My classmate desires

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Myself Bipasha,a 22 years gal with figure of 32-26-36 as my whiteish complexion and round pair of tits are hot,my sexy ass is loving as I came to know about physical love pleasure with my classmate and friend Vishal.

He is a nice young guy of my age with tall figure and physical appearance’s looks great as he have given me taste of Physical love (read story’Got cock to suvk’)and I felt shy but lastly took our physical session at a pleasurable as I reached home in the evening,I am feeling too tired but horny also,so took bath and than changed my dress.while wearing a long gawn with no undergarments inside it,I have put my sexual organs free from cover to have some fresh air on I walked to dinning space as I sits on sofa and started looking at t.v ,mom is watching a episode as she smiled on me………..

“baby are you tired ,want a cup of tea ?
(Bipasha)yes mom feeling too exhausted after a long day classes.”

So she walked towards kitchen and after a while,I got a cup of tea as we both mom & daughter are drinking it.looking towards me ,she said………..”Bipasha ,we got a proposal for your marriage
(Bipasha)mom ,it’s not my age for it ,so wait for next two years
(Mom)baby,guy is a govt.servant as he is smart also
(Bipasha)mom ,I will marry after my graduation course as I have to prepare for some competitive exams also ,so wait for atleast 02 years.”

And I walked away to my room as I slept on bed with my mobile on thinking about my love sex session with Vishal today in a classroom,I am dreaming of losing my virginity soon with Vishal as I have to feel sexual pleasures first for atleast 02 years before my night ends and next morning ,I wake up and after having refreshment as well as bath,I put a red brassier as well as panty with a crop-tops and miniskirt on my body,as I know this wear can make my mom angry but I have to be seducive today with Vishal ,lastly after breakfast ,I left my home as I took a rickshaw to move to as I reached the gate of college and left rickshaw ,I walked inside campus but instead of going towards main building ,I walked towards canteen and took out my mobile from purse as I called Vishal,he received my call ……….

“Hi Bipasha,are you in home ?
(Bipasha)no but not coming to college also ,so meet me in a nearby market
(Vishal)oh I see !I will be near coffeeshop after 10 minutes.”so I walked out of campus and moved towards a nearby market as it’s 200 metres from our college gate,I reached near coffeeshop as I am waiting outside .later on ,Vishal came there as he smiled ……

“looking hot baby,sit on bike.” and I put my sexy ass on seat as my legs are in same direction with it’s crossed as I have put my hand on his shoulder,bit shy but as he started riding bike in full speed,I moved closer as I started brushing my right breast on his back and my other hand is on his waist as he ride bike for 10-12 minutes and we reached Kargil park in Swaroop Nagar,it’s have enough area as large trees and plants made it too green but it’s last side have dense bushes also with no path behind as I left him and he parked his bike,we two are moving inside park but as Vishal looks at ice-cream trolly,he holds my hand and we both have Vanilla flavoured icecream ,walking inside with Vishal while licking ice-cream as it’s a long cock on my like a regular visitor, Vishal took me at the end of park,totally deserted as we both sits on grass and Vishal is sitting infront of miniskirt have gone up as my half portion of thighs are nude and I have put my legs straight but too close to make him invisible under my Vishal eyeing at my boobs,put his hand on my soft thigh as he started rubbing hand on it and he moved closer as he took my left boobs in his hand to feeling hot and horny ,while sitting in park,I put my hand on his bulge and as his hand is moving inside my skirt.

He is touching my vagina on panty but a notorious lover can do this as he hold the fleshy parts of my vagina in between his finger and started pinching it feeling horny as my breast is getting his massage,I hold his wrist and took it out of my face have become reddish as I started unzipping his jeans and Vishal is so hot that he put his hand again under my skirt,as he unhooked it and it’s my hand that took my panty out.

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