How I got fucked by Raju

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Hi..I am Varsha. A housewife of 52 years. My size is 40-38-42.I look very hot and sexy. When I walk , everybody stares at my boobs. My husband is more than 60 years old. His lund is only 3″. He can fuck me only once in 2 months and that is for 1 minute only. Hence I am always sexually unsatisfied. Many times I finger my cunt for orgasm. But how long I can do this? I have got huge urge for sex. I attract people with my boobs and bums. Once a person named Raju came to my house.

He was 40 years old. He came for some financial help for some old age home. I did not want to lose this chance. I told I can help him. But I am also interested to work with him. He sat down on the sofa. My husband was not there. I prepared tea for him.I was wearing a black sleeveless blouse.My armpit hair was visible. I removed saree over one of my boobs. It was pointed. I sat near Raju and we enjoyed tea. He was gazing at my sexy armpit and boobs. He seems to be excited. After some talk, Raju offered to go. How have you come here ? I asked. By bike. He told. You come tomorrow with your bike. I will go with you to the old age home, I said. OK madam, Raju told and went away.

Next day Raju came in the afternoon. I got ready wearing a red sleeveless blouse. I sat in the bike behind Raju. My thighs were touching with his bums and I was feeling hot. After 45 minutes we reached there. After distributing money to old age home, we were about to return. There was a garden with one big neem tree. Let us have a walk here. I told Raju. He agreed. It was around 3pm in the afternoon. All residents were sleeping inside. We went to garden. Let us sit under the neem tree, I told. Raju agreed.My boobs were getting restless. I unbuttoned my blouse and removed my bra. Do you like my boobs,I asked Raju? Raju was getting too hot.

He started squeezing my boobs with force. He chewed my tits. Ohhh…I was feeling so happy…suck my milk Raju dear… What a large boob, you have got. Raju told. Raju removed my bra and squeezed my boobs violently for 5 minutes. Then he sucked my juicy boobs one by one for 10 minutes. I was getting so hot.

Then Raju started to pull my saree. I will fuck are a whore. He cried. It is a public place. Let us go somewhere. I told. Let us go to my house. My husband is not there now. Then we went to my house by bike. After getting inside my house, Raju made me naked. Raju also became stark naked. His lund was 5″.

I sucked his lund and made it to 6″. Raju then licked my cunt for 10 minutes. I was in heaven. We were lying on the bed. Then Raju put his lund into my cunt and started giving strokes. ohhh..fuck me… god….pahar do…ghusa do…..jor se…ohh..i am so hungry for sex….phata do..ohh..fuck me…..I was crying….Raju was fucking wildly like a stallion. tuje raat bhar chodunga sali….teri chut ko phata dunga….Raju was shouting…..He started fucking for about 45 minutes. Fuch…puch…phat…fat…sound was coming. Raju was ramming my cunt in doggy style. What a great fuck !…I was exclaiming with joy.

I started coming twice. But Raju was ploughing my pussy non-stop. Then he started coming in my mouth. I was gulping his semen It was so tasty. Then we all relaxed. After 15 minutes, Raju ordered me to suck his lund again. I was tired.” Suck it baby, he commanded and forcibly put his cock inside my mouth. I want to fuck your sexy gand, Raju told. I was afraid. But what to do. I sucked his lund and made it 6″ hard again. Kneel down like a bitch and show me your sexy gand.Raju told. I obliged. Then he licked my gand and put two of his fingers inside my ass hole. You can take my lund easily, he told. You have got 42 size milky white bums. What a pleasure to fuck your ass…he told. Then he put his giant lund into my ass hole and started giving thrust. ohhh god……I will die…please remove your lund…i am screaming with pain…please withdraw your shaft dear..i cried…but Raju did not listen and increased the speed of fucking. Soon you will enjoy, baby…he told. After 3 minutes I started feeling pleasure. ohhh…dear…fuck my gand…jor se….screw me…ram me…whole night fuck me…I cried. Raju fucked my ass full for 15 minutes and discharged his hot sperms in my gand. This is the real incident. We made each other happy.

Now Raju visits my house twice a day and fucks me and satisfies me. Once he fucked me in my husband’s presence. My husband also encourages him to fuck me as he is impotent.

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