Maid From Heaven Part – 3

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Uma was not to be seen. Mary sat in the hall and I went to the next bedroom and saw Uma trying out the clothes. She was wearing a special nightwear which was mid-thigh length admiring herself in the mirror.

I came from behind and Uma covered her face with shyness. I said “you are looking very sexy and what is there to be shy about”. I stood behind her while she was facing the mirror and said “Mary is waiting to take your measurements”.

Uma said “I cannot go out like this”, I asked “why not because you might need to remove all your clothes anyway”. Uma asked “are you going to be there”, I said “how can I be there what will she think”.

Uma said “I will only go provided you are there all the time”. I had to agree and went out with Uma. Mary told Uma “the night dress fits you very nicely”. She ran her hands over the dress correcting it.

She asked Uma to open the strap and Uma looked at me. I said do as Mary asked and Mary spread the front making a deep V neck. She wrapped the dress around telling Uma to tie the strap.

She said “earlier it was not doing justice to your figure”. Uma blushed and thanked her. Mary asked Uma to bring the bag with the bras and Uma stared at me again. I went and brought the bag.

Mary took out the bras and asked Uma to remove her night gown. Mary said “you have very beautiful breasts and the bra will help them look beautiful”. Uma kept quiet staring at the floor.

I offered the measuring tape, Mary said “I don’t need it”. Mary taught Uma how to wear a bra. Once she had worn it, Mary checked for tightness and adjusted the strap and asked Uma “is it hurting”.

Uma said “no” but Mary noticed her boobs almost out of the bra and removed it. She took the push up bra and asked Uma to wear it and this one fit much better. Mary adjusted the shoulder straps and showed it to me.

Uma’s chest was looking killer. We figured her breast size was 36C. Mary took the measuring tape and took some other measurements asking her to remove the bra and wear the gown.

We gathered the 4 bras and headed back to the store. I told Uma “I will be locking the door so don’t bother”. As soon as we got into the car Mary said “Uma is going to keep you very satisfied”.

She said “when I finished taking her measurements Uma’s pussy was oozing juices”. I smiled and asked “are you jealous of Uma”, she said “no”. Mary said “I need you to satisfy me and you need Uma to satisfy yourself. So there was nothing to be jealous about”.

I said “I will work on finding another place for us because Uma might not take it nicely”. Mary said “we will see”. We reached the store and went to the underwear section. I bought 10 pairs of bra-panty sets in different colours.

We went next to the dress section. Mary said “Uma is young; we should buy clothes from her generation which will make her look beautiful. That would also make you horny for her all the time”.

I said “I am fine with anything that looks great on her”. We bought two low waist jeans, some skirts of knee length, one short micro-mini mostly bright colours and many semi-transparent tops.

Mary slipped in two pantyhose (one black and one beige) in the list saying “it will look great on her legs”. Mary took me to the foot wear section. I said “I don’t know her size”, she said “Uma has the same size as me”.

Mary chose 3 pair of broad heels between 3-5inch matching colours with the dresses and two pairs of foam slippers 3 inch thick. I said “Uma has never worn heels and might fall”. She said “it is your job to train her because Uma is very short”.

She said “it will also increase her sex appeal”. I paid the bill and went to the car with Mary also carrying many bags. Mary wished me bye with a tight hug and a kiss saying “I will call you when I get another chance to step out”.

I was driving home and the time was almost 2pm and there was nothing in the house to eat. I stopped by empire restaurant and picked up two mutton biryanis and two chicken starters. I went to the liquor store for a case of ultra-beers and rum.

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