Tamil friend’s Mom and Me – part-1

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Hi all , I’m Arun from Rural parts of Vellore,my age is 22 and I’m MBBS student.
The story will be in parts and it will be Tamil and English mix.

The story is about my friend’s Mom Rani ,age is 47.she has only child who is my friend ,his age 24 currently working in Delhi.

Her assets 36-34-36. She is a bit tall than normal ladies(5’10) and that’s her great advantage, as she is not too chubby nor flat ,she will be fleshy structure. A perfect example of MILF. I always had a eye on her beauty and not had a bad intention until this incident.

In Rani’s home always she will be alone as her husband is chronic alcoholic and her son works in delhi.

This story happened exactly 1 year back. One day I went to her home to collect my story books which I had given my friend during holidays.
Me: Rang door bell.
Rani:Came and opened door, come da arun.
Me: Hi Rani maa. I came to get my books back.
Rani:Okay da just wait I will get it from his room upstairs.

“Rani maa was in black floral design saree with black jacket”

Me: I heard some water sounds from bathroom, so went ahed to check , tap water was flowing from bucket. I locked tap and turned back , I saw her used bra and jatti(panty) hanging in holder , I got curious ,i locked the door and took jatti gently in my hand , it was sandal colour jatti ,I smelled ,it was sweaty aroma (I like sweat aroma in women ,that is the sexiest aroma I feel) I decided to lick ,it was sour and salty in taste, I took her bra which holds 36 size booobs.
“Suddenly one voice , arunnn …I was like ,rani maa I’m using bathroom…”
I kept both of it there and came back from bathroom.
She was working in kitchen , and I was curious to see her, I saw her busty ass.
Me: Rani maa my books ..
Rani: I kept it on table da kanna(Sweetly calling)
Me: Ok Rani maa..Bye..I went to hall and took my books.
“..again one voice arunnnn..”

Me: Yes maa , coming.
Rani:Can you help me to take that cooking vessel which in shelf (bit height and inside)
Me: ya sure maa…”I put a chair and climbed up” asked her one by one is that what she wanted.
“I watched her from top angle, the perfect angle to enjoy this tall beauty”
Later I gave the vessel,and while getting down,she was holding the chair,my buttocks touched her pillow soft booobs unknowingly,she didn’t consider it much.
Rani: Thanks da kanna..
Me:it’s ok ma..bye
” I came back to my home and I was thinking about her the whole day and thinking about should I do next…later I shot and cummed my gun in bathroom thinking those beautiful scenes happened”

Wait for next part…. coming soon.

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