I want to use my dick mom

I want to use my dick mom.. Incest sex stories with mom and son..  I started to sweep angrily. My husband was gone again. Always business and always for more than a few days. I looked up at the mirror over the sink (it was my cheap replacement for actually having a window there) and frowned. I was 37 years old. My hair was still dark, my skin was nice (I thought) and my breasts were not hanging to my stomach. I went to the gym four times a week and managed to weigh almost the same as my wedding day. I smiled in the mirror—I remembered the time one of Tim’s friends called me a milf. At first I was angry, I didn’t know what it was but it sounded like something bad. But after using the internet to look it up, it made me blush. The point was: what the hell was my husband’s problem?

I scooped the debris into a bag then put the broom away. Then I felt some glass still on the floor so I got down to get it. It had managed to still be spread out—even under the sink. I sighed and started grabbing at it with my fingers. The last time we had sex was almost a month ago. A whole month. I did things in the bedroom must husbands would dream about, but he just didn’t seem interested. I scratched at the floor with my nails and smiled. I thought of the first time we had anal sex. He couldn’t believe I wanted to try it—he was so sweet then. I thought of the last time I had an orgasm—now that seemed like ages ago. Even with all our toys, gels and outfits…something was missing.

I crawled under the sink and felt around for the remaining debris. Of course I pleased myself when he wasn’t there. I mean I had to. But I never counted those orgasms as “real”. I smiled when I thought of my son Tim coming over. He was just 18, handsome and so sensitive. I used to think he was a spitting image of his father, now I didn’t think they could be any more different. I wondered if Tim had a girlfriend, or what he was doing. I loved being his mom. When I thought about him my mood changed and I smiled as I did my best to get every piece of that salad from under the sink.


I became aware that someone was behind me so I wiggled back wondering if it was Ella the maid. I got my shoulders out from under the sink and looked back. To my surprise it was Tim. He stood leaning against the doorway looking at me with a half-smile.

“Oh…hey dear,” I said embarrassed to have my butt sticking up at him. I realized that my running pants were slipping and I am sure he could see my thong.

“Hey mom,” he replied not moving, but still watching me.

I turned around and sat on the floor, wiping my hands on the dish towel hanging from the handle. “I was stupid and knocked the salad on the floor.” I said, trying to act casual. “So here I am on my hands and knees trying to clean it up before you got here.”

“It’s no problem,” he said—strangely quiet.

He was wearing his work out clothes too and then I saw it: a rather large bulge in his sweat pants. I felt my face blush. Did he get that looking at me? But I am his mother?

I looked at his pretty brown eyes. “Were you working out too?”

“Yeah,” he replied a little awkwardly. “I just got back, I didn’t want to be late so I just came straight over.”

My eyes darted back to the bulge. My son had a great body and I was always a little curious about his parts. He saw me look at him and his face went red.

“Um…I should go to the bathroom,” he muttered.

“Sweetheart wait,” I said. I felt my legs tingling. I was more than a little curious. I knew it was strange—maybe wrong, but he looked wonderful to me. He always had. I wanted to test the water so I leaned back a bit to stick my chest out and tied my hair tie again. He looked at my chest wide-eyed. I felt flattered—no more than that. I felt beautiful and sexy. I was sex starved and I was going to go for it. I crawled toward him; looking at his bulge the whole time.

“Mom?” he asked shifting uncomfortably as I neared him.

“Honey, be honest with me,” I said in as motherly a voice as I could. “Did looking at me turn you on?”

“What?” his face was bright red.

“It’s ok, you heard me,” I replied looking up at him coyly.

“Um…” he was quiet, shifting. “I guess…I guess so…I didn’t know it was you at first…I just saw your ass…I mean butt sticking out and…”

“You mean like this?” I asked turning around and sticking it up for him. I knew I had a great ass, my husband loved it—why wouldn’t my son?

He swallowed hard. “Yes.”

“Do you want to touch it?”


I tucked a finger into my waistband and tugged it down a little so he could see my pink thong. “You can touch it if you want to.” I said. My heart was pounding and I realized that my pussy was getting wet just looking at him. “It’s ok Timmy.”

He stood for a moment then pushed off from the wall and walked toward me. He stuck his hand out and touched my left butt cheek gently. Goose bumps grew as his warm fingers touched the flesh.

“Mm,” I said. “Feels nice. Use both hands dear.” I instructed.

He touched my other cheek and rubbed the skin just under my thong softly. My body shook at his touch and I felt myself growing wetter and wetter. I rocked forward on my hands and arched my back for him as he touched me. Each time he would slide his fingers a little bit more down over my skin. I shivered and after a moment I used one hand to start to pull my pants down and he took the hint. He pulled them off of me and I got back on my hands and knees so he could see my ass in just the little pink, cotton thong. I wondered if he could see my asshole or my damp pussy.

He clutched my butt cheeks in his hands and ran his hands over them. He pressed my butt together then let it jiggle back. He rubbed over my lower back and down my thighs. I shivered again and looked back at him. His mouth was wet and his eyes were wide with lust. This is what I wanted: he wanted me. “Do you like this?” I asked as seductively as I could.

“Um…yes,” he answered.

I took a deep breath. “Timmy…I am really excited. Your touch is perfect…did you know that? You are such a handsome boy.”

He looked at me and swallowed, “Really?”

I rolled over, spread my legs as a tease and sat in front of him. My legs and ass were cold on the tile floor. I reached forward and grabbed the bulge in his pants. I could feel his shaft and dickhead in there. He was stiff as a board just looking at me. I slid closer and stuck my hand down his pants and grabbed his warm, hard penis. It was larger than I was expecting and I smiled when I saw him groan.

“Mm,” I hummed. I pulled his pants down. If I wasn’t holding his cock in one hand it would have hit me in the face it was so hard. It jutted out at me perfectly, with a little bend up at the end. Its tip was dark and wide—smiling right back at me. I looked up at him and stuck my tongue out to lick it.

“Oh my…mom…” he muttered as I licked the tip carefully. I moved to the shaft, careful to lick all of it. My heart pounded as I sucked on the end of it greedily. I kept my mouth on the mushroom tip, nipping at it with my tongue and teeth. My body was going wild. His cock was big, hard and he was young. He was a strong boy and I needed a really strong fuck. I licked and sucked on his balls. He breathed out deeply and muttered something. I knew he loved it so I kept sucking them.

I let his cock go and just work on his balls with my mouth while his shaft rested against my face. It was warm, with soft skin and I kissed and licked at it. I stroked at it occasionally with my hand, then took it in my mouth as far as I could. The skin tasted wonderfully and I sucked the pre cum out as it came. He was breathing fast and I knew he would cum soon so I stopped. I held his dick firmly in my hand and looked up at him.

“Do you want to fuck your mom?” I asked pumping his cock with my hand.

He nodded and I let go of it and got it in my mouth while I pulled my underwear off. My pussy was drenched—so much that I slid on the floor a little. I sucked his cock another moment then lay back in front of him with my legs open.

“Come here dear,” I said as he knelt down toward me and I pulled off my thong.

He held his cock in his hand and found my pussy quickly. I pulled him close and his dick slid in. I was so wet I took it in easily. I grunted as it filled my pussy up. I swallowed hard and looked at him. He was staring at me with wide eyes and an open mouth. I felt his cock pull back and then he thrust into me. It went in deeper and I groaned. I relaxed for the next thrust and as he did it went in all the way.

I slid my hand over his ass and squeezed as he pushed into me again and again. I stared at my son longingly and he looked back. The room was burning so I did my best to get out of my shirt and sports bra. He looked down at my breasts as they flopped while he fucked me. “That’s it…” I said as I felt my body tingling. He fucked me faster and I felt my head touch the counter as he pushed me along with thrusts. The slight pain made me orgasm suddenly. I tried not to be too loud, since I wasn’t done with my son’s dick yet. I bucked my hips and grunted. I stared into his eyes. “Turn me over honey…fuck me from behind.”

He pulled out and I rolled over. I stuck my ass out in time to feel his hard cock jam into my pussy. The new angle drove me wild and I shook as he fucked me. My head hit the cabinet door so I reach forward with one hand to steady myself. “Harder,” I said between breaths.

He grabbed my hips and pushed. A little harder and deeper each time. I groaned and squirmed as I gripped his perfect penis with my muscles. “Yes…mmm…like that,” I said as he pumped.

“Mom…” he said in a worried voice. “I am gonna cum.”

“No!” I snapped, I pulled away from his dick until it was out of me. It glistened with all my wetness and dangled in front of me. I looked up at my son lovingly and smiled. “If you cum then we will be finished. I am not ready to finish yet are you?”

He shook his head.

“Good,” I said. I stood up and helped him to his feet. “Let’s go to the bedroom…I want to show you something.” My head was spinning—my son had given me an orgasm. Now we were walking, naked back to my bedroom. I couldn’t believe it. My mind was racing. I was starved for this and now here we were. As we walked into the bedroom I decided that I would do my best to make this good for him. I remembered when I was 18 and the boys I was with then. They could cum more than once with out much rest—my son could do at least that.

I sat on the bed in front of him. He stood nervously holding his dick and trembling. He was my beautiful boy and I wanted his cum. All of it.

“Can you lick my pussy sweetie?” I asked spreading my legs for him. My pussy was shaved and swollen. It was still wet and getting wetter as I watched him fall to his knees, stick his tongue out and start to lick me. “That’s it.” I muttered as his warm tongue brushed against me. I slipped my hand in his hair and leaned back so I could push myself toward his mouth. “Carefully…sweetie…let me help you…” I pushed his head, guiding his open mouth to my hard clit. “Do you feel that…oh shit…yeah…suck on that…suck on it…ah…ah…” I said over and over as he sucked greedily. My wetness ran all over his face and I felt a warmth moving up over me from my pussy. I knew it was coming: a real orgasm.

“Ah! That’s it…suck it! Oh shit…shit…shit…shit…” I opened my legs as far as I could and as he bit my clit I came. My body shook and I gripped my breasts calling out. I held his head in both hands and ground against him, moaning and groaning the whole time. My body was hot and burning as the orgasm raged through me. “That’s a good boy…oh…” I muttered as it gently passed over me.

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