Father in law forces

Father in law forced story…We hadn’t been in our place for long. Our first son was just a baby. I had been very tired that day but I managed to straighten up the house. I put the baby in a bouncy seat in the living room next to the couch. Close enough to reach if need be. Before I could take a nap I had to feed and change him. Shortly after his feeding he began to yawn. I got up and got him set up in his seat again and then turned him towards me on the couch. It was nap time and since we were only ones home I decided to nap also. I hadn’t been laying down long when I dozed off. I wasn’t asleep long when I heard a knock on the door.

It was getting kinda dark and I couldn’t really see. They knocked again and I answered thru the door asking who it was. He said it’s me open the door. I knew by the voice it was your dad. I told him you weren’t home and that he’d have to come back. That you’d be home the following morning.

He again told me to open the door but I told him No that baby and I were trying to sleep. I heard him walk away and down the steps then a car started and left. I checked on the baby then laid back down to go back to sleep. I was laying on my stomach with head propped up on a pillow. I hadn’t been back asleep for very long when I woke to someone on top of me. It was him..
I guessed he must have come thru the back door. All I could think was why didn’t you make sure that door was locked. I tried to wiggle out from under him. I tried lifting up to knock him over and off of me. But neither thing worked. There I was sleeping on the couch in just gown and underwear. How could I be so stupid I thought.


As I tried to figure out how to stop his advances and get him off me. He started trying to pull off my underwear but I kept fighting so it was taking him longer then he wanted. I begged him to stop and he told me to shut the fuck up and stop fighting. I said No get off me. He back handed me upside my head as he continued trying to get my underwear down. At this point he pulled my gown up over the back of my head and pulled my underwear down passed my ass and under my hips. I was crying and screaming for him to stop and not to do this.
He put spit on his hand and put it down between my legs onto my inner thighs and just barely on my lips. In all the commotion the baby woke up and began to cry. I went to reach for him but could reach him. Your father had moved him out away from the couch and out of my reach. As I kept trying to get over to him to console him there was another hit. This time to the other side of my head towards the back. He hit me harder that time it vibrated inside my head it was so hard. I said thru my tears that the baby needed me and that caused another hit to my head.
I turned away from the baby trying to keep from seeing me cry. At this point your dad was getting mad.

As he went to push his dick into me he pulled up at my hips. He was having problems getting in because I wasn’t wet. He spit on his hand again and reached in between my thighs and rubbed it on my pussy. And then back to pushing his penis into my pussy. He pushed harder each time. It hurt once he finally got the head in. The baby was still cry and he told me to shut him up. I told him I could reach him to give him anything to calm him from crying. To which I got a fist to the back of my head. As I reach to rub my head he grabbed my hair.
He held the back of my head with a fist full of hair. He had only gotten the head of his dick in thus far. He pulled my hair as he slammed his hips into mine trying to get more inside me. It took him three hard thrust to bury his cock in. he stop for only a moment before he began pumping. I yelled ouch and please stop it hurts. I tried to tell him I wasn’t wet enough for him to do this. He pushed my face into my pillow and said shut up. He said you know you like this so just lay there and enjoy it.. let it happen.

As he started pumping his dick inside me and thrusting his hips as hard as he could he lifted my head out of the pillow by my hair and said Tell me you like it. When I didn’t do as he said he pulled my hair harder. I told him No I don’t like it I want you to stop and it hurts there was another blow to my head.

He began moving faster and harder and I said please stop it really hurts. He just simply said shut the fuck up. As I began to tense from the pain he was causing he said there you go enjoy it. Cum on my dick let me feel that wet pussy. He started telling me how good it felt inside my little wet hole. The more he slammed to more it hurt and the more I said oww it hurts. My body tensed up more and more but not willingly. I was trying to fight it but against everything I did to stop it I came. He moaned and I could hear the smirky smile in his voice. He smacked my ass telling me to enjoy it because he was. Another smack then another and another till he laughed and said yes you feel so good especial with that little red ass. He grabbed my hair up again this time more and yanked it harder then spanked my ass some more. He then pushed my head back into my pillow and said stay there then put both his hands on my hips and began plowing my already sore pussy. As he slammed his dick in and out of me his grip on my hips increased more and more. Before I knew it he was moaning and groaning and thrust inside me so hard and fast he almost lost his balance. He regained his composure without missing a beat. I could feel him hardening inside me swelling and jerking.

He was pumping into my pussy frantically like he couldn’t get enough. His moans got louder as his body tensed and he thrusted to hard and fast he was about to blow. He knew I knew what was happening. He told me again to tell him I like it. As I went to protest he gripped my hips so hard I thought they would brake. He pulled me backwards to him as he slammed inside me once again burying his cock into me. I felt him pull back from me so just the head of his dick was in my pussy and I thought he was going to pump into me hard again so I attempted to tuck my hips down and brace myself, he slowly pushed forward till his entire length was buried in me. He moans out.
thats it squeeze that pussy, yeah work those hips. Thats it just like that.

I could feel his cock head swell up as he held it deep inside me. I pleaded with him not to cum inside me.

It was to late, i felt his dick jerk as he rotated his hips pushing against my ass. His cum shot into me, again and again i could feel it.

He says dam that was good.
As he pulls his cock out of me i feel his cum start to run out of my pussy.
He climbs off me pulling up his pants.
And sits down.

At that moment I turned over to the sitting position so that I was off my stomach and could get to the baby.

He looks at me smileing, dam it girl i think your pussy gets tighter each time i fuck it.

How could you cum in me i ask him.

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