Exams Preparation With Preethi

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Massage With Aunty And Preethi.

Next day onwards we started exam preparation. I used to stay most of the time in Preethi room. But she is having only 2 exams. I am having 10 exams. She used to disturb me by making fun of me and teasing me while studying. On first day she is disturbing me and I got anger and said Fuck You. She immediately lifted her petticoat up and shown her pussy and said to fuck her. I am in anger and pushed her on the bed and lifted her petticoat completely up and inserted my fingers in her pussy and after sometime I inserted my dick inside her pussy with one force. She shouted Ahhhh……….. with pain. Even I didn’t stopped and started to give strokes. She is moaning umm, umm, umm……… Fuck, Fuck…………….. and I fucked her for 20 minutes and released sperm inside her pussy. I fell on her and she immediately removed her petticoat from her face and said

Preethi: That’s it? Completed?
She laughed at me. I got anger again. I stood up on knees and placed my fingers in her mouth and started to remove her clothes. I dragged her blouse with force. It came in one drag. I removed hand from her mouth to remove her petticoat.

Preethi: Come on remove my clothes completely. Remove your clothes. Fuck me all day.

I removed her petticoat and inserted my fingers once again in her mouth. She is laughing slowly with lust by seeing at me and started to bite my fingers. I took my fingers out and inserted my dick in her mouth very deep. Her eyes became red and tears is coming from her eyes. She is beating on my thighs to leave her she is unable to bare. I asked

Me: Will you stay calm? Will you stay calm?

She signalled me Yes. I took my dick from her mouth. She is coughing and saliva is coming out from her mouth and her eyes are red with tears and looking at me in anger. Suddenly she slapped me on my face very hard. I went towards her to slap her. She slapped me once again very hard. I immediately hold her hands on her back and laid her on the bed and repeatedly slapping on her ass cheeks. She is moaning Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh………… For each slap and saying fuck me in husky voice by biting her lips. I am rubbing my dick to her ass and said

Me: You want me to fuck you? You want me to fuck you?

I applied some saliva on my dick and inserted into her ass hole without licking and fingering. It is very tight. It is not going in. She got tensed and asked me to don’t fuck her in the ass. She repeatedly asked

Preethi: Don’t fuck me in ass. Don’t fuck me in ass.

It made me more horny and I hardly pushed my dick inside her ass hole. It went little bit inside and she is in full of pain. She is shouting loudly by saying

Preethi: Take it out. It is paining.
Me: You want me to fuck you right. Then bare the pain.

She is keep on shouting and asking me to take my dick out from her ass hole. I kept bedsheet in her mouth without shouting. I pushed my dick more inside. She is feeling more pain now and unable to bare and crying. I continued to give strokes. After sometime she is feeling pleasure and started to moan. She is enjoying the fuck. I released her hands. She took away bedsheet from her mouth and turned into perfect doggy style and moaning Fuck, Fuck…………………. I hold her boobs and squeezing them very hard. I am repeatedly slapping on ass and back. I am holding her waist and giving hard strokes. I fucked her for 20 mins and released sperm in her ass hole and took my dick out from her ass hole. She is feeling pain and fell on the bed like that and slept. I went and studied for sometime and aunty called us for lunch. I wokeup Preethi and we wear dress and we went for lunch. We had lunch and came back to room. Preethi pushed me on the bed and she fell on me and asked me to fuck her.

Me: Again? No I can’t. I want to study.
She immediately removed her blouse and rubbing her boobs on my face and asking me to fuck her. I got anger and shouted on her.
Me: Won’t you understand. I want to study. I got stuck in a concept that I am not understanding. You are keep on asking me to fuck you.
Preethi: What you are shouting on me? If you shout on me I will keep on disturb you and won’t allow you to prepare for exams. Fuck me. I will leave.
In angry and warning tone. I understood that she won’t leave me until she looses her sex hunger. I started to request her.
Me: Please Preethi. After exams I will fuck you how long you want. Please leave me now. I want to learn many concepts. I am not understanding few of the concepts. I want to spend more time on them. Please leave me.
Preethi: What are the concepts that you are struggling?

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