My Bisexual Mommy

My name is Arman. I am from Mumbai. I am 24 years old now. But when this incident between me and my mom happened, I was 20 years old. I live with my divorced Mom, Heena, now 46 years and my elder sister Arunima, now 28 years old. While Mom calls her Anu, I call her Di.

I am almost 6 ft tall, fair and average-built guy. My Mom stands 5′ 4″. She has a nice sexy figure. 36C-28-34. She is fair and looks much younger than her age. People often find it difficult to believe that she has two grown-up children. My Di is much taller, almost 5′ 9″ and slim. She has a model-like figure. 34B-24-34.

My Mom is a design artist and works as a freelancer for various ad agencies from home. She is a very cool and fun-loving person. She always treated both of us as her friends. I was so small when my Mom and dad divorced that I don’t even remember my dad.

For all these years, my Mom has been my Mom and dad. She is used to wearing quite shabbily or clumsily at home. She wore shorts, pajamas, Tees, spaghetti or camisoles or, many times, cropped tops. But she seldom wore a bra at home.

She never bothered if her skin, boobs or legs were exposed. Nor did she ever bother to close the door while she was changing in her room or bath time. My Di grew up seeing my Mom. So naturally, she followed her in every aspect. She, too, would never care about her clothes or appearance at home.

She never hesitated to get naked in front of me. We all three were very closely bonded with each other. Even as a teenager, I had seen both naked on countless occasions. Mom has a pretty nice pair of melons. Her boobs are firm and protruding, and have big dark brown areolas.

Despite her age, they are not sagging much. She always used to have a thick bush whenever I would get an opportunity to see her without her panties. Her thighs were thunderous, adequately fleshy and looked carved out of marble. I started growing an infatuation with my Mom.

I started to wank whenever I would get to her nude fantasizing about her. Though I felt quite bad about it in the beginning, I got used to it later. But soon after I completed my high school education, I got admission to a reputed college in England for a 5 years Hotel Management course.

The course consisted of 8 semesters and one year of full-time apprenticeship. When this incident happened, I was studying in 3rd year while Di was pursuing her Masters in Literature at a college in Mumbai. I had stayed out of the house for almost 2 and a half years and hadn’t visited home during this time.

But after completing my 5th sem, Mom insisted that I skip industrial training this time and spend the two-month break with her and Di. After coming back, the first couple of days were quite emotional and nostalgic. I was meeting my beloved Mom and Di after such a long time.

But then, gradually, I noticed a few changes in Mom and Di. I felt the openness in the house has declined substantially. Though both were still dressing rather carelessly at home, I observed both Mom and Di never got naked in front of me. Both started locking their room doors while changing their clothes.

And most importantly, both Mom and Di always wore proper bras at home. 2-3 days later, we wanted to move our heavy sofa set for some reason. So we called up our society watchman to help us. It was decided that Mom and I would lift it from one side while the watchman would lift it from the opposite side.

But when we lifted it, Mom found it too heavy, and her grip loosened. As a result, the entire weight fell on my hands. I alone couldn’t handle it. Ultimately, putting it down, my hands got sandwiched between the floor and the heavy sofa set.

Mom quickly took me to the nearby hospital. There it was found that both my wrists were fractured. We returned home with both my hands plastered on it and put in a sling. As we reached home, I came up with my first problem. I wanted to pee. With both hands in the sling, I couldn’t figure out how to pee.

So finally, I told Mom about my problem. On hearing that at first, Mom laughed. But then,

Mom: Don’t worry, beta. Mom is here. You need not worry about anything. Come…

She took me to the bathroom, opened the pant button, and unzipped my pants. She put her hand into my underwear and brought my dick out. It was the first time Mom was holding my dick. That gave me a strange sensation. For a long time, I wanted my Mom to hold my dick. And finally, that wish was fulfilled.

While she was holding my hand, I started to pee. I noticed that she was constantly staring at my limp dick. Even though it wasn’t erect, it was still some 6 inches long and one inch in diameter. I guess she must be imagining how big my dick has grown since she last saw it some 5-6 years ago. Or she may be imagining how big it would be when erect.

I don’t know what she was thinking. But she was lost in some thoughts. That’s why she didn’t even notice that I had stopped peeing. She was still standing there holding my dick in her hand. Maybe it had become a little hard. My first crush was finally holding my dick as I had wished or just because of urinating.

I waited for at least a minute and finally broke the silence.

Me: Mom, I am done…

She was back to her senses and about to put it back hurriedly.

Me: Wait a minute, Mom. Just jerk it a little, so the last drop doesn’t remain there…

Mom did that. But it made my dick even harder and bigger. Once again, she was staring at my bigger, harder dick with awe. There was still one drop stuck at the tip of the dick. She gently wiped it with her finger, put my dick back into my pants, and zipped them.

After that, Mom hurriedly made some food for us, and we had dinner. Mom fed me with her own hands like a small child. After dinner, while Di and I were watching TV in the drawing room, Mom called us. As we returned to the room, Mom looked fresh from a bath.

Mom had changed to a knee-length white nightie with noodle straps. The nightie’s deep cut showed a good amount of cleavage. She used to wear such nighties before. Since returning from England, I have seen her wearing a matching white robe.

Mom: Anu, you sleep in Arman’s room from today while he will sleep with me in my room.

Till yesterday, I used to sleep in my room alone while Di slept with Mom.

Di: No, Mom, I can’t sleep alone. How about all three of us sleeping together?

Mom (in a stern voice): Anu, I am not asking or requesting you. I am telling you. Consider the situation we have here and do as I say.

Di didn’t seem happy and went out of the room angrily. Mom followed her into my room. For the next 5-10 minutes, I was waiting for Mom. So I went to check what had happened. The door was opened, so I peeped in. The two ladies were talking in a whispering sound.

I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. But I saw Di look agitated by Mom’s decision. Mom was trying to pacify her by taking her into her arms. Finally, Di looked convinced, and both hugged each other. Then, to my surprise, Mom kissed Di on her lips.

Mom often kisses both of us. But I have never seen her kissing on the lips. She always kisses the cheeks or forehead. It is not a small peck on the lips but a proper kiss on her lips. I returned and sat in the bedroom as if I hadn’t seen anything.

The next 2-3 days passed on quickly. During the day, Mom cared like a small baby, doing everything for me. Brushing my teeth, washing my ass after the potty, bathing me, changing my clothes, feeding me food and taking me to pee. All this while, I was getting to see lots of cleavage from Mom and Di.

But none of them allowed me to see their melons. Still, watching those cleavages was quite enticing. Further, Mom used to touch my dick quite a few times during the day while peeing, bathing, changing clothes etc. Each time, the touch of her soft hands used to give some shivers through my body.

Since the accident, I haven’t been able to wank. Now I wanted to wank. But I knew I couldn’t, considering their changed attitude towards me. Somehow, I couldn’t dare to speak it up to either Mom or Di. Mom saw that I was restless.

Mom: Why do you look so restless or upset or something like that since this morning today?

Me: Well, being unable to do anything is quite irritating, Mom. I am just causing so much trouble for you, Mom.

Mom: There’s no trouble in that beta. I have done all this since your birth. And honestly, I feel I am responsible for your accident. Had I held the sofa correctly, this would have never happened

Me: No, Mom. It was just a freak accident. Don’t consider yourself to be responsible for that.

Mom: Alright. Now cut the crap and tell me the truth.

I gathered some courage, after all. No matter how free and frank, she was with me. It was too difficult to tell a mother to wank his son’s cock.

Me: Mom, I have developed a habit since I have been sleeping in the room alone for the last few years. I don’t know whether it is good or bad. I wank every day and haven’t done that in the last 2-3 days. So…

Mom: So you want me to wank you?

Mom broke my sentence in between.

Me: No…. no…. no…. I just told you my reason for the restlessness.

Mom: Okay. (And then she took a deep breath)

Then there was dreaded silence in the room. Expectedly, Mom didn’t react to what I said. She just turned back to her book. During the rest of the day, Mom was as usual, as if nothing had happened. I went to sleep and woke up early in the morning.

It was around 6 am. I wanted to pee. But Mom wasn’t there. I checked out in the bathroom, drawing room and kitchen, but she wasn’t there. So I checked into Di’s room. Fortunately, the door wasn’t locked from the inside. So with a gentle push, the door opened, and I got one shock.

Mom and Di were sleeping on a single bed, hugging each other tightly. Di and Mom were stark naked, and she had buried her head deep into Mom’s boobs. I wished I could click this unbelievable scene. But that was impossible to do. So, I called Mom softly.

But this time, there was no reaction from her. She was fast asleep. I was sure she was awake earlier tonight when I sucked her boobs. So I called her more loudly. Still no reaction. So I hit my elbow right into her bum. I did that repeatedly, at least 10-12 times.

Mom woke up and was utterly shocked to see me there.

Mom: What the fuck are you doing here?

I was amazed to hear the word ‘Fuck’ from Mom’s mouth for the first time in my life. And interestingly, she wasn’t trying to cover her boobs. She was showing her melons to me in a more clear light.

Me: I guess I should be asking this question to you.

Mom: Do you want to go to the bathroom?

Me: Yeah.

Mom: Alright.

Mom got up from the bed. After a pretty long time, I saw her fully naked. Her melons were still almost the same as they used to be. However, the bush downside had disappeared, and her pussy was cleanly shaved.

Mom noticed that I was ogling at her naked body. But surprisingly, this time, Mom neither got angry nor conscious.

Mom (with a smile on her face): If you are done watching my naked body, shall we proceed to the bathroom?

Then without waiting for my reply, she pulled down my shorts and underwear, and my hard pole sprang out from the underwear. She just glared at it for a second and held it tightly in her hand.

Mom: Well, that was not so hard in the morning for the last 2 days. I am glad even at this age. I can have a hardening effect on a young guy like you. Actually, that’s a big compliment to me.

I was completely baffled. First, I caught my Mom completely naked with my sister. Then she was standing naked in front of me, playing with my dick and talking about my erect dick without inhibitions. I didn’t know how to react. I was in a state of confusion.

She made me completely naked by taking off my shorts and underwear completely. Then she almost dragged me to the bathroom, holding my erect dick. In the bathroom, she stood behind me, hugged me from behind, and held the cock in that position.

Her huge milk tankers were crushing against my back, giving me an electrifying sensation. While she was holding the cock with one hand, with the other, she grabbed my balls. I was done with peeing, but she still played with my dick. Then she came forward, sat on her knees, and wiped the dick with her palm.

Then she gently kissed the dick on the side. It was the first time her soft lips touched my dick. I had goosebumps. Then she kissed the tip of the dick by making a pout of the lips. Then she opened her lips a little as she was about to say something.

But before she could say anything, I put my dick into her mouth and inserted it deep. Then, the next second, I brought it almost out with barely the tip inside her lips. Then again, in a split second, I put it deep again. In short, I was fucking her mouth.

But then she pushed me aside, stood up, and spanked hard on my bare ass.

Mom: You naughty boy! Now go to sleep or do whatever. I need to sleep a little more.

And she walked out of the bathroom. She walked from her bedroom to Di’s room, swinging her round ass and went into the room. I stand there looking at that milky white round ass. She returned with my shorts and underwear and wore those to me.

Mom: Now go to sleep or do whatever… It’s Sunday today, and I want to sleep a lot more…

Me: But my sleep is over now. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep now.

Mom: Alright. Till you were almost 5-6 years old, there was only one way of making you sleep. Now my sweet baby, come near mamma.

Then she sat on the bed with folded legs and tapped on her lap. I didn’t know how I should react. I slowly got up and lay on her lap like a child. Like a mom feeding her baby, she held her right boob in her right hand and pressed around the areola.

I lifted my head, reached for her boob, and started sucking the boob. Wow! What a start to the day for me! First, I got to see my Mom fully naked. Then she hugged me naked from behind. Now I was sucking those melons. I was on cloud 9.

She was initially rolling her hands on my bare chest. Then her eyes caught sight of the tent in my shorts. She extended her left hand, put it on my dick, and held it over the shorts. Then she slid her hand into my shorts and got hold of my hard cock.

The touch of her hand sent an electric current through my body. Never in my wildest imagination had I imagined a situation like this. She slowly started stroking it. I never thought that Mom would be proactively stroking my dick. But then she quickly took off her hands off my pants.

Mom: Mind, well, I am doing this bcoz you can’t do it yourself, and that too because of my mistake. Don’t conclude anything else from this, Okay?

I nodded positively, and she again slid her hand into my pants. As my cock wanted a wanking so badly in the last 2 days, getting it jerked off by my Mom made me cum barely in a couple of minutes. Then I released a huge cum load on her hand inside the shorts.

Mom: Oh my god! What have you done, baby? Please let me get up.

I moved away from her lap. Mom brought out her hand covered in my cum. She quickly went into the bathroom and washed her hand. Then she removed my shorts and underwear. The underwear was in a complete mess. The dick, too, was still covered with cum.

Mom: Let mamma clean your rod.

I thought she would clean with tissue or cloth. But instead, she started to lick the cum with her tongue. Then she put the dickhead into her mouth. It was like a dream for me. Completely unbelievable and unexpected. First, my Mom gave me a handjob, and now she is licking my dick.

Soon she cleaned up the entire dick with her mouth. But still, my dick was very hard and standing straight. Mom started to suck my dick slowly. She held my balls and squeezed them gently. Then she held it firmly in her fist and started stroking it and simultaneously sucking the top of the dick.

Soon her other hand disappeared between her thighs. While licking and stroking my dick, she started rubbing her pussy. I wished this would go on forever. But that was not going to happen. I was about to come. I wasn’t sure whether Mom would like cum in the mouth.

So I almost yelled, “Mom, I am about to cum….”

Yet Mom didn’t stop. I guess she wanted me to cum in her mouth. So she left the hand on the dick and took almost the entire dick into her mouth. Then finally, I released another huge cum load into her mouth. Mom swallowed it all.

Like those typical porn stars, she opened her mouth wide and showed me that she swallowed it all. Finally, I was relieved after 2 days. My dick was now pacified. I got back to my place on the bed. She took off the slings so I could keep my hands above my head.

Mom slept beside me, hugging me. She rested her head on my arms. Her melons were crushing against my chest. With one hand, she was playing with my limp dick.

Then I pretended to fall asleep. Seeing that, Mom again went back to Di’s room. I went to Di’s room. The door was closed, but I could hear. Mom was almost screaming.

Mom: No… Anu. Please don’t put it into my ass.

After some loud screaming for 2-3 minutes. In between, I heard some sounds of hard spanking on the ass.

Mom: Bhool mat, main teri maa hu, madarchod. (Don’t forget that I am your Mom, you motherfucker)

Di: Shut up, you horny bitch. Jab kapde pehanogi tab tu meri maa hogi… jab tum nangi hogi tu meri randi hogi. (You will be my Mom when you get dressed. When you get naked, you will be my whore.)

One more spanking sound.

Mom: Fuck!

Both continued to hurl filthy abuses at each other. I was shocked to hear such filthy language from both of them. But what was happening inside was completely unbelievable. But then there was complete silence in the room. Then I heard Mom’s moan.

Mom: Now that’s better.

And soft moans continued for a few minutes again. Then gradually, the moans became louder, and there was a big scream and silence again.

I returned to my room and couldn’t believe the events that had taken place in the last one and half hours. It was almost impossible to fathom what I had just heard outside Di’s room. While thinking about it, I don’t know when I slept again.

I woke up at around 10 am. I was still stark naked, so I called Mom from the room. But Mom was inside the bathroom only. She slightly opened the door and peeped out, keeping her entire body behind the door. She looked wet. I guess she was having a bath.

Mom: Yes, bacha? Do you want to pee? Come.
I returned to my room and couldn’t believe the events that had taken place in the last one and half hours. It was almost impossible to fathom what I had just heard outside Di’s room. While thinking about it, I don’t know when I slept again.

I woke up at around 10 am. I was still stark naked, so I called Mom from the room. But mom was inside the bathroom only. She slightly opened the door and peeped out, keeping her entire body behind the door. She looked wet. I guess she was having a bath.

Mom: Yes, baccha. Want to pee? Come.

And she went behind the door completely and opened the door. I thought Mom was having a bath, so I quickly got up and went into the bathroom. But as I went in, I saw mom behind the door. She was wearing a Capri and a T-shirt. I was completely disappointed.

I guess my disappointment was quite visible on my face. But I guess mom was in some different zone now.

Mom (with a rather annoyed tone): What did you think? Will you see your mom naked all through the day?

I didn’t understand exactly how to react to this. So I just stood dumbstruck. Mom came near me and pulled out my dick from the pants. It was quite hard. Mom asked me to pee after I was done.

Me: Mom, will you please…

Mom: Nope. Nothing now.

I realized that something was wrong with mom. So I didn’t say anything more. She just completed my morning chores. Di was ready to go out with her backpack when I came out for morning tea and breakfast. She told me she was going for a night out with her friends and would return tomorrow morning.

I was very happy as I would be alone with mom for the rest of the day and, more importantly, the night. After Di went, mom was busy with her household chores, lunch etc. But she wasn’t in a normal mood. I got a feeling that she was avoiding me.

So to grab her attention, I called her and told her I wanted to pee. To my surprise, she just took off my shorts and underwear in the drawing room and said.

Mom: You better stay naked today so you can go and pee as often as you want.

She returned to her work. Then in the middle of work, she went to her room and came out wearing jeans and a shirt. She told me she was going out to work and would return in 15-20 minutes. I was surprised. She hadn’t left me alone even for a minute since the accident, or she would go out only when Di was home.

She indeed returned in 15 minutes. But surprisingly, she returned empty-handed. But I had a strong cigarette smell when she returned. Did mom go to have a ciggie?

It was around 2 pm now. It had been almost 3 hours since Di left. Yet in those 3 hours, mom and I had spoken barely 3 sentences to each other. After lunch, I watched TV, and mom was doing her professional work in her room. The silence in the house was killing me.

So I decided to break the ice and went to mom’s room. Mom wasn’t in the room. But again, I had a strong cigarette smell. I saw the balcony door open. So I went to the balcony and was surprised to see my mom having a cigarette. Also, she had the bottle of Absolut vodka I had bought for her from duty-free. I

It seems that it was opened just today. The wrapper on the bottle was lying there. I had never seen her smoking or had the slightest doubt, nor seen her having her favorite vodka directly from the bottle like a drunkard. Today, she was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t even notice that I had come there.

Me: Mom?

Mom came back to her senses and was shocked to see me there.

Mom: What are you doing naked on the balcony?

Me: Well, you kept me naked today.

Mom: Ohh. Yes. I am so sorry, baccha. What do you want? And she was about to throw her ciggie.

Mom: Wait, mom. Finish it off. I will wait in the room.

I was waiting in the room. Mom came back after 5 minutes.

Me: What the hell is wrong, Mom? Since I woke up today, I have observed something wrong with you. What’s the matter?

Mom: I feel like I am the worst mom in the world.

Mom’s eyes were full of tears. She was trying to control her sobbing. She opened her table drawer and took out a ciggie packet, and lit one from it. Then she had a sip of vodka from the bottle.

Me: You are the best mom in the world…

But she cut my sentences in between.

Mom: Nope. I am not. No mom in the world uses her kids for her sexual pleasures. (Tears rolled out from her eyes as she spoke). First, I let my daughter do anything she wanted with my body, and then I did everything she wanted me to do with her. Now I didn’t even spare my son.

She continued to weep and have a ciggie.

Me: I don’t know about you and Di. But from whatever you just told me, it seems that you only did as per her wish. I am sure you must have never forced yourself on Di at any time, and as far as I am concerned, I believe you did only what I wanted to do. So basically, you are doing what your kids want. So why do you think you used your kids for your pleasures?

Mom: Nope. I had categorically asked you if you wanted me to wank your cock, and you said ‘No.’

Me: Whatever. But the fact remains that I wanted my cock to be wanked. And more importantly, I have seen your struggle while bringing us up. You gave up your career for us. You sacrificed your prime youth for us. You didn’t remarry just for us. You did everything to make us happy and give the best to us.

Me: So I believe now it’s our time to pay back. I will do anything and everything that will make you happy, and I care if it is appropriate. So, without hesitation, do anything that makes you happy, anything that pleases you.

Mom: Awwww. My baccha has indeed grown up. (I could see tears in her eyes when she said this). I don’t have words to express how I feel right now.

It was quite visible that she was very overwhelmed by what I said. She continued.

Mom: You think so much about my pleasures and happiness. I guess that’s the greatest pleasure I can have in my life. Just consider this woman as your humble, obedient slave. Anytime. Anywhere. I will do it gleefully if you ask me to strip on the busy road. I will.

I just went near her and kissed her, and broke her sentence. She held my face and started to kiss me passionately. She was kissing me all over my face, forehead, cheeks, eyes, ears and, of course, the lips. I, too, in return, kissed her all over her face.

But I was kissing her slowly, on her cheeks, ears, and neck, and then I went further downside. I wanted to remove her T-shirt by myself. But I couldn’t. So I stopped and stared at her T-shirt. She got the clue. She immediately took off her clothes, and in hardly a minute, she was stark naked in front of me.

She slowly took off both slings and made me sleep on the bed. Then she put my hands above my head. Then she started kissing my neck, chest, and tummy. She licked my nipples. I had a strange tingling sensation. Then she slowly moved towards my crotch.

First, she kissed my balls. Then she started to kiss my erect dick from its base. Slowly she came to the dickhead. Then she kissed my dickhead and then to the tip of the dick. She slowly slid the skin downwards and kissed the tip of the dick. She started to tease it with her tongue.

Then she slowly started to suck it, first the tip, then slowly and gradually, my big cock was deep into her mouth. After licking my dick for 5 minutes, she left my dick and helped me get up. Then she laid down on the bed beside me. I started to kiss her boobs, her nipples.

I started to suck her boobs. I was eating her big dark nipples. She was slowly releasing small moans in between. While I was sucking her one boob, she was squeezing her other boob. I moved to the other boob. Then, after sucking both boobs for some time, I slowly started kissing the downside.

I kissed her navel and licked her navel with my tongue. I licked it as if I was licking her pussy. Then she held my head and pressed it a little below the navel. I kissed her lower abdomen and then came near her crotch. She gently spread her legs apart and showed me her womanhood.

Mom was in her 40s now. Her pussy looked tight like those teen girls in porn movies rather than those milfs in porn with big pussy lips. I gently kissed her pussy. Honestly, I didn’t understand exactly how I should proceed further. I just kept randomly kissing over her pussy.

Mom spread her pussy with her hand and exposed her clit to me.

Mom: Lick her with your tongue.

As I touched her clit with my tongue, mom moaned softly. As I continued to lick, her moans started to come more frequently. Then she spread her pussy a little more and showed me different places with her finger to lick. I did as I was told. Now her moans were fast and thick. I continued to lick her pussy all over.

Now I wanted to enter her pussy. So I stood on my knees between her legs near pussy. I started to rub her pussy with my dick. Now she was moaning furiously. Then finally, my dick found the opening, and it went in a little. I moved my waist and pushed it deep inside as I sensed it.

As my dick went inside, mom almost screamed, “Fuck!” I continued to pound her pussy. She was electrified and screaming. Oooohh. Aaaahhh. After doing it in and out 4-5 times, somehow, my dick slipped from her pussy. Her pussy was dripping wet now.

She stretched her hand, held my dick, and put it into her pussy again. It was an inexplicable experience for me. I was fucking a pussy for the first time. And that too of my mom. I was absolutely in the seventh heaven. I fucked her pussy rigorously.

I was so engrossed in that experience that I couldn’t even realize I was about to cum. I realized it only when the first spring of the cum came out of my dick and went into mom’s pussy. Then another, and then 3-4 smaller springs.

Mom was so lost in the moment that she didn’t even realize that I had cum into her pussy. My dick was still rock hard. So I continued to screw her. After some time, this time mom reached her climax and released a big squirt. Yet I continued to screw her non-stop for more than one and a half hours.

In that process, I cum at least 4 times into her pussy. After that, I lost count. I guess mom squirted a few times too. There was a real mess in her pussy. My cum and her cum were oozing out of her pussy. There was a small poodle on the bed near her pussy.

Finally, I cum one more time and this time, I felt exhausted and fell on the bed beside mom. Mom, too, seemed to be exhausted and was panting. But she looked extremely happy. She just rolled over to come close to me and hug me.

But I guess she realized the mess we had created near her pussy. She quickly stood up.

Mom: What the fuck!

As she stood up, a huge amount of cum rolled down her pussy onto her thighs. She quickly went into the bathroom and cleaned up herself. Then she cleaned up my dick and all the mess on the bed, put a fresh dry towel on it, and came and lay beside me. Then she gave me one big smooch.

But I, too, was breathing heavily, so I couldn’t kiss her back properly. She broke the kiss and lay beside me again in a couple of minutes.

Mom: I’m so happy today. After more than 15 years, I finally had a real cock. I had almost forgotten this pleasure. In fact, for over 12 years, this pussy was completely unused. Your Di used it extensively in the last 2 years and gave me loads of pleasure. But the pleasure of a real cock was still missing.

Me: How come you enjoyed both Di and me?

Mom: Well, you can say that I am a straight woman who loves to eat pussies (And she winked)

Me: Pussies? Do you mean there are other females other than Di? How many have you licked so far?

Mom: Don’t worry. Not too many. Just one long back in college and two in the last two years.

Me: And how did it start with Di?

Mom: Well, it’s a long story. I will tell you about it some other day. Now let me enjoy the cock.

She crawled down to my cock, took it in her mouth, and started to suck it. Once it was properly erect, she got up and sat on my dick straightaway. Now, mom was riding my cock. As she was riding on my cock, her boobs were bouncing in rhythm. I wanted to hold them tightly and knead them. But I couldn’t.

Once again, after 10-15 minutes, I cum inside her pussy. But now, quite obviously, the quantity of the cum was much smaller. Mom continued to ride as my cock remained hard even after cumming. After riding my cock for half an hour, she changed position.

Now she was riding my cock in a reverse cowboy position. I cum in her pussy for the second time. Now I lost the erection, and mom got down. She, too, was quite exhausted and lay beside me. I slipped down and started to suck her boobies like a small kid.

She started to roll her hands through my hair very affectionately. In that position, I don’t know when I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was quite dark outside. I looked at the mobile. It was almost 7.30 pm. Mom wasn’t beside me. I went out to check her out.

She was cutting some vegetables, and she was still stark naked. My cock instantly got an erection, and I went near mom and stood right behind her. I bent my knees a little. I inserted my dick between her thighs, touching the pussy.
She spread her legs apart, held my dick, and directed it into her pussy.

Now I started to ram her pussy from behind in a standing position. I did it for 5-10 minutes, but her pussy was still dripping wet, and my dick was constantly slipping out. She stood facing me, held my hand, and took me to the drawing room. She asked me to sit on the couch, and she sat on my dick, facing me.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and held me tightly by my shoulders. Her bare boobs were crushing against my chest. She was kissing me all over while riding the cock. We had a fucking session in that position for at least half an hour.

Then after dinner, once again in the bedroom in the missionary position for another one and a half hours. As far as I remember, I fell asleep when she was beside me, hugging me and my cock still inside her pussy.

When I woke up, it was a bright sunny day outside. It was almost 9.30 in the morning. I was still naked. I wasn’t sure if Di had returned, so I called mom. Mom came inside. I was surprised to see that she was still completely naked. It seemed she had just had a bath. Her hair was wet, making her look even sexier.

As she came in, she shook her head, and water in her hair sprinkled on me. She took me to the bathroom and helped me to pee. After that, she held me by my erect dick and almost dragged me naked to the drawing room. She was roaming naked quite freely.

There was not even the slightest inhibition in her actions. As we entered the drawing room, I was surprised to see Di was there, and she was already completely naked. I stared at her from top to bottom. Her figure has become more voluptuous since I saw her naked a few years ago.

Her boobs were, in fact, bigger than that of Mom. But her nipples were much smaller than mom’s. She, too, had a clean-shaven pussy. Then Di stared at my big erect dick.

Di: No wonder this bitch has gone so crazy for this dick. She made me spend one full day and night outside.

I was a little baffled at what she said and surprised to hear the word Bitch for mom. But then my eyes caught hold of two tattoos she had. One was near her crotch. It looked like a lesbian symbol where two female symbols are entangled.

The other one on her chest near her heart was a heart-shaped tattoo with a name written on that heart, HeenAru. Her gesture touched me. I just went near her, bent a little, and kissed right on that tattoo.

Me: I love you, Di.

And gave a big kiss right on her lips.

Di: Love you too.

She, too, kissed me back.

Mom: Hey, why are you keeping me out?

Mom came near us, took us in her arms, and kissed us one by one.

Di: Love you, mom.

Mom and di started kissing each other. They were passionately kissing each other like lovers. While kissing, both ladies were fondling each other’s boobs freely. Then Mom rolled her fingers over her pussy, and Di spread her legs a little. Soon Mom’s middle finger disappeared deep into Di’s cunt.

Di was moaning softly. Mom started to finger fuck her more rigorously, and Di was moaning a little more loudly now. She held my mom’s head and started kissing her wildly. Then she made mom sit on the couch, spread her legs, put her head between her thighs, and started licking her pussy.

Now it was mom’s turn to moan softly. It was just too much for me. I went straight to the couch and stood next to mom. Mom turned her head and took my dick into her mouth. Now while mom was licking my dick, Di was licking her pussy.

After 10 minutes of sucking, I released a huge cumload into mom’s mouth. I sat beside mom, watching the live lesbian sex. Quite naturally, my dick was still very hard. Mom asked Di to stop. Mom got up from the couch. She stood on her four and took my dick into her mouth again.

While mom was sucking my cock, Di went inside. In a couple of minutes, she returned. But this time, she was wearing a strap-on. The dick of the strap-on was a little smaller than what is shown in the porn. Di slowly walked and stood on her knees, and the tip of that fiber dick was right on top of Mom’s asshole.

To be continued.

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