Frustrated Son

I am Shuhab a 25-year-old, handsome man searching for a job and living with my mother. As I don’t have a permanent job I failed to Marry the girl I loved. Her family engaged her to a rich man and despite her opposition forced her to marry him. This incident effected me badly. My psychological


THE AFFECTIONATE MOTHER FOREWORD Perhaps one of the most unusual sexual attractions is that of a mother who finds her son sexually appealing. Often as not, this situation develops when the mother has no sexual outlet, and her growing son can sometimes remind her of the father. This infatuation might begin with a chance observation

Tricked My Innocent And Horny Mom In To Incest Sex – Part 4

This story is all about how a son pleased his mom’s sexual fantasies by introducing her to the incest world. Hi to all my friends and fans of S4S, this is Raj with my fourth part. Monday was very fruitful one for me. One thing I have noticed that day which has taken a turn

Family taboo, After an accident, a mother turns to her son for help

Family taboo, After an accident, a mother turns to her son for help, “So doctor, what have you called us in for?” The voice of a woman asks. She is inside of an office of the hospital where her husband was admitted in 7 months ago, but was released some days ago. However, the day prior,

Son tries to stop mom’s abusive boyfriend

Son tries to stop mom’s abusive boyfriend,  When you see mom and me together, you know we’re related. You may not be sure if we’re mother and son or sister and brother but you would bet that we have the same blood running through us. The resemblance is striking enough so that you may even turn