Tamil friend’s Mom and Me – part-2

Hi all!! I’m Arun..

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Read part-1 before you read this..

To continue…

As I had some butterfly kind of attractive moments last time with Rani maa , I was always thinking about her and expecting some alone meet up in her home ,try explore her sexual thoughts, as it will be helpful to fulfil my desire of getting her in bed with me.

I came up with a idea of knowing her current sexual feelings ,I decided to keep a incest and friend’s mom porn CD in her home, I wasn’t sure whether this works or not but I came up with this idea because she is fond of watching movies,so she might watch this accidently ,get some sexual feelings as she didn’t had sex with her chronic alcoholic husband for decades.

After 2 days of part-1 incident ,I was waiting for a chance to enter her home to somehow keep the porn CD .

As expected she called me after 2 days for a small work,so went her home immediately.
“Rang door bell and she opened door”
“She was wearing light pink designed saree and she was slightly sweaty look(it’s normal Vellore temperature), as you know I just love sweaty look”

Rani: Va da kanna…
(Come da sweety)

Me: Hmm varen maa…
(Ya maa coming)

Rani: Oru chinna sandhegam da,Kiran(my friend) phone la ₹25000 panam anupanan,innum varala ,avana ketta anupiten nu solren…
(One small query da, Kiran (my friend) sent ₹25000 via UPI payments , I didn’t receive it ,but he is saying that money got debited)

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Me: ok maa phone thanga na pakren…
(Give me the phone…let me look )

Later I called customer care,,,they said payment is cleared on their side ,, asked me to visit nearest branch, which is located in just 500 metres..

“In the meanwhile she went around for works in home ,I kept the Porn CD in top of other CD’s near DVD player”

Me:Rani maa ,panam hold agiruka ahm ,bank pona account la vandhudumam…
(Rani maa ,the amount is on hold,they want us to go to bank so that account will be credited)

Rani: Ennavo ippa idhu oru vellai nu vandhuchi..
(Oh no…now this extra work)

Me:5 mins vela dhan maa,pona clear agidum ,nane poitu vandhudren, passbook mattum kudunga…
(Its just 5 mins work maa,it will be cleared ,let me go and finish it,just give me passbook)

Rani:Romba nanri da,na enga poradhu nu nenachan. Avanga appa va pathi sollave venam oru vellayum nadakudhu…
(Thanks alot da ,I thought how to do it ,no use of his father too)

Me:Ada idhuku poi edhuku maa nanri lam solitu, na pathukren..
(No need of thanks and all, let me do it)

Rani: Ok da ,avanga appa vera ,engayo katchi meeting nu velia poraram ,innaiku dha edhna pudhu padam pakkanam,neyum Kiran num leave
fulla padam ah otitu irundhinga…
(Ok da,my husband is going out for some party meeting itseems,today im thinking of Watching some new movies ,you and Kiran ,fully movies only during holidays…)

“I was very nervous and curious after hearing that she is going to watch movies tonight”

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Me:Ok maa ,na seekram poitu varen…
(Ok maa,let me go and come back fast)

Rani: ok da..

“I came out her home and I was thinking what to do next as she said that she is going to watch movies , as I kept the porn CD so there is a chance she could watch it unknowingly.”

“I was scratching my head for ideas , suddenly I got an idea, not to go bank today and convey her that bank people said to come tomorrow ,so I might get a chance to know her reaction if she watched that porn CD”

“Rang door bell ,she came and opened door”

Rani:Enna da 5 mins dha achi vandhuta..
(What happened da ,it was only 5 mins since you left)

Me:Maa bank karanga busy ah irukangalam ,innaiku wait panna sonnanga ,panam vandha varum nu ,edho server problem,varlana nalaiku vara sonnanga…
(The bank people were busy because of some server problem,they said that money might come today,if not tomorrow I will go to bank again)

Rani:Apo seri da,wait panlam…ne ulla va juice kudichitu polam
(Ok then ,shall wait for it,now you come in, drink some juice and go)

“I went and sat on sofa and looked whether the CD is placed rightly when rani maa went to kitchen to make some juice”

Rani:Indha da kanna lemon juice…
(Have some lemon juice)

“While drinking she started some conversation”

Rani: Enna da..Edhna Nalla padam CD vechitu dhane poi irukan avan ?…
(I guess ,he might have left some good movies here right?)

Me: kandipa Irukum nu dha nenaikran maa ,nenga parunga…
(It should be there maa,you look for it)

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“I drank,said bye to her and left with some hopes”

Let’s see what happened in upcoming part…

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