Aunt & Uncle respond to niece’s teasing

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“Jesus Christ! Did you see that?” My wife asks in a hushed whisper. “Of course you did. What am I thinking? They were tits and you’re a guy.” She says, placing her hand in my lap to judge the extent of my awareness. I was very aware!

The tits in question belong to our niece, Lauren, who is staying with us to finish her last semester of college. Her dad accepted a very lucrative promotion, which required the family to move out of state. Rather than transfer during her final semester, and pay out of state tuition, Lauren asked if she could stay with us until the end of the semester. Lauren’s mother is my wife’s older sister and we get along great with her and her family. We immediately said yes.

Lauren moved in this evening, unpacked her stuff and a few minutes ago, came in to say goodnight. My wife, Cindy, and I were sitting on the couch watching TV, when Lauren walked in wearing only a spaghetti-strap, v-neck pajama top and bikini panties. Lauren, who just turned 21, has long blonde hair and the most beautiful, clear, blue eyes I have ever seen. They are like pools of liquid that you could get lost in if you’re not careful. I imagine a lot of the guys in her classes would love to get lost in her eyes or any other part of her killer body.

“I really want to thank you both for letting me stay here.” She said, standing next to the couch. Her pert nipples are pushing against the thin material of her top, which barely conceals her firm, round tits.

“You’re the best, Aunt Cindy!” She continued, leaning down to give my wife a hug and a kiss on her cheek. My eyes followed the front of her pajama top, falling away from her breasts, as she bent forward. Her entire left breast, down to the edge of her areola, was hanging bare, less than a foot from my face.

“You too, Uncle Jim. Thank you so much!” She smiled, as she turned her body towards me, without straightening up. Her lovely tits swung free, within her loose fitting top, as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. My eyes were glued to her bare tits as I returned her hug. Her nipples, resting against the material of her gaping pajama top, were the only part of her tits not visible to me. When she stood up, her top fell back into place, and her taut nipples were again pushing against the flimsy, floral material.

“Well, good night.” She said, as my eyes moved down to her crotch, focusing on the blonde pubic hair, visible through her light colored panties.

“You’ll be able to hook up my computer tomorrow, won’t you Uncle Jim?” Lauren asked as she walked down the hallway to her bedroom. My eyes were locked on her firm, round, panty-clad ass cheeks, swinging back and forth as she walked.

“Uh, sure. I’ll need your passwords to set it up.” I yelled after her.

“No problem, I’ll leave them on the computer table. Thanks.” She said, smiling back at us as she entered her bedroom.

“Your theme song, from now on, is: You Can Look But You Better Not Touch!” Cindy laughs, while stroking my hard cock through my shorts. “You liked that, didn’t you Jim?” She asks teasingly, while kissing my neck and slipping her hand inside the leg of my shorts. I had put on a pair of loose fitting shorts, sans underwear, and a t-shirt after my shower. Cindy is now massaging my balls and the base of my cock as she teases me about my reaction to our niece’s body.

Cindy and I have been married for ten years and have a vibrant sex life; full of role-plays, porn videos and public, risk-taking sex. Before agreeing to let Lauren live with us, we discussed how her presence in the house would affect our spontaneity. We had no idea it would affect it this way.

“Let’s take this into the bedroom.” I say, nearly panting from Cindy’s expert manipulation of my cock and balls.

“Let’s not.” She whispers, pushing my shorts down and releasing my hard cock. “I think Lauren’s in for the night. What do you think?” Cindy asks mischievously, as she scoots away from me and lowers her head to my lap.

“I don’t know.” I say, sucking in air as Cindy’s tongue licks my cockhead. “Do you really want your sister’s daughter to see you giving me head in the living room?” Cindy wets her lips and slides them down over my cock, stroking up and down my shaft with her hand. I scoot my ass closer to the edge of the couch to give her better access.

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