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Hi guys my name is Utsav and this is my first story that would like to share. I am a normal built fair guy whose height is 5 feet 11 inches. With a 7 inch shaft. So this story is about Samira a distant friend of my brothers girlfriend. We first met at a club in Kolkata and then I always had an eye on her. She was just perfect with nice stats of 34 28 36. She is milky white and just looks goddess even she wears a normal attire. The dust day I saw her she wore a black backless top with a white jeans and she had the ability to make the zone comfortable enough to mix up with her. She started talking and then holding beer we started dancing. My brother and her girlfriend kept on noticing but they had no issues. Moreover they teased us and encouraged. That day we just danced and came back. The following day I just masturbated thrice thinking of her curves that were visible with slight of cleavage too. Now it was my luck that we met after some days as my brother’s girlfriend had come home along with her. Now this time we met again and soon my brother went inside a room with his girlfriend. Leaving both of us alone. Looking at her I just wanted to bite her juicy lips and lick that wet clitoris.

Fun fact : I was basically attracted to her because of her feet. I have a fetish for feet and she just maintained her feet like a true goddess. Well trimmed and painted nails.

I without controlling commented on her feet and then we both sat on the sofa. She just gave me a blush and put her feet in the table. And this act of hers made me horny. I kept on controlling myself but couldn’t keep myself from looking at her feet. And then I saw her looking at me doing that and finally I gathered guts and asked her whether I could kiss her feet and to my surprise she allowed. I kept on licking her pretty feet for 15 minutes by then she had more energy to just jump on my to lick my waving shaft that wanted freedom. She asked me to come to a room and then she started undressing me. And I ultimately saw that she was a real dream come true. She was moaning slowly while she licked my dick and she was doing it so perfectly that I can’t imagine anyone else I n this world could do. Then she came on top and asked me to lick her. It was real fun to tease her as she demanded more and more and I just kept in stopping at the orgasm twice then this time she was so desperate that we had a 69 position by chance and to my wonder it was lovely. The sweet juice that she possessed was lovely. By now both of us had a one time orgasm. But we were ready with the same energy.

Now I lied her down and put my dick inside her licking the softest breast on earth with sweet smell of lavender. She moaned and scratched my back that made me more horny. I fucked her in three positions and then she wanted the cum in her mouth and I did it. Even after that she licked my calls so nicely and drank all the cum and just lied beside me holding me tight.

We woke up after half an hour and then got dressed. It was lovely experience for both of us and now whenever we get time to meet we do it.

Well I request you all to please give love to my first story and write to me at [email protected] and any girl or lady wants to have safe and wild sex in Kolkata specially or anywhere please do let me know in the inbox.

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