Unforgettable Moments with Yoga Aunty and her friend

Unforgettable Moments with Yoga Aunty and her friend

Hi friends this is my real life experience which happened in 2014.
During those days I was working for a company in Bangalore and I Was staying alone in a room at 3rd floor.In my opposite house a yoga trainer was residing along with her family.Her name is sudha, she had two sons of my age (25 years) and her husband was a retired person.


She was at her 50’s when this incident took place. One day i was washing clothes outside my room on the terrace. A lady of 30 years age came and introduced herself as a yoga student, who is attending yoga classes in my opposite building. She gave a box to me and then invited me for the yoga function which is going to happen in a weekend. She took my phone number and told me that she will update the details and venue of the function through SMS and she left.
Around 8pm I got a call from an unknown number and there was a lady on the phone. She said “I am veni, who came to invite you for yoga function”. Then we started conversation and she suddenly started “Sir one of my friend is in love with you are you aware of this?”. For that I said no. Then she said “she is your neighbour tomorrow you will come to know about her till that time you wait”. She disconnected the phone. I was waiting eagerly to know who she is. Next day evening I found veni with a lady on my opposite terrace, they started teasing me with their looks.

Then I got a call from veni
Veni: “How is my friend?”
Me: Who is she i didn’t find her till now.
Veni: The one who is with me right now is the one who is in love with you.
Me: I exclaimed and said what?
Veni: what’s your opinion about her?
Me: I need some time.
Phone disconnected.

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Then evening again I got call from veni and she said veni and sudha wants to visit Dharmasthala and she asked whether I can join with them for the trip. I asked for some time to decide. Then around 8pm I called veni and said I will join with them.

Veni: Tomorrow afternoon the journey will start
Me: ok I will join where shall we meet?
Veni: Near your room we can board an auto to majestic
Me: ok, can I get sudha phone number
Veni: sure, texted sudha number

Later around 9 on I called sudha and introduced myself. She got verymuch excited.
Sudha: Hi how are you
Me: I am fine you?
Sudha: are you joing with us tomorrow?
Me: no. You didn’t I nvited me how can I join?
Sudha: Do you need invitation?
Me: yes, first time we are talking and how can I make it without invitation.
Sudha: ok now I am inviting pls join with me.
Me: when?
Sudha: tomorrow.
Me: it’s too late
Sudha: Hey do you like me?
Me: I like your yoga body.
Sudha: Hey naughty!¡
Me: yes sweety
Sudha: you are very romantic. I like your eyes and nose.
Me: it’s yours
Sudha: Really?
Me: yes
Sudha:I love you
Me: love you too
Sudha: ok we will meet tomorrow
Me: good night

Next day we boarded auto to majestic
I sat next to sudha, first time I felt the softness of her body. My dick started erecting.
I controlled myself.
Veni and sudha started talking I was just enjoying the flesh of a hot women and the warmth.

We reached majestic and boarded bus. We took three seater sudha sat towards window as she said she may get vomitt during journey.
Then veni sat next to her. I sat next to veni.
Now it’s mixed feeling in my mind I got doubt that whether both are interested in me?

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Bus started it’s already evening around 7pm all lights were turned off in the bus.
Then Veni said can you sit next to sudha.
I said ok and sat between sudha and Veni. Now I can feel the warmth of 30 years young lady and 50 years elderly matured women. Sudha looked at me and held my hand.
I looked into her eyes with lust. She understood and she whispered are you comfortable. I said yes. Then she asked me tell me the truth whom you love. It’s veni or me?
Then I was speachless for a moment. She again asked then I told it’s you. She said be frank if you like her you tell me I don’t feel for it.
I said no it’s you only. Then she leaned towards me and held my hand and brought her lips closer to me. All this time veni was simply sitting with closed eyes.

During the that journey nothing happened with veni.

We reached Dharmasthala around 11pm and we took a room which has a double bed.
Veni and sudha went to wash room and changed to night dress and came. Veni told me sudha and you sleep on the bed I will sleep on the floor.

Then I said no you both sleep on the bed I will sleep on the floor.
After some time they both layed on a mat on the floor and I slept on the bed. There was a mirror in that room through which I can see them and they can see me.

After some time sudha asked me why don’t you also sleep on the floor with us.
Then Veni said no you both sleep on the bed. For that sudha said let he be Krishna for today.
I understood the meaning I kept quiet.
Then after some time sudha came to me and asked me shall we all three sleep on the bed?
She insisted veni and finally Veni agreed. Then I slept in the middle purposefully and left both sides blank. They understood and first sudha came and slept to my left and Veni asked me to move to one end of the bed. I said why don’t you fulfill your friends wish.
She understood my intention and looked at sudha.
Sudha pulled veni on top of me. Veni fell on me I experienced sudden rush of blood in my dick and felt soft body of veni….
Due to lack of time I am stopping here. If you give feedback I will continue this story shortly.

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