Exams Preparation With Preethi

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Massage With Aunty And Preethi.

Next day onwards we started exam preparation. I used to stay most of the time in Preethi room. But she is having only 2 exams. I am having 10 exams. She used to disturb me by making fun of me and teasing me while studying. On first day she is disturbing me and I got anger and said Fuck You. She immediately lifted her petticoat up and shown her pussy and said to fuck her. I am in anger and pushed her on the bed and lifted her petticoat completely up and inserted my fingers in her pussy and after sometime I inserted my dick inside her pussy with one force. She shouted Ahhhh……….. with pain. Even I didn’t stopped and started to give strokes. She is moaning umm, umm, umm……… Fuck, Fuck…………….. and I fucked her for 20 minutes and released sperm inside her pussy. I fell on her and she immediately removed her petticoat from her face and said

Preethi: That’s it? Completed?
She laughed at me. I got anger again. I stood up on knees and placed my fingers in her mouth and started to remove her clothes. I dragged her blouse with force. It came in one drag. I removed hand from her mouth to remove her petticoat.

Preethi: Come on remove my clothes completely. Remove your clothes. Fuck me all day.

I removed her petticoat and inserted my fingers once again in her mouth. She is laughing slowly with lust by seeing at me and started to bite my fingers. I took my fingers out and inserted my dick in her mouth very deep. Her eyes became red and tears is coming from her eyes. She is beating on my thighs to leave her she is unable to bare. I asked

Me: Will you stay calm? Will you stay calm?

She signalled me Yes. I took my dick from her mouth. She is coughing and saliva is coming out from her mouth and her eyes are red with tears and looking at me in anger. Suddenly she slapped me on my face very hard. I went towards her to slap her. She slapped me once again very hard. I immediately hold her hands on her back and laid her on the bed and repeatedly slapping on her ass cheeks. She is moaning Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh………… For each slap and saying fuck me in husky voice by biting her lips. I am rubbing my dick to her ass and said

Me: You want me to fuck you? You want me to fuck you?

I applied some saliva on my dick and inserted into her ass hole without licking and fingering. It is very tight. It is not going in. She got tensed and asked me to don’t fuck her in the ass. She repeatedly asked

Preethi: Don’t fuck me in ass. Don’t fuck me in ass.

It made me more horny and I hardly pushed my dick inside her ass hole. It went little bit inside and she is in full of pain. She is shouting loudly by saying

Preethi: Take it out. It is paining.
Me: You want me to fuck you right. Then bare the pain.

She is keep on shouting and asking me to take my dick out from her ass hole. I kept bedsheet in her mouth without shouting. I pushed my dick more inside. She is feeling more pain now and unable to bare and crying. I continued to give strokes. After sometime she is feeling pleasure and started to moan. She is enjoying the fuck. I released her hands. She took away bedsheet from her mouth and turned into perfect doggy style and moaning Fuck, Fuck…………………. I hold her boobs and squeezing them very hard. I am repeatedly slapping on ass and back. I am holding her waist and giving hard strokes. I fucked her for 20 mins and released sperm in her ass hole and took my dick out from her ass hole. She is feeling pain and fell on the bed like that and slept. I went and studied for sometime and aunty called us for lunch. I wokeup Preethi and we wear dress and we went for lunch. We had lunch and came back to room. Preethi pushed me on the bed and she fell on me and asked me to fuck her.

Me: Again? No I can’t. I want to study.
She immediately removed her blouse and rubbing her boobs on my face and asking me to fuck her. I got anger and shouted on her.
Me: Won’t you understand. I want to study. I got stuck in a concept that I am not understanding. You are keep on asking me to fuck you.
Preethi: What you are shouting on me? If you shout on me I will keep on disturb you and won’t allow you to prepare for exams. Fuck me. I will leave.
In angry and warning tone. I understood that she won’t leave me until she looses her sex hunger. I started to request her.
Me: Please Preethi. After exams I will fuck you how long you want. Please leave me now. I want to learn many concepts. I am not understanding few of the concepts. I want to spend more time on them. Please leave me.
Preethi: What are the concepts that you are struggling?

I have shown the concepts that I am struggling.

Preethi: These are all very easy. I will explain you. Before that you fuck me.
Me: Haha…. You?
Preethi: Trust me I will explain.
Me: Leave me I need to understand those concepts and study.
She sat on my stomach and kept her hands on my neck and said
Preethi: You want to move away from me without fucking? Try if you can. If are able to move out of this bed I will leave you.

She is rubbing her ass to my dick and biting on my chest by holding me tight. I tried to roll over and move out of the bed. She immediately holding me and dragging on to the bed. My dick got erected. She noticed it and she lifted her petticoat and kept her pussy in my mouth and took my dick into her mouth and started to do give blowjob. I started to lick her pussy and biting her pussy. She is moving up and down and beating me with her ass on my face. After sometime she released orgasm. I started to lick her pussy more and she released another orgasm. She turned around and lifted me up by holding my t-shirt with her both her hands and started to give liplock. We kissed for sometime and she asked me to fuck her. We removed our clothes each other and become completely naked. I fucked her for 40 mins and released sperm in her pussy.

We slept and wokeup in the evening. She asked me to bring the books that she will explain the concepts.

Me: It is already evening. I haven’t started these. Don’t make fun now. I want to understand and study.
Preethi: That is what I am also telling. Bring them I will explain you.

I didn’t listen to her and started to understand the concept. She too came and started to looking into it. She is not disturbing me. So I too didn’t stop. After sometime she took the book and tried to explain me. I thought she is trying to disturb me and said

Me: Please go away. I need to study.
Preethi: Just listen to me without speaking anything. Otherwise I will tear the book.
In angry tone

I stayed calm and started listening to her. She explained everything clearly and I understand it easily. I got shocked and asked

Me: How did you did that? Did you already knows this?
Preethi: I too studied the same course which you are studying.
Me: You are having this much talent and why you are having still subjects pending?
Preethi: I am a concept learner. I writes only the concept which I knows. I don’t know how to score the marks. The subjects which I am having pending are also scoring subjects.
Me: You are very talented. I will help you to get marks in scoring subjects. You help me in all these conceptual subjects.
I have checked all her mark sheets. She is having very good score in conceptual subjects and very less score in scoring subjects. Immediately I opened the book and listed all the concepts that I am having doubts.

Me: These are the concepts that I am having doubts. Help me with these.
Preethi: Fuck me each time for each concept.
Me: Please I said I will help you with the scoring subjects.
She dragged me closer and kept her hand inside my short and started to squeeze my dick and said
Preethi: You are having 5 conceptual subjects and I am having 2 scoring subjects. How both will be equal?
Me: Ok tell me what I have to do.
Preethi: You have to fuck me daily at least once.
Me: Ok I will fuck you but I won’t fuck you on the before day of exam. I will fuck only before going to bed. You should not ask me in the day time to fuck you.

She said ok and she started to explain me the concepts. In the night before going to bed I fucked her and slept. Even though she said ok for the deal I am not having trust on her due to her sex hunger. Luckily next day morning her sister came for pregnancy. She started to move around her and do her regular mischievous activities. She didn’t came to me. I felt happy. I shifted from her sister room to second floor. For the next two days she didn’t came to me much except for explaining concepts and used to get fuck by me in the night. After two days her mom scolded her for her mischievous activities around her sister and asked her to stay away from her sister. She got anger and came to her room. At the same time I went to her room to explain the doubt. She immediately closed the door and pushed me on the bed and asked to fuck her.

Me: No, no, no, no, no we are having a deal. I won’t fuck you in the daytime.
Preethi: Which deal? I don’t know any deal. If you want to clarify your doubt fuck me.

She started to remove her clothes and make herself naked. She said Fuck me, Fuck me………… I understood that she won’t leave me till I fuck her and stood up and went nearby to her like accepted to fuck her and hugged her and given liplock to her and took her half saree and some clothes and tied her hands and legs and mouth. She is now completely naked and tied her hands and legs and mouth with clothes in the bed and she is not in a situation to move. I started to request her to explain the concepts. She is continuously pointing me to fuck her. I took a bunch of pen and tied them with a rubber and started to insert in her pussy. She is feeling relaxed and enjoying it. I did it more fast and she released her orgasm and fell on bed relaxed. I went nearby to her and asked to explain the concepts. She asked me to make her free from tieing. I got a doubt that she will again ask for sex after releasing I just removed cloth from her mouth. I thought she will ask for sex. But she didn’t asked and started to explain me the concepts. From next day onwards I used to go to her room for doubts and she used to remove her clothes and became completely naked and ask me for sex. I used to tie her with clothes. I found a marker in her room. I started to insert that marker in her pussy. If her mom calls her she used to say she is studying and can’t come now. I used to study by playing with her pussy and drawing diagrams and writing something on her naked body.

Even for her exams as well I made her to prepare well and she wrote her exams well. All exams got completed and on the last exam completed night we planned to go to the terrace and get fuck in the moon light. We are hiding our relationship from her sister Deepa. Because she is pregnant. If she got shocked by knowing our relationship she might get some problem with her pregnancy. So we are hiding it from her sister. We waited till she went to sleep. We slowly walking towards terrace. Suddenly we saw someone is coming from terrace. It is aunty.

Aunty: Where you both are going?
Me: We want to do sex in moon light.
Aunty: Wow, it is nice idea. Shall I join with you?
Me: What if uncle or Deepa notices us?
Aunty: You don’t worry I will take care of them. I will lock their door from outside and come.

She went down and locked their both rooms from outside and came to terrace.

Preethi: What mom dad didn’t fuck you?
Aunty: No, today he is tired and went to sleep early. I came on to terrace for some air. But after coming here due to these cool air I feeling am horny. But your dad is sleeping to have sex. I got disappointed and started to room. Luckily I found both of you.
Preethi: Don’t worry mom. We will help you to fullfill your sexual desires.
Preethi started to bite her mom boobs over blouse. Aunty is pressing her face to her boobs.
Me: If we would have some bedsheet that would be better to place it on the floor.

Immediately they both removed their saree and given to me. They are in sex hunger. I placed saree on the floor and laid on saree and looking at them. They both are biting each other boobs and kissing each other. My dick got erected by seeing them. They both looked at me and asked did I want anything. I said Yes. They both came and fell on me and said take whatever I want. I took both of them into my hands and started to lick their cleavage. They removed my t-shirt. I removed their blouses. They removed my short. I removed their petticoats. They are looking very nice in the moon light. I laid them on the floor and went on to them and started licking and smooching their boobs. Their are laughing and holding my head to their boobs. I am rubbing their pussies. I started fingering their pussies. I started to fuck aunty in the boobs. Preethi is licking my dick in every fuck between aunty boobs and aunty is kissing my dick in every fuck between aunty boobs. Preethi is squeezing her boobs and asking me to fuck her as well in the boobs by biting the lips. I started to fuck Preethi boobs. Aunty went and kept her pussy in Preethi mouth. My dick is going and entering between aunty pussy and Preethi mouth and coming back. Preethi is licking my dick each time it went to her mouth. Aunty boobs are on my face. I am licking and smooching and squeezing her boobs. After sometime we three are hugging and kissing each other. I started to do fingering their pussies. They started to rub my dick. They released orgasm. I started to fuck Preethi in missionary and aunty pussy is in Preethi mouth and I am squeezing their boobs randomly. Aunty released another orgasm. Aunty went into doggy style and Preethi came on to my face to lick her pussy. I started to fuck Aunty. Preethi released orgasm on my face. After sometime they stand on knees and I am standing in front of them. They are randomly doing handjob and blowjob to my dick and after sometime I released sperm on Aunty face. I am licking Preethi face which is filled with Aunty orgasm. Preethi is licking Aunty face filled with my sperm. Aunty is licking my face filled with Preethi orgasm. We licked each other and slept on the floor naked by seeing moon light. We wakeup after sometime and went to the room.

Next day morning I wokeup and started packing things to go home. Preethi came and asked

Preethi: Are you starting today? Why can’t you stay here for more days?
Me: No, I need to go.
Within in the time Aunty came
Aunty: Going? Where he will go? It is about to rain. He can’t go anywhere.
Me: No, it won’t rain. I need to go.
Aunty: Ok, you can go after rain got stopped.
Me: It is not raining. I will start now and reach home before it rains.
Within the time it started to rain. They both looked at me and laughed.
Aunty: Preethi if you leave him in this room like this definitely he will try to go even it is raining. Take him to your room.
By listening that Preethi got excited and started to drag me to her room. I am opposing and not interested to go to her room.
Preethi: If you didn’t came now I will throw your bag in rain.
They both forced me to stay in their home till rain got stopped.

Actually why I am so hurry to go home is to meet Navya. I don’t want tell about her to them.

I went to Preethi room. She took me inside and closed the door. I know that she will definitely ask me to fuck her. As expected she asked me. I started to fuck her. When I am fucking her Navya called me to my mobile through their landline. I asked Preethi to stay calm and spoke with Navya.

She asked me when I am coming. I said it is raining here I can’t come today. She said to don’t call to her as their parents are at home they may pick the call. If needed she will call me. Also asked me to meet her once I reach home.

I noticed that she is speaking in tense. But I didn’t think much about that and went back to fuck Preethi.

Preethi: Who is that on phone? Is it your mom?

I said yes and continued to fuck her. I fucked her and we both came to have lunch. At that time I saw in news that rain won’t stop for next two days. Preethi felt happy I felt disappointed. After lunch we went back to room and fucked her all the time and we enjoyed the fucking. Even next day also we enjoyed fuck and also I got phone from Navya again.

She is more tense this time. This time I understood she is in tense. I decided to go home right after rain stopped.

In the evening rain got stopped. It is about to become night. I went to take my bags. Aunty stopped me.

Aunty: Just now rain got stopped. Roads are full of mud and water. It is about to become night. It is not safe to go now. You can go tomorrow morning.
Me: No, I want to go now.

Within the time uncle came. Aunty explained everything to him. He warned me in bold tone to stay there till tomorrow morning. I didn’t listen to him and tried to start. He dragged and pushed me into a room and locked it from outside. I requested them a lot to leave me. They didn’t listened to me. After sometime during dinner uncle asked about me. Aunty said still he is in that room and keep on shouting to open the door. Uncle said to Aunty to make me to eat something. She said she will take care of me and he left from there. After sometime aunty came to room and slowly opened door to call me for dinner. I tried to escape from there but she hugged me very tight and pushed me to the wall and hugged me very tight and started to give liplock to me.

Aunty: Listen to us and stay till tomorrow morning. Come and eat the food.

I pushed her away and came out of the room. All the doors are locked. I searched for bag to escape by jumping from balcony. But they hide my bag somewhere and even it is full of mud outside due to the rain. I think for sometime and realised myself and calm down and went to eat food. After eating food I didn’t get sleep and went to the terrace. After sometime Preethi came in search of me.

Preethi: What are you doing here? Are you planning to jump from here and escape?

I looked at her in angry. She started to mocking me. I got irritated and turned to go back to room. Within the time aunty came on to the terrace in search of me and saw us.

Aunty: You both are here? Are you still feeling to start now?
Me: No aunty. I realised. I will start tomorrow morning.

They both felt happy and pushed me to the wall and started to kiss me. I too started to squeeze their boobs. They removed my clothes and I removed their clothes. We are standing naked now. I pushed both of them to the wall and started to do fingering. They are moaning. I took them into the middle of terrace and made them to bend in front of me. They are looking very nice in the moon light bending in front of me to fuck them. I hitted Preethi with knees and she fell down. I went to aunty pussy and started to fuck her. Preethi got anger and came behind me and hold me from backside and bite me on my back. Preethi went to aunty and dragging her away by holding her boobs. Aunty is holding Preethi boobs and dragging her. They are squeezing their boobs each other. They started to kiss each other. After sometime I started to fuck Preethi. After sometime I made them to stand on their knees and released my sperm on their boobs and I licked and smooched their boobs and kissed each other and went to room.

Next day I started to home in the morning around at 7 O’clock.

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