I fucked my brothers girlfriend

It was almost 5 years now that my younger brother was dating this very beautiful girl.

She was like a dream come true.
Beautiful eyes, fair complexion, had a face like she was sculpt by God herself and had the roundest of assets I have ever seen.

She was a model by profession.

I being a sex addict always dreamt of having my dick inside her.

I always dreamt of Cumming on her face.

Believe me when I say she was hot.

She was friendly and loved me like an elder brother.

I too loved her, I love my brother too.

But this sexual tension between us was never expressive between us.

One day I texted her that I wanted to share a secret and I needed her to keep it with her until her last breath.

She said she would and I was convinced.

I told her about my feelings towards her and told her I wanted to fuck her in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

she was frozen.i could feel it.

She said she didn’t know what to do.

I told her I’d pick her up and may be just hug her a bit to feel better.

I immediately went to her place.

She was dressed as beautifully as possible.

She sat in the car and her perfume immediately captured every corner of the car and my heart.

It was a sweet frutiy scent with a bit of mischief.

We speak in the car about how wierd this was and we smoked a ciggarrete.

Once we were home she was sitting on a table and I went closer and asked her if I could hug her kiss her on the neck.

She said just once.

I kissed her on the neck and could feel the goosebumps she got.

I kept kissing her all over her neck.

I paused and looked into her eyes.

It was glowing.

I kissed her lips and she kissed me back.

The softest of lips I have kissed.

I grabbed her by the hips and threw her on the bed.

Pulled her jeans down and took it off.

I started licking her cunt with her legs spread apart.

In the mean time she opened her top.

I was harder than steel by now.
As I stood up after she was soaking wet she bent down and blew me.

Staring at me like a slave she had half of my cock in her mouth.

I picked her up on my lap while standing and she wrapped her legs around me,holdinf my dick she put it in.

Oh what a feelig.

I fucked her like I hadn’t fucked before.

She kept moaning and drooling and licking me all over.

I fucked her Missionary for about 15 minutes until we both came together.

I fucked her brains out.

She said that was the best she ever had and that this was the last time.

We fucked again in a weeks time, this time as even better

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