

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