A brother and sister make a discovery

There are some things in life that are not planned. They just happen! My sister Donna is 4 years older than me and we have never been real tight. We were just typical siblings with an age difference. We would fight all the time over just about anything, but as we got older we managed to become friends. My sister was a wild child; I caught her more than once having sex with her boyfriends at our parents’ house. I never said anything but she knew that I knew.

There were times, and I am sure it was my imagination, that she enjoyed teasing me by having sex while I was in the house. I can understand why my sister had so many boyfriends – she had the body of a Playboy bunny. At the age of 16, she was already a 36D with a small waist. Her waist only made her breasts look bigger than they were and her long blonde hair did not help. I was always getting ragged by my friends about how hot my sister was. I am only human and have to admit that looking at my sister’s hot body turned me on like any red blooded American boy, but I never forgot that she was my sister.

I hated that everyone found her so hot and sexy and that dating was so easy for her. I was just average looking and I had to work to get dates as I got older. The upside of that was that I learned how to treat a lady and more specifically how to please her. My sister just went from boyfriend to boyfriend never learning how to choose a good one because she never had to.


Several years later I married a beautiful woman, who I still love to death. We are a perfect couple and I am looking forward to growing old with her. Her name is Susan and she is the woman of my dreams. She is sexy, smart, loves sex, and has the most beautiful long white blonde hair you have ever seen.

Donna on the other hand has been married 3 times in 5 years always going from one good looking (but not very nice) guy to the next.

So, this is where my story starts. A month ago my sister invited me and my wife to a party she was having at her house. She has a huge house thanks to her very rich ex-husband and she wanted to throw a costume party. I had not seen my sister since her divorce and it sounded like it might be fun. My wife had a really sexy nurse outfit that I loved and I was going as a California doctor. I knew I looked dashing in my Armani Suit with a Stethoscope hanging around my neck. The black leather doctor’s bag only added to my Beverly Hills look.

It was hard for me to even get dressed watching my wife. Her costume was so low cut that it showed off her beautiful cleavage. I could not stop myself as I reached around her waist and cupped her beautiful breasts in my hands. I kissed her neck with a loving touch as she pushed her breasts into my hands and I felt a familiar stir in my pants.

“Now, Now…… cool down or we are never going to get ready,” my wife said with a purr.

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“Come on baby…. Please leave the bra off,” I begged.

“If I were to do that you could see my nipples through the costume, it is so thin,” she said with that little wicked smile that always drives me crazy. “Besides what would your sister think if I went dressed like that?”

“Yeah right, you know my sister. She will be dressed to impress and you know it,” I reminded her.

“OK you win. I will take it off,” she said.

She gave in way too easily and I realized that the little minx had been waiting on me to ask her. I watched as eagerly as a hungry baby as she removed her bra. My heart skipped a beat looking at her beautiful nipples pushing against the material which was so sheer that it was really showed off her hard nipple. As she walked in front of me I could see her backlit from the bathroom door and the whole costume was almost see-through against bright light. I could see the brown of her areola around the nipple and hoped she didn’t realize just how see through it was. She knows I love to show her off, but I was not sure she would really go without a bra if she knew just how much of her would be showing.

“Baby, you have got to be the hottest thing I have ever seen,” I said as I ran my fingers over the slick material across her nipples. I knew she getting as turned on as me by the way her eyes twinkled and her lips poked out.

“Come on baby you know we have time for a quickie,” I almost begged.

I slowly reached my hands around her and ran my hand over her soft breasts. I nuzzled my face in her neck and hair. We had been married too long for me not to know how to get her hot. I started kissing her ear lobe and lightly biting her ear. At the same time, I started running one hand down to caress her soft ass. Between rubbing her ass and her soft hard nipples and biting her ear, I knew it would not be long ’til she gave in.

She was crumbling before my eyes- wanting it as bad as me- when the phone rang. I tried to get her not to answer it. I kissed harder and held her in my arms. She wrestled away from me and got the phone even as I played with her nipple. She answered the phone in a panting breath. As my wife talked I knew it didn’t sound good. The call was from my wife’s Sister Dora who was sick and throwing up. Her husband was gone on a business trip and she did not have anyone to help with her 10 month and 2 year old children. She wanted to know if my wife could come over and help her through the night with them.

“I know you wanted me to go with you to the party,” Susan said holding her hand over the phone, “But, my sister needs me and I really feel like I need to help her”. Her voice was sad, and even as she said it her mouth went into a frown.

“Go on to the party and I will make it up to you I promise,” she said with another one of her wicked smiles.

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“Go help your sister,” I told her attempting to look pitiful, “I will just have to go alone.”

As she hung up the phone and started to undress I was still excited looking at her. I wanted her so bad I could not help it. My cock was rock hard and I wanted her right then and did not want to wait. It was like my blood was leaving my brain and going to my cock. I reached behind her and started lovingly biting her neck.

“Ohhhh. Stop that we will have time later,” she said with a regretful smile.

“Come on,” I pleaded, “I can’t wait ’til later.”

“Yes you can… and to give you a little something to make it worthwhile, you can fuck my ass when I get back,” she said with a big grin.

She stuck her beautiful ass in the air and shook it at me. This only made my cock harder, dreaming about fucking her hard and long. She stripped in a flash, grabbed her keys and was out the door before I could even plead my case. There I was; horny, dressed up and no date. As I glanced up at the clock, I realized that I would be late if I did not hurry. I finished dressing and headed to my sister’s house. I knew that she had lots of very sexy friends and I was worried I would have to walk about all night with a raging hard on. I decided that since my wife would not be home ’til the next day, I would drink all I wanted and just sleep it off at my sister’s house.

I drove to her house trying not to think about my wife’s ass or the way her nipples pressed into my hands through her nurse uniform. The more I tried not to think about her, the more I could not help it, so I just concentrated on the drive and listened to the radio. As I pulled into my sister’s driveway I could see the house was hopping with people. She was not in costume when she answered the door, just a plain dress but she looked great anyway.

“Hey sis… I thought this was a costume party,” I said looking at hanging stethoscope.

“It is but I have a surprise. I bought the wildest costume you have ever seen and I am on my way to put it on now, besides good things come to those that wait.” she said kissing me on the cheek.

“I have to go and change. Go help yourself to the food and drinks,” she said hurrying off to her room.

I was not disappointed at all – there was eye candy galore. When I said my sister had hot friends, I was not kidding. It looked like a Playboy convention. Some of the outfits were so incredibly sexy; they even made my wife’s costume look tame. One girl was dressed as Wonder Woman in a costume so thin you could see the outline of long hard nipples pressing against the thin material. My favorite thing about her costume was it was so tight you could see the material pressing up her pussy and that she was definitely shaved.

One of my favorite costumes was a pirate, worn by a girl with huge breasts that kept trying to get out of the top. It was so low cut that it just barely covered the nipple. The whole back of her top was open and I could just see the crack of her ass. My hard on seemed to just keep getting worse and the only solution that I could think of and that was to drink. I got a beer and started downing it; I knew I could pick up a girl in a crowd like this but I in no way wanted to cheat on my wife. So I drank and just enjoyed the show.

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The party was really going well and I was way past the point of “feeling no pain”, when I saw my sister motioning for me to come over toward her room. Just from looking in her eyes I could see that she had been doing her own share of drinking. I guessed she was almost as gone as me. I walked to her door and asked her, “What’s up sis?”

“I really need your help,” she said as she motioned me to get inside her room.

“How can I help?” I asked with a bit of a slur.

“Well…” she motioned to a huge costume on her bed.

“I bought this costume and was going to wear it tonight with a friend of mine but she just called to let me know that she’s sick,” she said in a near panic.

“You do not even want to know what I paid for it and it takes two people to wear it,” she said frowned.

It was one wild costume. As I looked at it, I could see it was without a doubt made for two people. It was a beautifully done but huge dragon. I could see the basic idea was that one person went in first. Their legs acted as the front legs of the dragon. Then that person had to lean forward to get their head into the dragon’s head. This required the first person to stay partly hunched over the whole time. The second person’s legs also went into the front legs of the dragon. The legs were easily large enough for two people then the second person had to stand up straight and act like the back of the dragon, creating a hump in the costume, putting their arms into holes that make the wings go up and down. The front feet had straps to put your feet in. This way each person could lift the dragon feet in unison. The back legs and tail were just to balance out the huge front.

“Look sis, I understand but as much as I have been drinking all that will happen is we fall on our asses,” I said with a laugh, “I am sure you have someone else you can get to help you.”

“Come on, please for me,” my sister pouted. She used to try that look on me when we were kids when she realized she could not bully me into giving in.

“Just this one time help me out and I will never ask for another favor. Pleaseeeee,” she begged.

“I am not even sure if I can walk straight. Do you have any idea how much I have had to drink?” I asked her, trying not to slur my words.

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