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Perhaps one of the most unusual sexual attractions is that of a mother who finds her son sexually appealing. Often as not, this situation develops when the mother has no sexual outlet, and her growing son can sometimes remind her of the father. This infatuation might begin with a chance observation of the young boy’s sexual organs.
From here, the attraction builds until she decides she must experience sex with him. Very often, the mother will invent all sorts of reasons for justifying her attraction to her offspring.
In our story, Leslie McGrath has found her son Albert so completely appealing, that his penis becomes an obsession. She not only worships the ground her boy walks on, she worships him, and specifically, she worships his penis.
Albert, who finds it necessary to masturbate when he has no other sexual outlet, agrees to let his mother manipulate his sexual organ for him. The way she explains it to him, he sees nothing wrong in doing so.
She frightens him into thinking association with a girl his own age could inevitably lead to pregnancy, and a great likelihood of some disease. And so, for the sake of sparing him from all of this needless turmoil, she sacrifices herself on a bed, bare naked, with Albert bare naked.
What follows is a series of the most bizarre sexual rites ever performed by two people. For, this mother is not only trying to engage in the act of intercourse, she is trying to permanently seduce her husky, virile, young son.
For a while, she succeeds, and then comes the day of reckoning. The young boy will not have his penis pinned down to one vagina. When she suddenly realizes she cannot chain him, she decides the best way, could be a three-way.
She places an advertisement in an underground newspaper, and this is how, she involves him with another woman. But that triangle ends in disaster, and a mother learns too late, how she has destroyed herself, as well as her own son.
-The Publisher
Leslie McGrath was a devoted mother. She had always been so concerned with her two son’s development since she lost her husband, Fred.
Frank, her oldest son, began catting around and this disturbed her greatly. When her husband was living, she could do something about him. However, now that she had to play both roles of father and mother she was fighting an upstream battle.
This night in particular, Leslie was disturbed. So much so, in fact, that at two o’clock in the morning when Frank had not come home yet, she was strolling about the house. Glancing out, the moonlight lit the neighbor’s house across the street. She envied them. They had four children, and the woman of the house had a man to look after things. She always had to beg, wait, to get things done about the house that only a man could do.
Meantime, her youngest son, sixteen year old Albert, was busy in the bedroom, jacking off. When he heard his mother walking about in the night, he was upset. He thought surely she had become suspicious of his habit. This bothered him greatly.
“Mom,” he called out, “is that you?”
“Yes, Albert, it is,” Leslie sighed, going to his room for some consolation.
Instead of consolation, she caught the sight of his prick, being pulled violently back and forth in his jerking hand.
“Mom, damn it,” Albert blurted, “how many times have I told you to knock before coming into my room!”
“Well, baby,” she said, in a snit, “I can see why you wanted me to stay away.”
“Look, mom,” Albert said angrily, “I’ve got a right to beat my meat if I want to.”
“Son, you’re just as bad as your older brother, Frank.”
Pulling the sheet over his penis, he covered himself, and glanced up at his mother.
“You’re always picking on Frank. So what if he gets his rocks off with some chicks. I sure as hell wish I could. I don’t like being cooped up here.”
“Oh, son, is that what you call our home?”
“Sure, it’s like a prison.”
“Dear,” his mother said, sitting down on the edge of the bed, “you shouldn’t talk that way. I’ve tried to make a good home for you. It hasn’t been easy. Your father dying and all.”
“Mom, why don’t you grow up!” he said, and then his eyes fell upon her naked breasts.
She noticed his eyes were glancing there. It bothered her no end, yet she was fascinated.
How long had it been since anybody looked at her with lust. Instantly, Albert’s cock became rock hard. He reached under the sheets, and as he looked at her breasts, he stroked himself.
“Albert,” she said softly, “you shouldn’t be playing with yourself.”
“All right, mom,” he smiled, “you play with it.”
Throwing back the sheets, he revealed his huge cock standing on end.
Now, the sight of her son’s cock, stimulated her. She looked at it fascinated. She hadn’t seen a man’s hard-on since her husband had died. She had enjoyed sex with her husband, and he had taught her quite a few things about sex, among them, cock sucking.
“Mom,” he said, “why don’t you pull it for me if you think it’s wrong for me to do it.”
“Oh, son,” she said nervously, “it wouldn’t be right for your own mother to pull your meat.”
“Why wouldn’t it?” he demanded, “it would feel mighty good to me.”
“No, son, I can’t,” she said.
However, even though she said no, Albert knew his mother wanted to. Reaching over, he grasped her hand and placed it on his hard rod.
“Squeeze,” he smiled.
His mother squeezed his cock for him, and as she squeezed, he became more and more excited by the minute.
“Oh, mom, that feels real good!”
She remembered what her husband had taught her about pulling it up and down, varying the rhythm, keeping it moving.
“That’s it, mom,” he smiled, “jerk it!”
Almost as if hypnotized by her own son’s sexual demands, the mother pulled on the penis.
His eyes were glued on her hand as she moved it up and down, and young Albert marveled at his mother’s skill in manipulating his prick in an exciting manner.
“Play with the balls,” he said, just like that.
It was said so matter-of-factly, so casually, it seemed like nothing wrong, but like something so normal, so natural that she went ahead and did it.
“Like this, son?” she smiled as she jerked. “Oh, yes, mom,” he smiled, “that’s how I like it!”
Faster, and faster, she pulled on the rod, exciting him until he almost came.
“Hey, mom, you know better than that. Slow down. I want it to last.”
Recalling how her husband had told her how much he enjoyed it when she would pull on his meat for him, she decided it would be best to slow down her tempo. She slowed her tempo down, and now was giving him the kind of strokes he liked.
“Oh, yes, that’s it! That’s it! Slow down, baby, slow down!”
The boy naked, writhed in the pleasure that his mother’s hand pumping his penis was bringing him.
“Jerk it! Oh, yes, mom, jerk that prick!”
His mother jerked his rod in quick, hard sudden movements. Faster and faster, she pulled her son’s penis and as it gleamed on its shiny head, she began getting hot to taste him.
“Oh, mom, you ought to go down there on me,” he smiled.
She didn’t wait for another invitation. The cock-sucking invitation was met with a hard thrust of her head over the head of his prick.
“Oh, mom, you’ve got a hot mouth,” he smiled, “suck it for me!”
She sucked on his juicy tool, eagerly waiting for the sperm to shoot into her mouth. She hadn’t had a cock-suck since her husband was alive, and now that her son was virile, and reminded her so much of her husband, she couldn’t wait to fill her mouth with the juice.
“Suck that prick, yes baby, suck it! Oh mom, that’s it! Suck that cock, suck it, suck it, you hear, suck it!”
The juicy penis, couldn’t take much more of this hot sucking. All at once, the boy shot his load into his mother’s mouth.
“Oh, mom, eat it! Eat that cock, yes mom, eat it, eat my stuff! Swallow sperm!”
The dirty talk of her son, was driving her out of her mind. She could hardly stand it, and then she heard something.
“Oh, mom, it must be Frank. You’d better get out of here.”
It was difficult for his mother to slip her bulk off of the cock, once she got a juicy mouthful. However, she swallowed the last of the sperm, and slid off his tool, and hurried back to her own bedroom.
She still couldn’t make it in time. Frank was coming in, only he was staggering, drunk.
“Welcome, son,” she snapped, “where have you been?”
“Getting a piece of ass, mom,” Frank smiled.
“A fine thing,” she said, “out there whoring around. I don’t know what’s going to become of you.”
“Oh I’m going to make out alright,” he smiled, “women like me. I know how to make them happy.”
“I’ll just bet you do,” she said.
As she spoke, her other son was listening. As he listened, Albert began getting hard hearing his brother speak of sex in such glowing terms.
“Well,” he said, “I sure wish you would wise up. You know something, mom,” he said, “you need to get balled yourself. That’s your trouble! You need to get fucked and fucked good. People who are so against anybody else getting theirs, just aren’t getting laid. Tell me, mom, when was the last time you had it?”
His mother cringed to hear him talk like that. She didn’t know what to do. It was obvious he was drunk, and out of his gourd, and didn’t know what he was doing.
“Go up to your room,” she said abruptly.
“Alright, mom,” he said, “and here’s hoping you find yourself some good head. Cause you could probably use some.”
His words beat into her brain. Her mind was reeling now, as she suddenly felt a double attraction. Not only did she feel like having sex with her younger son, Albert, but now even Frank, her older son, began appealing to her. Her mind was reeling, her world was shaking. She went upstairs, following him, and as he undressed, he didn’t pay much attention to her. When he was stark, drunken naked, he turned to her and said, “You wanted to see it? Well, mom, get a good look. That’s my cock, these are my balls,” he said gripping his balls and displaying himself before his mother.
“Son, you’re an exhibitionist, a vulgar, demented exhibitionist.”
“Come over here, mom,” he slurred.
Her heart was pounding, she felt her brain reeling, and her voice was going hoarse. As she looked at him, the appetite to enjoy him, too, was surfacing within her. She didn’t know what to do, now she wanted him, too. Was she going out of her mind? Was she flipping out?
“Come on, mom:” he smiled, “it’s a great big prick.”
“How dare you speak to me like that, son!” she snapped.
“Hey, mom, come over here and do yourself a big fat favor,” he smiled, “if you want to get some good juicy head, come over here and start fucking.”
Whatever possessed her, she didn’t know then, she doesn’t know now, but at that moment, she was forced to walk over there, and bare her body to her son. As she took her robe off, and hurled it to the floor, she next slid out of her pajamas and stood there naked in the moonlight. As the moonlight filtered through the window, and showed her breasts, her erect nipples, and her smoothly shaven vagina, her son turned on.
“Hey, mom, you’ve got a shaved box,” he smiled, “I’ll bet you have men sucking it. Women who shave their boxes do it so men can suck.”
“Frank,” she panted, “You, you remind me of your father too much!”
“That’s good,” Frank smiled, “I saw the old man thrust it to you one night, mom, and he was a pretty good fucker.”
“You bet your sweet ass he was,” she said nervously, walking toward him, as if she couldn’t stop.
“Grab it,” he smiled, “go ahead, mom, grab my prick, and shove it into yourself, and wrap your cunt around it and fuck!”
Once more, as if hypnotized, she moved toward her son. Reaching out, she grasped the huge cock in her hand and began massaging it slowly.
“Oh, mom, that’s beautiful,” he said, “now, now, come forward, shove it over it.”
She moved toward him and thrusting herself against it, she let the shaft slide up her.
“That’s it, mom, fuck it!” he panted.
“Fuck, mom, fuck, fuck, yes, mom, fuck, oh, baby, that’s beautiful!”
As he pushed his chest against her firm round breasts, his hands groped her back, reaching down to grip her buttocks. He pulled her buttocks to him, and thrust upward.
“Fuck it!” he demanded, “fuck, mom, fuck!”
Down below, Albert heard the clatter above. He sensed his drunken brother was carrying on with his over-sexed mother. He came upstairs on tiptoe and listened. Standing in the hall, he heard his brother throwing it to his mother, and he became excited. His rod instantly sprung to a hard-on status, and he pulled on it back and forth.
“Fuck it, mom, that’s it, grab my prick!”
Her son was on fire, his cock stabbing her, and she was gripping it proudly.
“Oh, Frank, that’s beautiful, yes, yes, fuck me! Fuck me!”
Faster and faster, the hot cock thrust inside her. Vigorously gripping it with her muscles, she squeezed the meat tightly.
“Oh, baby, fuck! Fuck! Yes, baby, yes, fuck!”
Now the senses were delighting her, the feeling exciting her.
“Ohhhh, baby, beautiful,” the son gasped, as he screwed his own mother proudly.
“Oh, son, you don’t know what you’re doing for me,” his mother sobbed in half hysteria. She hadn’t had a balling like this since her husband was alive. The cock-sucking was a prelude to the cunt-fucking. And now, both sons’ private organs she was experiencing.
“Come on, mom, twist your tail! Put some life into it. That’s it, grind your ass, like a real good fucker!”
His father had talked dirty to her like this when he became sexually stimulated. It should have been disgusting, revolting, but it wasn’t. She loved every delicious second of it.
“Oh, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, fuck it. Ohhhh, baby, fuck!” he ranted as he rutted into her.
Now, the sound was too much for Albert, he had to see the sight of them making love. Carefully, he pushed open the door just a little, and there he saw his mother going to town with his brother. His hard cock in his hand grew harder still. He pulled on it slowly, and glancing down at it, smiled.
“Oh, mom, you’re snapping that pussy,” the delighted son exclaimed. “Who taught you to snap your cunt, mom? Did dad teach you that?”
“Your father knew everything about fucking,” she admitted, “oh, son, ram it to me!”
“I’ll fuck you, I’ll drive it up there good,” he said, as he thrust himself proudly into her, his big balls jiggling in front of her slit.
“Oh, baby, you’re so beautiful,” she panted, as her hands clutched his sweaty back and reached down to feel his firm round naked behind.
Now, her hands were parting his ass-crack, as one finger gently slid up to the tight anal ring.
“Oh, mom, fuck my asshole for me,” he said, “I like to get my ass fucked, too!”
She marveled at the things that he knew, she could hardly teach him a trick. And how demanding he was. He wanted it all she thought, as she slid her finger up his tight anal channel.
“Oh, yes, mom, that’s it! That’s real groovy fucking! Ass fuck me!” he demanded of his erotic-oriented mother.
“Fuck! Fuck! Ram it up there! Oh, yes, that’s it, mom, fuck it, fuck it!”
With each cry of “fuck,” his brother, Albert, in the hall, was pulling on his prick. Faster and faster, he pulled on his penis as he watched the shaft of his brother slide into the slit of his mother.
“Oh, mom, brush your titties against my chest like that again,” he demanded. “Yes, mom, yes, fuck it, fuck it!”
She brushed her breasts against her son’s chest, she slid her finger up his asshole, and she gripped his tool as he thrust it to her.
With this combined action, she was flipping out of her mind.
“Oh, mom, fuck, fuck it now! Harder! Faster, mom, faster! Oh, mom, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”
Now, he shot his load inside of her. She delighted at the feel of his cock shooting inside of her. She twisted and felt her own self juicing at the same instant. She thrust her finger up his asshole farther, and threw her pelvis at him, as she pitched into it for all she was worth.
“Ohhhhh, ahhhh, I can’t stand it, son. Ohhhhh, Frank, fuck your mother!”
With all of her inhibitions gone, with only lust-crazed desires forcing her on, she cried for her son to sock it to her good.
“Fuck it, mom, fuck it, mom,” the young boy gasped, as he rode into her, to shoot it off twice.
“Oh, son, you’re cumming again! Oh, yes, yes, shoot it to me!”
As the thick, creamy cum flashed inside of her cunt again, she squeezed the prick, milking it out.
“That’s it, baby, that’s it, fuck! Fuck! Oh, yes, yes! That’s the way to do it!”
The action had brought them a tremendous degree of pleasure. Now they were beside themselves with delight.
“Oh, son, that was beautiful, oh, I’m juicing again, too,” his mother replied, quite beside herself.
Meantime, young Albert in the hall, had gotten his off, too. As they had cum the second time, he came, too. The juice shot out of his cock, some of it dripping on the carpet. He rubbed it up as best he could, trying to hold it all within his hand cupped around the juice. He ran down to the bathroom, hoping that they wouldn’t hear. However, when the toilet flushed, his mother did hear.
“I hope we didn’t waken Albert.”
“I hope we didn’t,” his brother said, “I don’t know what he would think of us fucking around with each other.”
“I guess I got carried away,” she said, “I’ve been without it for so long, son. You don’t know what it’s like to be empty when you’ve had it for years.”
“Yeah, mom,” he said, “I guess I was so drunk, so stoned out of my skull I didn’t know what I was doing.”
“Are you high on something, son? she demanded.
“Does it make any difference, mom?”
“No,” she whimpered, “but, really son, I don’t want you hooked on anything.”
“No, mom, I’m not hooked on anything. I can quit smoking pot or taking the needle anytime I want to.”
She turned around, looking at him startled. “I was only kidding,” he teased her, “I just got stoned out of my skull. I was down there at one of those little beer bars where they have those bottomless dancers throwing their asses in your face. I fucked one of them, up the ass, and then I came home.”
“But you still weren’t satisfied, son.”
“No, mom,” he said, “I guess I’ve never been satisfied.”
“Didn’t I satisfy you?” she asked, like a small child asking for acceptance.
Frank, more mature than his mother in some ways, read this.
“You were okay, mom, but I guess we shouldn’t fuck each other anymore.”
“No, son, no, this was the first and last time.”
Whimpering, she walked out of the room and left her sexy son alone to go to bed alone. He walked over to the bed and sprawled out naked and tried to get some sleep, to wear off his hangover. As he lay there, his cock still hard, he couldn’t help thinking of his mother. She had really turned him on. While he had fucked her cunt, he hadn’t touched her ass. Having just experienced a hot ass fuck with a bottomless dancer, he thought it would be interesting to do some experimenting and see how mom felt, up the ass.
Rising, he got out of his bed, and walked down to her bedroom.
“Son, what are you doing here?” she asked, as she saw him walk naked into her bedroom.
“Hey, mom,” he said, “I’m still horny.”, “You’d better go to bed,” she said, seriously. “No, I don’t want to go to sleep, I want to fuck.”
“But you just got a fuck,” she said. “Yeah,” he smiled, “Mom, look at this!” Grasping his main stem, he held it out for her to examine.
“Yes, son, I’m looking.”
“Well, a man can’t go to sleep with a hard-on like that.”
“Well, what can I do? I’m your mom, remember that, Frank. Now go to bed.”
“Hey, mom,” he said, walking over to her playfully as he stroked his cock with one hand, and reached out to pat her buttocks with the other.
“Oh, son, leave me alone,” she protested. “Uh uh,” he smiled, “I want to fuck your asshole!”
“No, no,” she said loudly.
“Yes, mom, I’m going to fuck your sweet ass.”
At all of the noise going on, once more Albert was awakened. He hustled down the hall, and listened.
“Now, mom, cooperate with me. All you have to do is raise your ass up a little!”
“Son, you’re demented,” she shrieked. “I won’t do it! No decent woman would! You’re sick, sick, sick!”
“No,” he smiled, “no, I’m not sick! I’m hot as a pistol!”
“Well, go take your pistol to that bottomless performer,” she said.
“I’m not going to go anywhere, not when I’ve got a good piece of tight ass right here in front of me.
Suddenly, he got on the bed and tore her nightclothes off. As she lay there sobbing, her son, Albert, listened at the door, shaking his head in despair.

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