Twin brother and sister are finding out about themselves

Twin brother and sister are finding out about themselves, “I saw you looking at Mom this afternoon.”

Kevin looked across the hotel room at his twin sister. “So?”

Kyra almost laughed out loud at the puzzled look on his face. “So…that’s not all I noticed.”

“What are you talking about?”

Kyra let her eyes drop to his crotch. “You were getting hard.”

Kevin quickly answered, “I was NOT.”

Kyra began walking towards him. “Kevin, how many times have I been around you when you were hard? I think I know when you’re hard and when you’re not. Especially in that bathing suit.”

She was in front of him now, putting her hand on his suit. “Especially when the suit is a little wet. And it clings to your big, thick cock.”

Kyra wrapped her fingers around him, proud of the fact he was already responding to her.

Kevin could not look his gorgeous eighteen year old sister in the eye. Instead, he looked down at the perfectly formed breasts bulging out of her tiny bikini. Her skin was dark tan and silky smooth and…

“Did you like it when Mom lay on her stomach and took off her top? Did you notice how you could still see her breasts flattened against the towel from the sides?”

She knew he did. He knew he did. And now the hardening cock inside his trunks, which she held tighter and tighter, gave away the answer.

“Kyra…,” he began to say.

“Was it her cute ass that made you hard?” Kyra persisted. “Did you want to put your hands inside her suit and squeeze her ass?”

“No!” he managed to respond. But everything she was saying was true, like she could read his mind. She could ALWAYS read his mind. It had been that way from as early as Kevin could remember. It was that way when she first let him see her in her underwear. And then when she let him see her in the shower. And then when she let him touch her.

They’d privately been having sex…great sex…ever since.

“I don’t know,” Kyra said with a sly grin. “You seemed to be getting pretty hard then and you certainly are now, just talking about it.”

The beautiful, young girl’s hand was stroking him faster.

“Is she my competition?” Kyra asked. “Do you want to fuck her?”

“God. She’s my fucking mother. I mean, she’s my mother,” Kevin said anxiously.

“And I’m your sister. You fuck ME.”

Kevin was fully erect. His cock ached from pressing against the front of his bathing suit. It throbbed inside his sister’s hand. Lust took over and he put his hands on the outside of Kyra’s breasts, letting their fullness fill his palms.

Kyra looked at him and said softly, “Maybe you want her to suck your cock.”

Before Kevin could respond, his trunks were being pulled down and Kyra was kneeling in front of him. Kevin’s cock sprung free and pointed up like a pole just inches from her face. As often as Kyra had seen, and tasted, and felt his cock inside her, she never grew tired of it.

Kevin lived for this. No matter how many other girls he dated, or how good they were in bed, nothing compared to Kyra. Once again, he was about to find out why.

“I want you to pretend this is Mom’s tongue and Mom’s mouth,” Kyra instructed her twin brother.

She didn’t expect him to actually do it, so it would have surprised her to know Kevin was thinking about the beach. His mother was topless. Her still-firm breasts rose from her body as she lay on her back. He was straddling her body, placing his cock in her mouth.

Kyra began the slow, steady licking of the bottom of his cock that he loved so much. She started at his balls and moved up to the tip, never actually taking the cock between her lips. Just licking it. Caressing it with her tongue. She did this several times and Kevin’s cock twitched with satisfaction.

Finally, she opened her mouth and took in half of the shaft. Then she moved forward and leisurely let it slide in until her lips hit Kevin’s hairy body. She pulled back just as slowly. When the tip began to reappear, it was time to get serious.

Kyra commenced a methodical sucking of her brother’s cock that very few eighteen year old girls could replicate. But in Kevin’s mind, it was his Mom. He was fucking his Mom’s mouth.

“Can you see her? Topless on the beach sucking your hard cock?” Kyra asked while taking a short break.

“Yes,” Kevin acknowledged, giving in to the fact he could think this way about his mother.

“Good. Because she’s not going to stop until you cum.”

Kyra picked up the pace and used her hand to stroke the base of Kevin’s cock. She knew this wouldn’t take long. She had to think about how to take his cum. What mood was she in today? Oral? Facial? On her tits?

Kevin only had to think of one thing. Fucking his mother’s mouth and cumming like a madman. Well, he DID sneak in a thought or two of her naked breasts bouncing up and down; of her pussy awaiting his throbbing cock; of her ass accepting all the cum he could pour on it.

Then it started. Kevin felt it in his balls. He felt it rush through his entire body.

“Yes! Yesssss!”

Kyra sucked harder. She moaned with glee. And just when she sensed the first blast of cum erupting from her brother’s cock, she pointed it at her breasts. Only a few seconds passed before the first long blast of white cum spurted across her chest.

Kevin grunted with each successive blast. Behind closed eyes he saw his cum splashing against his mother’s face, dripping down her chin and onto her large tits.

Kyra smiled with satisfaction knowing that she had helped him to one of the strongest orgasms she could remember him having. When Kevin opened his eyes he was stunned at the sight. Cum was splattered on portions of Kyra’s bikini top. More cum streamed down her breasts, disappearing inside her top.

“I think I need a shower,” Kyra said, looking down at the ‘mess’. “Come on. You can help.”

She took her brother’s hand and led him to the bathroom.


Amanda Robertson was a successful real estate agent. So was her husband Dan. They made a good team. He was tall, dark and handsome. She was stunningly adorable. When you looked at Amanda you didn’t think Victoria’s Secret model. You thought homecoming queen. You thought, “I want to fuck this woman. Now!”

At 38, she looked almost as good as…well, her daughter. She had shaggy blonde hair that looked appropriately mussed at all times–like she had just fucked a potential million dollar buyer for an hour. It was a look she didn’t need a hairdresser for, if truth be known.

She was in shape, and not just from frequent hour-long fucks. She worked at it. From her sculptured shoulders to her firm breasts to her tiny waist to her magnificent legs, she was in shape. And showing it off was never a problem for her.

This holiday—a week-long stay in the Bahamas—offered plenty of opportunities to display herself. She was in heaven.

Amanda and Dan brought the kids this time. Kyra and Kevin were twins, the couple’s only children. Kyra was a spoiled, spitting image of her mother. Kevin was a little more reserved, allowing the other members of the family to grab the attention. But, at eighteen, they were able to entertain themselves on these trips, which pleased the partying parents.

If the parents only knew.


The family had connecting bedrooms in a small suite of their Nassau resort. Kyra and Kevin would have preferred a little more privacy, but it would do for a week. And the connecting door locked.

They all agreed to meet for dinner at six. The women were lovely, as usual, in their similarly styled sundresses. Spaghetti straps, swooping necklines and frilly hems never looked bad on the tall ladies. Tonight, with both of them obviously braless, men would have trouble deciding who to stare at.

“Are we all going back to the beach in the morning?” Amanda asked while the salads were served.

Kevin felt Kyra surreptitiously kick him in the shin. “Sure,” he answered, followed by a swift, evil stare in his sister’s direction.

“That would be great,” Kyra said with just a little too much enthusiasm. “Maybe we can find someplace a little more private.”

She looked at Kevin and grinned.

“Well, this is Nassau,” Amanda said, using her fork to push an onion to the side of her plate. “Privacy is at a premium.”

“Too bad,” Kyra sighed. Her mind was hard at work for the remainder of the meal.

When they returned to their room to change, Amanda wasted no time in pursuing the theme of the day.

“So did you get a good look? You should have been able to catch a nipple or two when she reached for something,” Amanda said.

“Will you stop already,” Kevin moaned, stripping off his shirt. “I’m not as…as…HOT for her as you think.”

“Well, did you?” Amanda asked nonchalantly.


Amanda broke into thunderous laughter. When she was done, she said, “I have plans for you, brother. Big plans.”

The entire family was on the beach—a slightly more secluded beach on the advice of the resort concierge—by late morning. The sun was high and hot without a cloud in the sky. Amanda and Kyra sported new, but equally revealing, bikinis. Dan and Kevin would have had plenty to look at, even without the occasional beauty that walked passed in the surf.

At one point, Kyra and her father walked to a nearby bar, leaving Kevin and Amanda alone on their towels.

“Are you having a good time?” Amanda asked.

“Sure. I’m glad you let us come.” Kevin looked over at his Mom. She was on her back. She had untied the top of her bikini to let it ride low on her breasts.

She noticed his glance and felt a tinge of shame at the delight it gave her. “Your father and Kyra are going to some show or something tonight. It’ll just be us. Is there anything you want to do?”

“Not really. You know this place better than me. You decide.” The whole time he spoke Kevin could feel the excitement building inside him. What had happened that his own mother could stimulate him like this?

“I’ll have to think about it,” Amanda answered. She was reaching for the suntan lotion. Kevin watched her place a small amount on her hand and then rub it over her bare shoulders and arms. She poured a little more directly onto her chest, above her breasts.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Does she know I’m still watching?

She spread the lotion around, at first avoiding her breasts. Then her hand moved lower. Her lotion-covered palm glided over the exposed portions of her breasts. Her hand hit the top of her bikini, pushing it even lower so that only her nipples were covered.

Kevin watched his mother’s full breasts roll back and forth under her hand. He felt his erection growing as her fingers moved between her breasts, into her cleavage, and out again.

God, you’re driving me crazy.

Then she put more lotion in the hand and spread it over her flat abdomen. When she got to her bikini bottom she let her fingers slide inside just a bit.

Another inch or two and she’ll touch her clit.

Suddenly, Amanda was rolling onto her side facing Kevin. He looked out at the ocean as fast as he could.

“Can you do my back, hon?” his mother was asking.

Kevin looked back over just in time to see her rolling onto her stomach, removing the hand that had held the bikini top in place. Only the top was still in her hand and she was placing it at her side. Kevin stared momentarily at her bare back.

“Uh, yeah. Sure,” he said.

When he began to move off his blanket he became fully aware of the extent of his erection. It pressed against the front of his trunks, just as it had yesterday afternoon on the beach and just as it had when Kyra touched him. He moved behind his mother as fast as he could in an attempt to escape her view.

He picked up the suntan lotion and put some on his hand. He didn’t straddle his mother. That didn’t seem right. He just kneeled beside her and moved closer. Kevin touched her shoulder lightly; afraid the lotion would be cold. But Amanda said nothing. Her head was turned to one side, the side Kevin was on. She used her hands as a pillow.

Kevin spread the lotion over the top of her back. Her skin was warm and smooth, just like Kyra’s. He widened his movements to make sure he got her entire back. That’s when his hand accidentally made contact with the edge of her breast on the side away from him.

Kevin’s hand jerked away and he almost said something. But he kept going. He added a little more lotion and got to the top of her bikini bottom. Kyra WAS right. He DID want to touch her ass. It was full and round, but not the least bit fat. He stared until realizing he wasn’t spreading the lotion any more.

“Do my legs, please,” Amanda said casually.


It only took Kevin a couple swipes up and down his mother’s calves to realize he couldn’t continue for long. By the time he got to her ass, having spread the lotion over the inside of both thighs, he had to stop before yanking off the remaining piece of her bikini and plunging his cock into her. His mother, for Christ’s sake.

“Thanks, Kev. That’s your job for the rest of the week.”


Kevin headed for the water, glad that the beach was pretty much deserted. He assumed anybody within a quarter mile could now see the signs of his erection. But a couple minutes in the water brought him back to ‘normalcy’ and, eventually, he was back on the beach again.

Kyra and her Dad soon arrived, giving Kevin one more fabulous body to stare at. His sister had a mischievous grin and Kevin suggested they swim, for the sole purpose of asking her what was up.

Once in the water, Kyra asked, “So. How was your free time with Mom?”

“OK. Nothing special.”

Kyra came closer. “Are you glad I found a way to get you two alone?”

“Kyra, I’m not sure what you think is going on, but an evening alone with my Mom is not number one of my ‘favorite things to do’ list.” He could only hope the outright lie wasn’t too obvious.

“Whatever.” Kyra let her body brush against her brother’s. She touched the front of his suit under the water. “What did you guys do just now?”

“Lay around.”

“Mom had her top off again. Did you help?” Kyra said, stroking Kevin’s cock slowly.

“I helped with suntan lotion,” Kevin said, wincing and trying to turn away from her.

Kyra followed his every move. “Was it fun?”

Kevin didn’t answer, but the look on his face indicated he was tiring of the questioning.

“Oh, I think it was. You’re thinking about it and you’re already getting hard.” Kyra’s use of her brother’s cock as a barometer of his thoughts was increasingly unnerving.

“I’m getting hard because you’re rubbing my fucking cock.”

“Tonight I want you to really let her know how much you want her,” Kyra said seriously. “Maybe even touch her. Kiss her. Lick her nipples.”

Kevin turned, dove into the water, and swam away. Kyra’s laughter could be heard by Kevin even under the water.


Walking back to the resort, Kyra asked her Mom,” So, what are the big plans for you and Kevin tonight?”

“I thought we’d hit the casino,” Amanda replied, looking over at Kevin for approval.

He shrugged. “Sure. I’ll need a loan.”

Amanda laughed. “No problem. I expected that. What DO you spend your money on?”

“Things,” was all Kevin would say. His mind was still back on what the casino would be like, at night, in a place like Nassau.

When he knocked on the door to his parents’ room at the designated time, he didn’t anticipate what he saw next. His mother opened the door, wearing a dress that made the one she wore the previous night look like a rag.

Kevin walked in. “Wow. You look…nice.”

His eyes quickly followed the straps of the dress to his mother’s ample cleavage. From there the dress tightened around her waist and flared slightly below her hips. It stopped well above her knees.

“Thank you, Kevin. I wanted to look good for you on our date.” Amanda pinched him in the arm as she walked past.

He couldn’t help watching her ass sway back and forth under the dress. Her hair was neatly styled, as opposed to the wind blown look he was getting used to on the beach, and he caught a hint of her expensive perfume.

God. What have I gotten myself into?

Amanda Robertson was used to meeting new people without her husband around. It was a part of her job. It actually was a part of her job she LOVED. She could flat out flirt. She was excited about the evening in the casino, and all the prospects it presented for major flirting.

Plus…there was Kevin. He had taken an increased interest in her lately, she thought. She had noticed his erection on a couple of occasions already on the trip. The one earlier in the day when he was applying the lotion had affected her to the point where, if he had come any closer to touching her clit while attending to her legs, she would have jumped him.

Now Kyra and Dan had given her this opportunity to spend time with him. Alone. She had chosen her dress carefully. Time would tell if her choice was correct, but early indications were that it was. A tingle ran through her like a current.

Amanda handed her son two hundred dollars. “Here. Spend it wisely.”

Kevin was taken aback by the amount of cash in his hand. “Wow! Thanks, Mom. I’ll repay you if I win.”

“We’ll talk about it,” Amanda said. She kissed Kevin on the cheek. “Let’s go.”


Kevin felt a strange sense of pride while walking into the huge, lavish casino with a woman as beautiful as his mother. Immediately he began noticing the stares she got from the men…and the occasional woman. She HAD to notice it, too. Did it bother her? He’d have to ask her some day.

They walked around for a few minutes to get their bearings.

“I’m going to play craps for a little bit,” Amanda finally announced.

“Can I watch?” Kevin asked.

“Of course.”

Amanda had always found craps the most enjoyable game because of its social nature. Everybody was affected by every roll; you stood in close proximity to each other; and, congratulations or condolences were commonplace, usually associated with a hug or high five.

Amanda worked her way to the edge of the table with Kevin a couple steps behind her and to the side—just observing. He observed his mother and he observed the men ogling his mother. Each time she leaned over the table more eyes looked in her direction. Even before she started winning men were attempting to strike up conversations. Amanda played along without directing too much of her attention to any one man.

As her chip count grew, so did the crowd around Amanda. Kevin inched towards her to stay within reach. He saw her push what seemed to him to be a large stack of chips onto the table. Then she yelled instructions to the woman with the dice, none of it making any sense to Kevin. The noise was deafening by the time the dice hit the end of the table.

Then all hell broke loose. Amanda’s arms were up in the air and she was hopping up and down in her tiny space. She whirled around and threw her arms around Kevin’s neck.

“Yes! Yes, Kev. We did it!” she said. All Kevin knew was that her breasts were pressed against his chest and it felt fabulous. He put his arms around her and smiled. He didn’t want to let her go, but she pulled away and watched as her chip count increased dramatically.

He watched her jump a couple more times, her little dress barely restraining her bouncing breasts. He hoped she won more often, but not for the same reasons Amanda did.

She gathered up her chips and they backed away from the table to the cheers of many bystanders.

“Well, THAT was worth it,” Amanda said with excitement.

“Yeah. How much did you get?”

“Probably close to a couple hundred,” Amanda said. “We’ll find out when I cash in.”

She put her arm around his waist and pressed her body up against his. It was a very natural movement which Kevin returned with ease. His hand was on her hip.

Don’t do it. Don’t put your hand on her ass. Don’t do it.

He was relieved when his Mom removed her arm from around him and he could do the same. It was WAY too tempting.

“What do you want to play?” she asked him.

“I think the slots. I think that’s more my style,” Kevin said modestly.

“OK. I know some good dollar machines that you’ll like.”

She took his hand and led him through the crowd. They found an empty seat in a long row of slot machines and Amanda let Kevin take it. With only a few minor instructions, Kevin was into the flow of things.

He lost about thirty dollars before starting to hit some winners. When he was still down about twenty dollars he finally had a seventy five dollar win. He cheered when he saw it and Amanda joined in. She wrapped her arms around his neck from behind and kissed him on the side of the face. He felt her hair on his neck; he smelled her perfume; he felt her skin against his.

He instinctively turned his head and kissed her in return. She hugged him harder.

This is crazy. I can’t take it much longer.

A few hours later they were still up a couple hundred dollars combined. Kevin was probably fifty dollars ahead. He’d lost track, partly because he wasn’t counting and partly because of the number of drinks he and his Mom had consumed.

“You about ready to go?” Amanda asked after an unsuccessful trip to the roulette wheel.

“Yeah. How about you?”

“I’m ready. Let’s go back.”

The cool night air came as a shock when they exited the casino. It was a fairly short walk to their resort, but Amanda still took comfort in holding onto Kevin and staying close at his side. He didn’t mind.

Soon, they entered Amanda and Dan’s room. Kevin’s Mom closed the door behind them.


“When are Kyra and Dad due back?” Kevin asked. He and his Mom had settled into chairs in the living area of the suite.

“They’ll be late. The show started late and they were going to eat something afterwards. It will be a couple hours yet,” Amanda said, sipping a drink.

Kevin thought about that for a second. Did his mother want him to leave and let her get some rest? Did she want him to stay?

“I guess I should be going,” Kevin said.

“No!” Amanda said much too quickly. “Please don’t.”

Kevin was even more confused after her response. “OK. But I’m not nearly as much fun as the casino.”

Amanda laughed. “I love having you around, Kev.”

He didn’t have an answer to that, so he just smiled. They managed to keep up a conversation for another fifteen minutes or so.

Then Amanda was taking off her shoes, bending in her chair in such a way that Kevin had appealing new views of her breasts and thighs. He just watched as she let the shoes fall to the floor. Amanda sneaked a peek at her teenage son, who quickly looked away when he thought he had been caught staring.

Amanda stood up and walked over to Kevin. She sat on the arm of his chair, her legs crossed in such a way that her dress barely covered her pussy and ass.

“You got hard on the beach today, didn’t you?” she asked.

Kevin looked up at her, fighting the impulse to look at…or touch…her tan legs. “Maybe a little,” he shrugged.

“Maybe so much you had to hide behind me, then get in the water,” his mother replied with a smile. “Was it my suit? The lotion on my skin?”


Amanda laughed. She put her arm around Kevin’s shoulder. She leaned in such a way that her breasts were almost resting against the side of his face. “I hope you’re not uncomfortable around me, Kev, because you arouse me, too.”

“I do? I mean, you never…,” Kevin didn’t finish. He knew what he wanted to say, but he couldn’t forget this was his mother.

“I never showed it and never said anything because I didn’t know if you felt the same,” Amanda said. “I think you do, now. At least your body seemed to indicate it.”

Kevin felt his cock begin to throb at the sight of his mother’s breasts pressed against the small amount of material still holding them in place next to his face.

Then she stood up, stretched out her hands and pulled Kevin to his feet in front of her. She lifted Kevin’s hands to her chest. She brought them forward and placed each hand on top of a breast. Kevin used his fingertips to feel the exposed skin.

“Take off my dress, Kevin.”

He continued to feel her breasts. His heart pounded. He tried to keep from shaking. But there was no way he was NOT going to do this.

His hands moved up to the little straps on her shoulders. Simultaneously, he pushed them aside until they reached her arms. He let them fall, but they stopped along her arms and the tips of her breasts remained hidden. He grabbed each strap and gently lowered them.

His eyes never left her breasts. The dress began to fall in his hands and he let it get to her waist, fully exposing for the first time the luscious breasts he had yearned to see. Amanda lifted her arms free of the straps and then lowered them again at her side. Kevin suddenly realized the only way he was going to be able to touch his mother’s tits was if he let go of the dress, which he did.

It fell around her ankles. Amanda wore a black thong that scarcely covered her pussy. It clung to her body, hinting at every rise and fall of skin around her cunt. He would return to that in due time. First, he had to have her breasts.

Kevin didn’t need his Mom’s help this time to put his hands on her beautifully shaped breasts. He caressed them; kneaded them; molded them in his palms and between his fingers. He saw the nipples hardening and he rolled them between his fingers.

“Oh, Kevin. Yes. That feels so good,” Amanda said with her eyes closed.

He played with them until she said, “Lick them. Suck on my nipples, Kevin.”

His mouth opened and eagerly took in her left breast.

This is wrong. This is just wrong. God, she tastes so good.

Amanda moaned louder as her son licked, sucked and nibbled on the tips of her breasts. Then he took in more, vigorously sucking on as much of her tit as he could. His hand held it in place while his mouth worked its magic. A moment later he moved to the other breast and got more moans of pleasure from his mother.

Without any urging from Amanda, Kevin put his hand between her legs.

God, why did I do that? Take it away before… Shit! She’s soaking wet.

His mother’s tiny thong could not hide from Kevin the simple fact that she was aroused. Very aroused. He pulled away from her breast for a second while contemplating what to do. At that instant, Amanda took Kevin’s head in her hands and pulled it towards her.

They kissed passionately, causing Kevin to rub his Mom’s pussy even harder. When they took a breath, she whispered, “Touch me, Kevin. Touch me all over. Inside.”

Then they kissed some more. Kevin moved the thong aside and ran his finger up and down her pussy. He gathered moisture from her cunt and dragged it up to her clit. He heard her muffled moans as he rubbed harder.

That’s when she placed her hand on his cock and slid her palm up and down his hard shaft. She could tell it was restrained by his pants, so she deftly reached inside and pulled it up.

Kevin put a finger at the entrance to her cunt. With any other woman it would have been inside her immediately. But he had to remember what was happening. This was his mother he was about to play with. But he decided there was no going back now.

His finger slid inside Amanda until his knuckles hit her wet skin. Again she moaned her approval. Kevin inserted it a few more times, probing the inside of her cunt for just the right spot.

“I want you, Kevin. I want you inside me.”

Damn. Damn. Damn.

He wanted to fuck her. He really needed to fuck her. But it wasn’t right.

“Please. Just fuck me one time,” she begged.

Was this really his mother imploring him to fuck her gorgeous body? Dripping wet from arousal? Nipples and clit fully extended from his touch?

“Then take off your thong,” Kevin told her.

Amanda was a little surprised, but ecstatic, that her son was giving an order. In her mind, she was convinced now that they were going to have sex.

She slid off the thong in her best stripper imitation, providing Kevin with a couple different angles involving her ass. They both smiled when she stood naked in front of him.

“Your turn,” she said. “I want to see you naked.”

Amanda sat on the edge of a couch and watched as Kevin took off his clothes. When he finally pulled off his boxers and his rigid cock sprung free, she felt a shiver go through her body she rarely felt with Dan. Her son was big and thick and long. THIS was going to be fun.

She rolled onto the couch, laying on her back with her legs slightly spread. No words needed to be spoken.

They would have both done whatever the other wanted. But when Kevin got on the couch directly above his mother and put his cock between her legs, neither one wanted anything fancier than a pure, traditional fuck.

“Tell me you want to do this,” Amanda said.

“I want to have sex with you, Mom.”

“No. Tell me what you want. What you really want,” she urged him.

Kevin did not hesitate, settling down so that their bodies touched. “I want to fuck you.”

They ground their hips together in imitation sex. “Tell me,” Amanda begged.

“I want to fuck you until you cum. I need to put my cock inside your cunt and fuck you deep and hard.”

“Oh God, Kevin. Yes! Fuck me now.”

She had his cock in her hand, placing it so all he had to do was thrust it into her—which he did with near violent quickness.

Amanda squealed with pleasure as Kevin began to fuck her. She clutched at his back, running her nails up and down his skin. Her legs wrapped around Kevin’s waist and they settled into a slightly more sedate rhythm.

“That’s it, Kev. Deeper. Deeper!”

Kevin looked down at her breasts as they bounced on her chest. He took them in his hands and squeezed. Amanda instinctively tightened her cunt muscles around his thick cock, loving the way he played with her nipples. Kevin, in turn, thrust his cock harder into his mother’s cunt.

He wanted it to last, but within seconds he felt the need to cum. He put his hands under Amanda’s ass and rode her more slowly. “I’m going to cum. Is it…OK?”

“Yes, Kevin. Cum inside me. I want to feel you cum.”

Their moans increased in frequency and volume. Amanda put her hands on Kevin’s ass and pulled him closer. As erect as he was, she still wanted more of him. Knowing he was going to cum soon, she used one hand to play with her clit.

“Oh, damn. Damn! I’m close!” he warned.

“It’s OK, Kevin. I want you to cum. Fuck me harder.”

He pounded her over and over, her wetness making it easy to keep up a torrid pace. Kevin grabbed her thighs and prepared for his orgasm.

“Now. Now! Yesssss!” he cried out.

Amanda clung to him tightly with her legs and looked up to see the strained look on his face. His eyes were closed and his mouth hung open, grunts being emitted with each thrust of his cock. Then she felt the first blast of cum inside her cunt. She, too, closed her eyes and listened to her son groan as shot after shot of his cum filled her. She eagerly accepted his forceful fucking, feeling her own orgasm build inside her.

“God. Oh God! Fuck me!” she said.

Kevin felt his mother’s body tense up, then erupt in an orgasm that prolonged his own. He remained erect long enough to allow her to cum as long as she wanted. He sucked her tits the best he could, despite her writhing motions. When her moans quieted and her body settled back onto the couch, he simply lay on top of her, taking in the wonderful feeling of their perspiration-covered bodies pressed together.

“That was wonderful, Kevin. YOU were wonderful.”

They kissed as Kevin let his cock slip out of her cunt. Even then he wondered if they would fuck again soon. He wanted more.

“Promise me that wasn’t the last time,” Amanda whispered.

“I hope it wasn’t,” Kevin said. “I hope it was good for you.”

“I came didn’t I?”

They kissed again and rolled onto their sides. Kevin moved to his mother’s breasts and sucked on them leisurely, resulting in new moans from Amanda.


Kevin had been in his room for over an hour when Kyra walked in. He was laying on the bed in just his boxers. She threw her small purse on the table and looked over at him.


“Well, what?” he asked.

“Did you guys have sex? I certainly hope you took advantage of my occupying Dad all evening. It’s why I did it, you know,” Kyra said with apparent pride.

Kevin smiled. “Well, since you went to all that trouble…and you’re not going to let me sleep until you know…then yes, we did.”

“Awesome, Kev!” Kyra shouted. She jumped onto the bed and fell on top of him. “Now, want to hear what I did?”

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